Eureka Street

Eureka Street In a city blasted by years of force and fury but momentarily stilled by a cease fire two unlikely friends search for that most human of needs love But of course a night of lust will do Jake Jackson

In a city blasted by years of force and fury, but momentarily stilled by a cease fire, two unlikely friends search for that most human of needs love But of course, a night of lust will do Jake Jackson and Chuckie Lurgan one Catholic, one Protestant navigate their sectarian city and their nonsectarian friendship with wit and style Chuckie, an unemployed dreamer, stumbIn a city blasted by years of force and fury, but momentarily stilled by a cease fire, two unlikely friends search for that most human of needs love But of course, a night of lust will do Jake Jackson and Chuckie Lurgan one Catholic, one Protestant navigate their sectarian city and their nonsectarian friendship with wit and style Chuckie, an unemployed dreamer, stumbles into bliss with a beautiful American who lives in Belfast Jake, a repo man with the soul of a poet, can only manage a hilarious war of insults with a spitfire Republican whose Irish name, properly pronounced, sounds like someone choking.Brilliant, exuberant, and bitingly funny, Eureka Street introduces us to one of the finest young writers to emerge from Ireland in years.

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Eureka Street

  1. Robert McLiam Wilson was born in Belfast on 24 February 1966 and studied English at St Catharine s College, Cambridge He is the author of the novels Ripley Bogle 1989 , winner of the Hughes Prize, a Rooney Prize for Irish Literature, the Irish Book Award and the Betty Trask Prize Manfred s Pain 1992 and Eureka Street 1996 , winner of the Belfast Arts Award for Literature He is also the author, with Donovan Wylie, of The Dispossessed 1992 , a non fiction book about poverty.In 2003, Robert McLiam Wilson was named by Granta magazine as one of 20 Best of Young British Novelists , despite the fact that he has not published new work in English since 1996 from British Council site

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  1. When I was 17 I was going to accept a summer work offer from a farmer in Londonderry I m not sure to remember properly what I was supposed to pick up in Northern Ireland Might have been cucumbers Unfortunately at that time my knowledge of the English language was pretty low, so I thought I would have picked up watermelons known as cocomeri in Italy And I was wondering a lot about that task Perhaps Northern Irish watermelons were smaller than the ones growing up under the warm Mediterranean soil [...]

  2. Avevano tutti una storia Non erano storie brevi, o non avrebbero dovuto esserlo Avrebbero dovuto diventare lunghi romanzi, splendide narrazioni di ottocento pagine e pi , non soltanto le vite delle vittime, ma anche quelle che si erano trovate sul loro cammino, l intreccio di conoscenze, amicizie e relazioni intime che le legava a coloro che amavano, che conoscevano e da cui erano conosciute, una rete di grandiosa complessit e ricchezza Che cosa era accaduto Una cosa molto semplice storia e poli [...]

  3. Having lived in Ireland for over 17 years, I ve always made a point of reading virtually any book by either a well known or new writer from this country Having said this, Eureka Street was recommended to me by a Polish friend Thanks, Mac This book is about love it s a love song written to the greyest, wettest, dampest, most depressing city I ve ever seen Robert Wilson McLiam was, of course, bred and buttered in Belfast to use an old Irish expression This book is set in 1996, just at the tail end [...]

  4. Chi ha annacquato la Guinness Un romanzo fatto di due capitoli intorno a questi l undicesimo e il dodicesimo , il nulla.Un nulla fatto di storielle banali, personaggi macchiettistici, situazioni in bilico fra il paradossale, la commedia romanticoagrodolce alla Nick Hornby e un umorismo inglese pardon, irlandese che dovrebbe far ghignare e invece, a malapena, strappa un sorriso situazioni, quelle che raccontano le storie e le gesta dei due amici Jake e Chuckie cattolico l uno e protestante l altr [...]

  5. All stories are love stories is the first sentence of this book It s not a love story in the traditional sense but a delicious tribute to the city of Belfast In Chapter 10, McClaim Wilson writes, cities are the meeting places of stories and that is exactly what this book is about Set in the mid 1990 s, when the troubles of Norther Ireland were at a fevered pitch, Jake, a rough and tumble Catholic, and Chuckie, a fat Protestant boy with big dreams, are friends As they grope their way to maturity, [...]

  6. The title couldn t be precise, as this is truly a depiction of contemporary Belfast that is like no other as far as I know It lacks sentimentality to the point where terrorist bombings are framed by cynical love scenes A refreshingly, humanly complex treatment of politics on an individual level.

  7. I joined after a bad experience with a collection of loosely tied short stories that shall remain nameless That book hit me over the head with a bat, kicked me in the gut, drove over me and dropped what was left in a frozen river from a tall bridge It was a formative experience, but at the moment I hated it so much so much fiercely, with passion And on top of that I thought it was pretty shitty the proportion quality effect it had on me was completely off So I told myself never again never again [...]

  8. I can t say enough about this book There s a great review by Allan posted last week Allan grew up in Northern Ireland and lives in Belfast I come to this book as an outsider, but someone who has visited Northern Ireland half a dozen times, starting back during the height of The Troubles MacLiam Wilson, the author, loves this city and it comes through constantly in the book And he loves the people of Belfast This is from the last page of the book The mountain looks flat and grand in the greyness, [...]

  9. I loved this book when I started reading it The first half is incredibly funny often laugh out loud hysterical , with a clear voice that pulls you along effortlessly It satirizes The Troubles in Northern Ireland brilliantly But after reaching the half way point chapter 11 a really moving stand alone story, which by itself is worth reading this book for , it goes downhill immediately Nothing happens, the jokes become predictable i.e didn t we just read all this , and everything is contrived The [...]

  10. Ma parlare di tenerezza non abbastanza per descrivere quello che provo per questa citt , quest insieme di corpi Una citt fatta di spine dorsali, reni, cuori, fegati e polmoni A volte questa fragile citt di carne e di ossa mi sommerge di tenerezza Mi sembra che nessuna violenza potr ferire questi corpi che la abitano e che mi appartengono un po perch sono nei miei pensieri Ci che davvero rende godibile questo romanzo il suo equilibrio interno da una parte c lo sfondo tragico del periodo e del con [...]

  11. Eureka street oli loppua kohti kehittyv kirja Ja seh n on hyv asia Ensin oli kolmekymppisi ei ikin aikuisia ja baaril pp Olutta, syd nsuruja ja surullisia naissuhteita.Sitten heist kasvoi miehi , monipuolisia ja omien tarinoiden arvoisia.Belfast saattaa olla eurooppalainen vastine uskonsodille, Euroopan ensimm inen l nsirintama Piikkilanka aitoja ja naapurustojen raja aitoja Pieni kaupunki, johon on piirretty kulttuurisia ja uskonnollisia raja aitoja Syvi kuin seisova vesi Typer n v kivallan j l [...]

  12. Fino a oltre met libro ho letto con senso di attesa La storia stentava a decollare, e per quanto le vicende dei protagonisti fossero divertenti, non era chiaro quale fosse la direzione.A pagina 227 inizia il capitolo forse scritto meglio di tutto il libro, tragico e al tempo stesso impregnato di amara e malinconica ironia La vicenda collettiva della storia irlandese irrompe in un contesto che fino a quel punto era caratterizzato solo da piccole storie personali Senza la pretesa di voler racconta [...]

  13. I loved this book I loved Jake Jackson and Chuckie Lurgan than I ve loved any other fictional characters in a while I loved RMW s beautiful and sharp and inventive prose I loved the story itself and the beautiful and conflicting insight into Belfast and the insider s take on sectarianism There is one chapter that contains much violence a bombing than the rest of the novel and because of that, I was actually breathless and out of sorts for a while after I read it not entirely because it was too [...]

  14. Having been high on my TBR list for quite a while, I m now feeling a little disappointed with this book Well written, yes, insightful, yes, amusing, yes So what went wrong About a third of the way in, the one liners were becoming wearisome When I was feeling the need of a story, suddenly one emerged, but 100 pages on it was becoming tiresome too.Or maybe I can just see myself in the 90s, just like Jake, turning off the radio when the local news bulletin came on Fair criticism of us it is too.

  15. Eureka Street is a lot of things It is a story about growing up Uncharacteristic in that it s main characters are aged 30 instead of 18, it is nonetheless the story of two boys learning how to live with themselves and finding out what really matters in life It is a story about identity in a setting in which the labels by which we identify ourselves Catholic, Protestant, English, Irish, liberal, conservative can also condemn us to death But even than being a story about two men growing up, it is [...]

  16. Scroll down for the English version.Mi piaciuto solo a met Che Robert McLiam Wilson sappia scrivere bene indubbio Riesce a coinvolgerti completamente nella lettura Purtroppo questo ha l effetto di trasmetterti sia gli aspetti positivi che quelli negativi di ci che leggi L immedesimazione tale che, quando ti viene raccontato nei minimi dettagli ci che accade ai corpi delle vittime di un attentato, la cosa ti disturba parecchio Allo stesso modo non riesci a non considerare poco credibili certe par [...]

  17. Jake, trentenne cattolico, dal passato burrascoso e violento addolcito dalla presenza dei genitori adottivi, uno spiantato che non sa tenersi un lavoro e una donna, senza peli sulla lingua e dal cazzotto facile Chuckie, grasso sfigato protestante, ha un sogno fare una barcata di soldi E ci riuscir grazie alla sua stramba inventiva, dei metodi non troppo leciti e un tocco di fortuna che contribuir a rivoluzionargli la vita Eureka street , terzo romanzo di Robert McLiam Wilson, ha come tema princi [...]

  18. Sono stata a Belfast una sola volta, anzi due, in meno di una settimana Era il 1997 ho visto solo il porto e la stazione.L impressione che ne ho ancora ora di una citt messa l per caso, che cozza contro l immagine di Dublino e di altre citt irlandesi e nello stesso tempo che ricorda dannatamente Londra e il suo stile vittoriano.Dovevo leggere questo libro per buttare alle ortiche quella strana e complessa sensazione, che non so neanche raccontare.E un libro bello, lungo, ma mai pesante, compless [...]

  19. Originally published on my blog here in October 2001.We had just moved to London from Northern Ireland when we saw the TV adaptation of this novel we were entranced by the way in which it seemed to encapsulate so much of the character of the country and the bitter struggle fought over it Against an atmospheric soundtrack, a moving story full of black humour was very well acted.Soundtrack and actors are obviously missing, but in all other ways this description holds for the original novel as well [...]

  20. Tightly written, fast paced, and compelling I ve read numerous books involving the troubles in Northern Ireland and I am usually left feeling cold and despondent There is nothing wrong with that as the subject is, well, it conjures up a plethora of emotions What s different about this book is that the troubles rage throughout yet, for the most part, just beneath the surface This is a human story above all else told by characters who live with the reality of war on a daily basis and the mostly su [...]

  21. The author does a very good job of placing the reader right in the middle of 1990s wartorn Belfast His book is full of memorable characters with Dickensian names who get into hilarious and sometimes tragic predicaments A money making scheme involving giant dildos is truly brilliant why didn t I think of that I was riveted by and I reread twice the chapter describing in excrutiatingly grotesque detail the scene of a tiny sandwich shop filled with patrons that gets blown up by a 100 pound bomb I l [...]

  22. Tr s tr s tr s tr s bon Je ne saurais m me pas comment expliquer pourquoi j ai autant aim ce livre il va falloir que je me creuse la cervelle C tait tr s atmosph rique J ai ador le chapitre du narrateur sur la ville de Belfast Et le chapitre d apr s C tait sombre juste ce qu il fallait, sans tre d primant, c tait rugueux et vivant, et le style m a beaucoup touch e, m me si premi re vue ce n est pas forc ment le style que je pr f re Un tr s grand roman que j ai juste ador.

  23. Somewhere in South Belfast, Robert McLiam Wilson tells the story of a single man in his early thirties dealing with dating and segregation, poetry and war, family and violence, with the ghost of Van Morrison and the smell of cheap beer in the background This is an ode to Belfast The Great and the music of whatever floats through your mind when the ideological fight is not what you want for your life Poetry Street has never been closer to his lyricism.

  24. Don t know how I stumbled upon this novel maybe one of those pop up recommendations from Good Reads but I m really glad I did I m not particularly interested in Northern Ireland, but I am interested in great writing, and this is great writing I can t remember the last time I ve been so moved by the VOICE in a novel It s impossible not to fall in love with first person Jake.

  25. Divertente, ironico, appassionato, ma soprattutto brutale Le aspettative che avevo accumulato da anni non sono state deluse Tutte le storie sono storie d a E questa la storia d a tra l autore e Belfast Il capitolo 10 un vero inno alla citt

  26. I loved this book It was assigned reading in college and I was dreading it Once I started, I couldn t put it down The characters lives are so interesting leaves you wanting A great read

  27. The descriptions of Belfast in the 90s was very appealing with warm memories of Laverys I laughed out loud about Chuckie s mum Apart from that I found this hard going with brief bits of respite.

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