Avow Scarlet remembers Everything Her past lives Tristan Gabriel Nate she remembers it all including how to get to the Fountain of Youth But time is running out Heather and Gabriel have been kidnapped b

Scarlet remembers Everything Her past lives, Tristan, Gabriel, Nate she remembers it all including how to get to the Fountain of Youth But time is running out Heather and Gabriel have been kidnapped by Raven, while the curse that has plagued Scarlet and Tristan for centuries has shifted, putting the star crossed lovers in danger than ever before Water from theScarlet remembers Everything Her past lives, Tristan, Gabriel, Nate she remembers it all including how to get to the Fountain of Youth But time is running out Heather and Gabriel have been kidnapped by Raven, while the curse that has plagued Scarlet and Tristan for centuries has shifted, putting the star crossed lovers in danger than ever before Water from the Fountain of Youth is the only thing that can save Scarlet and her loved ones But the water comes at a price.With lives and hearts at stake, Scarlet leads her friends on a dangerous journey to the Fountain of Youth Where eternal life is possible, but death is certain.

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  1. It appears that I have an addiction similar to that of the Eternal Water addiction However, instead of needing Eternal Water, I need some Tristan That s right, I need of him stares stares some Yep, definitely addicted I like your tattoo, sir D Also, as a request to Ms Fine, could there be steamy moments between Tristan and Scarlet Please, please, please I think I enjoyed the ones in the last book a little too much

  2. So sad to see this series end Everyone got their HEA I m going to miss Tristan the most The best part of this series was Scarlet s and Tristan s relationship Tristan, I am waiting for you With your piercing intense green eyes and all your immortal hotness Don t you just love saying that Immortal hotness there is no way I m forgetting you and I will be seeing you again in December, you lovely hunter, you Oh, and I m hoping you will be shirtless on this cover Please and thank you.Well, I didn t ge [...]

  3. I m just going to be lazy and link a couple of reviews from friends who I think would do a much better job at explaining in great detail why this series is worth a try Anna s reviewChelsea s reviewP.S My rating is lower It s just that what slightly irritated them, irked me at a greater level.

  4. UPDATE 12 15 2012 Review to come Need time to let it all sink in I need this book now If not soon I might die I need of TEAM AWESOME December is so far away UPDATE It has a release date December 11th I am about to explode

  5. He leaned into her and his expression became very sincere And as far as where you belong He put a hand over his heart Right here Always In life and death and everything in between He paused Never question it Aaaaaahd here we are The final book This book pulled so much from me The prior two installments had their fair share of angst, but nothing compared to a lifetime of missed chances, lost loves, misunderstandings, and waiting Waiting and waiting and waiting for the one you irrevocably love and [...]

  6. OH HELL YEAH What an ending I absolutely loved it I have really enjoyed this trilogy, and must confess I was worried about how it would all end, but Chelsea Fine has outdone herself and given me everything I wanted in the final book, and then some I read it in a day Again, it s tricky to write a review without giving away spoilers, and I m going to be vague so that I don t give anything away The series is a very original take on the paranormal theme, with the three main characters Scarlet, Trist [...]

  7. The quest for the Fountain of Youth continues.Really that s all you re gonna give us sighs Cover coming soon, eh I wonder what itll be.Hopefully it ll have Tristan on the cover again Preferably topless this time D crosses fingers

  8. 4 Team Awesome stars I ll never see them again sigh This was awesome Buuuut look at my rating Hum hum Four stars Only four stars for a book which have Mr Awesomeness yes he s totally perfect in it Yep So here s the thing I m totally in the mood for rambling and gushing about Tristan and all these amazing characters, so this is what we will do Let s rid ourselves once and for all of the parts I struggled with before I begin to explain why I m so a sucker for this trilogy Warning Spoilers for Anew [...]

  9. When your ex fiance s supposed to be dead and apparently not dead psycho ex girlfriend appears on the sceneyou know it s not gonna be pretty.Raven s back Why She s bent on finding the Fountain of Youth The same fountain that Scarlet, with her newly recovered memories, knows the exact whereabouts ofa fountain that Scarlet doesn t want found, because of the deadly fate that awaits The rules applying to the Fountain of Youth are stricter and heartbreaking than Gabriel, Tristan and Nate ever imagin [...]

  10. Woahhhh Scarlet looks BADASS on that cover O_OI cannot WAIT to read this book, especially now that Scar remembers everything and LOVES Tristan D While Gabriel spent his days drinking and gambling, Tristan devoted most of his time to helping townsfolk Providing food to the orphans, giving money to the churches, letting whoever and whatever find shelter in his large home for indefinite periods of time view spoiler I ABSOLUTELY HATE THE FACT THAT NATE DIED I think we became attached to Nate than H [...]

  11. He cocked his head Have I mentioned how badass you look with a dagger in your hand She smirked Not for a few hundred years From the very first page, this series enraptured me I have found a heroine I respect, a book boyfriend that I can obsess over, and a storyline that left me enchanted After finishing this series, I still can t stop thinking about every moment that made my breath catch and then had me smiling I am completely obsessed with The Archers of Avalon and Avow was the happily addictin [...]

  12. I adored both Anew and Awry, both five star reads, loved the characters, loved the romance, loved Tristan , loved the mystery, loved the surprises, loved that it was not predictable And I was very eager to read Avow, I got it the day it came out It pains me to only give this book 3.5 stars, but so much of what I loved about Anew and Awry is missing from Avow Don t get me wrong I enjoyed it, but it is missing that magic of the first two.Like Awry was, Avow is told both in the present and the past [...]

  13. I want it I have to have it I need itStupid December Announcement December I are no longer friends December is too far away and it s slow December is off the Christmas card list.Ps I believe this is your fault Ms Fine PThatl.

  14. Seriously, any author that can put out a good, 3 book series in a year, is pretty much awesomeness incarnate Thank you for letting me anticipate the next book instead of dreading the long wait

  15. a beautiful conclusion I really liked the third book but I have to be honest and say that the flashbacks at the first half of the book were a little bit too much I almost forgot what happened in the real storyline at awww Tristan and Scarlet they were actually the most tragic star Crossed couple ever their story really touched my heart and Tristan just proved once again how perfect he is and Heather Gabriel Aaaahhh sooo cute I m so happy for both of them and yeah the epilogue eeem I m gonna igno [...]

  16. Three Books 196 Chapters 1287Pages All of this in seven days The facts speak for themselves, right Right So, needless to say I absolutely enjoyed this series and maybe this last book even than the previous So much that now I ve finished it my head and my heart seem empty No cursing drama No arrows No Tristan Oh God, I feel sad when I think I ll never ever read about my precious hunter Avow was a perfect conclusion for this beautiful and heartbreaking series I wasn t afraid, I knew Chelsea Fi [...]

  17. Avow is the last installment in the enchanting series, The Archers of Avalon And on that note, let me cry like a baby and freak the hell out I am a HUGE fan of this series and I am in love with AVOW Chelsea Fine, you have just become one of my favorite authors ever Words cannot express how dearly I love this story, okay they can, I was just being dramatic But really, I can t believe I have to say goodbye to Team Awesome Sniff sniff And what an end to a wonderful journey to the Fountain of Youth [...]

  18. It s finally here I downloaded this as soon as I got home and started reading it and I don t think I got up from my bed for six hours and then another hour because I was reminiscing how amazing this series were and how far the characters came There s information about there previous lives in this book which helps you understand why Tristan is always wary around Scarlet even when all they want to do is jump each others bones haha But seriously in all the other books I was just like cant you guys [...]

  19. Update Please read full review here I ve been looking forward to this book forever and I must say it was fairly disappointing.Definitely not as good as the first two, and I could not STAND reading ANYTHING in regards to Heather in this book She was the epitome of annoying.December 11th TODAY IS THE DAAAAAAAAAAAY

  20. O M G What an epic and bittersweet ending I have laughed lots seriously, I love Chelsea Fine s humor The dialogue between the characters is so funny They cracked me up and cried especially in the end while reading this and simply couldn t put it down What an awesome story with amazing characters I loved every single page of this Definitely one of my favorite paranormal series But what is with the epilogue I mean I can t even I just don t get it Was that supposed to make me go insane Well, if tha [...]

  21. 4.5Whaaat That epilogue I m confused as hellIt has come to an end Noooo I don t want to leave Tristan Yes I will miss the story and the characters, but Tristan gets all my love here I loved the flashbacks in the second installment, but in this one I felt like they dominated the story, so I didn t enjoy it quite as much but still an amazing series I am not completely ready to let these characters go.

  22. Az nce Farkettim ki g ncelleme yapmama rekoru k rm m Halbuki seriyi aylar nce bitirmi tim Hat rlad m kadar yla g zel, mutlu bir sondu Ger i yazar hi olmayacak bir fedakarl k yarat p ok sevdi im bir karakterin ba n yaksa da Tristan okunmaya de erdi Son k s mlar biraz zorlamaya gelmi gibi gelse de bana yine de tatl bir sondu diyelim Herkese iyi okumalar

  23. Heartache Pain Love Happiness Friendship Sacrifice And of course a whole lot of immortal hotness Loved this A great ending for the series.

  24. 4.5 Stars Because you love me And I love you And it s the most powerful thing I ve ever felt Guys, you have to read these books The Archers of Avalon is an amazing series, full of action, romance, humor and loyalty I m positive you ll love it as much as I do So let s see what makes this book a lovely, yet bittersweet conclusion to this wonderful series, shall we We have Scarlet, Tristan and Gabriel, cursed for the past five hundred years, trapped in a ridiculously well written love triangle, com [...]

  25. Update February 16th, 2014Ms Fine told me that there will be a new story from The Archers of Avalon series next year March 16th, 2013Me Hey I know you ve read Anew, what do you think My BFF O M G Rachmi, I m glad you talked about it non stop till I read it I finished the whole series, I hate to say this, but you are absolutely right It was awesome The series was awesome Me I ve told youMy BFF I know you will say it Thanks though for making me didn t leave behind, at least I m one of 4846 readers [...]

  26. This series was a buddy read, and even though I would never have read these normally, I am so glad that I was introduced to them through the lovely ladies I read with This finale was so very good But because of a few things, I had to go with 4 stars 1 I felt like too much time was spend in the past back story flashbacks I appreciate having of the back story, but it felt a bit too drawn out.2 Some things were very, very obvious I like unknowns.3 I hit this point where I was just over Scarlet an [...]

  27. Review with SpoilersI m a bit disappointed with the conclusion of the Archers of Avalon series Not that Avow was bad but it wasn t nearly as good as the first two books in the series It felt anti climatic and that ending was so predictable.Half of the book was comprised of flashbacks I didn t mind those flashbacks in the previous books because they were short and didn t distract the reader from what was going on in the present In Avow it was overly done and a lot of the scenes just showed what w [...]

  28. This probably the worst series I ve ever read seriously horrible.I want my money back someone should have paid me to read this series

  29. Bu ne sa ma son Hani filmlerde her ey bitti san rs n da jenerikten son bir sahne kar devam n n gelece ini belli eden te ayn ey oldu Ama KOCAMAN bir sorun var SER B TT Sonunu da be enemedim kitap boyunca yazm da yazm yazm da yazm Son b l mde zet ge mi sanki Ocakta yemek mi yan yordu Ne oldu Bu son kitapta sevdi im tek ey ge mi k s mlar oldu Gabriel konusunda da hakl kt m Hi ho uma gitmedi tahmin etti im gibi Heather dan taa en ba ndan beri ok ho land m s ylenemez nk En ok da Nate i sevdim yi g ld [...]

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