First Day

First Day Jobs Missions College Love In the sequel to Yearbook the characters are in the middle of it all Two and a half years after we left off Andrea Beckett is a junior at Cornell University in New York Sh

Jobs Missions College Love In the sequel to Yearbook, the characters are in the middle of it all Two and a half years after we left off, Andrea Beckett is a junior at Cornell University in New York She s caught up in the whirlwind of finals, decisions about jobs and decisions about love, too Dave Sherman has returned home from his mission, and they will have tJobs Missions College Love In the sequel to Yearbook, the characters are in the middle of it all Two and a half years after we left off, Andrea Beckett is a junior at Cornell University in New York She s caught up in the whirlwind of finals, decisions about jobs and decisions about love, too Dave Sherman has returned home from his mission, and they will have to decide where their romance is going In addition to everything else, Andrea just received the assignment to teach early morning seminary to a group of eight high school students, who all have their own decisions to make and challenges to overcome Meanwhile, Andrea s brother Ethan is serving a mission in Brazil The language is new, the culture is different, and sometimes being Elder Beckett is harder than he expected.

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First Day

  1. Ally Condie is a former high school English teacher who lives with her husband, three sons and one daughter outside of Salt Lake City, Utah She loves reading, running, eating, and listening to her husband play guitar.

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  1. Okay This is the sequel to Yearbook I was excited to read it so that I could see how the characters developed and changed However, I didn t feel like this book was intriguing or well rounded as the previous one It fell in the lame LDS fiction category.The dialogue often felt fake or forced, characters talking in a mature and developed manner that I don t think fits the average human being Or maybe I was just really good at fumbling my words in high school and college Anywho, I still liked the s [...]

  2. First Day is a sequel to Yearbook I read the first book awhile ago, so it took me a few minutes to remember which character was which The story follows a couple of people and their lives over the course of about a year and a half Each chapter is a different character s point of view, but it was easy to follow the top of each page told who was speaking for the chapter There were also a few new people ones who were not in the previous book I really enjoyed getting to know Andrea better Everyone al [...]

  3. Andrea Beckett has been attending Cornell and focused on school and her future Brother Ethan is on an LDS mission in Brazil HS boyfriend Dave Sherman has just returned from his mission to Australia and Andrea has high hopes for their Seattle Christmas reunion By March, the distance between Ithaca and Seattle has further stretched that relationhip and by spring break they call it quits Andrea returns to Ithaca in the fall and is called to teach early morning Seminary with Joel Hammond They become [...]

  4. AUTHOR PRESENTATION CATEGORYCondie takes the formula from her first novel Yearbook and greatly improves upon it Rather than it following many different teenagers, it hones in on two of the characters from the first book while exploring two new ones, as they adapt to the changes of life after high school or the final year of it in the case of Caterina Giovanni I liked this even better than the first because her characters were even fleshed out Those who didn t give Ally a chance with Yearbook sh [...]

  5. It s not one of Ally s best The best being the matched series However, I can t be too judgmental because she was writing for an LDS teen audience and the expectations for that audience are very different from the expectations of the wider market At any rate, I could see bits of Ally s polished style that emerged in the Matched series The characters have some depth Not everyone has a happy ending, but there s a lot of learning She even managed to use some beautiful prose in places So, I probably [...]

  6. I didn t realize that this is part of a series until I got into it, but, it stands on it s own, so it didn t matter.This is a cute, very Mormon story, following a few different people on their paths of decision making during that difficult young adult and mission time It was fun to read, and pretty realistic for what a Mormon youth might go through, if you re just focusing on those parts of your life But, it was just that, sort of a cute little read I probably won t read the rest of the series.

  7. Could a book get better than the first I ADORED this book I love stories that have flawed characters Because, as they grow, you learn so much about yourself To me, this was a moving story of young adulthood, and the trials after high school It sounds so cheesy, but I felt a big connection with these characters and I am so grateful I read this book It taught me so much about dealing with the unexpected and being able to go through trials with an eternal perspective.

  8. It was hard to chose between 3 and 4 stars for this one, but it wasn t as fun to read as the book I read before it, so I went with 3 I did like it, and it was pretty entertaining It follows several characters as they are making important decisions in life about college, relationships, etc At times I was disappointed when a chapter came up about someone I didn t care about as much as the others because it was interrupting the other stories, but overall it was good.

  9. I just finished this book The sequel to yearbook I didn t enjoy this one as much as the first It didn t the same to me The emotions didn t reach me as much i felt like there were a lot of loose ends and that several of the characters and storylines kind of droppped out of the book I still would like to read the 3rd book and see if there are some resolutions there it was nice to see how things ended for Andrea but I think that I was looking for .

  10. I really enjoyed this book Ally again used the different points of view to tell each chapter, but there were only 4 main characters this time as opposed to a few than that in Yearbook I especially enjoyed Ethan s chapters I ve read books about pre missionaries and returned missionaries, but I think this was the first time I d read a book where the perspective of a current missionary was shared.I m definitely intrigued to finish out the trilogy

  11. Ah Done So so good I really loved the characters in this one You can really tell Andrea has matured I wish it had details on her wedding and ethan s mission but that s my only complaint This book made me realize That I would love to serve a mission, but both of my parents think I ll be married by then We ll see.

  12. I loved this book and it s 1st companion Yearbook I was worried at first with all the different points of view that I would never get the characters straight but now that the books are over I want to read I know she had to edit out many characters because it was too confusing and I wish I could read those now These were fun reads that I wish I could read everyday.

  13. The second book in this series I like the characters It is a book of short stories and how the characters lives intertwine I would really like to see a whole book about each character but it was a good book At one point I just started to read the story line of each character because I didn t want their story interrupted.

  14. I didn t like this one as much as I liked the last one The story between the Joel and Andrea was the only one that was interesting to me The missionary story never went anywhere and neither did the teenage girl Perhaps because I had better hopes for this book I noticed its flaws a lot Than the other No language, no sex, no violence.

  15. This is the second book in Ally Condie s earlier Yearbook series This one didn t change points of view so often and introduced several new characters I think she touched on a lot of real issues that people face in regards to making decisions and dealing with trials I liked the missionary perspective it felt like I was getting a realistic glimpse of missionary life.

  16. I really enjoy this trilogy It s not a laugh out loud book or a high adventure book, but that s part of what makes it so good It s ordinary people going through the normal things that life throws at them But they do it with style All the point of view characters are highly believable and likeable.

  17. I enjoyed this sequel to Yearbook It followed two of the characters, Andrea and Ethan Beckett, now out of high school The main story focuses on Andrea Andrea is attending college in New York and Ethan is on his mission in Brazil A couple of other characters view points are added to help move the story along.

  18. An AMAZING sequelI absolutely LOVED it The whole thing was so perfectly written and so thoroughly thought outI couldn t have loved it I loved the way each private person s story sealed up, and how it seemed like there was an overall resolve for all the characters at the end I love getting that feeling when I read a book I can t wait to read the third one

  19. I really enjoy her writing style, and it s not just because I m related to her I love how she weaves the story around to include so many different points of view, as each chapter is written by one of the main characters Not anything earth shattering, just a fun story that made me think about my own beliefs and how I can do better.

  20. Shows different point of views that slowly tie into a wonderful story It isn t my favorite author i find her writing a bit simple but its simplicity is what makes her work her work i suppose

  21. this was the sequel to yearbook it was good, slow in some parts and it totally left you hanging towards the end least on one subject, but it was altogether really good it had good lessons in it about trust, and cooperation i really recommend this whole series

  22. I liked this book a lot Condie did an excellent job of interweaving the older characters with the new characters I can t wait to read Reunion, but have yet to come across it yet I love this series.

  23. I liked this one better than the first of this series I imagine it is because I finally had some of the characters figured out lol There were so many to keep track of in the first book This one was specific I liked it, but probably won t place it in my read again pile.

  24. Good book LDS fiction I found the character development to be really believable and while there were several subplots going on, the focus stays on the two people it should Just really, really well done characters That totally makes this story work.

  25. I liked how Condie wrote this book then the content story of the book, so I think that it should be 3.5 stars Her characters didn t whine about every little thing and make them keep going around in circles, and mulling around in their short comings.

  26. This is the sequal to Yearbook, and was much better The author narrowed down the characters to only 4 or so main, so it was way easier to get into their lives I am way excited to read Reunion, the last in the serieswhich ever so conveniently came out a few days ago.

  27. I enjoyed reading this book Ally Condie has a great style and creates a believable story about young adults moving on to college from high school and dealing with the challenges one faces in this transition This is a great young adult fiction read

  28. Second book to YEARBOOKEach chapter is a different character.More mild read, but less lessons learned, Less drama.Less main characters to follow, so it was easier to follow.Andrea and Joel in New York Ithica

  29. I felt like I could realte to this book so much Maye it is because i m in College and the entire book is based around a girl who is attending college and is making a bunch of huge decisions One of my favorites.

  30. Fun read about college, missions and making major life decisions It was enjoyable to read about and remember Ithaca Side noteAlly great book I am impressed that you have published a few books I look forward to the next one.

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