Antigone / Oedipus the King / Electra

Antigone Oedipus the King Electra This volume contains three masterpieces by the Greek playwright Sophocles widely regarded since antiquity as the greatest of all the tragic poets The vivid translations which combine elegance and mo

This volume contains three masterpieces by the Greek playwright Sophocles, widely regarded since antiquity as the greatest of all the tragic poets The vivid translations, which combine elegance and modernity, are remarkable for their lucidity and accuracy, and are equally suitable for reading for pleasure, study, or theatrical performance The selection of Antigone, OedipThis volume contains three masterpieces by the Greek playwright Sophocles, widely regarded since antiquity as the greatest of all the tragic poets The vivid translations, which combine elegance and modernity, are remarkable for their lucidity and accuracy, and are equally suitable for reading for pleasure, study, or theatrical performance The selection of Antigone, Oedipus the King, and Electra not only offers the reader the most influential and famous of Sophocles works, it also presents in one volume the two plays dominated by a female heroic figure, and the experience of the two great dynasties featured in Greek tragedy the houses of Oedipus and Agamemnon.

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Antigone / Oedipus the King / Electra

  1. Sophocles born c 496 bc, Colonus, near Athens Greece died 406, Athens , Greek German editions Sophokles, Russian , French editions Sophocle was an ancient Greek tragedy playwright Not many things are known about his life other than that he was wealthy, well educated and wrote about one hundred and twenty three plays of which few are extant One of his best known plays is Oedipus the King Oedipus Rex.

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  1. Antigone Oedipus the King Electra, Sophocles, Edith Hall Editor , H.D.F Kitto Translator 1999 196 152 1381 9646701388

  2. Don t get me wrong, Sophocles is a great playwright But could Oedipus have really been that stupid If someone made the prophesy that you would kill your father and make your mother your wife, don t you think you would have been a little cautious Don t you think at any point he would have said Hey, that guy is old enough to be my father an he looks a little like me I probably shouldn t kill him Or perhaps he would have said This lady is hot o bad she is old enough to be my mother and wait she lo [...]

  3. Read Oedipus the King for class, really enjoyed it not enjoying this analysis im gonna have to do after submitting this review tho our book also includes antigone and though i read it sopho year, i might reread it

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  5. I got sick of teaching Romeo Juliet because the damned coincidences and the stupidity esp of Romeo and the dramatic irony weighing so heavily on the reader sucker just got to me So instead, I began teaching A Midsummer Night s Dream where everyone is an ass of a different color Well, reading and in two cases, rereading these long time no see tragedies reminded me of that If only this one knew what that one knew or that one thought to think of what this one thanks to thoughts Antigone she is woma [...]

  6. It s no disgrace for a man, even a wise man, to learn many things and not be too rigid You ve seen many trees by a raging winter torrent, how many sway with the flood and salvage every twig, but not the stubborn they re ripped out, roots and all Bend or break.This incredibly powerful and moving play was written well over two thousand years ago, yet it is as relevant and relatable as ever Antigone s immovable conviction is tragically squared against Creon s regal pride, both as stubborn as oxen, [...]

  7. The story of Oedipus the King is about a King named Oedipus who is the ruler of a city called Thebes A curse has befallen on this city and Oedipus sends someone for Apollo to find out why it s happening He learns that the curse is due to the fact that their last king, Laius, was murdered and if they find out who the killer is, the curse in Thebes would be lifted With that, a series of events ends up happening to Oedipus from being accused to being the murderer of Laius to just a whole bunch of f [...]

  8. The play is great of course, and very fun to teach Creon is such a bastard and the teenagers love that his teenage son is the only sane character What I really want to recommend is this version, put out by Cambridge The translation is excellent and uses modern language well, and the notes on the side do an excellent job of putting all the references the Greeks would have taken for granted in cultural context Totally changes the way you understand the play.

  9. As massive classical nut, I had to get my hands on Sophocles Electra after being force fed the dribble that is Euripedes version For all Electra enthusiasts, I recommend reading other translations a favourite being Anne Carsons And then get yourself onto youtube to watch Strauss operatic version of Hofmannsthal s Electra geek FTW

  10. I thought that this was a good story overall but some of the characters got annoying overtime Antigone was portrayed very well but she was very headstrong and refused to listen to others just like Creon.

  11. All in all, Antigone was the best out of three Electra was too short and Oedipus the King contained the original manpain.

  12. It isn t a book I would read again but a book that I can enjoy once Obviously it is a classic so I respect it but I don t enjoy it.

  13. I would give Antigone a 4 5 I enjoyed reading it because there were many life lessons that the characters learned and it was interesting to see the decisions that they made.

  14. Oedipus the king is a really good book that I read I say this because it had a lot of dramatic irony which made the book interesting The king Oedipus had basically lived his life with full of lies, that was never told to him till the end The lies came out till the end which caused some terrible things to happen Overall I really enjoyed reading this book.

  15. The Greek playwright Sophocles was and still is thought of one of the most renowned and skilled masters of his time Of his works only seven have survived, one of which is the play Oedipus the king The play is widely considered to be the high point in Greek literature and has set itself apart from its counterparts by virtue of its excellence The play is the first of three works written by Sophocles concerning the fate of Oedipus and his children It is a tale of a man struggling against the shackl [...]

  16. Before I begin my review I should say I only read Oedipus the King ark for my AP literature class For the book being translated, it was a lot easier to read than most other translated books because with how they interperated most of Sophocles language it is very readable When I first began the book, I honestly thought it threw us straight in the middle of the main issue problem, which was not my favorite thing about the book at all, got a little confusing On top of being thrown in the middle of [...]

  17. Out of the three tragedies Antigone was my definitely my favorite The story goes that the dead are the dead and should be regarded as such By this I mean that you can punish someone who is alive, but you should respect them in death for they cannot defend themselves Antigone goes to great lengths just to make a point about this The other two plays are also thought provoking and just as magnificent to read.

  18. Well I guess this is why my English teacher loves me because I love reading books beyond my jurisdictionI really like this story I haven t yet read all three but I ve read the last one because for some reason that s the order we have to read them in AP English but I m really looking forward to reading them all

  19. The 20 year old me is so impressed by the Greek theater as a whole, but those specific plays are absolute EPICS I liked every inch of them, which rarely happens as I always get sick of studying mandatory literary works Am just so grateful that I studied Oedipus the King which led me to know the others.

  20. A good translation of three powerful plays by one of the world s greatest dramatists, with short notes to elucidate things that might be obscure.

  21. Complex What Sophocles Oedipus Rex and Electra Can Teach Us about Ourselves and Our Wars by Sera Arcaro, June 2010I love the story of Oedipus, although Oedipus himself is not a particularly likeable character He is egotistical When confronted with the suffering of his subjects at the beginning of the play he declares, I know how cruelly you suffer yet, though sick, not one of you suffers a sickness half as great as mine Yours is a single pain each man of you feels but his own My heart is heavy w [...]

  22. Summary Oedipus, King of the Greek city Thebes, has his brother Creon go and see an oracle to find out how to end the plague in the city When Creon returns, he informs Oedipus that the killer of the former king Laius needs to be found and prosecuted to cure everyone A prophecy stated that Laius and his wife would have a child that would kill Laius and marry the wife Oedipus s wife, Jocasta, tells him not to worry about anything because oracles have been wrong many times Then a blind prophet tell [...]

  23. Electra 5 5I m most familiar with this story, through Richard Strauss opera of the same name, one of my absolute favorite What strikes me is that the libretto by Hofmannsthal is very close to this original Sophocles play, all the interactions, themes, except how the two plays end This speaks a lot of the modern quality of ancient Greek plays, and Electra especially.The interesting thing about Electra is that she does very little It is her very presence, her existence as she is, and her reason of [...]

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