Cross My Heart, Hope to Die

Cross My Heart Hope to Die IT S NOT EASY BEING ME BUT MY TWIN SISTER HAS NO CHOICE When I died two months ago my killer told my twin sister to become me or else Now Emma has it down to a T She tosses her hair with the signatur

IT S NOT EASY BEING ME.BUT MY TWIN SISTER HAS NO CHOICE.When I died two months ago, my killer told my twin sister to become me or else Now Emma has it down to a T She tosses her hair with the signature Sutton Mercer flip and can lead a Lying Game prank with the best of them She s even repairing my relationship with my adoptive family The only thing she hasn t done isIT S NOT EASY BEING ME.BUT MY TWIN SISTER HAS NO CHOICE.When I died two months ago, my killer told my twin sister to become me or else Now Emma has it down to a T She tosses her hair with the signature Sutton Mercer flip and can lead a Lying Game prank with the best of them She s even repairing my relationship with my adoptive family The only thing she hasn t done is solve my murder.Then our birth mother, the woman who abandoned us, showed up in Tucson Emma hasn t seen Becky in twelve years, but Becky recognizes Emma immediately as Emma Is it mother s intuition or does Becky know I m already gone

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Cross My Heart, Hope to Die

  1. Sara Shepard graduated from NYU and has an MFA from Brooklyn College She has lived in New York City, Brooklyn, Tucson, Arizona, Philadelphia, and now lives in Pittsburgh, PA Sara s Pretty Little Liars novels were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia s Main Line.

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  1. Well clearly I was a whole lot of WRONG And it s disappointing because I apparently gave Shepard way too much credit, thinking she was using things like, oh say literary devices like foreshadowing and back story Why Sara, if it was entirely meaningless to the story, did you bother with the whole Chamberlain cheating scandal What a useless waste of page space Oh well, I still think my ending would ve been a smarter, less obvious ending I am convinced I know who the killer is Stop here if you don [...]

  2. Why is there than 4 books I was hoping there will be only 4 so we can finally find out who killed Sutton I might just wait until the final book is out before finishing the series, hopefully there isn t over 10 books like Pretty Little Liars.

  3. This was much better than I expected it to be, with a crazy as hell ending I never saw coming It s great to see the book series and TV show diverge.Full review to come maybe.Pre ReviewAnd you re telling me I m supposed to be surprised by the two book extension of this series By the way, I totally saw this coming.It would be pointless for me to tell myself I wasn t going to read this, because I am I am a self proclaimed Sara Shepard addict Saying I m going to cross this one off my to read list is [...]

  4. Actual Rating 3.95 5 Stars yes I m that specific This is probably my least favourite book so far in the series, but that by no means says I didn t enjoy it, because it was still awesome The last, roughly 100 pages were amazing and so intense, like the other books are I just got a little annoyed with the storyline of Becky in this book, I felt like it dragged along a little bit too long I did not expect the ending, and I usually expect everything, so that was awesome but sad I have my theories co [...]

  5. I ve gotta say, Ms Shepard has gone down a few notches in my esteem with this new move to have than the proposed 4 books in this series I suppose this has become a bad habit for her after the success of Pretty Little Liars I mean, what number are we on now, like, 11 right It seems to me that Shepard is milking this story for all it s worth, especially since book 3 had a plot that plummeted sharply in quality from the first 2 books.It seems to me that the plot of soon to be released book 4 ought [...]

  6. Oh, no Not a fifth book I hope this series does not get dragged out like PLLs.2 5 I think that the murder was an accident in a prank pulled by Ethan that went wrong or Sutton is in a coma somewhere 3 12 After finishing book 4, I no longer think that Ethan is the killer Instead I believe that he will be the suspect in the last book.

  7. Wow That is my response to the book My latest theory I have been try to think of a suspect that would make scenes that is not obvious like Ethan My idea is Mrs Mercer Her first name is Kristin so their might have been a file that Emma did not notice in the file cabinet after she found Becky s after all she had to frantically book the folder back when the nurse arrived Mrs Mercer is one of the few Emma has not investigated like most of the parents, but she is one of the important parents that is [...]

  8. If you want to know who killed Sutton, just skip to the last book The first five are a complete waste of time Here is a synopsis that will apply to each one 1 Follow Emma as she chooses a suspect and follows them around for the entire book 2 Suffer through random flashbacks with Sutton that incriminate Emma s suspect and make them appear hella guilty 3 Rip your hair out and throw fits about Emma and Sutton ignoring every suspicious thing about Ethan, including his anger problems, reluctance to i [...]

  9. Sara Shepard, I m loyal to you You need to stop saying you will do this many books and end up adding I heard now there will be six, keep it a six Is a good number for a series as this From the summary then it means we won t find out who the killer is on the fourth book BUMMER.

  10. I liked this book overall, just hope they don t extend it after the 6th book Some parts were boring, mainly the Ethan Emma parts Just never warmed up to Ethan NISHA DIED I was shocked, was really starting to like her At this point, how can you not suspect Ethan He wasn t at school the day Nisha died, home sick , yeah right You would think Emma was notice if he was somewhat sick when he came over for dinner And what about his whereabouts the night Sutton died Emma, what the hell is wrong with you [...]

  11. I m continuing to make great book choices.Sara Shepard continues cock teasing the shit out of us with her addicting yet frustrating novels that are guiltily intriguing yet for the most part just go around in circles while revealing very little However, I have read every single one of them despite understanding this Just because I m aware of an addiction, does not mean I m capable of reasoning my way out of it This book wasn t too bad though, a couple pieces of the twin puzzle were put into plac [...]

  12. BAM What an ending O This review contains spoilers You ve been warned Even though Pretty Little Liars is much popular I prefer The Lying Game It just seems realistic and the plotline still makes sense while PLL has been dragged for way to long How many books are there 14 Wow That is like worse than all those embarrassing House of Night sequels.We start the book where we last left things Sutton and Emma s mum, Rebecca finally shows up and she is hard to catch In last book we found out that Mr a [...]

  13. Oh the rants I had while reading this book and even after completing it.I am a Sara Shepard addict and I m not ashamed to admit it The Lying Game series I happen to like than The PLL series simply because the series is so far AND HOPEFULLY WILL FOREVER BE shorter and interesting, plot wise But every book is so predictable Emma is going to have a brand new suspect and it absolutely HAD to be them and there is no other explanation that person is a murderer there is no evidence against them it is [...]

  14. I absolutely loved this book and it finally made my suspicions clear about ethan killing sutton Its so obvious he killed her and heres why 1 emma has never asked where he was the night sutton died2 sutton saw his telescope that night but she never saw him3 ethan claims he followed mads car when they choked sutton with her necklace because he had a feeling, but he was obviously obsessed with her4 why was he always at the tennis courts near suttons house when he doesn t live by there He was obviou [...]

  15. Vollst ndiges Review auch hier xobooksheaven.wordpress F r diejenigen, die Band 1 3 noch nicht gelesen haben, k nnte die Rezension Spoiler enthalten Inhalt Sutton ist tot Sag es niemandem Spiel weiter mit Oder du bist als N chste dran Vor zwei Monaten wurde Emma Paxtons Zwillingsschwester Sutton umgebracht und der unbekannte M rder hat Emma gezwungen, Suttons Platz einzunehmen Emma ist fest entschlossen, den T ter zu entlarven Die Shortlist der Verd chtigen wird immer k rzer, aber Emma hat noch [...]

  16. I loved this one, and cant wait for the sixth But there are somethings I am DYING to talk about and would love feedback, because none of my friends read this series and I have no one to talk about my theories with Okay, Sutton s killer If she is, in fact, dead And not in some state of comatose or something Ethan anybody He had slight motive to kill Sutton because of the Lying Game prank they pulled on him He is never suspected because Emma loves him But Nishas dead And she knew something Probabl [...]

  17. Caution MAJOR spoilers ahead When I first started this, I was just trying to survive But nowI feel like I know Sutton, Ethan I know it sounds weird, but I feel like she s here sometimes, still with me, cheering me on I love her, and I can t let her down She deserves justice She shook her head again I m either going to solve this thing, or I m going to die trying This might be my favorite book in the series next to the first, FINALLY we re starting to get somewhere I m pretty sure the next book i [...]

  18. This series is really intense and it always keeps me guessing The book slowly reveals information but it still keeps you wondering who the killer is As soon as we have a suspect we discover that they aren t the killer I can t wait to see how this series will wrap up I honestly have no idea who the killer is and I think it will be a shock once everything is revealed There was a massive cliffhanger at the end of this book which was really unexpected and left me really shocked I prefer this series [...]

  19. Ich finde die Reihe immer noch sehr gut, aber ich bin weiterhin misstrauisch und berzeugt, dass ich Recht habe, auch wenn Sara Shepard schon diverse Male versucht hat, alle zu verwirren.

  20. SPOILERS This was a quite good book Quite because it started a little slow IMHO But it was really cool especially at the end Somehow I knew that something like that would happen to Nisha It would have been to easy to find out some real answers now, because there still is another book to come But my theory is very simple, and I sure many others have also thought of it Ever since book 3 I was pretty sure Ethan was the murderer Way too many subtle clues And at the end of this book, it was all prett [...]

  21. I cant wait for this book to come out i just finished reading 4, and now, as always, i want to know what happened next.Does anyone think they know who Sutton s killer is thats what i want to know the end of the book, i ended up making a list of possible suspects based on what we dont know about where they were the night sutton died here it is Becky duh Ethan did emma ever ask where he was the night Sutton died Sara would end up having him be the killer Garret unlikely, since he still tried to sl [...]

  22. I really like Lying Game series But I think Sara might ve dragged it too long Please We just wanna know who killed Sutton SPOILERS ALERT Okay, after reading this series, my suspicion is on Ethan Why Because 1 Emma NEVER asked him where he was the night Sutton died2 He obviously had a crush on Sutton and was kinda obsessed with her.3 He could ve hacked into Sutton s Facebook page and replied to Emma s message Book 1 and lured her to Tucson, since he s good with computer and stuff.4 He might want [...]

  23. Cross My Heart, Hope To Die is the fifth book in The Lying Game series by Sara Shepard.Becky, the mother of Emma and Sutton, is in town and recognizes Emma immediately Is it only a mother s intuitionor does she already know Sutton s gone I really like The Lying Game series No, I really, really, really like The Lying Game series Like the other instalments, Cross My Heart, Hope To Die was well plotted, beautifully written, with strong characters The ending most shocked me.Who killed Sutton Was it [...]

  24. I think Ethan being the killer is to obvious and Sara Shepard never picks the obvious character I think that Dr Bannerjee my have had an affair with Becky while she was going through treatment and Nisha figured it out which would be the reason for her death, however I don t really think that he would kill his own daughter ORMr Chamberlain killed Sutton because she found out that he was having an affair with Becky which resulted in the twins, or Mrs Chamberlain killed her because she found out ab [...]

  25. I thought this book was better than the last one, but what bugs me about this series is that it doesn t give you anything major It s official the only reason I am reading this series is to find out who the killer is Therefore, I find this series boring and unevenly fil I hope it gets better because I don t want to be dragged out too long Overall, an okay read Needs suspense to improve my rating.

  26. Okay, I ll be honest I didn t expect what happened in the end, and it s the only reason why I decided not to give it a two stars However, I insist with what I ve said before there was absolutely NO need to write six books in this series With three would ve been enough.

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