Love at Any Cost

Love at Any Cost Jilted by a fortune hunter cowgirl Cassidy McClare is a spunky Texas oil heiress without a fortune who would just as soon hogtie a man as look at him Hoping a summer visit with her wealthy cousins in

Jilted by a fortune hunter, cowgirl Cassidy McClare is a spunky Texas oil heiress without a fortune who would just as soon hogtie a man as look at him Hoping a summer visit with her wealthy cousins in San Francisco will help her forget her heartache, Cassidy travels west But no sooner is she settled in beautiful California than Jamie McKenna, a handsome pauper looking toJilted by a fortune hunter, cowgirl Cassidy McClare is a spunky Texas oil heiress without a fortune who would just as soon hogtie a man as look at him Hoping a summer visit with her wealthy cousins in San Francisco will help her forget her heartache, Cassidy travels west But no sooner is she settled in beautiful California than Jamie McKenna, a handsome pauper looking to marry well, captures her heart When Jamie discovers the woman he loves is poorer than he is, Cassidy finds herself bucked by love a second time Will Jamie discover that money can t buy love after all And can Cassidy ever learn to fully trust her heart to a man With delectable descriptions and a romantic sensibility, bestselling author Julie Lessman brings the Gilded Age to life in this sumptuous new series Readers will faithfully follow Lessman to the West Coast for romance, passion, and surprising revelations found in Love at Any Cost.

Love at Any Age Psychology Today Feb , The human heart, at whatever age, opens to the heart that opens in return Maria Edgeworth Romantic love has been described as a human universal, or near universal and is Love at Any Cost A Novel The Heart Of San Francisco Love at Any Cost will not only soothe your soul, but it will make you laugh, stir your heart, and release a sigh of satisfaction when you turn the last page MaryLu Tyndall, bestselling author of Veil of Pearls One of the spunkiest, most endearing heroines to ever grace the page, Cassidy McClare will win your heart right along with her heart tugging hero. Welcome to Love At Any Stage A Blog About the Many Aug , Love At Any Stage is a blog about transitioning through many stage of life Read about Date Nights, Truth Tuesday, and public speaking community service. Love At Any Price YouTube May , Love At Any Price A Song for Codependent Wives of Alcoholics and Addicts Copyright , Ken Powers I attended an Al Anon meeting one night led by a woman wi Love at Any Cost Heart of San Francisco Series by Apr , Love at Any Cost is the first novel in the Heart of San Francisco trilogy by award winning author, Julie Lessman It is a departure from Julie s Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change trilogies a lighter, shorter, less complicated novel, with less romantic and spiritual passion the trademark for.

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Love at Any Cost

  1. Julie Lessman is an award winning author whose tagline of Passion With a Purpose underscores her intense passion for both God and romance A lover of all things Irish, she enjoys writing close knit Irish family sagas that evolve into 3 D love stories the hero, the heroine, and the God that brings them together.Author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Heart of San Francisco series, Julie Lessman was named American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Debut Author of the Year and has garnered 18 Romance Writers of America and other awards Voted 1 Romance Author of the year in Family Fiction magazine s 2012 and 2011 Readers Choice Awards, Julie was also named on Booklist s 2010 Top 10 Inspirational Fiction and Borders Best Fiction list Julie s first contemporary novel, Isle of Hope, was voted on Family Fiction magazine s Best of 2015 list, and Surprised by Love appeared on Family Fiction magazine s list of Top Ten Novels of 2014 Her independent novel A Light in the Window is an International Digital Awards winner, a 2013 Readers Crown Award winner, and a 2013 Book Buyers Best Award winner Julie has also written a self help workbook for writers entitled Romance ology 101 Writing Romantic Tension for the Sweet and Inspirational Markets You can contact Julie through her website and read excerpts from each of her books at julielessman.

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  1. I ve come to expect nothing but a great read when it has Julie Lessman s name printed on the cover I can admit that I was a little harsh when initially reading about the McClare family because I held the O Connor family in such a high place If you ve read the Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change series, then you can understand my drift But needless to say, the McClare s were a delight I read Redeeming Love before this novel and I m grateful for a lighter read with quick witted characters and [...]

  2. I loved Julie Lessman s previous novels and was so excited when I got this onebut it was like reading a whole new author in a bad way The storyline was forced, it took waaaay too long to resolve the main problem and the characters felt fake She used the same phrases over and over, especially super cheesy, over the top Texas ones If I had to read hog tied one time Not to mention how many times the male characters gritted their teeth or ground their jaw or clenched their jaw ese guys must have pe [...]

  3. Beware This book is highly combustive Be warned of flying sparks that will ignite your passion and warm your heart Julie Lessman is no less, and by far less is skilled than ever shaping and sculpting the clay of this story into fine porcelain Julie s novels are true classics in the making By the time you finish this fantabulous story you will understand Julie s title, Love at Any Cost, proving it can blaze upward to expensive heights.We all remember and love the O Connor family in Boston, and [...]

  4. Review on review R3GMFLICReview on my blog christianbookshelfreviewsAfter reading Julie Lessman s Daughters of Boston series loved them , A Love Surrendered, and A Light in the Window, I was looking forward to reading Love At Any Cost I feel horrible, but I just couldn t connect to this book and found myself not wanting to continue reading at all I finally gave up after 145 pages The main reason for my not finishing Love At Any Cost was the passion I just got really annoyed with how the charact [...]

  5. Even though Julie Lessman puts in too many details for my taste, I know I m going to become engrossed in her characters and come to care for them as if they were my own friends I ve never been disappointed by any of her novels, and Love at Any Cost is no exception The pains and dashed dreams felt real, and the fight for hope to stay alive while wrestling with the reality of the heartbreaks was as real as the struggle for the main character to figure out what God wanted from her I love this McCla [...]

  6. Note This review is from my original posting in March of 2014, which can be found here cafinatedreads book review My thoughts are still the same, my emotions are still the same as the first time I read it Sweet Saints above, Ms Lessman has done it again Next to Karen Kingsbury, she is absolutely positively my absolute favorite Christian Fiction author I love her work Her characters my favorite is Katie from A Hope Undaunted steal you away to their time and place and sweep you into their mix for [...]

  7. When it comes to Julie Lessman I already know that I m going to have a book on my permanent keeper shelf Now I know that I put some thoughts about this one already down on paper somewhere, but I cannot seem to find them So hopefully I can repeat the good of what I ve said or dreamed that I thought before When I think Julie, I think Boston and that wonderful Irish family But this is an entirely different story, a different kind of story in a very different location The characters are different, t [...]

  8. This novel had a classic Lessman feel to it The story structure and the characterization of the rogue vs the good girl reminded me of at least one book in each of this author s two prior series Readers who enjoy witty humor will find this story entertaining Readers who get frustrated with the push pull of the romance and the need for constant forgiveness might struggle with it.I smile every time I read one of the author s new books because I know what to expect This author has a clear brand and [...]

  9. Cassidy McClare has had her fill of pretty boys After being jilted by her fortune hunting, pretty boy fianc , she skedaddles out of Texas and heads west to San Francisco, with the intention of starting fresh Unfortunately, she starts out by running into or rather being run into by pretty boy Jamie MacKenna.Jamie is on the lookout for opportunity The chance to prove that being an illegitimate son of the Barbary Coast will never define him The chance to gain political power and use it for good to [...]

  10. So wonderful to be able to dig into a new Julie Lessman series and meet her new characters and delve into a new story line.Cassidy McClare is a funny little gal from Texas Thankfully Julie can write spunky well sometimes it comes off as silly when other authors do so I think it is very difficult to write this type of character and pull it off but Julie does Julie Lessman fans will LOVE this book And I think she will gather an entire new group of admirers with this series, set in SanFrancisco at [...]

  11. My thoughts Travel back to San Francisco of 1902 just 110 years ago and visit still vibrant landmarks of the city that still stand and you can still enjoy I ve dined in the Cliff House, seen the trolleys, visited the Embarquadero, whiffed the fragrant salt air, seen the bay San Francisco is a beautiful and memorable place to visit or live That is if you have the funds to do so Living in San Francisco in 1902 as a pauper along the Barbary Coast was to live a condemned life itself The hero of our [...]

  12. When I hear the name Julie Lessman mentioned I have to break out in a grin, can t help but have that reaction to someone who has brought so much joy into my life with her wonderful books Julie is well known for her Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change books, which introduced us to the O Connor family Now it seems she will be known for this one too.In this novel Julie takes us clear cross the country to the big ole state of Texas where we meet a feisty little ole spitfire that goes by the name [...]

  13. Cassidy McClare leaves her family s Texas ranch for a visit with her cousins in San Francisco to recover from her broken heart She s done with men Especially pretty boy fortune hunters Jamie McKenna is a poor young man who has worked hard to pull himself and his family up from the slums of the city He s best friends with Cassie s cousin Blake When the two meet, sparks fly Cassie doesn t know that Jamie wants to marry an heiress She just knows that she s fallen for the pretty boy pole cat Jamie d [...]

  14. I was a little hesitant to start this series because I didn t think that it could stand up to my expectations from Julie s past series that I loved so much Their was so much depth in the characters, especially after reading book after book about the same people It got to where I felt connected to them, like I actually KNEW them That s what Julie is great at developing characters until they actually feel like your family Cassie and Jamie were such interesting characters to read about, and Julie t [...]

  15. Why must we long for the love we can t have Dumped once already by a fortune hunting charmer, Cassie McClare is determined never to fall for a pretty boy ever again, but then she meets Jamie MackennaJamie Mackenna is a young man who grew up on the Barbary Coast, working by the sweat of his brow for everything he s ever had, his deepest desire is to see his crippled sister walk without pain But in order to pay for the surgery, he needs money and clout, both of which he can gain by marrying wellSp [...]

  16. I adored Julie s series about the O Connor family Adored it I was thrilled to learn that she had a new series out and was delighted to see it set in San Francisco As a Bay Area native, I love San Francisco as a setting, in any time period While I liked Love at Any Cost, I didn t love it It took awhile to get into it and I really didn t like Jamie or Cassidy I grew weary of exclamations, Sweet, soul saving mercy , sweet Texas tea as well as the phrase pretty boy which grew cliched As with her pre [...]

  17. Perhaps one of my favorite parts of Lessman s books are hows he weaves historical fact into fiction This book does not disappoint San Francisco comes to life and you ll be instantly transported Lessman also write very real characters who are likable Cassidy is spunky and a spit fire Jamie is a typical Lessman man, he has roguish good looks, struggles in his relationships, and has secrets Of course he opens up and changes through this book Call me crazy but I found myself feeling a bit over the t [...]

  18. I grew quite attached to the O Connor family in Lessman s Daughters of Boston and Winds of Change series, so I wasn t sure I could develop the same bond to a new cast of characters in this new kick off to the Heart of San Francisco series I need not have worried Love At Any Cost is both refreshing and rich, with a spunky heroine and heart warming hero, laugh out loud humor and plot twists that will keep you turning pages til you reach The End with a contented sigh Lovers of Christian romance nov [...]

  19. I m finished with Love at Any Cost Julie Lessman writes another stellar romance with the beginning of a new series Heart of San Francisco I love the characters Ms Lessman creates They are real and compelling I like the different historical eras she portrays so well You can tell she has a passion for the era and for her characters Cassidy is a heroine with the kind of spunk one imagines one would need in that dramatic period of time.

  20. Julie Lessman s O Connell family is one of the most beloved fictional families on my bookshelf The complex characters and layered storylines had me perched with anticipation for each new release of The Daughter s of Boston and The Winds of Change series I was invested in the outcomes of each storyline and had hopes that the same would be true for Julie s newest series The Heart of San Francisco Alas, I did not have the same bonding experience with the characters or the plot Books are subjective [...]

  21. Love at Any Cost by Julie Lessman A Book Review As a fan of Christian fiction, I have read many Christian novels that had a romantic flare whether as the main storyline or as a subplot I have read none that sizzled like this novel by Julie Lessman It was reminiscent of the novels I read as a twenty something before I discovered Christian fiction Yet, Lessman was able to build the tension and make stolen kisses seem like so much without compromising the integrity of herself, her characters, or h [...]

  22. After adoring the O Conners I was slightly worried as to how much I would like this new series I shouldn t have worried though since I ended up loving it I loved the McClares from the get go and I can tell I m going to love reading all of their stories Cassie was such a fun heroine I loved her spunk and down to earth ways I also loved how wow she was sweet and fun when she wanted she could be tough and no nonsense when needed And another favorite thing about her was how strong her faith was and [...]

  23. I had heard a great deal about this book from comments on Fred St Laurent s Book Club Network, then won the book in a blog giveaway The characterization in Love at Any Cost is well done The two main characters, Cassidy and Jamie complement each other with their opposing world views This sets the stage for Jamie s spiritual growth Secondary characters round out a loving family to be carried on throughout the series I am familiar with the time period, but not the Barbary Coast of San Francisco dur [...]

  24. Love at Any Cost is sure to sweep you off your feet After a tearful goodbye to the O Connors, I was ready to introduce myself to the McClares And boy are they a fun group Moving away from Boston to the West Coast of San Fransisco, was a nice change of scenery Truthfully, of the available cities for Lessman to choose, I m glad she chose San Fransisco It really adds something to the flair of the time and the characters Cassidy McClare is one heartbroken Texan you don t want to mess with Having dec [...]

  25. Be Prepared to Fall in Love Everyone always has good things to say about Julie Lessman so I was very excited to read something of hers and see for myself what her writing entailed I must say, everyone is absolutely right in praising Ms Lessman s writing because I found myself drawn right into this story and loving every minute.Love at Any Cost is the first book in the Heart of San Francisco series I found the characters coming to life and becoming my friends as I entered their world I laughed wi [...]

  26. If there were a new literary BFF I would want to make, it would Cassidy McClare The girl not only personifies spunk, but tells down our cocky and almost bad boy hero, Jamie, with wit and sass Plus the girl knows how to twirl a lasso and wrangle a steer which takes her up another notch It s a new series, a new setting, a new family of characters and I have to say I m eager for books about these spunky and vivacious clan of McClare s Romantic sparks and plenty of sassy dialogue fills the pages wi [...]

  27. What a great read I loved the setting and time period San Francisco in the Gilded Age fascinating, right Cassidy, the heroine, was spunky and fun a real delight to read about And Jamie well, nothing will describe him better than passionate, for that he certainly was Which brings me to another point as is usual for Julie s books, there s quite a bit of passion Never anything explicit, but still a lot of physical elements, than is often found in Christian fiction However, that being said this is [...]

  28. Love at Any Cost was supposed to be my last book of 2013, instead if was my first read of 2014 It was a little slower read than I often pick up but I also decided to spend New Year s with friends so it was worth putting off The basic story line is your typical romance they meet, they fight their attraction, they fall in love, big conflict, they find each other again There were some twists that I wasn t expecting and shocking me in a story doesn t happy often The characters were all rather likabl [...]

  29. This is actually my first time to read this author though several of her books are on my TBR list I have to say I was pleased It took a while because the book is 400 pages long, but it never got boring I just had to keep living life Cassie s engagement ended just days before the wedding Having a broken heart she decided to travel from her home in Texas to San Francisco to spend some time with her widowed aunt and cousins Little does she plan on falling for a pretty boy just minutes after getting [...]

  30. I finished reading a wonderful book this week LOVE AT ANY COST by my friend Julie Lessman She is one of my favorite authors, and this book is the start of a new series Set in 1902, the daughter of a Texas oilman whose wells have dried up visits relatives in San Francisco and meets a young lawyer who has a very strong need to marry an heiress Sparks fly, both romantic and otherwise, in this fast paced book I could hardly put it down Well developed, interesting characters, and a wonderful setting [...]

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