Turning Points: A Journey Through Challenges

Turning Points A Journey Through Challenges It was like any other day on the Anna University campus in Chennai I had delivered a lecture Vision to Mission and the session got extended from one hour to two I had lunch with a group of research st

It was like any other day on the Anna University campus in Chennai I had delivered a lecture Vision to Mission and the session got extended from one hour to two I had lunch with a group of research students and went back to class As I was returning to my rooms in the evening the vice chancellor, Prof A Kalanidhi, fell in step with me Someone had been frantically trIt was like any other day on the Anna University campus in Chennai I had delivered a lecture Vision to Mission and the session got extended from one hour to two I had lunch with a group of research students and went back to class As I was returning to my rooms in the evening the vice chancellor, Prof A Kalanidhi, fell in step with me Someone had been frantically trying to get in touch with me through the day, he said Indeed, the phone was ringing when I entered the room When I answered, a voice at the other end said, The prime minister wants to talk with you Some months earlier, I had left my post as principal scientific adviser to the government of India, a Cabinet level post, to return to teaching Now, as I spoke to the PM, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, my life was set for an unexpected change Turning Points takes up the incredible Kalam story from where Wings of Fire left off It brings together details from his career and presidency that are not generally known as he speaks out for the first time on certain points of controversy It offers insight not only into an extraordinary personality but also a vision of how a country with a great heritage can become great in accomplishment, skills and abilities through effort, perseverance and confidence It is a continuing saga, above all, of a journey, individual and collective, that will take India to 2020 and beyond as a developed nation.

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Turning Points: A Journey Through Challenges

  1. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam Tamil usually referred to as A P J Abdul Kalam, was one of India s most distinguished scientists He was an Aerospace engineer, professor, and chancellor of the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology IIST , who served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007 During his term as President, he was popularly known as the People s President.Before his term as India s president, he worked as an aeronautical engineer with DRDO Defence Research and Development Organisation and ISRO Indian Space Research Organisation He was responsible for the development of India s first satellite launch vehicle,the SLV 3 He is popularly known as the Missile Man of India for his work on development of ballistic missile and space rocket technology Kalam played a pivotal organisational, technical and political role in India s Pokhran II nuclear test in 1998, the first since the original nuclear test by India in 1974.He has the unique honour of receiving honorary doctorates from thirty universities and the country s three highest civilian honours Padma Bhushan 1981 , Padma Vibhushan 1990 and Bharat Ratna 1997.Former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, who became popular as People s President , passed away on July 27th, 2015 at the age of 83 in Shillong, India.

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  1. Will I be able to put in words how long I ve had to wait before I could grab my copy of this book Moreover, when its a book revealing the life of the only idol in your life and the person you so respect and value.Few months ago, I d read in the article on ndtv that Dr Kalam was writing his next book named The Turning Points and I knew I had to get the book Simply because his books are such an abundance of experience and knowledge The Turning Points is a sequel to Wings of Fire an internationally [...]

  2. What do you do when India s most popular former president pens a book You quickly grab your personal copy Turning Points is a confession and unfurling of the unsung and uneventful past of A.P.J Kalam The trials and tribulations he had to face and overcome to bask under the presidential glory are openly penned in pages of this novel.Turning Points, is not just a book but an insight into the life of an eminent individual named A.P.J Kalam.

  3. I have been an avid reader in all kind of story books But this book by Dr.Kalam has wooed my eyes when I encountered the excerpts of this book in The Hindu I was totally surprised with Dr.Kalam s abundance of knowledge in multitudes of field Hailing from the scientist background, he discusses about political and economical developments in our country During his tenure as president , he has filled the vaccuum for the post , created by earlier beaureocrats After taking the oath of president, Dr.K [...]

  4. It is full of unnecessary technical details and he talks a lot about Information Technology, Bio Informatics, Photonics, Microelectronics and Nano Technology and stuffs like that I expected a little bit material from Social Sciences perspective especially Politics and inside story of Functions of Rashtrapati Bhawan I admit, Wings of Fire, Vision 2020 and even Ignited Minds were much influential and inspirational Its very plain and full of lectures without attractive writing style I agree that [...]

  5. As the title says this book is the sequel to Wings of fire where he continues to narrate his experiences from how he went on to become The President and how his life went from then on.This book is pretty much of an open talk where Kalam sir shares all his success,pain and controversies he faced as president.Even though this book is all about his own experiences it still doesn t fail to inspire,teach and motivate you.After all,what can you expect from someone who dedicated his entire life for our [...]

  6. APJ Abdul Kalam has always been a great motivator, every book by him teaches something new The dream 2020, covers every sector of Indian economic growth Hope dream 2020 comes true, and i can become part of it to make it happen

  7. Turning Points A Journey Through Challenges It was like any other day on the Anna University campus in Chennai I had delivered a lecture Vision to Mission and the session got extended from one hour to two I had lunch with a group of research students and went back to class As I was returning to my rooms in the evening the vice chancellor, Prof A Kalanidhi, fell in step with me Someone had been frantically trying to get in touch with me through the day, he said.Indeed, the phone was ringing when [...]

  8. This book is all about Kalam s mission India 2020 and his effort to achieve that mission when he was president I liked this book very much as it show how he is dedicated to make India supreme guiding and capable nationi am sure many people will gets tired just reading his work during his lifetime but Kalam neveris book helped me know what a president could doi must say every politician Indian should read this book and learn what is devotion and passion to work for nation or even humanityi am say [...]

  9. A good book that shows the life of a President that India loved, sheds light on the decisions he made that were considered controversial and inspires the leader in one Not a book for a casual reader, for sure, they might complain it s boring.I feel Kalam uplifted the position of President of India with his initiatives during his tenure Something that is a challenge to meet for any of the later presidents.One reason I could easily read this book was because Kalam has been an inspiration to me thr [...]

  10. I have read this books share a good sine of this books Dr.A.P.J.Kalam share his ideas throug his day to day life experienced on his job or real life problems Thats given a positive frmae for our life.Thanks By Abhishek

  11. Author talks about his experience during his tenure as President.This book scores just an average rating as it fails to instill the energy what we normally expect from kalam s book.

  12. turning point a journey through challenges is all about Dr kalams presidency and the book is less like an autobiography and like a blueprint for his India Vision 2020 We miss out on an autobiography of Kalam, and instead read about his vision for India and what measures he took during his presidency to realize some of them He has discussed the various ideas he has got to develop India, from his interactions with people from all spheres students, children, scientists etc to make Judiciary, Parli [...]

  13. This is not exactly a review It s what i learned about Dr Kalam after reading Turning Points.I just finished reading Turning Points by Dr A P J Abdul Kalam, India s Ex President and the one of the most inspiring person on the planet This book is a sequel to Wings of Fire by the same This book takes the readers to the journey of Dr Kalam as the President of India A brief description of his last day as president is sufficient in explaining how busy and focused his tenure would have been as the Fir [...]

  14. As a continuation of Wings of fire, Abdul Kalam narrates his journey of becoming the president of a mighty nation and beyond, and articulates his vision for the nation.Having been used to hearing tales of advanced technology and big dreams from Abdul Kalam, his political journey did not seem as interesting.

  15. Rameshwaram is a sleepy temple town in the southern tip of our peninsula It comes alive during the Ram Navmis and other auspicious days, especially to remember the departed souls The otherwise passive place has done another wonderful contribution to our heritage, than being the place which Lord Ram chose to pray to Shiv Bhagwan before he began his onslaught on Lanka It has gifted us one of the most outstanding Ratnas of Bharat, a person who has added credibility to the coveted prize than the ot [...]

  16. In this book, Dr Kalam writes in detail about his tenure as the President of India and his teaching experiences He describes the turning points that shaped his life ISRO DRDO TIFAC PSA and others In a chapter, he shares what he learnt from the various people he came across in his life, be it his elder brother, his mentors like Dr Sarabhai, Dr Dhawan or Dr Brahma Prakash, and Yes, the politicians Dr Kalam initiated many activities in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, such as e governance, teleconferencing, [...]

  17. With Dr kalam, high expectations is kind of like a packaged deal Which might be the primary cause of this book not living up to the expectations An autobiographical account usually is embedded with anecdotes from one s life, which he wants to share, and which he believes that someone can be benefited from This book completely lacks that flair of wings of fire.While one can understand in a very detailed manner the way he handled his office while he was president, the book seems to be an extended [...]

  18. It was the evening of 28th July 2015 , when i came across a news flash relating to something about Kalam Sir, While in the process of accessing the full news ,in split seconds, a thought ran through my mind that might be Sir has reconsidered his decision of not Standing for President s Chair again And i was very very happy But soon , i was hit with fact , my gleaming face was bombarded with the harsh reality that He , my biggest ever motivating asset , was no in person.It was then , that i real [...]

  19. Turning Point is surely a turning point for Author and can be for anyone Dr Kalam has very nicely explained the times of his as President and also told the story of how he lived his life being a President of India.One of the most lovable President of India by every citizen without any offence His choice as a President nominee was an unclaimed choice by every elected members of the houses of Parliament Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and the Legislative Assemblies in States and Union Territories For he [...]

  20. What can one say about a book authored by the undoubtedly talented statesman, scientist, poet and saint An inspirational force for many generations to come, Kalam sir s description of his experiences during the presidential tenure can turn the reader s mind into the plethora of issues faced by the nation He attempts to put down his thoughts, actions and reactions to various incidents during his tenure.While I found it a bit hard to read initially owing to my general hesitation with autobiographi [...]

  21. A Spell Bounding account of a magnanimous personality Truth be told, I m never game with biographies autobiographies but this book turns out to be exceptionally good, breaking the myth in my own mind that biographies are somniferous in nature Turning Points is a very well written autobioraphy which took off with the call from the then PM AB Vajapyee to Dr Kalam informing him how he was going to name Dr Kalam for the President in the all party meeting The book brings together the details from his [...]

  22. Wings of Fire was truly inspiring and breathtaking And that propelled me to read this sequel In this emotional time when we are still in grief of his departure, it feels like he talks to us through his words For someone who want to deeply understand the role and function of our Head of State, this book can come handy For those preparing for competitive exams especially Civil Services, this book can fetch numerous points on reforms in all domains That way, it s useful Strictly reviewing it as a b [...]

  23. The new book from the former president of our nation , whose name itself is an inspirational brand, deals with his days of presidency A memoir about those 5 years when he became the supreme power of our nation Serving as the sequel to his best selling autobiography Wing of Fire , the book gives equal focus on both his activities as president to fulfill his vision on turning our nation to a developed one by 2020 as well as preaching its importance to the upcoming generation and urging them to wor [...]

  24. I have always believed that cowards never make history, history is created by people with courage and wisdom Courage is individual and wisdom comes with experience The ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth empowerment comes from within, no one else can give it You become the captain of the problem, defeat the problem and suceed I would like to ask you what you would like to be remembered for it could be an important contribution, an innovation or a change that you [...]

  25. I read it when i was still in school now i am a graduate A.P.J Abdul Kalam s journey of being a normal boy to being the president of India has inspired a whole lot of students I was looking forward to reading about the days when he was still a student, but this biography was all about his life in later years beginning from the days when he was about to become the president and had just left a cabinet post to return to teaching, so i could not get that glimpse into his student life, but got to kn [...]

  26. Book finished 28 July 2015, 7 04 PM A coincidence to remember I was at the chapter Into the Garden today when I came to know about APJ Abdul Kalam s passing away.Apj Abdul Kalam was a pefect blend of Scientific and spiritual mind.This book can be a Blueprint of India s economic social development After reading last 50 pages, emotionally, felt why we re not implementing large part of his suggestions implementing those will be a great tribute to his memories A great mind and a great Heart go hand [...]

  27. Turning points , the sequel to Wings of Fire The book content is absolutely fine The reader will enjoy reading it A P J inscribe the seven important points in the book which changed his life, further it also navigates through the timeline of his stay in Rastrapati Bhavan and the significant decision taken by Kalam to make Rastrapati Bhavan closer to masses It also encompasses the controversies which arouse during his tenure as President of India The writing style of book is preferable with const [...]

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