The Death of Ahasuerus

The Death of Ahasuerus A continuation of an allegorical tale by the great Swedish poet playwright novelist essayist followed by Pilgrim at Sea being the rd installment of Lagerkvist s tetralogy consisting of Barab

A continuation of an allegorical tale by the great Swedish poet, playwright, novelist essayist followed by Pilgrim at Sea , 1962 being the 3rd installment of Lagerkvist s tetralogy consisting of Barabbas, The Sybil, The Death of Ahasuerus Pilgrim at Sea attempting to polarize the Christian ethos modern attitudes,

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The Death of Ahasuerus

  1. Lagerkvist was born in 1891 in southern Sweden In 1910 he went to Uppsala as a student and in 1913 he left for Paris, where he was exposed to the work of Pablo Picasso He studied Middle Age Art, as well as Indian and Chinese literature, to prepare himself for becoming a poet His first collection of poetry was published in 1916 In 1940 Lagerkvist was chosen as one of the aderton the eighteen of the Swedish Academy.Lagerkvist wrote poetry, novels, plays, short stories and essays He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1951 for the artistic vigour and true independence of mind with which he endeavours in his poetry to find answers to the eternal questions confronting mankind.

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  1. Par Lagerkvist won the Nobel So, let me make this review real short and sweet If you didn t also win the Nobel, and you gave this perfectly cut, flawless diamond of a novel anything but 5 stars, you re an asshole Yes This is my review for every one of his novels I ve ever read I m not ashamed of this.

  2. A couple years ago I was spending the night at my aunt and uncle s house in Kansas City, and I was looking for something to read in my cousin Holly s room Most of her books seemed very, uh, nice Narnia, Laura Ingalls Wilder, etc I m not being dismissive, I love both of those series But then I found a book called BARABBAS, about some minor characters from the New Testament It was angry and grimey and gloomy I called it Bible fanfic, but Lagerkvist is obviously freaked out by the Bible than he is [...]

  3. So I thought this book was the beginning of a trilogy and in some ways it is because a main character is introduced here and lasts through the next two books But I found out today that this book is the middle book in a pentalogy or however that is spelled because there is a string of five books that deal with the crucifixion Not knowing this I read these five books entirely out of order which means I need to reread them all in order for things to make sense.So they should be read as follows Bara [...]

  4. 4.2 starsA quick, disjointed read with weighty content A stranger comes to town and finds an allegory of unclear intent Something to ruminate on as the storm rages.

  5. I ve always liked wandering about, being alone, at peace Perhaps that day I felt need for it than usual need to get away from the others I was weary of this meaningless existence, of the pointlessness of everything p 33 Set during the age of medieval pilgrimages, the first part of Par Lagerkvist s short novel brings together two fascinating, yet mysterious characters They include Tobias a soldier who became a bandit and a wandering saint who meet at an inn on the way to the Holy Land Although [...]

  6. Den har ar inte den langsta bok man kommer att lasa nagonsin, men det ar tung litteratur Jag visste inget om boken innan jag laste den faktiskt vet jag inget mer om den nu, sa jag kanske har misstolkat nagonting Den verkar utspelar sig i medeltiden Pesten namns, samt resor till den heliga landet, soldater, krig, osv Den ar ocksa ganska tungt med religion och grubblandet over forhallandet med gud osv Jag vet inte om boken ar min grej direkt, men det var intressant att lasa en gang iaf En framling [...]

  7. I think what draws me repeatedly to the work of P r Lagerkvist is his overwhelming despair and descriptive finality In The Death of Ahasuerus, Lagerkvist once again writes in an unknown age long ago, wrapped in religious fervor and mysterious characters of dubious reliability Part of his Tetralogy a delightful Greek rooted term I think tetra is the best four after his masterpiece, The Sibyl, the author focuses on few characters in few words, but creates an inner world of darkness, reluctance, co [...]

  8. Creo que lo le antes de tiempo Siendo parte de una tetralog a lo le aisladamente cuarenta a os despu s de leer Barrab s y sin haber elido La Sibila Probablemente eso me hace no apreciarlo en su totalidad Me gust porque est bien escrito y en un tono casi casual medio impresionista con breves pinceladas describe un paisaje completo que crees reconocer pero en el cual nunca has estado Los caracteres incluso quedan muy bien descritos sin decir mucho de ellos Igual pienso que se me escap mucho de su [...]

  9. this could very easily be either a a naive, straightforward hymn to wayward souls finding christianity, or b a bitter, caustic indictment of religious faith as being nothing than clinging to whatever faith is in vogue at the time as a safe, easy, ameliorative, and unthinking option when your life has no other meaning and your back is against the wall but anyway i don t think it s either, just a great book great great very hesse like, if a bit bitterer, manic, and less developed and skillful al [...]

  10. A very interesting story about religion and condition of men during all times I loved most the fact that the book seems to depict events happened during early middle ages or late roman empire but it is yet so actual and so easily applied to all eras.I loved it.The book I read is translated into romanian I do not have a copy in english or swedish.

  11. It was ok but did not have nearly the impact of The Sybil which is one of my most favorite books It continues that story Don t read this unless you have read that Somehow, Barabbas is also connected

  12. Very easy to read, this book reunites interesting perspectives over the idea of life and death, of sin and purity Although I wasn t able to grasp all its meanings, this book was quite relaxing and inspiring.

  13. Not really my cup of tea Some talk about sin and redemption, not sure what was the point though I was happy when I arrived at the last page, it wasn t really a very pleasant read.

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