The Short-Timers

The Short Timers This novel was the source text of Kubrick s Full Metal Jacket It follows the career of the sardonic narrator from the organized sadism of Marine basic training to an assignment as a combat reporter in

This novel was the source text of Kubrick s Full Metal Jacket It follows the career of the sardonic narrator from the organized sadism of Marine basic training to an assignment as a combat reporter in Vietnam to his experiences as a platoon commander after the Tet offensive, portraying the descent into barbarism that marked America s intervention in Vietnam.

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The Short-Timers

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  1. Gustav Hasford s THE SHORT TIMERS is my unicorn It is the book that has eluded me for almost fifteen years Finally, I wizened up and went to my library I guess there are some books that will not become part of my personal collection Enough about me The book My unicorn As a kid I knew that the movie Full Metal Jacket was based on this book Brief interlude most of the best lines quoted from the movie were never said by that character in the book My father, a veteran of Viet Nam was part of the 1st [...]

  2. Felt like I lived this book instead of reading it Experienced it rather than scooted my eyes across some digital letters Each character was a living breathing being sprung from the whirlpool imagination of author Gus Hasford As much a character, too, is the bullet shredded landscape of Vietnam itself In some scenes the scenery almost comes alive and fights against both VC and American soldiers alike The brutal events are part of a fictionalized account of a war that was stranger than fiction I c [...]

  3. Con una narrativa que recuerda a La carretera de Cormac McCarthy, este libro deja un amargor en la boca similar al que dejan El coraz n de las tinieblas de Conrad u Hogueras en la llanura de Ooka, con un regusto extra amente antibelicista parecido al de Le grand troupeau de Giono Rese a completa libros prohibidos gust

  4. Although, at this writing, hardcover copies of this out of print book sell for over 200 and paperbacks over 47 on , this excellent violent short novel is also available for free download, but acquiring it is a little tricky It is on the official web site of the late author in three parts in Hypertext Markup Language ml formathere and in Rich Text Format.rtf here If the site is unavailable, an old copy of the site is available at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine here After downloading the.rtf [...]

  5. While I found the book itself to be a nice, compelling read and fairly short to boot the author s super terse, super clipped style began to grate on me after a hearty measure of unbroken jargon, especially when all the best bits of dialogue were used in Kubrick s incredible adaptation It s easy to see why Kubrick s version was loosely based on the novel the book has none of the scope of classics of the genre like Naked And The Dead, and bits of absurdity made the authentic feel of the book seem [...]

  6. good short story that was the basis for full metal jacket it was let down by a mediocre middle and also by spelling mistakes may have been my copy all in all a good vietnam war story.

  7. A fabulous narration about war, by Hasford who was personally involved in Vietnam for a while The Stanley Kubrick verses of the book is another perspective of the circumstances, I believe .

  8. WOW This book made me feel like I was in it I was so concentrated from beginning to end.The way Gustav Hasford describes every movement, activity of Corporal Joker and everything in the book is just too good And I hear it has a sequel I m off then

  9. The Short Timers by Gustav Hasford is an autobiographical novel by Gustav Hasford described as a thinly veiled account on his experiences as a soldier in the Vietnam War.Sometimes words can be powerful, they can evoke emotions that grip the soul There are multiple ways to do this, from telling a heartbreaking narration to simply showing reality up close and personal This book does the latter telling a veteran s account of war actually is.This isn t a book that glorifies war, but rather shows the [...]

  10. When I was about thirteen, at summer basketball camp, I remember running laps around the football field to the rhythm of the older campers shouting out I don t know but I been told, Eskimo pussy is mighty cold I remember wondering if they really let you say pussy in the Army, and where that song came from Turns out it came from The Short Timers.Strange that half the dialogue in this book worked its way into the consciousness of my generation of boys via Full Metal Jacket, yet it s out of print I [...]

  11. WOW I d wanted to read this book almost since Full Metal Jacket , Kubrick s awesome movie based on it came out so long ago, and remained in the Top 5 all time favorite movies of mine ever since In the book I revisited many of the situations of the filmed version along with many others that were not included , but the pathos, intensity and sheer horror of the written text is overwhelming No wonder the filmmakers toned down the gore and violence Hasford totally excels on the vivid descriptions of [...]

  12. The book upon which Kubrick based his classic Vietnam opus Full Metal Jacket, though the film stops at the book s 2 3 mark NOT a reflective Tim O Brien esque war story This is the grit, blood, terror, violence, destruction, and madness of war in all it s many facets As intense as Full Metal jacket is, it still comes off as young adult material compared to the book of its origin Sadly it s out of print, and even tattered paperbacks fetch 20 30 on , but I do have a copy if any of my friends are in [...]

  13. I had to read this novel after I watched Stanley Kubrik s movie Full Metal Jacket, with Matthew Modine as Private Joker the narrator The novel is quite different from the movie but equally sharp and still a powerful heartbreaker I strongly recommend it to all as source of historical context and study of human barbaric behaviour, except for extremely sensitive people, folks who have already been on a war or had a painful experience at the Army because the narrative contains several possible traum [...]

  14. This book made me feel like someone put my insides through a paper shredder and shoved them back into me The Short Timers might be the most horrifying and painful book I ve read about war so far It is skillfully written, mixing humor, horror, and Hasford s own experiences in Vietnam It does not show you any mercy or leave you with any hope I highly recommend this book but you should know what you re getting into Though Full Metal Jacket is a great movie, it s not as hard hitting as the book is.

  15. I souvenired me beaucoup book hang over with this one For here lies the tale of father god Marine Corps, the deaf demiurge of grunt sons They are a force of fallen angels for which its creator can no longer command It disturbs the greatest not by the presence of panoramic gore but the thinness of moral reprieve Short Timers is the intersection of irony, absurdity and nihilism and Sorry Charlie is the grinning reaper at the crossroads There it is.

  16. This short novel provided much of the material for Full Metal Jacket, but the movie is in no way an adaptation of it This is Gustav Hasford s veiled autobiographical tale of Marine Corps boot camp and service in Vietnam, most notably in the battle of Hue City Not exactly a memoir, it s a terrific story in terms of one grunt s experience but also in giving a vivid picture of life on the ground in Vietnam.

  17. A surreal miss mash of impressions, feelings, horror, slang, and dark humor Every bit the equal of the film, if not actually superior and among the finest books on war ever written.

  18. this book captures true essence of Vietnam war s psychedelic atmosphere, by making it as realistic and as magical as possible, by with becoming only magical realistic book about war.

  19. Full Metal Jacket, based on the book by Gustav Hasford, directed by Stanley Kubrick Full Metal Jacket is a Stanley Kubrick film This is enough to say that, if we do not have a masterpiece on the screen, this is at least a remarkable work of art.1987 was the year of Wall Street, Ironweed, Broadcast News, The Untouchables, Moonstruck, Fatal Attraction, Empire of the Sun, Throw Momma From the Train, The Last Emperor and a tragicomedy about the same war as Full Metal Jacket Good Morning Vietnam.We m [...]

  20. Hasford s novel is a major contribution to the Vietnam War literature genre, even though it may not have the same literary qualities as for example the novel Going after Cacciato by O Brien or the non fiction Dispatches by Herr It is surreal and super real, insofar as it has moments of supreme lucidity in describing the war as experienced by USMC grunts, and moments of dream like fantasy that are intensely personal, intensely warped by the environment of the war.Perhaps the biggest problem posed [...]

  21. I have watched Full Metal Jacket before I even knew that this books exists.After I eventually did found out,I got my hands on it pretty quickly and softly slid into to story.I ended up loving every element of this books as it to me presented that real crazy experience of war with comedy and tragedy Vietnam war,suffering,death some fuc ed up things going on makes you wonder about sh t that bunch of people were going through and this books presents that slide to world of indifference Overall the a [...]

  22. A leatherneck version of Catch 22 is how one critic started his praise on an opening page before the novel begins I HATED Catch 22 and put it on my so bad I couldn t finish shelf I found some enjoyment in The Short Timers, Gustav Hasford s 1979 debut novel You haven t heard of it Not familiar with the author It doesn t surprise me as The Short Timers is lost , long out of print and fetches a high price if you can find a copy, even a paperback Perhaps you ve heard of Stanley Kubrick You could be [...]

  23. I hadn t heard of this book until I read Jason Aaron s graphic novel The Other Side He was the nephew of Gustav Hasford and borrowed freely from the novel for his work As well, Kubrick took quite a lot for his Full Metal Jacket but he lost a lot of the real intensity the book is laced with.I ve read a lot of books about the Vietnam war this one is in a class by itself and is hard to stop thinking about One person said they got PTSD from reading it it does feel like that I think it s unmatched fo [...]

  24. Grim I read this book because of its importance to the Vietnam war historical narrative and because Kubrick s movie was fascinating Can t say I enjoyed this book although I can appreciate its message about the inappropriate training that Marines were given before being shipped out to combat and the general and specific to Vietnam horror of war and its impact on soldiers.

  25. i distinctly remember being seriously underwhelmed maybe it was just a matter of reading it after seeing FMJ Kubrick knows his sh t perhaps it s time for a re readoh, and it turns out that the best quips came from Herr q.v Dispatches , not Hasford

  26. Thanks to a fellow Goodreader I was able to access an on line copy of this really hard to find book The movie, Full Metal Jacket, did not follow the book so much but the terror, the horror , the gore and the total chaos of combat came through loud and clear.

  27. This is the novel that FULL METAL JACKET was based on It is substantially intense than the movie if Kubrick had filmed this, nobody would have shown the results in a theater I m sure no book can capture actual war, but this one sure feels like it tries.

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