The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

The Host The Official Illustrated Movie Companion The New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon by Stephenie Meyer is now a major motion picture Stephenie Meyer s The Host captured millions of readers around the world with one of the m

The 1 New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon by Stephenie Meyer is now a major motion picture Stephenie Meyer s The Host captured millions of readers around the world with one of the most unusual love stories ever written Acclaimed director Andrew Niccol brings it to the silver screen with a star studded cast, stunning visuals, and breathtaking special efThe 1 New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon by Stephenie Meyer is now a major motion picture Stephenie Meyer s The Host captured millions of readers around the world with one of the most unusual love stories ever written Acclaimed director Andrew Niccol brings it to the silver screen with a star studded cast, stunning visuals, and breathtaking special effects.Now this definitive companion book takes fans behind the scenes with extensive full color photographs and exclusive interviews with the cast, crew, director, and producers, including Stephenie Meyer herself Offering an intimate look at the filmmaking process, New York Times bestselling author Mark Cotta Vaz tells the inside stories behind the exotic locations, massive sets, and gravity defying stunts, and shows how cast and crew come together to bring Meyer s extraordinary vision to life.

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The Host: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion

  1. Mark Cotta Vaz is the author of over twenty one books, including four New York Times bestsellers His recent works include Mythic Vision The Making of Eragon, The Spirit The Movie Visual Companion, and the biography Living Dangerously The Adventures of Merian C Cooper, Creator of King Kong, which was a Los Angeles Times bestseller.

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  1. A beautiful companion to a movie adaptation of one of my favorites if not my favorite books I have read a lot of movie companions recently all happen to be written by Mark Cotta Vaz since I thouroughly enjoy them They are full with information and details about how the book was transferred into the big screen and breathtaking photographs that you cannot find elsewhere They are great not only for people who love the particular book or movie that the companion talks about, but also they are great [...]

  2. Disclaimer I won this book through First Reads However, that has no impact on the review I thought it was interesting to have a sci fi film where for once the aliens are not necessarily the bad guys Yes, we re being invaded and taken over by the souls, but in a way they perfect our world, they perfect the human flaws, and yet the human mind and the human spirit is so strong that even the souls have difficulty overcoming that Diane Kruger If I was excited to see The Host in theatre before, it is [...]

  3. So I ended up watching The Host halfway through reading this book I m such a fan of how movies are made and I love reading about all of the behind the scenes action so I just gobble these Movie Companions up Also the pictures are nice too

  4. themoonlitbookshelf.dMy thoughts Since The Host is one of my favorite books and the movie was fantastic, I really wanted to read The Host The Official Illustrated Movie Companion in order to see behind the curtain.Mark Cotta Vaz provides the reader with a lot of interesting insider information and one learns many fascinating things about the movie production I didn t know how complex such an adaptation could really be There s so much work behind it from finding the right production team and stud [...]

  5. This movie companion is really interesting if you re going to see the movie in March Now, The Host the book is my favorite ever and I m pretty excited and scared to go see the movie I m terrified that they ll ruin it because I don t really like the actors for the movie although these actors are all amazing After reading this companion I m even scared but I do know the cast and crew really are invested in making this a good movie so we ll just have to see, won t we

  6. I got this book long before I saw the movie and enjoyed it immensely I loved behind the scenes looks at how they create movies, especially ones like this Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy the movie so much when I saw it I found it a disappointment Definitely not as good as the novel, but that does not make this book any less appreciated.

  7. Sigh I loved this All the pictures, quotes and the way they all talked about the movie was amazing It makes me even excited to see the Host, LIKE NOW NOW NOW.

  8. Reviewed by RobinBook provided by PublisherReview originally posted at Romancing the Book I went into reading this movie companion not really knowing what the original novel was about But I did enjoy Stephenie Meyer s other works, The Twilight Saga, so I decided to give this a chance It wasn t actually the novel just a movie guide of sorts so I figured that it would be a nice change of pace I found out that I was surprised.I found out that the story is somewhat loosely sci fi ish if that is even [...]

  9. Its a world where people can take dead humans and bring them back to life with a soul from a different planet There is a weird thing about this girls body that they try to put a soul into even though the body is dead and so is the preexisting human soul The soul that has become the new host of the body can feel that the human soul is still present.The movie is pretty good Not as good as the book but it was still good Like always the book had so much detail then the movie, and they left out the [...]

  10. The Host is a very romantic novel, and I just love the sci fi that is intertwined with the romance When I read the book, I didn t cry at the end because I didn t think it was sad enough, but when I watched the film,I DID cry at the end, so I thought that was a bit odd But a while later, I realised that the reason I cried at the end of the film and not the book, was because the film had a different ending.I ve noticed that quite a few books have this happen to them, whether the ending or random p [...]

  11. This is a first reads win First I wanna say I love the cover of this book The cover is a bunch of stills from the movie that have been put together to form the picture on the cover This is sort of a hard book to review because it s behind the scenes information not a story.The pictures are really nice and there are quite a few good quotes from The Host by Stephanie Meyer This book would be good for people who are interested in film making They showed how some of the stunts were enacted The book [...]

  12. Yeah, not going to lie, Max Irons influenced my decision to get this Don t get me wrong, I was excited for the movie, but Max ultimately made me swoon.So did Jake Abel.Okay, the movie was filled with pretty boys.The companion does what all of these companions do gives you pretty pictures with some cursory details about the filming Nothing spectacular, but I m glad I can at least see some behind the scenes filming and wonderful pictures of Max.

  13. I really liked the behind the scenes information in this book, but if your just looking for pictures than I would suggest saving yourself the 10 and picking up US Weekly s Special Edition The Host Their selling it at your local grocery store until June and it has the same amount of pictures, some additional filming info and info on the key actors, plus posters As well as a couple pictures of Wanda in her new body which this book here leaves out.

  14. Loved it And the fact that I won it in a giveaway my first ever made me enjoy it even I m a junkie for behind the scenes stuff of entertainment, and this book gives excellent insight My only small complaint was that it didn t really delve into information about each actor, at least not enough to satisfy me But other than that, it was very enjoyable, and it made me even excited for the movie to come out.

  15. SPOILER ALERT Kind ofSaoirse Ronan defenitely is the new Meryl Streep I loved how they spotted her in Hanna, I loved that movie and it shows her skills Interesting to see how much scouting they do for locations and the perfect setting and photos and costumes and I d like to walk on a filmset one day just to see all this in person.

  16. An interesting read for fans of behind the scenes information on movies It was great to be able to understand why they changed certain things from the book Movie adaptations are always a little different from the book at best, but it was nice to understand the reasons behind these changes.I would recommend this for fans of the novel or movie.

  17. Lo tengo un poco olvidado porque lo le hace bastante Pero recuerdo que me encant toda la historia, la trama, los personajes, y ese juego de personalidades de la protagonista, o mejor dicho, protagonistas Realmente lo recomiendo, aunque me decepcion un poco el final, sigue siendo una magnifica historia, innovadora, nada que ver con lo com n.

  18. Considering that I wasn t much of a fan of the book, the movie companion oddly enough has brought to life the fact that the directors went in the completet opposite direction to casting as to what the author wanted, Saorsie Ronan, definitely a talented ctress.

  19. Great pics, but one thing i dont like about movie companions is that they always go on about boring stuff that we couldnt care less about

  20. I like learning about the movie making I think its crazy how this movie wasnt very popular Personally, I loved it But I guess it didnt make as big of a bang.

  21. I like behind the scenes stuff, and I like the movie adaptation of The Host, so there was little chance that I wouldn t like this I liked it a lot.

  22. This book was very interesting It had me wanting to read it over and over again i recommend this book to everyone.

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