The Beggar King

The Beggar King Jakob Kuisl the hangman of a village in the Alps receives a letter from his sister calling him to the imperial city of Regensburg where a gruesome sight awaits him her throat has been slit Whe

1662 Jakob Kuisl, the hangman of a village in the Alps, receives a letter from his sister calling him to the imperial city of Regensburg, where a gruesome sight awaits him her throat has been slit When the city constable discovers Kuisl alongside the corpse she locks him in a dungeon, where Kuisl will experience first hand the torture he s administered himself for years1662 Jakob Kuisl, the hangman of a village in the Alps, receives a letter from his sister calling him to the imperial city of Regensburg, where a gruesome sight awaits him her throat has been slit When the city constable discovers Kuisl alongside the corpse she locks him in a dungeon, where Kuisl will experience first hand the torture he s administered himself for years As nightmares assail him, Kuisl can only hope to prevail on the Regensburg executioner to show mercy to a fellow hangman Kuisl s steely daughter, Magdalena, and her young doctor paramour, Simon, rush to Regensburg and try to save Jakob, enlisting an underground network of beggars, a beer brewing monk, and an Italian playboy for help Navigating the labyrinthine city, they learn there is much behind the false accusation than a personal vendetta there is a plan that will endanger the entire German Empire.Chock full of fascinating historical detail, The Beggar King brings to vibrant life another tremendous tale of an unlikely hangman and his tough as nails daughter, confirming P tzsch s mettle as a storyteller at the height of his powers.

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The Beggar King

  1. Oliver P tzsch is a German writer and filmmaker After high school he attended the German School of Journalism in Munich from 1992 to 1997 He then worked for Radio Bavaria In addition to his professional activities in radio and television, P tzsch researched his family history He is a descendant of the Kuisle, from the 16th to the 19th Century a famous dynasty of executioners in Schongau.

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  1. Posted toThe Literary Lawyer Not Up to Par with the Rest 3 StarsThe third installment of the popular Hangman s Daughter series, is, in my opinion, the weakest offering to date The novel lacked some of the clever storytelling of the two previous novels and the chirpy relationship between the characters started to become tiring While I still recommend the series, this installment is average at best Plot summary Jakob Kuisl, our loveable hangman, torturer, herbalist and garbage collector, is summon [...]

  2. Another excellent offering from Oliver P tzsch, another great translation by Lee Chadeayne I m not going into the details of the plot of this, the third in the series you can read the synopsis for that Suffice to say, it s another wonderful read A plot that s just complex enough to keep you turning pages, set in glorious locations, peopled by characters that completely draw you in and include you in their world.I ve become a massive fan of this series It is simply the best thing I ve read in a v [...]

  3. As I was reading this one, I couldn t help but wonder if I m supposed to like Magdalena I am all for headstrong independent women, but this time I thought she was condescending, rude, and belligerent throughout the whole book And Simon s character felt very weak just meekly accepting whatever she said and did I couldn t understand what was keeping the two of them together there was no working together, no compromise, nothing that felt like an actual relationship.Also, I m not sure if it s the wr [...]

  4. Well done I like the Kusil clan their adventures I enjoy reading about their stubborness, their humor, intelligence and even with the terrible job profession the sense of what is right and just Looking forward to book 4.

  5. As with the previous books in this series, I felt that this was overly long but I did like the fact that the hangman s daughter played a bigger role in this entry.

  6. The Beggar King, is the third book in Oliver P tzsch s A Hangman s Daughter Tail series While still retaining the energy of the first two books, it lacked plausibility Granted, this is fiction, and while the settings and much of the background details are historical, much of the language the author used was too contemporary and unbelievable This was a huge distraction for me Set in the mid 1600 s, I hardly think anyone would be telling someone to shove it as one of the principle characters does [...]

  7. There are some books that when you finish them you are content or uplifted or angry or inspired Then there are books that you just don t want to end because they are so good The Begger King is one of those for me This third in The Hangman s Daughter series is the best so far The hangman goes to a large city to help save his dying sister When he gets there he finds she and her husband with their throats cut He is arrested for the crime and finds what it is like to be on the receiving end of the t [...]

  8. The Beggar King was uber fun to read, not to mention thrilling I got off to a slow start because life happens, but once I got on a roll I finished the book in two days As with all good things, the time it takes to read a great book flies too fast I always get to the end of the book and wish there were pages to turn Then there are the books I have to drag myself through Those loathsome buggers feel like this You know that feeling when you awake on a Wednesday morning, thinking it s Friday, and y [...]

  9. The third book in the series and I am still enjoying reading about the 1660s This time the hangman, Jakob Kuisl, goes down the river to a large city to help his ailing sister The ruse that brought Jakob away from home unfolds immediately and he is imprisoned For various reasons his daughter and her lover, the medicus, run away from home and also go to the same city Two story threads run through this book, the one about Jakob trying to uncover why he has been set upon and the other involving poli [...]

  10. I d give this 3 and 1 2 stars if that were an option, but obviously it ain t.Not a bad book at all, but Potzsch falls into the trap of having his villains spill everything out all wicked like at the end I could just imagine them twisting their mustaches and cackling wildly while doing so Not cool More SHOW, less TELL, please view spoiler or at least spread out the tell and don t have it come out all dastardly in a page or two before the bad guy tries to kill the good guy but just has to spill hi [...]

  11. I m a HUGE fan of this series I think what appeals to me is the mystery historical realistic fiction genre For some reason it s rarely done well This series is a dream come true I absolutely adore the Kuisl family hangman despite the fact he tortures people for a living I love the rebel Simon almost Doctor despite the fact he can be a dolt And I adore Magdalena the hangman s daughter who has fire, spirit, and doesn t relegate herself to a damsel in distress role For the 17th century, she s prett [...]

  12. I am a big fan of Oliver Potzsch s Hangman s Daughter series of bloody detective novels set in mid 17th century Bavaria Whatever skills Potzsch may lack as a stylist which may or may not be the responsibility of the translator, Lee Chadeayne, who translated the German novel to English he than makes up for with his ability to create gut busting, bloody detective stories in a world where he has mastery over the setting.In The Beggar King, we retun to the small Bavarian village of Schongau, follo [...]

  13. I really like historical mysteries so I was eager to read this book in the Hangman s Daughter series This is the first one I ve read but I didn t feel like I was missing any information I needed to enjoy the novel In fact, it dealt with the Hangman s past so I figured I was learning with everybody else I have actually been to Regensburg so I was really looking forward to the book and I was not disappointed.The Hangman, Jakob Kuisl thank heavens I didn t have to pronounce that is called to Regens [...]

  14. Third book in The Hangman s Daughter series.Jakob has just left for Regensburg, a Free City that is the Imperial seat of the German Empire he has received a letter from his sister s husband, telling Jakob that his sister is very ill Magdalena can no longer tolerate the suspicion and hostility that she faces as a member of the family of a hangman She persuades Simon to run away with her to Regensburg unbeknownst to her mother and, of course, her father, she and Simon steal away at midnight.Well, [...]

  15. This was the first of the series that I read and I ll definitely go back and read the previous ones It s historical fiction though real characters aren t prominent and tend to be people you haven t heard of anyway.The series concerns the family of a Hangman in the Germany that was set in, someone who was pretty near the bottom of society and functioned as the hangman, torturer, trash umm to put it politely remover and also a healer Strange brew.This novel finds the hangman s daughter and her lov [...]

  16. I love this series Magdalena, the Hangman s Daughter, is a delight She is not perfect, but she is beautiful, which she finds out when she finally is put in front of a good mirror in the house of an evil man As an outcast, someone whom the entire town disdains because of her position, she is forced to be introspective and perceptive, in spite of her natural disposition to be assertive and a handful Simon, the son of the town doctor, is her brilliant, learned, and less than courageous companion wh [...]

  17. I am hooked on Oliver Potzsch This is the third Hangman s Daughter book I have read and Mr Potzsch has yet to disappoint in the adventures of Hangman s family His pattern with this series seems to start with a mystery that envelops the Kuisl family and Simon At times they volunteer for the adventure and at other times, they have no choice but rest assured, the action and danger are non stop The characters are very well developed and I look forward to getting my hands on the next book in the seri [...]

  18. The city out there s like a ravenous beast Everyday she devours a few , and it isn t always the villains This is my third foray into the world of Regensburg I love these stories and will continue to read the other books in the series but I didn t enjoy this book as much as the previous two I m not saying it isn t a good book because as always it s a great read, I just didn t find the story as interesting as the others I enjoy the characterisation and the themes covered in the story though I look [...]

  19. I have read the two Hangman s Daughter Tale books that were released before this one and had mixed reactions to them There has been a lot I have liked and a lot I haven t, and I remember them with both fond memories of good adventures, but also some wasted potential I decided to dig into the third book early this yearMMARYJakob Kuisl is the hangman of the town of Schongau, Germany in AD 1662 The story begins as he travels to Regensburg to visit his sick sister Kuisl being a gifted healer as well [...]

  20. Maybe because I haven t read the first two books of the series but I felt this book was a bit lacking Hard to put my finger on it Great setting, believable historically, a cast of thousands almost but the story somehow skips along from one tele novella scene to the next And I just feel a bit let down

  21. A mystery and travel guide all in one.I continue to enjoy the hangman, his daughter, the Medicis, even Lechner and his pencil pushing, micromanagement of Schongau The travel guides at the end of the second and third novels are an unexpected delight.

  22. Jakob Kuisl is summoned away from home when he receives a letter from his sister She s deathly ill The Shongau hangman travels for weeks to her new home in order to help only to find she and her husband brutally murdered, their throats slit in their own bathhouse To make matters worse, the city guard storm in on Jakob as he s holding his dead sister in his hands He s instantly guilty and subject to torture at the hands of the the city hangman, finally experiencing what he s been doing for so man [...]

  23. I read the first in this series, The Hangman s Daughter, and liked it, but didn t love it I decided to give the series another try I liked the characters in general, the time frame of the 1650 60s, and the general idea of a village executioner, his daughter and quack doctor solving murder mysteries I m so glad I gave the series another shot.I skipped the second offering in the series, but this third entry was so much better than the first, I have been swayed to the executioner s side and have be [...]

  24. This is the third volume in The Hangman s Daughter series, and it s definitely an improvement over the overly complicated second book The Dark Monk but not nearly as good as the initial book The interesting components of the story, and in fact the entire series, are the historical ones it s fascinating reading about these fictional accounts of fifteenth century Germanic characters who live the lives of the downtrodden and solve some mysteries now and then The plot here takes the brilliant, alter [...]

  25. While this wasn t my favorite from The Hangman s Daughter series, I still relatively enjoyed it some parts It does seem to ramble, and I began to lose interest, putting it down for a week, and then later remembering I should probably try to finish the book This kept happening so it was a little hard to get to the ending When I finally braved through to the end, I was glad I did, however, because it was a nice little wrap up However, there were too many dun dun duns For example, so and so was act [...]

  26. Good Addition to the Hangman s Daughter SeriesJacob Kuisl receives a letter from his brother in law in Regensburg saying that is sister Lisbeth is dying Kuisl immediately leaves for Regensburg to see whether he can help his sister When he arrives, his hope is shattered, and he finds himself a prisoner charged with the murder of Lisbeth and her husband Meanwhile in Schongau, Magdalena, his daughter, and Simon, the local doctor who is also Magdalena s lover, become embroiled in a nasty fight with [...]

  27. I came across The Hangman s Daughter series by Oliver Potzsch while browsing books I could download through the Kindle Lending Library using my prime account I had come across some less than stellar books, so I wasn t expecting anything wonderful Well, color me surprised This is the third installment, and while there is a bit unbelievable in the novels as we follow Jakob Kuisl and his family get into and out of scrape after scrape, I love the research and intensity of the author as he provides a [...]

  28. I really like this series My favorite part is Magdalena and Simon They make such a cute, believable couple Their relationship is definitely modern than the setting, but I don t mind that The book is a little longer than it needs to be, but not too bad This is my favorite book in the series Jacob receives a letter from his sister saying that she s doing poorly Jacob is determined to help so he heads off to the city When he gets there, he finds his sister and brother in law murdered and he is fra [...]

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