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Palisades Park Growing up in the s there is no magical place than Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey especially for seven year old Antoinette who horrifies her mother by insisting on the unladylike nicknam

Growing up in the 1930s, there is no magical place than Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey especially for seven year old Antoinette, who horrifies her mother by insisting on the unladylike nickname Toni, and her brother, Jack Toni helps her parents, Eddie and Adele Stopka, at the stand where they sell homemade French fries amid the roar of the Cyclone roller coasGrowing up in the 1930s, there is no magical place than Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey especially for seven year old Antoinette, who horrifies her mother by insisting on the unladylike nickname Toni, and her brother, Jack Toni helps her parents, Eddie and Adele Stopka, at the stand where they sell homemade French fries amid the roar of the Cyclone roller coaster There is also the lure of the world s biggest salt water pool, complete with divers whose astonishing stunts inspire Toni, despite her mother s insistence that girls can t be high divers.But a family of dreamers doesn t always share the same dreams, and then the world intrudes There s the Great Depression, and Pearl Harbor, which hits home in ways that will split the family apart and perils like fire and race riots in the park Both Eddie and Jack face the dangers of war, while Adele has ambitions of her own and Toni is determined to take on a very different kind of danger in impossible feats as a high diver Yet they are all drawn back to each other and to Palisades Park until the park closes forever in 1971.Evocative and moving, with the trademark brilliance at transforming historical events into irresistible fiction that made Alan Brennert s Moloka i and Honolulu into reading group favorites, Palisades Park takes us back to a time when life seemed simpler except, of course, it wasn t.

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Palisades Park

  1. Alan Brennert is the author of the historical novels Palisades Park, Honolulu chosen one of the best books of 2009 by The Washington Post , and Moloka i, which won the 2006 Bookies Award, sponsored by the Contra Costa Library, for the Book Club Book of the Year and has sold over half a million copies since publication He is also the author of the thought provoking fantasy novel Time and Chance In addition to novels, he has written short stories, teleplays, screenplays, and the libretto of a stage musical, Weird Romance He won an Emmy Award and a People s Choice Award for his work as a writer producer on the television series L.A Law, and he has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award and for the Writers Guild of America Award for Outstanding Teleplay of the Year His story MaQui won a Nebula Award He lives in Sherman Oaks, California, but his heart is in Hawai i Follow him on Facebook at facebook alanennertcmillan palisadespark

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  1. My rating is 4.5 to be exact This book was just a good old fashioned read For me, that never goes out of style There are no moral dilemmas that you have to unravel There are no symbolic flights of fancy leaving you wondering if you are missing big chunks of meaning There is no show offy writing that makes you pay attention to the writing than the plot.What you do have is an engaging story that vividly evokes a time and place Palisades Park NJ during its heyday 1920 s 1971 I could smell the Fren [...]

  2. WINNER BEST BARGAIN BOOK OF 2015 I picked up this book at my local BAM for 6, and it s one of those rare occasions where I would have happily paid full price for a clearance rack book Palisades Park covers the lives of the Stopka family over the course of four decades, and how the titular amusement park factors into their existences I enjoy stories that take place over lengthy periods of time and carnival amusement park stories It s no wonder I enjoyed Palisades Park as much as I did.I grew up i [...]

  3. December 2012PLEASE let this be as good as Honolulu and Moloka i May 2013This is a hard book to review Alan Brennert became one of my favorite authors after reading Moloka i and Honolulu This book was odd though in that the main character really seemed to be Palisades Park The rest of the main characters seemed to be supporting roles I do think they were well developed but I never could see the direction the book was going because I couldn t really tell what the book was about besides the life a [...]

  4. CAPTIVATING NOSTALGIA Evenings at the Stopka home, as in most homes in America, revolved around the welcoming voice of the radio a tall, mahogany veneer Philco console, standing solemn as a church organ in the corner, the family gathered round in secular congregation page 97 423With his third novel, PALISADES PARK, Alan Brennert has cemented his place among the twenty or so of my top ten all time favorite storytellers He writes, in the Author s Notes, This novel is a love letter to a cherished p [...]

  5. Alan Brennert is a gifted storyteller As with Molokai and Hololulu.This book is a wonderful tribute to the famous Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey a mile from where Alan himself lived as child.The characters are irresistible The historical fiction is well researched The family challenges between the characters feel real intimate.Visuals and smells come alive while taking this Palisades Park journey.For me there were a few times in the book when I wanted to rush ahead in my reading because [...]

  6. I was really disappointed in this book While it had a great cover and a promising concept, the writing was flat and not engaging at all The author bit off than he could chew with trying to encompass such a long time period and so many events in such a short novel This book would have been better had it perhaps spanned only one summer and delved in to the characters As it was, the characters were unlikable and always seemed like aquaintances, rather than people you were getting to know Also, on [...]

  7. Alan Brennert s Palisades Park is the perfect summer read you can almost feel the salty Atlantic air and smell the cotton candy as you read this page turning family saga At turns heartwarming and heartbreaking, this well written novel will fill you with a satisfying nostalgia for summer and young love.

  8. Alan Brennert won me over with Molokai so I was eager to read another novel by this multitalented author tv producer screenwriter In Palisades Park, he pays tribute to the renowned Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey I was transported to the time and place of this legendary park during a volatile period in history and I felt invested in the story and its cast of characters I did not want it to end Wonderfully written.

  9. Read of my reviews on my blog fastpageturner.wordpressMy feelings about Palisades Park could best be compared with the way Clark Griswold feels when he reaches Wally World and punches the moose in the face Despite the alluring cover art, the choppy writing and multitude of characters in Palisades Park wasn t for me Although the story s heroine is Toni, the book didn t begin to focus on her life until 70 pages into the novel The entire beginning of the novel was already slow, but then it seemed [...]

  10. Of course I m reading this the week the carnival comes to my town Yes I m going I can t resist after reading this book Makes you crave cotton candy and you actually smell it in the air when you are reading this book Wonderful story about a family and an amusement park from days past I miss them.

  11. Palisades ParkByAlan BrennertMy in a nutshell summaryThe story of a family with a long interest and involvement in an amusement parkspecifically Palisades Park My thoughts after reading this bookAmazing, satisfying, absorbingese truly were the thoughts running through my head when I finished Palisades Park It s a family s story woven around major world events It begins with the Stopka family and Eddie and his dad enjoying a day at Palisades Park French Fries doused in salt and malt vinegar and e [...]

  12. This is the second time I am trying to write a review for this book.I grew up in New Jersey in the 1950s and 1960s My Dad was a truck driver for Ballentine Beer and Ale that was produced in the Ironbound section of Newark, the bet city in the state Every year my Dad would take a full car load of family to Palisades Park in Cliffside Park You ll never know how great a kiss can feelWhen you stop at the top of a Ferris WheelWhen I fell in love down at Palisades Park These are some of the words from [...]

  13. I ve been reading books all year waiting for one to captivate me For one that I want to recommend to others For one that when I put it down it stays with me This is that book Overall, it s not a gripping story There is nothing fast paced or gimmicky It is a solid story about a real NJ amusement park with real people, their struggles, their triumphs, their failures, their successes It made me long to visit a place like Palisades Park In a way it makes me think of my childhood memories of going to [...]

  14. Palisades Park apparently was a real place, I didn t do any fact checking but I assume this is at least partly factual as far as places events that took place.Nice easy to read uncomplicated plot, no fancy symbolism, no time traveling, no needing the dictionary every five minutes for obscure show off y words Now, I do have a fellow reader and friend who is bothered by bad language and naughty situations so let me say right off even though this is an old fashioned book about an old fashioned time [...]

  15. Look no further than Palisades Park by Alan Brennert for a magical place to spend happy hours of reading Eddie and Adele Stopka, parents of Toni and Jack, sell vinegar soaked French fries near the thunder of the Cyclone roller coaster Toni is enthralled with the divers who do daredevil stunts in the largest salt water pool in the world This family of dreamers shares a love for Palisades Park, which becomes a character in itself The park has an aura of camaraderie and daring Vendors help each oth [...]

  16. I was kind of amazed at how quickly I was drawn into this book The story of the Stopka family and their lives at the Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey is exciting, heartbreaking and hopeful Set in the 40 s, 50 s and 60 s, the book touches on World War 2, the Korean War and issues such racism, PTSD and women s rights The Stopka family works hard and stands up for what they believe regardless of the consequences They support each other and help each other realize their dreams.

  17. When my mother spotted me reading a book titled Palisades Park, she immediately became animated as she told me stories of the one time she went there as a very little girl And to me, that animation and storytelling based off of precious childhood memories is what makes this book so sensational Eddie Stopka goes to Palisades Park for the first time in 1922 and goes on to remember that day as the best of his life When he returns as a late teenager to find a job, the adventures he has, the people h [...]

  18. 4.5 STARS The author calls PALISADED PARK a love letter to a cherished part of my childhood It is the history of the New Jersey amusement park and its people from 1922 to about 1974 While reading this book, you will smell French fries, hot dogs, cotton candy, popcorn and purple popsicles You will hear the click clack of wooden rollercoasters, the screams and laughter of delighted visitors, and the lure of the concessioners You will see high divers, oddities, vintage clothing, and blinking billbo [...]

  19. PALISADES PARKAlan BrennertFind this title on the website bit 121C4ABThe author of this poignant, literary saga has called his novel, a love letter to a cherished part of my childhood It is that and so much as he weaves together fact and fiction to present his readers a nostalgic look at a famous park and the hardworking people who became family through the good times and the bad.Beginning in 1922 when the park opened until 1974 for the five decades the park survived the triumph and tragedies a [...]

  20. Okay, so color me disappointed After Moloka i and Honolulu I was expecting something really great from Palisades Park But all I found was that I didn t care about the characters An endless stream of names and people were thrown at me from the beginning of the book, but I wasn t made to feel for any of them Someone would show up in one chapter, then go away for half the book, then show up one time before never being heard from again There s also not a clear protagonist Eddie Toni Brennert spread [...]

  21. I am smitten with this wonderful novel Character rich and atmospheric phenomenal, Palisades Park is than just a well written story about a New Jersey amusement park It is a time capsule of youthful summer zeal and childlike merriment It is a regaling of culture earmarks, landmarks, and fads It is a story of family hopes, dreams, ambitions, failures, successes clinging to and letting go But mostly, Palisades Park, in and of itself, is a key character the guardian of memories, the springboard of [...]

  22. Brennert showed talent for blending the stories of individuals with a broader look at what was happening in the world around them in both Moloka i and Honolulu He brings that focus to Palisades Park, a legendary New Jersey amusement park The action starts in 1922 when Eddie has a halcyon day at the park with his family, the last good day of his childhood The story continues to the park s dismantling in 1974 Eddie goes to work in the park in 1930, marries Adele and has two fine children His daugh [...]

  23. Bentsen Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy I knew Jack Kennedy Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine Senator, you re no Jack Kennedy.I thought of this quote after reading Palisades Park You see, I loved Alan Brennert s Molokai This is no Molokai.This book was an easy read Perhaps that was part of the problem I really felt nothing for the characters They were all too perfect It was one of those happily ever after books All of the story lines were tidy None of the characters really had any flaw or co [...]

  24. This book was just OK For the first 2 3 or so I wasn t sure whose story it was supposed to be I knew about the park than any of the characters It read like a documentary and the actions of the family were just that Dry, non dramatic actions taking place on the backdrop of the park, which is the real star I didn t sympathize with any of the characters, I didn t buy the motivations that the author was selling I wasn t sure why I was supposed to care for them except as props to learn about this [...]

  25. Palisades Park is an homage to the author s childhood spent near the seasonal amusement park in northern New Jersey It s a nostalgic walk down memory lane, during the heyday of amusement parks in the 1930 s through the 1970 s The story touches upon all of the major domestic and international events of the times, including the aftermath of the great depression, World War II, the Korean War, and the civil rights movement But the character development is thin and the story is really just propelled [...]

  26. Once again the author has another 5 star book in my opinion I LOVE the way he writes I could smell the popcorn, cotton candy, sea air, hear the chatter and clatter of the park EXCELLENT book to escape into Excellent I just LOVE a good book

  27. Maybe a 3.5 if I m being generous I loved Moloka i and Honolulu, but unfortunately this book does not measure up to those achievements Palisades Park is an homage to the author s favorite place of his childhood and you do get a very good sense of the park and its history, both good and bad Many of the people mentioned in the book are in fact real people, and they are portrayed reasonably well It s the fictional characters that seem a bit flat and one dimensional I could not relate to any of them [...]

  28. Nobody does historical fiction with the setting as a character better than Alan Brennert I m not discounting that there may be some equal to the task, but none are masterful at taking a place, creating fascinating characters with life long ties to that place, and mixing in the magnetizing truth of events and people with the plausible storytelling of a simulated narrative Brennert is simply and complexly brilliant His previous best selling novels, Moloka i and Honolulu are of equally epic status [...]

  29. quixoticmagpieI love an amusement park, all of them and any of them I even love fairs and festivals and those local fly by night carnivals Midways, games of chance, rides, French fries, the squeals of excitement, fear, and laughter, families having fun together For my part of the world, our Palisades Park was Boblo Island, and not a summer goes by that I don t miss going there.In high school, we read the poem A Coney Island Life by James Weil, and I repeat the lines to myself on occasion and I k [...]

  30. I won this in a giveaway.I d give it a 3.5 5 stars because I don t think I d read it again, but it was a lovely historical novel with some fiction twisted into it Palisades Park was before my time, but it had a rich history, changing hands thrice, and was of big importance in New Jersey Singers wrote songs about it, entertainers made their debut, and lovers even married there view spoiler I learned how crazy and paranoid the wars made people how women s and colored rights grew just how racist so [...]

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