Leo Africanus

Leo Africanus Leo Africanus is a beautiful book of tales about people who are forced to accept choices made for them by someone elseIt relates petically at times and often imaginatively the story of those who did

Leo Africanus is a beautiful book of tales about people who are forced to accept choices made for them by someone elseIt relates, petically at times and often imaginatively, the story of those who did not make it to the New World New York Times Book Review

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Leo Africanus

  1. Amin Maalouf Arabic alternate spelling Amin Maluf is a Lebanese journalist and novelist.He writes and publishes primarily in French Most of Maalouf s books have a historical setting, and like Umberto Eco, Orhan Pamuk, and Arturo P rez Reverte, Maalouf mixes fascinating historical facts with fantasy and philosophical ideas In an interview Maalouf has said that his role as a writer is to create positive myths Maalouf s works, written with the skill of a master storyteller, offer a sensitive view of the values and attitudes of different cultures in the Middle East, Africa and Mediterranean world.

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  1. Check this out Wherever you are , some will want to ask questions about your skin or your prayers Beware of gratifying their instincts, my son, beware of bending before the multitude Muslim, Jew or Christian, they must take you as you are, or lose you When men s minds seem narrow to you, tell yourself that the land of God is broad broad His hands and broad His heart Never hesitate to go far away, beyond all seas, all frontiers, all countries, all beliefs p.360 Now go and read it

  2. In many ways, Leo Africanus resembles the picaresque novels of the 17th and 18th century A charming everyman hero wanders the world and all the disordered societies in it, and we are pleased to follow his adventure He starts off as a young boy in Andalusia, and his family flees at the end of the Reconquista in 1492 After that, he moves along with the sweep of human history and God s unknowable designs He travels from Fez to Ouarzazate and Timbuktu, to Cairo and Mecca and Rome He becomes rich, su [...]

  3. Leo Africanus belongs to several very old traditions of storytelling It is epic, heroic, and, joins a long line of contemporary political commentaries hidden beneath a thin veil of time and space It is a tale based on the life of what we re almost sure is a real historical figure Leo Africanus or al Hassan ibn Muhammad al Wazan as his original name likely was, was a Muslim born in Granada about the time of the Reconquista His story begins with the voices of others, speaking to him, telling him w [...]

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  5. Leo nun kitab n okumaya ilk niyetlendi imde lisedeydim Kitaba yeni ba lam t m ki, nas l oldu bilmem kitap kayboldu O s ralar Amin Maalouf un di er kitaplar n hayranl kla okuyup bitirdim, farkl co rafyalarda gezdim, bilinmedik yollara d t m Hayyam la arap, Sabbah la ha ha i tim Kum ehrine u rad m, Semerkantta solukland m Cenevizden denizlere a ld m, Do u Akdeniz k y lar nda y z nc ad n pe inde ko tum Derken, Leo nun kitab n hala okumaman n z nc ve sevinci i inde buldum kendimi K aylar nda, sobal [...]

  6. Leo Africanus is a wonderfully realized, imaginary autobiography of one Hasan of Granada, driven from Spain along with his family at the time of the Inquisition From there his life was to follow the edges of the Mediterranean in a tale that covers the years from his birth in 1488 through the end of his writing in 1527 He lands in Fez with his family, travels to Timbuktu, Tunis, Constaninople and Cairo He is involved in education, in trade, suffers horribly and also has wonderful gains personally [...]

  7. Nereye gidersen git, birileri sana derinin rengini ve dualar n soracak Onlar n isteklerini ho nut etmekten uzak dur O lum, o unluk n nde boyun e mekten ka n ster M sl man, ister H ristiyan, ister Yahudi olsunlar, seni oldu un gibi kabul etmeliler ya da seni yitirmeyi g ze almal lar nsanlar n g r n dar buldu un zaman kendi kendine Tanr n n lkesinin ok geni oldu unu s yle O nun elleri ok geni tir, O nun y re i de ok geni tir Uzaklara gitmek, denizler, s n rlar, lkeler, inan lar a mak f rsat kt zam [...]

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