Consent to Kill

Consent to Kill For years Mitch Rapp s bold actions have saved the lives of countless Americans He has killed with impunity tortured to avert disaster and shown he will do whatever it takes to prevent terrorists f

For years, Mitch Rapp s bold actions have saved the lives of countless Americans He has killed with impunity, tortured to avert disaster, and shown he will do whatever it takes to prevent terrorists from fulfilling their bloody wishes His battles for peace and freedom have made him a hero to many, and an enemy to countless In the tangled, duplicitous world of espioFor years, Mitch Rapp s bold actions have saved the lives of countless Americans He has killed with impunity, tortured to avert disaster, and shown he will do whatever it takes to prevent terrorists from fulfilling their bloody wishes His battles for peace and freedom have made him a hero to many, and an enemy to countless In the tangled, duplicitous world of espionage, there are those, even among America s allies, who want to see Mitch Rapp eliminated They have decided the time has come.Now, the powerful father of a dead terrorist demands vengeance in its simplest form an eye for an eye, and Rapp instantly becomes the target of an international conspiracy This time, he must use all of his vigilance and determination to save himself before he can turn his fury on those who have dared to betray him.

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Consent to Kill

  1. The fifth of seven children, Vince Flynn was born in St Paul, Minnesota, in 1966 He graduated from the St Thomas Academy in 1984, and the University of St Thomas with a degree in economics in 1988.After college he went to work for Kraft General Foods where he was an account and sales marketing specialist In 1990 he left Kraft to accept an aviation candidate slot with the United States Marine Corps One week before leaving for Officers Candidate School, he was medically disqualified from the Marine Aviation Program, due to several concussions and convulsive seizures he suffered growing up While trying to obtain a medical waiver for his condition, he started thinking about writing a book This was a very unusual choice for Flynn since he had been diagnosed with dyslexia in grade school and had struggled with reading and writing all his life.Having been stymied by the Marine Corps, Flynn returned to the nine to five grind and took a job with United Properties, a commercial real estate company in the Twin Cities During his spare time he worked on an idea he had for a book After two years with United Properties he decided to take a big gamble He quit his job, moved to Colorado, and began working full time on what would eventually become Term Limits.Like many struggling artists before him, he bartended at night and wrote during the day Five years and than sixty rejection letters later he took the unusual step of self publishing his first novel The book went to number one in the Twin Cities, and within a week had a new agent and two book deal with Pocket Books, a Simon Schuster imprint Vince Flynn passed away on June 19, 2013 after a three year battle with prostate cancer.

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  1. 8 10Vince Flynn does it again, he provides a highly entertaining thriller novel that allows you to ramp up the testosterone to 11 If it s a choice of a going to the gym and lifting weights that equate to a small car then flexing the guns whilst looking in a mirror with the occasional grunt or b picking up a Vince Flynn novel and living vicariously through the life of Mitch Rapp I m always going to pick number b This novel takes a different turn from the usual outing in that Mitch Rapp is not at [...]

  2. Consent to Kill is the second book of Vince Flynn s I ve read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Flynn s hero Mitch Rapp is a great character, and I found myself laughing when he confronted a particular politician and smacked him upside the head with a folder.Flynn writes a great thriller It keeps you wanting to read He mixes military technology, fast paced action, and politics to engage the reader in this violent political tale I don t want to give the story away, but there was an event, a key event [...]

  3. I think Vince Flynn has finally turned that last corner into becoming a complete storyteller I have enjoyed his previous Mitch Rapp books a lot but this one has really cranked up a notch Excellent writing, plot, setting, and characters that are completely fleshed out.This novel is also an important milestone in the Mitch Rapp series as a lot changes in this one The author deftly avoids what I call the 24 syndrome, referring to the TV show 24 Despite having lots of adrenaline charged action, you [...]

  4. I began reading Vince Flynn s Mitch Rapp books in chronological order a few months ago Over the course of time it s taken me to read this entire series I can say with absolute certainty that I ve fallen in love with Flynn s work He s, in my humble opinion of course, the gold standard as far as authors go in the contour terrorism genre By the time I began reading Consent to Kill I felt like I knew exactly who Mitch Rapp was a person At this point I had gone along on a ride with him that carried u [...]

  5. Another stout work from Vince Flynn, not for the faint of heart and left wing advocates need not apply, please take this as disclaimer, this book deals with very violent and disturbing issues, many of which are beyond the scope of most sheltered CNN understanding Be ye warned But the thing that attracts me to Flynn s writing is the no nonsense attitude that should be alive in our current political system But alas we are led by the elite few, a week group of appeasers and politically correct pow [...]

  6. This novel had a Tom Clancy, best seller air to it, and I wouldn t normally have read it, but an acquaintance of mine recommended it highly.Unfortunately, my instincts were correct This is a ridiculous book Mitch Rapp is the super spy who doesn t like to answer to anyone and frequently doesn t His wife is the White House correspondent for NBC His enemies are assassins trafficking hundreds of millions of dollars He s the only one who truly understands what it takes to protect our freedom If only [...]

  7. Mitch Rapp is one of the interesting characters that I ve come across in literature and Vince Flynn is an exceptional writer, so I had set a pretty high bar when I started reading Consent to Kill Of the thrillers that I have read, Flynn has among the realistic and gritty portrayals Most international terrorist type novels are fantasy than fiction In Consent To Kill an ultra rich Arab fundamentalist puts a massive bounty to have Mitch killed, bringing out some heavy hitters to participate in h [...]

  8. REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK NOVEMBER 20, 2015Narrator George GuidallThis was 17 hours plus long and it left me teary at the end I checked the 1 and 2 star reviews before writing this review to see if they triggered anything I didn t like and forgot about but what they didn t like, weren t my issues I love the Mitch Rapp books just as they are except for Anna.This installment is where I saw Mitch angry I got to see how dispassionate he can be when he s on a personal quest I loved it when President Hayes [...]

  9. Pop QuizTrue or False I believe that aggressive use of overwhelming force is FREQUENTLY the ONLY means whereby evil men, their surrogates, and often, their governments, can be effectively controlled.True or False I have previously, thoughtfully, considered the possibility that if confronted by someone who intended to, or had, harmed someone I love, I would not hesitate a single heartbeat before shooting said person or persons in the head, at close range, and that having done so, I would not suff [...]

  10. Vince Flynn is a Twin Cities writer who reads like a DC policy wonk who hangs out with CIA types Wild guess is his sources are Clancy on tech things and Cheney on policy Like his others, this one is fast, furious, fun, great

  11. As a kid, I read most of Tom Clancy s novels I think I stopped right around the time Jack Ryan became President, which pushed plausibility further than I was willing to accept Still, as it s been twenty years or so, I ve been curious to revisit them, both to see if they held up and because I m ready to read a good thriller.And then my Dad gave me Consent to Kill, which I thought would be a good substitute Having read it, however, I really hope that it s not I remember Clancy s books as intricate [...]

  12. Consent to Kill is truley the definition of an action thriller From chapter to chapter you dont know what to expect next The book kept me at the edge of my seat as I kept reading in order to find out what happened next Throughout the book, the reader follows the life of Mitch Rapp, a CIA operative who works in counter terrorism After Rapp kills an Al Queda terrorist, his father wants revenge For this reason a 22 million dollar bounty was placed on Rapp s head The story follows a young couple and [...]

  13. A thoroughly enjoyable book that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.The book starts off relatively slow but nevertheless remains interesting Vince Flynn is a new author to me but I do intend to read of his work.

  14. NEVER DREAM OF DYING It s all right, he said in a clear voice as if explaining something to a child It s quite all right She s having a rest We ll begoing on soon There s no hurry You see Bond s head sank down against hers and he whispered into her hair you see, we vegot all the time in the world Ian Fleming s James Bond On Her Majesty s Secret Service This creature softened my heart of stone She died and with her died my last warm feelings for people Josef Stalin Beware the vengeance of a retir [...]

  15. I wasn t prepared for how Consent To Kill would affect me I had vague memories of my first reading of it than a decade ago but many of the events in Consent To Kill had a much profound affect on older me For the record Vince Flynn is Vince Flynn and nobody does the CIA Thriller genre better Having said that, I would be hesitant to call this outing a thriller at least the first half and possibly even the second half as well although the pace does speed up dramatically half way through While not [...]

  16. HOT DAMN Consent to Kill is probably by far the best Vince Flynn Mitch Rapp Adventure YET Consent to Kill takes place not long after Mitch saved the US from Nuclear War from Al Qaeda in Memorial Day Now Saudi Arabian billionaire Saeed Ahmed Abdullah father of Waheed Abdullah who was the Terrorist Mastermind behind the Nuclear Attack in Memorial Day Saeed want s revenge on Rapp for the death of his son, and recruits 2 deadly assassins to kill him, Louie Gould, and his wife Claudia Morrell who is [...]

  17. Audio book 17 hours 15 minutes 4 stars out of 5Another good Mitch Rapp re read, probably better second time around.

  18. I could ve read this much faster it wasn t too great, but it was very compelling and easily readable If it weren t for all the orchestra rehearsals I had to go to, I would ve been able to finish it in a few days But that was not the case.On a scale from Dan Brown being eh to Umberto Eco being amazing , I would say that his writing was less than Dan Brown, but his reasearch knowledge of his topics was just about equal I honestly do not know much about espionage from any era , except for what I kn [...]

  19. Vince Flynn is an outstanding writer of fiction He reminds me of Dan Brown in that he researches his subject matter very well so that it seems in some respects like a non fiction book He introduces his characters well such that you rarely need to look back to refresh your memory about which character he is referencing Moreover, the dialogue between and among characters in the book, as well as transitioning from scene to scene is extremely smooth and natural Chapter length is typically between 4 [...]

  20. I find reading Vince Flynn novels enjoyable As someone wrote in a previous review there is something primal in the feeling that one gets when evil is defeated and pushed real or fictional This theme runs strong through all of the novels that I ve read by Mr Flynn.The things that make this Mitch Rapp novel stand out from the previous ones is the additional time spent on further developing Rapp and hia wife s characters Both are fleshed out in greater detail much than they have been in the previo [...]

  21. I didn t enjoy this book as much as some of the others It took a while to get the scene set, a rich Saudi is seeking revenge and puts a price on Mitch s head The early part of the book details all the players involved the Saudi, another Saudi, the broker, the assassins etc Meanwhile the CIA is getting all sorts of heat from a new political appointee overnighting the nation s security apparatus This was a bit ho hum.Then, a shocking thing happens no spoilers and things go into overdrive Rapp is l [...]

  22. Great book Mitch Rapp is the guy every man wants to be like kind of like James Bond haha But this is realistic than James Bond which doesn t necessarily make it better or worse, it s just a fact A very good revenge thriller and very well written I highly recommend this book and American Assassin which is a prequel about Mitch Rapp Heck, all Mitch Rapp books are probably good but those are the only two I have read, I don t know if there are out there I love the personality that Flynn gives the [...]

  23. I didn t really seem to enjoy this book as much as some of the others, especially the first half it just seemed to take too long to get this puppy in gear, but then it picked up in the second half I have to deduct a star for the weird and wimpy ending but I can live with it because in my imagination Rapp s buddies sneaked back into Tahiti and tied up the loose ends without Rapp being the wiser view spoiler On the plus side, Flynn finally rid us of the narcissistic, obnoxious Anna, but don t pani [...]

  24. This series just keeps getting better a Saudi billionaire puts a bounty on Mitch s head for the death of his terrorist son in the previous book you don t have to have read it but it helps and the first half of the book is about how the plot is put into place, while back in the USA arrogant politicians are scheming to put Irene Kennedy and Mitch under their control.The last third of the book is all action, I can t say much without spoiling the plot but it s a given that the bad guys get what s co [...]

  25. I really enjoyed this very long book Not overly wordy like TC, but constant action I forgive him for the overnight healing of a broken arm and the fact that one character grew from 6 3 to6 4 in the span of about 38 pages, because the story was so enjoyable Maybe not realistic, but still fun to read.

  26. Another terrific Mitch Rapp yarn I like the new characters addition of Louis and Claudia Gould and I would very much like to see them in another story down the road where they might appear on the side of the good guys I guess that will be up to Kyle Mills at this point I look forward to picking up Kyle s Mitch Rapp story, The Survivor.

  27. Another fine Mitch Rapp book Can t say much this time without giving too much away and I don t like to write spoilers Suffice it to say if you ve liked the previous books in the series, you ll enjoy Consent to Kill Vince Flynn does a great job of keeping the story moving with just enough plot twists.

  28. Outstanding book It is one of the best novels in the genre that I ve read.Outstanding book It is one of the best novels in the genre that I ve read Vince Flynn at his best.

  29. I really struggled to rate this book because I found the first 300 pages a total snooze fest I found it really boring and was really annoyed with the sticker on this book that said Vince Flynn clearly has one eye on Lee Child s action thriller throne The only reason I bought this book is because I love Lee Child and I thought this might be similar It is a very poor man s imitation of Lee Child for half the book, except I don t like the main character, Mitch Rapp However, the last 300 pages of th [...]

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