The Mark of the Vampire Queen

The Mark of the Vampire Queen When he becomes Lady Lyssa s full servant Jacob crosses the threshold into a darker relationship with her than he s known before His time as a vampire hunter certainly hadn t prepared him to embrace

When he becomes Lady Lyssa s full servant, Jacob crosses the threshold into a darker relationship with her than he s known before His time as a vampire hunter certainly hadn t prepared him to embrace a world where humans are sexual commodities, but he adapted Now he finds the integrity of his soul challenged as he serves his Mistress s needs as fully as he services her dWhen he becomes Lady Lyssa s full servant, Jacob crosses the threshold into a darker relationship with her than he s known before His time as a vampire hunter certainly hadn t prepared him to embrace a world where humans are sexual commodities, but he adapted Now he finds the integrity of his soul challenged as he serves his Mistress s needs as fully as he services her desires.The vampire world believes human servants are inferior, a vital source for their varying appetites Jacob knows a human servant is far than that His Mistress needs a warrior, a friend and a lover A man who will serve her in all ways, even if he has to betray the priceless treasure of her love.

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The Mark of the Vampire Queen

  1. BDSM Romance for the Heart Soul Winner of the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement award, Joey W Hill has published over forty contemporary and paranormal BDSM erotic romances, including six series Her emotionally intense love stories offer everything from vampires, mermaids, witches and angels, to boardroom executives, cops and simple housemaids Free excerpts from all her works are available at her website Additional vignettes, character interviews and graphics inspired by the work are at the fan forum site.Website storywitchTwitter twitter JoeyWHillFacebook facebook JoeyWHillAuthorFan Forum storywitch community

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  1. The second half of Vampire Queen Lady Lyssa and her human servant Jacob s story, started in The Vampire Queen s Servant, this book was an entirely underwhelming experience Despite a full plate of conflict Lyssa s fatal disease, volatile vampire politics, the nature of the romantic relationship itself I failed to connect with it emotionally and ended up skimming through sex scene and exposition alike.To begin with, it s plagued with telling in the character focused first half Too often the charac [...]

  2. Reviewed on Reading Lark readinglark 2011 This is the second of the Vampire Queen series In the first book, The Vampire Queen s Servant, we find Jacob struggling to gain the acceptance of Lady Lyssa, to earn his third mark to become her full servant and prove to her that he has what it takes to be a human servant Through a battle of the wills, he accomplishes his goal and they settle into a not so easy routine of preparing for the Council Meeting The Mark of the Vampire Queen opens with a dramat [...]

  3. A Quest for the Delilah virus Wowwhat a rideThe Magical world.The ActionThe VampireThe Perfect Escapism The Awesome writing And, the lovely unforgetable MCs This book begins right where book 1 left off It is NOT a standalone OMGLOVED

  4. Wow, really enjoyed this one Great story telling, characterisation, sexy as hell, unputdownable read My place is by your side In front of you, behind you, wherever you most need me to be That will always be my place, now and forever.

  5. Wow, if this story could be compared to a roller coaster, then it s one with a lot of sudden stops, drops, plunges, and loops With this story, I m and intrigued not just by the series, but by the other works of Ms Hill.It started where the first one left off, with Jacob hoping for a cure for the Delilah virus, then there s Gideon s appearance, the usual characters, and they re gearing for the Council Gathering Jacob does everything for her, and because she is his Mistress, there are certain sc [...]

  6. I can t even begin to describe my feelings about this book It is simply amazingAZING The quality of writing transcends any stereotype you may have in regards to erotica Not once did I feel like I was reading anything other than beautiful literature The Mark is edgy, dark and overwhelmingly romantic so much so, that I was brought to tears many times during the dynamic relationship of Jacob and Lyssa Jacob s devotion to Lyssa is extremely heartfelt portraying loyalty and adoration Lyssa s love for [...]

  7. This novel is the sequel to The Vampire Queens Servant and as such this review can contain mild spoilers Just so your warned Right from the get go I have to say that THE MARK OF THE VAMPIRE QUEEN is a very character and romance driven story, it doesn t mean there wasn t a plot, there was, it just played second violin The torch of Jacob and Lyssa s love burns bright which translated in sexual desires and feelings running so deep, it left a permanent mark on both main protagonists The love unfolds [...]

  8. I m teetering on this actually being 3.5 to 4 stars for me It was so, SO much better than the 1st book I am glad Hill continued Jacob Lyssa s story b c it really needed fleshing out which it definitely got There where some eye rolling moments in the beginning uh hemGideon Really but I soon forgot them once I started to get to know Lyssa Jacob a lot Hill gave us a lot insight into Lyssa why she was the way she was, I started to feel empathy for her which helped me to come around.Jacob is a ve [...]

  9. Maybe a 3.5 I really wanted to like this book I agree with the ratings and other reviewers much better than the first book But compared to other vampire books series, this series just doesn t do it for me I finally figured out why I do not care for the vampire world she has created The major difference between this world and others are the intentional cruelty and uncaring of the vampires This completely alters the relationship between vampires and human servants, and not in an enjoyable way for [...]

  10. Wow I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish this book because there were so many twists in the last pages that I couldn t put the thing down I read the first book in this series and wasn t all that impressed, but admitted then that I d have to read this sequel to find out what happened to the queen and her servant Well, I couldn t have predicted much of this story, and I was much impressed with it than its predecessor One of the chief things that bothered me about the first boo [...]

  11. This is the conclusion of The Vampire Queen s Servant , the story of ancient, beautiful Lady Lyssa and her devoted human servant Jacob It begins where the first book left off, after Lyssa gave Jacob the third mark binding his life to hers So much happens during the course of this book it would be nearly impossible for me to explain it all At one point it seemed there was no way it could possibly end happily Somehow, magically, it does, and in a way I never would have expected.Joey Hill is a mast [...]

  12. Everything that Lyssa and Jacob went through in The Vampire Queen s Servant was just sort of a prelude for this one.Basically everything they had been working toward came down to the Vampire Council meeting And Jacob has to go through some things that would test the resolve of any one who wanted to be a dedicated servant or at least most any confidently heterosexual man.Fortunately, though, for Jacob, the ending may mean that he doesn t have to go quite through such an experience again.

  13. Well not my favorite vampire world at all Dark and sadistic It was truly terrifying at times Yet I found myself shockingly excited by it all It all just confirms how corrupt my mind has become Jacob fanning self is the reason I kept reading A true loyal hero He could not be broken though Lyssa tried She did get on my nerves most of the time with her arrogance and this is for your own good mentality Such the martyr It was a good story, different but good

  14. I love Jacob I ve always enjoyed vampire stories and found them to be sexy Ms Hill s vampire stories are than sexy, erotic and hot is how they are for me Jacob is so mixed in his feelings and his struggle to reconcile his new life is great to watch After reading this book, I just yearn for .

  15. AMAZINGThis is an amazing story that I had to read in one sitting Full of romance, drama, humor, and action It made me smile, sigh, laugh and cry I am so hooked on this wonderful series

  16. Second book in the series and was not diappointed.Started a reread of this series, never get tired of reading it.

  17. Dark, Intense, and Erotic.It s definitely not for the faint of heart I ll recommend it to anyone who doesn t mind a little blood with their sex.

  18. I didn t like the first book, but wanted the whole story of Lyssa and Jacob This one wasn t my thing either, so I think I m done with this series.

  19. GraveTells original review gravetells.wordpress 2011 TLDR recap The oldest living vampire and the last queen of the Far East Clan, Lady Elyssa Amaterasu Yamato Wentworth, still suffers from the pain of losing her human servant and her husband Jacob Green is, among other things, a vampire hunter trained to hunt and kill her kind but is strangely drawn to Lyssa in ways he does not yet understand Even a perfect match takes a little breaking in, and Lady Lyssa excels at control Struggling for domina [...]

  20. Fantastic Beautifully written story that will take you on a journey of the full gambit of emotions rage, sorrow, joy, comedy, tragedy, love One of my very favorites of all time

  21. At the risk of being called shallow, I admit to usually reading erotic romances like these for the erotic part than the romance one In fact, I had come to realize that it has been a while since I considered the quality of the romantic elements of a book in many romance novels, be they Paranormal Romances, Urban Fantasies with Romance, Historical Romance, Erotic Contemporary Romance, and or Steampunk Romance Granted, when choosing a book in no matter what genre, even or rather especially YA I go [...]

  22. I feel so amazed and thankful to find another series and author that I LOVE I ve had a lot of luck in that regard in the last year or so After Twilight and BDB, there were series I liked a lot, but nothing amazing, that captured me wholly and completely Then came Outlander the best and the Fever series But finally, I ve found another vamp series that transcends I don t know if I can put into words what I feel after reading this book If you ve read my first review, you know how much I loved the f [...]

  23. The Mark of the Vampire Queen was much interesting than the first book Don t get me wrong, I loved seeing Jacob get under Lady Lyssa s defenses, making her care for him than she should for a servant By the second book, we have a feel of their unique relationship Jacob knows when and when not to push Lady Lyssa, especially since she could kill him with a flick of her finger.This book starts off reminding us that Lady Lyssa only has so much time to live We get introduced to Gideon, Jacob s vampi [...]

  24. First off let me say that I loved The Vampire Queen s Servant This is part two in Jacob s quest to win his masters heart and soul I will not say that you must read the first one but to understand the world that Ms Hill has created for these two and what they have gone through to get there, you really should read the first one.Okay moving forwardThe romance between Jacob and Lady Lyssa is very breathtaking Their relationship blossoms into the fullest it possibly can Jacob has received his third m [...]

  25. The Mark of the Vampire Queen was a very hard one for me to finish, purely because it bored me.Jacob is now a full servant of the vampire queen Lyssa With this title comes the knowledge that Lyssa is very sick and dying, and now, because of his new stature, so will he die along with her.This pains the pair of them as in their own way, they love each other, being soul mates throughout Lyssa s incomparably long life and Jacob through his various incarnations, to have found each other in this capac [...]

  26. The Mark of the Vampire Queen picks up right where The Vampire Queen s Servant left off Lyssa is sick with an unknown disease that currently has no cure Jacob her human servant is bound to her, which means when she dies he will too Lyssa controls the Vampire territory of the Southeastern United States and is one of the most influencial members of the Vampire Council Before she succombs to this illness, she needs to make sure her Vampires will have sanctuary when she dies At the next council meet [...]

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