You Had Me At Hello

You Had Me At Hello What happens when the one that got away comes back Rachel and Ben Ben and Rachel It was them against the world Until it all fell apart It s been a decade since they last spoke but when Rachel bumps i

What happens when the one that got away comes back Rachel and Ben Ben and Rachel It was them against the world Until it all fell apart.It s been a decade since they last spoke, but when Rachel bumps into Ben one rainy day, the years melt away.From the moment they met they d been a gang of two partners in crime and the best of friends But life has moved on Ben is marrWhat happens when the one that got away comes back Rachel and Ben Ben and Rachel It was them against the world Until it all fell apart.It s been a decade since they last spoke, but when Rachel bumps into Ben one rainy day, the years melt away.From the moment they met they d been a gang of two partners in crime and the best of friends But life has moved on Ben is married Rachel is definitely not In fact, the men in her life make her want to take holy orders Yet in that split second, Rachel feels the old friendship return And along with it, the broken heart she s never been able to mend.If you love David Nicholls and Lisa Jewell then this is the book for you Hilarious, heartbreaking and everything in between, you ll be hooked from their first hello.

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You Had Me At Hello

  1. Mhairi was born in Scotland in 1976 and her unnecessarily confusing name is pronounced Vah Ree.After some efforts at journalism, she started writing novels It s Not Me, It s You is her third book She lives in Nottingham, with a man and a cat.

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  1. Do nothing, and nothing happens Life is about decisions You either make them or they re made for you, but you can t avoid them You Had Me At Hello is a funny and romantic story set in Sheffield, close to Manchester, UK I absolutely LOVED the writing style If you ve read Me Before You, I d say the writing style is very similar So why didn t I give it a higher rating you ask Well, this one gets 3.5 stars because the story didn t totally grab me and the pace was very slow at times I also think some [...]

  2. What happens when the one that got away comes back The story begins when Rachel, discussing her upcoming wedding, realizes that she and Rhys are not right for each other To a point she doesn t know why they re still together And she comes to a decision to call it off.One day, after several turn of events she bumps to Ben, a friend from Uni, that she hasn t spoke in 10 years Now we so get that it s a whole in that story than meets the eye And it always seems that they want to say than they re a [...]

  3. 2.5 stars Ugh I had such a high expectations for this book I read couple of reviews that got me all exited, but it was a bit of a let down.The story had a really great beginning A collage kid proposing to a girl It was funny, sweet and romantic The prologue ends and you are in the present heroine is engaged to another man, having an argument about a wedding arrangements, realizing it will never work, because they can t seem to agree on anything, and deciding that it s best to go their separate w [...]

  4. Mhairi McFarlane, THANK YOU.And also You, with your stellar writing and biting wit and pitch perfect characterizations, have infused new life into the world of chicklet rom comsNOPSIS Ben and Rachel met in university and hit it off immediately They were young and idealistic and sharp as a pair of new scissors They were best friends and partners in crime A steady boyfriend on Rachel s part and a slew of blonde bedmates on Ben s part never put their friendship in their jeopardy.Until one day, when [...]

  5. There is nothing remotely contrived about this book, it is evident from the opening chapter that Mhairi McFarlane has a real skill with words Her narrative is sharp and sassy, and she infuses her characters with such an abundance of spirit, that it is an absolute joy to read about them Rachel and Ben s story engulfs from the very beginning, and alongside some laugh out loud funny moments, there are some situations which really tug on the old heart strings When I finished reading the book I felt [...]

  6. I really love this book, sure I hated Olivia and Simon but screw them because I loved Rachel, Mindy, Caroline an Ivon the last theee are the greatest friends I will tell you At firs I struggled to get into the book Considering that I brought it from a charity shop, don t judge even books need a good home I powered through it to make sure that I did love it I do it s romantic and witty.I would definitely recommend it Props to the author.

  7. I have no idea how this is rated so highly on a main character I wanted to slap into next week, and a cast of one dimensional supporting characters which add nothing at all to the plot Add to this obscure references about Manchester, and You had me at hello quickly turned into I can t wait to say goodbye.

  8. impossibile non amare Ben e Rachel si dai primi capitoli.Questo libro stato una dolcissima sorpresa, uno di quelli che ricorder sempre con il sorriso sulle labbra e con il cuore leggero.La Mcfarlaine ha uno stile molto sobrio, che riesce a focalizzare esclusivamente l attenzione del lettore sui due protagonisti Avvalendosi di sagacia e umorismo ha saputo sottolineare i difetti e i pregi, senza rendere i personaggi delle caricature di se stessi, ma sottolineandone ogni caratteristica.Ho adorato q [...]

  9. Rachel e Ben Ben e Rachel.Compagni d universit , amici e complici in ogni attimo trascorso insieme, ma niente di pi perch Rachel fidanzata e Ben troppo bello per accorgersi di una come lei.Nella notte in cui la sottile differenza tra amicizia e quel qualcosa di pi pu finalmente cambiare, Rachel commette un errore, un errore grossolano, non ponderato e un po ingenuo che per la allontaner inesorabilmente da Ben Dieci anni dopo Rachel una giornalista in un giornale locale e ha messo fine alla relaz [...]

  10. What happens when the one who got away comes back Rachel and Ben were best friends at university but with Rachel s steady long distance boyfriend and gorgeous Ben s endless conveyer belt of stunning girlfriends, they never quite made it past the platonic stageTen years later, Rachel is still living in Manchester, still with her old boyfriend and still best friends with her university housemates She hasn t seen Ben for years, until she hears he s returned to Manchester and contrives to bump into [...]

  11. You Had Me At Hello is the best type of romance And by that, I obviously mean that it is effortlessly humorous, realistic to a flaw, and downright witty McFarlane writes a love story that is only part true love, with a main course of friendship, side dish of embarrassment, and a drink of nostalgia What makes this contemporary novel work as well as it does is precisely because it tries, but not too hard Unlike a Sophie Kinsella which will often have you in peels of laughter or Sara Manning which [...]

  12. This book is so adorable I could die I actually got butterflies in my stomach while reading this Aah I just love, love, love Ben and his friendship with Rachel Its a well written story with engaging characters, there is not one single character in this book that s spendable I just wish I had books byMahiri McFarlane I seriously cannot oversell this, no matter what expectations you have it will be better

  13. This book is everything I wanted it to be, and I m a little reserved in my reading tastes, but this book was 99p on , and I was feeling a little homesick and just wanted a good cry Some context I m on a year abroad in Canada, and this is currently the longest I ve ever spent outside of England What I wasn t expecting, however, was how much of a chord this book would strike I was completely unaware it was set in Manchester, yet I couldn t have been happier that it was There are a number of point [...]

  14. 5.99 3 Book Bundle You Had Me At Hello, It s Not You, It s Me, and Here s Looking at You affiliate link You Had Me At Hello Kindle Edition on sale affiliate link The problem is, after all these years, I can t think of anyone I d like to slowly go off, see get senile and die than Ben Two former best friends reconnect after not seeing each other for ten years She s newly single and he srried Quick witted characters, an endearing heroine, and a love story with history come together to make a roman [...]

  15. I will start by saying that I was very excited about reading this one I love reading debut novels, I enjoy discovering new authors and the excitement of not knowing what you are going to get with the new author, as well as the opportunity to read their books, delve into their imagination, and escape into the world that they have created.Rachel and Ben meet at university in Manchester and immediately strike up a brilliant friendship As Rachel has a long distance but steady relationship with her b [...]

  16. I LOVED this book Simple Mhairi McFarlane has such a witty, fresh and clever way with words, I didn t want this book to end In fact, I feel quite bereft now this book is over, and feel as though I ve lost something it s very rare that I feel that way Firstly, thank you for setting it in Manchester I love the city and always thankful that I only live 20 minutes outside it I love all the details the author adds that are very familiar to me but any other reader would also understand I ve also got s [...]

  17. You Had Me At Hello accomplishes what the most inspiring and endearing Rom Com s aspire to relatability, charm and contemporary timelessness The book begins in present day Rachel, our narrator, is an early 30 something staffer on the cusp of ending her 13 year long relationship with her fianc Rhys Thru Rachel, we are introduced to Ben, our prospective love interest and protagonist Ben is Rachel s long lost best friend from uni days with whom she hasn t spoken for the past decade When Rachel s be [...]

  18. Everyone seems to have raved about this debut novel and I can now see why I took the, for me, very unusual step of reading the last chapter first with this book because I just knew reading it any other way would drive me crazy and I d be trying to read it so fast to find out what happened that I d not take in all the details of the story As it turned out reading the last chapter first didn t help matters As the story of Rachel and Ben unfolded I just kept reading and reading, knowing how the boo [...]

  19. Mi piaciuto e divertito pi di quanto pensassi Rachel e Ben 3 Ok l unica stelletta che ho tolto che il finale solito finale Non che mi dispiaccia ma nella vita reale sarebbe stato molto improbabile che succedesse Per il resto mi sono trovata in linea con Rachel cosa che non succede spesso e ho adorato lei come anche i suoi amici Certo non posso dire lo stesso per gli antagonisti ahah ma comunque un libro ben Ben xD scritto e che mi ha sorpresa in positivo legger altro, spero presto, di questa ste [...]

  20. This book was hilarious McFarlane is so clever and witty The laughs just kept on coming and I loved it It reminded me so much of a Marian Keyes novel The only thing that I didn t love was the misunderstandings, but they did provide some tension in an otherwise very funny book I will definitely read of her work.Highly recommended.

  21. Non so quanto tempo sia passato dalla mia voglia di leggere questo libro Fatto sta che finalmente l ho fatto ed stata una lettura piacevole.Impossibile per me non ritrovare nella trama Rosie e Alex di Scrivimi ancora, un libro che ho adorato e divorato Non faccio parte di quella schiera di lettori che sono allergici a storie simili o hanno paura di leggerle per rovinare la loro preferita.Mi piace il confronto, o il ritrovarmi dentro una storia che so avere delle potenzialit per farsi piacere da [...]

  22. The fact that I normally read a book in a couple of days, but this one has taken me about 10 days to read says a lot about how interesting and gripping it was for me It started off fairly funny and made me chuckle a couple of times but then it has just been a rather long and boring account of the copule getting together, which you can tell from the beginning and the title is going to happen There were not really any other twists or climaxes to the book I didn t really get on board with the main [...]

  23. A really good read, Mhairi writes with a style that absorbs you into the story, I really enjoyed the way that that story was told both from the present, but also with insights into the past, and what made them who they were in the present.There were many ways that the story could have gone, I knew the outcome I wanted but could so easliy see many different twists.A definate author that I m going to look out for.

  24. This review originally appeared on BrizzleLass Books.It becomes clear with this book very quickly what the state of play is Rachel and Ben are best friends through Uni but there are very definitely underlying feelings there between them The problem Rachel is in a long term relationship When they go their separate ways at the end of Uni their friendship falls apart and ten years later bump into each other reigniting their friendship and those old feelings, except this time Ben is married.While th [...]

  25. I ve got to admit that I liked the book a lot than I expected Unfortunately, part of the book was spoiled to me because my eyes got caught on a question about infidelity in the book Nevertheless, I had a good time listening to the audiobook and can see myself reading books by the author You Had Me At Hello is a second chance romance novel that features the star crossed lovers Rachel and Ben They used to be close friends at university but lost contact shortly after Rachel is an easy to like cha [...]

  26. The legend says that every girl has the one who got away boy in her life, and for Rachel, the protagonist of the book, it s her college bff Ben However, what makes this book so special and worth reading is that here we get to see the sequel to the story and what happens if miraculously life does give you a second chance Would you let it slip away once again

  27. Ein tolles Buch f r die Tage im Winter Ich vergebe 3,5 Sterne weil mir der Schluss des Buches nicht so gut gefallen hat Ich finde es ist ein wenig zu tr umerisch geschrieben sehr gut gefallen haben mir die R ckblenden in die Studienzeit und die witzigen Gespr che zwischen Ben und Rachel

  28. Worum geht es Ben und Rachel Rachel und Ben Zu Unizeiten waren sie unzertrennlich Die Welt h tte ihnen nichts anhaben k nnen Beste Kumpels waren sie Doch eine Nacht vorm Abschlussball ist etwas geschehen Seitdem sind zehn Jahre vergangen, und die beiden haben sich nie mehr gesehen Bis jetzt Allerdings ist Ben heute verheiratet, und Rachel hat sich gerade von ihrem Verlobten getrennt via Argon ______________________Wie hat es mir gefallen Ich liebe die Stimme von Britta Steffenhagen, das muss gle [...]

  29. Well, I don t quite know how to start OK, story first It s about Rachel and Ben They meet on their very frist day of university and become inseparable, best friends Shortly before their graduation ball something momentous happens and as a result, as uni ends, their friendship ends as well Now, after ten years of utter silence between them, they coincidentally bump into each other again, and their friendship starts to blossom once and it feels just like back in the days But it s not as easy as i [...]

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