Dark Promise

Dark Promise Librarian s Note Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here Rylie has it all great friends dream boy loving family But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday her perfect little world shatters A

Librarian s Note Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Rylie has it all great friends, dream boy, loving family But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her perfect little world shatters A stranger claiming to be her real mother appears with a secret Rylie is a faery whose powers will be unleashed on her birthday Captured and forced into a new life, RylieLibrarian s Note Alternate cover for this ASIN can be found here.Rylie has it all great friends, dream boy, loving family But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, her perfect little world shatters A stranger claiming to be her real mother appears with a secret Rylie is a faery whose powers will be unleashed on her birthday Captured and forced into a new life, Rylie struggles to keep everything she loves and discovers a terrifying truth some promises cannot be broken.

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Dark Promise

  1. Julia crane is the author of the Keegan s Chronicles, IFICS She has a bachelors degree in criminal justice Julia has believed in magical creatures since the day her grandmother first told her an Irish tale Growing up her mother greatly encouraged reading and using your imagination juliacrane

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  1. It s really a 3.5 stars Also I had a fabulous time Buddy Reading this with the lovely, fantastic Nellysa So Song Choice Multiply the Heartaches by Cake, and Bang On by the Breeders which its not everyone, its just two certain characters i am talking aboutSo first thoughts Both Nellysa and I agreed on thiss a hard book to rate While the writing and story flowed amazingly well, and a book just 10 pages shy of 300 we couldn t put it down We ended up adding chapters to our daily reads, and obviousl [...]

  2. I think this is first book I ve read that focuses solely on fairies I love fairies and found this book to be enjoyable It was a quick read as I read it in pretty much one sitting the first 10% I read the night before The author gave us great detail and I had zero trouble imagining the beautiful world she created Rylie has it all, a wonderful caring family, a best friend, and a boyfriend that she can t get enough of Days leading up to her sixteenth birthday she begins to have headaches and sever [...]

  3. Some lines in the book were just pure OO LA LA s, My heart raced, and I pressed my body to his as I slid my hands up his chest See oo la la Adam he is such a sweetheart might be a little to sweet for me as ya ll know how I like my men but he s just the sweetest, You know I don t mind your mom s burnt cooking if it means I can spend time with you Adam and Rylie have a great relationship to me it seems a little to picture perfect but as you get into my review you ll understand why I m saying that [...]

  4. This is not a book I would recommend It starts witht this whole expositional prologue from the main characters birth mother so from the instant we read this know the main character is like superspecial.I have read this kind of prologue Before and its hardly original and destroys the mystery and any potential buildup to finding out the truth about her past the character migth have once she discovers she is different Then we switch to the present with her putting on makeup and telling the reader a [...]

  5. So much potential The characters sucked No one was strong enough for the story And the story jumped from one way to another without any smooth flow Disappointed 2 stars

  6. Dark Promise first caught my interest because of the beautiful cover I don t remember that I read any ya or adult paranormal fantasy novel where main character was a fairy, so of course I was intrigued This is book for all Tinkerbell fans out there and all who dreamed to have fairy wings when they were a child.Rylie is perfectly ordinary teenage girl bored at school and obsessed with her appearance The only thing that I found interesting about her is that she suffers from OCD so she has all her [...]

  7. This was a nice and quick read For once the main character and her friends were all actually likable Sadly in YA books you don t get that a lot Rylie s 16th birthday comes along and she finds out that she really isn t human but is a faery this is how they spelled it She is then taken to the faery world where she is told that she will marry the kings son The good news is that his son was nothing like him and he helps her escape back to human world I will definitely be reading the next book.

  8. 2.5 5 starsWell, that was a quick and uneventful read I had braced myself for possibilities of surprises and action, but there was none.OVERVIEW Dark Promise is a paranormal romance Rylie McCallister is a soon to be sixteen year old Her parents are loving and supportive, so is her best friend Her boyfriend Adam is the most caring and handsome guy Basically her life is just perfect, until it s not.The day before her sixteenth birthday, a strange woman named Azura visits her family and reveals to [...]

  9. Imagine, the day before your sixteenth birthday you find out your parents are not your birth parentsd you re actually a faery The opening was a bit slower than I d like, and I honestly didn t feel particularly engaged by our main character However, once she is kidnapped by the dark fairy king who is determined that the oath made by her father will be fulfilled things pick up a little.This sets up the basic concept of the world and the characters within it, but everything felt rather superficial. [...]

  10. Just before Rylie turns 16 she is told that she s not human but faery and then she is taken to live in the faery world The story was a bit predictable, but I still enjoyed it and would probably read the sequel if I could get it for a decent price 3.5 stars

  11. Ughhhhhhh bangs head on desk Yep, that right there perfectly sums up all feelings that came from reading this book I like fantasy I m always searching for a really good one and with this one I was hoping to sit back and enjoy a nice easy read, filled with action, real characters I can never stress that enough , a decent plot, actual growth development with some really good romance on the side I swear, is that really so much to ask for This was not that book.The story begins with Azura, a faery w [...]

  12. I wanted to rip the wings out of my back and cut my ears off Stupid faery world My body filled with rage, and I lashed out at the mirror againDark Promise was a magnificent read When it comes to paranormal, hands down fae is my favorite Sadly though they are lacking in the literary world, I see tons of werewolf, vampire, and mermaid books out there but fae seems like the paranormal that just isn t written about as much So when I heard about Dark Promise I was than ecstatic, not only was Dark Pr [...]

  13. I am going to admit something that may shock you, I don t always like books about fairies In fact there are few books and series about them that I can say I really truly have enjoyed I have no idea why really other than I have found, that there is only so much you can do with them.So much that you can say about them to make them original and not start wandering off into the ridiculous.So it is always with a little apprehension that I start one.Why do I even bother you may ask Why put myself thro [...]

  14. Okay so can I say that I absolutely loved this book and I need book two right away I have a slight confession to make I really do not read books about fairies I am not sure why I don t like most books but when I try and read them I can t stay focused enough to continue to read them But this world that Julia and Talia have created drew me in right from the start I mean the descriptions are so freaking fantastic that I was drawn right from the beginning Plus there is so much going on for the main [...]

  15. Rylie is just about to turn sweet sixteen She has great friends, an awesome boyfriend, and even likes and gets along with her parents The night before her birthday a strange woman arrives and tells Rylie that her real name is Oleander and that she is really her baby, and a fairy She also warns that dark fairies well come after her because of a deal her father tried to make when she was a baby Rylie s world is rocked by the news and she tries to hold it together as she sprouts rings and pointy ea [...]

  16. Rylie is just a normal teenage girl that s about to celebrate her sixteenth birthday She has a great boyfriend, Adam, who is also one of her best friends, and another best girl friend, Sierra As her birthday approaches she starts to feel strange and like someone is watching her She starts to get backaches and headaches.Before her birthday, she finds out that the person that has been watching her, is her birth mother, Azura, who claims that both of them are fairies According to Azura, the blue bi [...]

  17. Dark Promise is a beautifully written story about faeries I love Riley s determination in Dark Promise, no matter what she s not about to back down The description was very in depth and I felt like I could picture every detail of the story I really loved Dark Promise and can t wait for a sequel, I highly recommend this book.Riley s world has just been turned upside down Her life isn t perfect but pretty close to it, she has the hot boyfriend, Adam and lives with her parents, her mom the school t [...]

  18. Originally posted on my blog and shortened here for brevity minor spoilers Dark Promise is told through the viewpoint of Rylie McCallister and flows in a relaxing way you re basically reading about the details about Rylie s life, from putting on make up to failing a pop quiz It s very character driven aside from a few skirmishes, there aren t battle scenes or crazy displays of faery powers We watch as Rylie goes from a very normal teen to one trying to make the best of the situation in a believa [...]

  19. I loved the summary of Dark Promise but the cover was not my favorite, so I didn t really know what to expect from the book I really like Julia Crane s writing so I wanted to give it a try I am so glad that I did Dark Promise is one of my favorite books of 2012, and my favorite fey book ever I loved it all I loved the characters, the plot and the world that Julia and Talia masterfully created Rylie has such a perfect little life, with her super sweet boyfriend Adam, and great parents Then she ba [...]

  20. Oh my goodness Oh my goodness Excuse me while I attempt to recover from the epic ending of this novel and pine for the next book in the series I had no idea that this storyline was going to end up being this exciting It started off a tad bit slow, and I was unsure how I felt about another faery story But by the end, I literally kept pressing the next page button on my Kindle, desperate for Dark Promise is full of excitement, suspense, and romance everything a YA Fantasy should be.But rather tha [...]

  21. Rylie is a lucky girl She has wonderful, loving parents Great friends and the most wonderful boyfriend that any girl could ask for As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Rylie starts feeling strange, as if she is somehow changing The night before her birthday, a strange lady comes to visit them and tells an incredible tale of how she is Rylie s birth mother Rylie is going to turn into a faery on her sixteenth birthday and obtain incredible powers Azure must keep Rylie safe because some faeries ar [...]

  22. You will not find any good spoilers here,sorry,if you want to know what happens,buy the book and read it and leave your own thoughts I can only tell you what and how I feel I feel about the book.Julia Crane is a talented writer and she is great at what she does.Write.She puts her heart and soul into ever things she writes and with that she brings you into her world and into her books and in the life of her characters and their story.Dark Promise is no exception to her rules and talent.This book [...]

  23. The one thing I learned about reading many, many books is that the author can make the book as short and as long as they want to In this case, the author made it as short as possible After finishing the book it felt like I had only finished one chapter I kept turning the kindle pages to no avail I was a little bit pissed that the author would make two books This book is about Rylie, who on her sixteenth birthday turns into a faery Her real mother comes for her to teach her the ways of the Fae bu [...]

  24. I will start this review by saying Julie Crane and Talia Jager have hit a gold mine with this magnificent series and I hope they continue it Rylie is an amazing character who has it all friends,a boyfriend and amazing home life A girl only turns 16 once, but things go from good to bad in a matter of minutes when she finds out a secret about herself that make her world crumple All the characters in this book are amazing from her best friend to the new boy Kallan As Rylie tries to sort out her now [...]

  25. Dark Promise is the second collaboration between Crane Jager, and it s my favorite of the two It is the story of Rylie, a faery raised by humans who has no idea what she is But on her sixteenth birthday, something big happens and she s thrust into a world she never knew existed.I am firmly in the Team Kallan ballpark, as I believe faeries belong with faeries hehehe He s dark and brooding, a lot like a younger Angel from BtVS, and I find that SO much hotter than Adam s boy next door ness I really [...]

  26. Not the worst book I ve read but not great eitherFrom the very first prologue chapter I hated the writing style over using names without reason, going into every detail a character is doing but going through important scenes very quickly I felt like I was reading a teenage writing assignment That being said the plot itself was okay even though it seemed rushed The ending was much better laid out than the beginning and I didn t feel a connection to any of the characters I had to force myself to [...]

  27. Waking up with faery wings on your 16th birthday Pretty cool This book has everything you look for in the fae urban fantasy Girl turning into a faerie, being kidnapped by the dark fae, being forced to marry the dark leader s son The world is beautiful with gorgeous descriptions of faeryland and mythical creatures I loved the writing style because I could really envision the environment and felt transported into the pages.I also liked all of the characters the good and bad ones They were interest [...]

  28. 3.5 starsIn the beginning I thought this will be a young adult story as ever highschool, friends, parties, love stories and all that together with a difficult female protagonist that was not likeable at all But with the enter of the fairy world the story got better and better Rylie reflected herself, the world was fantastic and the relations between the other fairies were not so superficial as before Thus, I really like to keep reading this sequel.

  29. 3.5 stars to be exact I couldn t justify a 4 star, since the book started out so slow It really didn t get going until past the half way point But then it did move quickly and I was sucked right in And boy, do I ever LOVE that cover Too bad the cover was better than the book

  30. The writing was HORRIBLE Most of the time, it was like reading something written by a child It didn t flow and and the plot was really jerky The story was very elementary, but I think it was written for a younger audience I don t think I would recommend this book to anyone

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