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Tomcat In Love In a tour de force of black comedy award winning novelist Tim O Brien explores the battle of the sexes and creates a savage startlingly inventive tale with a memorably maddening hero a modern day D

In a tour de force of black comedy, award winning novelist Tim O Brien explores the battle of the sexes and creates a savage, startlingly inventive tale with a memorably maddening hero, a modern day Don Juan who embodies the desires and bewilderment of men everywhere Pompous, vain, shallow, inconsiderate, untrustworthy, fickle linguistics professor Thomas Tomcat ChipIn a tour de force of black comedy, award winning novelist Tim O Brien explores the battle of the sexes and creates a savage, startlingly inventive tale with a memorably maddening hero, a modern day Don Juan who embodies the desires and bewilderment of men everywhere Pompous, vain, shallow, inconsiderate, untrustworthy, fickle linguistics professor Thomas Tomcat Chippering is a man much like any other But when his serial flirting finally drives his wife into the arms of a Florida tycoon, it is than his fragile pride can stand, and he sets off in pursuit, with vengeance on his mind

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Tomcat In Love

  1. Tim O Brien matriculated at Macalester College Graduation in 1968 found him with a BA in political science and a draft notice.O Brien was against the war but reported for service and was sent to Vietnam with what has been called the unlucky Americal division due to its involvement in the My Lai massacre in 1968, an event which figures prominently in In the Lake of the Woods He was assigned to 3rd Platoon, A Company, 5th Battalion, 46th Infantry, as an infantry foot soldier O Brien s tour of duty was 1969 70.After Vietnam he became a graduate student at Harvard No doubt he was one of very few Vietnam veterans there at that time, much less Combat Infantry Badge CIB holders Having the opportunity to do an internship at the Washington Post, he eventually left Harvard to become a newspaper reporter O Brien s career as a reporter gave way to his fiction writing after publication of his memoir If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Send Me Home.Tim O Brien is now a visiting professor and endowed chair at Texas State University San Marcos formerly Southwest Texas State University where he teaches in the Creative Writing Program.

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  1. Tomcat in Love A NovelTim O BrienThis is a test There is no right answer He had the appearance, if I may say so, of an ostrich attempting to swallow a toaster If you find that funny, you will love Tomcat in Love If you think otherwise, you may find the book less pleasing in direct proportion to the depths of your otherwise.Sometimes I try to imagine what a book might be like if it was made into a movie Would I like the movie Do I like raunchy PG 13 movies Did I like Cheech Chong Enough said.What [...]

  2. On page 172, it becomes crystal clear that Thomas H Chippering, the protagonist of Tim O Brien s darkly outrageous new novel, Tomcat in Love, is presidential not only in his appearance but in his actions, as well More on that in a moment.First, it helps to remember something philosopher writer William Gass once wrote about the words that are his stock and trade When a character looks out through a window, or occasionally peeks in through one, it is the word window he is really looking through Pu [...]

  3. I am not very discerning when it comes to my love for this book Anything that involves pretentious know it alls, Jesus complexes, and manic revenge vacations basically has me at its very first loquacious and inverted explanation In this way, I almost appreciate it than The Things They Carried because it is so desperately and unapologetically frail It doesn t have the force of O Brien s other works, but rather pulls the smaller train wrecks of neuroses out of the ordinary The narrator is a lingu [...]

  4. I ll admit it I loved the first half of this book, and progressively lost interest in the narrator s voice After finishing May We Be Forgiven, I realize there are dozens of similarities between these two, and Homes novel got me where I wanted much faster I m sure there s a thesis or at least a really good book review in comparing these two titles, but I ll let someone else do it I love that O Brien took such a risk in writing in a tone so different from what we usually expect from him, but I lov [...]

  5. Another oblivious, delusional crotch led loser stumble raving through an otherwise interesting story Funny and too pathetic.

  6. Like all of Mr O Brien s works, this book deals with the Viet Nam war, but in a different way it is a flat out comedy about a loser looking for love I laughed and laughed at both the situations Thomas Chipperling found himself in but also just at the way O Brien puts words together He is an amazing writer It s light, but also deadly serious Whenever someone asks me to recommend a funny book to them, this is at the top of my list It s very absurd, but also, too damn real And that s a tricky way t [...]

  7. Having heard good things about this author but not wanting to read his devastating and sad books about Viet Nam friends of mine died or suffered there , I thought this light hearted book of humor, romance, and revenge would be a good choice Not.The main character is a literature professor, and proud of his august tenure, reputation, and erudition So then, how could he be so stupid He believes every female finds him irresistible and begins perusing him after 2 nanoseconds, and shortly thereafter [...]

  8. Tim O Brien has created a masterpiece of a comic protagonist in his character Thomas Chippering The brilliance of Tomcat in Love is that it can so easily be misread by the inattentive reader I think O Brien wanted it that way.The narrator Chippering is as unreliable as a narrator can be, and his whole character highlights the idea that the world is nothing but perceptions, and that perceptions vary for everyone The power and flexibility of words is a key theme in this text, and I found myself st [...]

  9. Tomcat in Love is what A Confederacy of Dunces would have been if Tom Robbins had written it.While discusing the Timothy Cavendish sections of Cloud Atlas my friend Todd told me I d like this book and loaned it to me It is zany, at times hilarious, and always outrageous But it lacked a little something Plausibility, maybe Maybe not At times I could believe that a dorky and delusional college professor Thomas H Chippering plotting revenge against his ex wife for leaving him could think that every [...]

  10. O Brien always seems to dig into these nooks and crannies of the psyche that go unexplored by most authors Here, the awful, awful titular character dwells on the unique characteristics words take on when coupled with experience It s unnerving in a way that I m having trouble describing just like some parts of The Lake of the Woods chilled me in some fundamental way that I still can t unpack, years after reading it Anyway, this is a really well written book, and as loathsome as Chippering is, I t [...]

  11. Well, I loved it The main character, Thomas Chippering, is a linguistics professor and the Tomcat from the title He is such an offensive, buffoon of a man you can t decide whether to hate him or invite him over for a glorious day of conversation Loved the way the story was told there are two sides to every story And generally it s not the way that Thomas C wants you to believe.

  12. O Brien has a go at the unreliable narrator and delivers in full Nabokovian splendor I note that the unreliable narrator is always someone who reveals himself to be increasingly loathsome as the story progresses, rather than the opposite For many of O Brien s characters, their Vietnam experience has indelibly shaped the entire rest of their lives in this instance, there is a wartime component to the main character s adult psychosis but it is less clear that is the primary driver.The theme of a s [...]

  13. Here is the story of a man who literally has to fight off the women All of the women in his life are seriously and instantly attracted to him Or at least that s how Tom sees it To the rest of us, Tom is a mysogenistic narcissist and has been for years When his wife leaves him to marry a man whom he won t even name, but simply calls tycoon Tom s grip of reality starts to falter From public spankings, black mail, live crying fits suicide threats on television to his old Vietnam buddies who promise [...]

  14. This dark comedy was a fresh and different addition to my reading list and for 50 cents at the library book sale it was a great bargain as well In many good ways this novel reminded me of Election by Tom Perrotta or Straight Man by Richard Russo Basically a middle aged man losing his grip on reality, and seeking revenge against those who wronged him O Brien s story telling is extremely funny and unravels in a way is both predictable in its ever increasing craziness but also unpredictable for how [...]

  15. Tim O Brien s non The Things They Carried novels the ones I ve read, anyway, and I ve read three all astonish me with their twists, the blend of realism and surrealism the believability of apparently half insane characters I truly dug it when, a few chapters in, I realized that Thomas Chippering, narrator, was a mold breaking blowhard, not just a slightly pompous guy with a broken heart The depiction of Lorna Sue, self mutilating ex wife, is handy, too There are some pretty uncomfortable moments [...]

  16. I picked this up on Friday intending to read 50 pages or so and I wound up reading well over half the book in one sitting It was thoroughly enjoyable A narrator you love to hate, dark humor, lots of great wordplay I met Tim O Brien in a writing class in college, but I hadn t read too much of him because most of his stuff is centered around war, which is not favorite topic of interest But I do believe after this book I may have to give some of his others a shot.

  17. Austensibly, this is O Brien s book that isn t about Vietnam But his main character still manages to be vet Still, it is very different from O Brien s other books, and is my favorite An excellent book for anyone who has ever dated married someone who is crazy And I mean genuinely mentally ill, not like that bitch is crazy crazy.

  18. Wow, I ve had several books lately that I could not finish, and now another one This writing was so scatter shot that I just couldn t get my mind into it All reviews said it was so o o funny and I didn t find this to be the case at all Anyway, I gave up.

  19. A Lolita for the land of Hubert H Humphrey The Tomcat narrator of the novel dons the linguistic cape of Humbert Humbert whilst tomcatting around a small Minnesota academic town with side trips to Tampa and Vietnam and Fiji Thomas Chippering also has one other very remarkable similarity to H.H he is as unreliable and self serving in his narration as Humbert was in his However this tomcat is interested in slightly older women than H.H O Brien wasn t going to go completely down that pedophile path [...]

  20. Very different kind of story from Tim O Brien I found it entertaining especially main character Thomas Chippering a one of a kind if there ever was one I admit to being totally baffled by the Fiji references After closing the book I could not find any reason for them to have been included Perhaps if I was of higher IQ I would have figured it out and awarded 4 or 5 stars.

  21. I m very divided about this book It s definitely timely It s also often funny, and sometimes horrific But it does go on just a bit too long.

  22. Tim O Brien s miraculous constitution of Tomcat in Love, another New York Times Bestseller, presents a wonderful and surely worth your time novelty compilation of a charismatic man troubled by his double obsession Copyrighted towards Tim O Brien as of 1998, this book was originally published by Broadway Books Paperback editions cost about 12.53, whereas hardcover copies are roughly 17.25 Its genre is uncommonly seen Tomcat in Love is a comic novel and a campus novel Personally, I see it also cla [...]

  23. EhFirst off I think I ve read this book before If not this one, one very similar to it As I was reading it and steadily loathing the main character and , I felt like I had experienced some of this before Something was triggering a memory for me You know, that whole Great American Novel thing.Then, let s talk about unloveable main characters I did not love Thomas H Chippering I did not feel any sympathy, or empathy otherwise I felt nothing for him but sheer annoyance Here we re presented with t [...]

  24. I fully expected to like this book because I ve enjoyed a couple of O Brien s other works, but I finally gave up on Tomcat in Love around page 200 It is a laborious read, and the two major characters are insufferable As the narrator and main character, Thomas Chippering, is clearly pompous, narcissistic, and delusional Apparently, many readers find him to be wickedly funny as well, but I completely miss the humor To me, Thomas is little than an excruciating bore with pretty creepy tendencies , [...]

  25. For a book about betrayal, revenge and madness, Tomcat in Love is surprisingly peppy As I ve come to expect from Tim O brien, the characters are delicious and vivid, and the prose sparkles, perhaps than it ever has before Certain passages, like his narrator s riff on the word commitment ring so gloriously they could be performed at church O brien can write a mean sentence.For all its linguistic beauty, however, Tomcat is in content an ugly book, in the same lyrical horrifying vein as Lolita Its [...]

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