Three Worlds Collide

Three Worlds Collide Three Worlds Collide is a story I wrote to illustrate some points on naturalistic metaethics and diverse other issues of rational conduct It grew as such things do into a small novella On publicatio

Three Worlds Collide is a story I wrote to illustrate some points on naturalistic metaethics and diverse other issues of rational conduct It grew, as such things do, into a small novella On publication, it proved widely popular and widely criticized Be warned that the story, as it wrote itself, ended up containing some profanity and PG 13 content.

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Three Worlds Collide

  1. From Eliezer Shlomo Yudkowsky is an American artificial intelligence researcher concerned with the singularity and an advocate of friendly artificial intelligence, living in Redwood City, California.Yudkowsky did not attend high school and is an autodidact with no formal education in artificial intelligence He co founded the nonprofit Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence SIAI in 2000 and continues to be employed as a full time Research Fellow there.Yudkowsky s research focuses on Artificial Intelligence theory for self understanding, self modification, and recursive self improvement seed AI and also on artificial intelligence architectures and decision theories for stably benevolent motivational structures Friendly AI, and Coherent Extrapolated Volition in particular Apart from his research work, Yudkowsky has written explanations of various philosophical topics in non academic language, particularly on rationality, such as An Intuitive Explanation of Bayes Theorem.Yudkowsky was, along with Robin Hanson, one of the principal contributors to the blog Overcoming Bias sponsored by the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University In early 2009, he helped to found Less Wrong, a community blog devoted to refining the art of human rationality The Sequences on Less Wrong, comprising over two years of blog posts on epistemology, Artificial Intelligence, and metaethics, form the single largest bulk of Yudkowsky s writing.

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  1. I wish Eliezer Yudkowsky was a full time writer So many good ideas This novella was about humans encountering the alien race of Babyeaters who are civilized but eat their babies, and the humans, as soon as they learn of this, are morally shocked about the custom that is taken to be natural Most of them want to wage war to save the babies so cliche and relieve them of their pain But then, another alien race arrives, the Maximum Fun Fun Ultra Super Happy People One that thinks even having pain is [...]

  2. An interesting science fiction long short story 100 pages It reminded me of I, Robot, except instead of quaint 1950s charm positronic brains it has awkward references to internet culture Any suggestions get reddited up from the rest of the crew I made an EPUB version for ereader users.

  3. Yudkowsky is officially one of my favorite thinkers Too bad he doesn t write often I liked the way he shaped hpmor, although I didn t like the whole story But this time around, he presented a very disturbing version of prisoner s dilemma, in a sci fi about different kinds of sentient beings, and how their morals might be radically different from ours It is very thought provoking and I really enjoyed this piece of work.I hope He writes stories I m definitely gonna read his work.

  4. Interesting dilemma set in a future where space travel is common and people have colonized multiple planets I m not sure I understand or agree with the assumption that all must create a homogenous society It s meant to illustrate the prisoner s dilemma but really gives a false choice that I would hope in future societies would not be considered a choice at all Why does one group of aliens feel the need to convince the others of their moral correctness This feels like a piece on religion than mo [...]

  5. Insanely thought provoking, but didn t quite get all the references to game theory other than talk about the prisoner s dilemma I wish I had a college level game theory course under my belt before reading this The play with ideas in metaethics was very well done, however Relevant, too, to all our political conflict over whether to intervene or not in foreign affairs.Not sure that it brought me any closer to answers

  6. Masterfully written first chapters 5 5.Then the writer advances the story beyond his capabilities as a writer and original thinker This decreases the credibility of the fiction.It is still an interesting story Quite hard to follow all dialogue in the later chapters.There are some dilemmas with obvious solutions left untested, which raises questions of false dilemmas, as far as rationality goes This is a rationalist fiction Also some disproved scientific details, but they do not affect the plot v [...]

  7. The best first contact scifi I have ever read You know like everytime in scifi genre when aliens are introduced they look like humans just with silly eyes or ears The lack of imagination and human centrism always disappoints me Three Worlds Collide is the opposite of that, the aliens created by Eliezer are completely different, yet believable And to book is fun, you will laugh out loud.

  8. Eliezer Yudkowsky is one of the reason why I want to major in artificial intelligence and have at least some background knowledge of metaethics Even though we are put in a position of observers, the presented dilemma truly is frightening.

  9. It s been years since I first read this story, so I can t really speak for how it compares to all other science fiction I was fairly young and less well read back then What I can say is that it stuck with me The setting might not be perfect, but the moral dilemma and the moral values of the future humans had me sit up and pay attention back then It s one of the first times I can remember thinking the aliens in a story truly were alien, not to mention an interesting twist on human moral.I m not s [...]

  10. Is it possible for baby eating to be a good thing Yes, though under very specific circumstances.And logic is the only universal thing in the Universe Good book and and nice experiment with morals.

  11. Three Worlds Collide is a work of rationalist fiction written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, a fellow at the Machine Intelligence Research Institute Originally written to explore questions of ethics it features two distinct possible endings Unlike many other authors Yudkowsky, does encourage the reader to make up their own mind Instead tells the reader which ending is preferable and why It is up to the reader to see the entire picture If the reader thinks Yudkowsky is wrong about the conclusion they are [...]

  12. So, I was all set to give this story a full five stars and recommend it to anyone who asked for a unique bit of science fiction It s so novel Humanity meets two new races at once, both with radically different senses of morality, and they must find a way to fit into this expanded universe of thinking One species where overpopulation is rampant, leading to baby eating as a means to thin out the masses, so much so that eating babies is considered good Another where information is shared through se [...]

  13. I find the characters impossible to relate to You might say that s beside the point for this particular story, but I think it exactly is the point for a case of first contact with an alien in all senses culture Here, I felt that all the species were alien.The story describes certain alien behaviors that produce visceral emotional reactions in the characters and for good reason, probably And yet I had no emotional reaction myself, which I don t think was the reader s fault.The author can be somew [...]

  14. This short story describes a spaceship of humans in the future who make first contact with not one, but two intelligent alien races The result involves spirited debate as each of the three realize they all have very different views on which moral facts are true.If you have a group of friends interested in metaethics, I strongly recommend you try printing out hard copies of this short story in sections, and read the story together in person Each successive section will give you a lot to talk abou [...]

  15. The science fiction novella Three Worlds Collide offers a thought provoking and hysterically funny and also somewhat suspenseful blend of Douglas Adams and Star Trek The Next Generation The story is about humanity s encounter with two fascinating, truly alien, alien species and the moral dilemma s posed by these encounters The novella is philosophical, intelligent, populated by a wonderful cast of characters, making the first few chapters are an absolute blast to read The ending was a little dis [...]

  16. This novella was great The premise is about three worlds with conflicting notions of morality The dilemmas are some well done that you begin to question a lot about morality that we take for granted The first few chapters of the book were just stunning But one complaint I had was that the rest of the story seemed just ok and the conclusion made me feel a bit disappointed after such an awesome start But the I think about it, it feels like it just had to be this way Having said all that, it is a [...]

  17. I ve read 25% so far and at one point I almost applauded while going to school listening to the podcast version It s really good EDIT I ve now finished it I really liked it The aliens are well developed not simply a similar copy of homo sapien which is very improbable to happen IRL and yet it s the most often used type of aliens ps1 you might not like what you figure out by reading listening this2 are we ready to meet intelligent aliens

  18. I loved it If playing the classic prisoner s dilemma, you cooperate with a single individual Almost always You defect only in fear But what if you really really want to defect and you are playing against aliens for whom you are morally disguising, and you feel the same about them.Amazing story, well written, strange, thought provoking Nice to accompany it with the original reader comments on Less Wrong.I recommend it

  19. Really really really impressive story I have to say, I like stories with intelligent characters who don t behave like complete trope versions of themselves, and this is full of them The ethical dilemmas discussed are relevant and exciting, the opposing factions are neither too perfect nor too chaotic, in short, read this story There s also a great audio version over at the hpmor podcast.

  20. I was hoping for an interesting read Maybe an hour or half an hour per day for a little while I couldn t do it This book is quite fascinating and I had to read it all, almost in one sitting.The examination of ethical concerns was nicely done and the use of a different ethical main stream taken by humans in the story to draw attention to ones own biases was brilliant.

  21. I don t know if I ll feel like this tomorrow, but having just read it, my main thought is that I didn t know I could like fiction as much as I like this It s such an awesome picture of, as it says, the past s future and how a bunch of smart, pretty rational characters would behave.

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