The Laughing Corpse

The Laughing Corpse Harold Gaynor offers Anita Blake a million dollars to raise a year old zombie Knowing it means a human sacrifice will be necessary Anita turns him down But when dead bodies start turning up she

Harold Gaynor offers Anita Blake a million dollars to raise a 300 year old zombie Knowing it means a human sacrifice will be necessary, Anita turns him down But when dead bodies start turning up, she realizes that someone else has raised Harold s zombie and that the zombie is a killer Anita pits her power against the zombie and the voodoo priestess who controls it.In THarold Gaynor offers Anita Blake a million dollars to raise a 300 year old zombie Knowing it means a human sacrifice will be necessary, Anita turns him down But when dead bodies start turning up, she realizes that someone else has raised Harold s zombie and that the zombie is a killer Anita pits her power against the zombie and the voodoo priestess who controls it.In The Laughing Corpse Anita will learn that there are some secrets better left buried and some people better off dead

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The Laughing Corpse

  1. Laurell K Hamilton is one of the leading writers of paranormal fiction A 1 New York Times bestselling author, Hamilton writes the popular Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels and the Meredith Gentry series She is also the creator of a bestselling comic book series based on her Anita Blake novels and published by Marvel Comics Hamilton is a full time writer and lives in the suburbs of St Louis with her family.

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  1. This was TERRIBLE Terrible Why are you here book Why do you exist Why do you suck SO MUCH Ugh I was listening to this while walking to work in the morning, and I m pretty sure I was waking up whole neighborhoods with my loud, UGGGGHHHHHHH s because I could not refrain from reacting to what a bitch this book is This book is such a little bitch It is not SO bad to start out with, just your normal Anita Blake bitchiness, like, girls shouldn t wear pink girls shouldn t shop girls shouldn t be femini [...]

  2. When I read the Kate Daniels series, I would see a lot of reviews that compared her to Anita Blake, and Kate would always come out on top I could see some similarities, obviously, but I find Anita a little disappointing in how dumb she is She really doesn t know how to shut the hell up so that someone would NOT want to kill her for a change I m going to kill you, he hissed Take a number, I said.She ll need to buy number machines if she keeps up this pace of pissing people offI mean, seriously, [...]

  3. Buddy read with Jessica Our Anita Blake marathon continues with the second installment in the series.One of the key things while reading this series is to remind myself of it being the product of its time, it makes it easier to forgive the overused, familiar elements and go with the flow A lot has happened since the first publication, but going back to the past also shows how little anything has really changed within the genre The development is astonishingly minimal in many ways.I liked The Lau [...]

  4. There was something about Hamilton s first, then second book that irritated the hell out of me, but I couldn t quite figure it out Then one day I saw a picture of her on the book and I understood what it was It annoys me when authors make themselves the hero ine of their books, and then just change the name and the environment to make it fantasy fiction But even so when you must keep reading about how powerful, and how unconsciously sexy, and how tough that character is why is she trying to pro [...]

  5. This book took my by surprise I have read it twice now, and there are parts that are still heart wrenching In the second book of the Anita Blake series, The Laughing Corpse rips you from reality and tosses you unexpectedly into a world of voodoo, betrayal and forced submission.Following the first book, this begins centered around Anita Blake and her job as an animator as well as the consulting work she does for the paranormal police division that investigates homocides that are obviously perform [...]

  6. I like these books They are fun and entertaining I like the MC, Anita There certainly are character traits that annoy me about her, but they aren t deal breakers I can t ever take this type of urban fantasy seriously But with that said, the author has a way with words in her descriptive strokes Sometimes it has me rolling my eyes, but mostly she does a great job of taking descriptions and adding layers to them That is what I like the most This is the 3rd book I ve read by her and I have thought [...]

  7. Anita Blake receives an offer to raise a 280 year old Zombie But such a raising would require a human sacrifice, and Anita draws the line there Dolph then summons her to the grisly scene of a crime the remains of a family Anita must now find the killer anyone else dies.Even though I didn t care for either the novel or the graphic novel of Guilty Pleasures, I decided to give this series another chance I am glad I did, because this book was a lot enjoyable than the previous book was.Anita Blake c [...]

  8. I have read all of the Anita Blake series and The Laughing Corpse is the second book in the series Again it is really great entertainment I enjoy all the characters and the plot Anita comes into powers by being Jean Claude s human servant so you get to see that and also her zombie raising skills come into play The second book is definitely one of the good ones.

  9. I forgot how much I loved the beginning of this series More action and blood and guts and JEAN CLAUDE.

  10. What a rush I m officially part of the Anita Blake fan club I would love to see this on TV it would be terribly gory, even worse that The Walking Dead, I d have to skip those parts, I have a weak stomach.Anita Blake is once again in trouble, this time she has to deal with some kind of meat eating zombie, she doesn t really know what it is, and she fears it may be the worst thing she will ever have to catch This monster ate a family of three members, leaving only blood splattered everywhere and a [...]

  11. Doing a re read after years away from the series, and after quitting the series about 10 books in Interested to see if I want to keep going this time, now that I know that things fall apart a little romance wise later on, rather than going in with hopes of happy endings

  12. I shouldn t have waited so long to read this book after finishing book 1 I had a difficult time remembering all the secondary characters But luckily despite that I still enjoyed this book What I did not enjoy was all the sound effects in the audiobook They were loud and annoying and distracted from the narration I could barely hear the narrator The only thing the sound effects managed to do was give me a headache If the narrator is good enough they can build suspense with just a change in their [...]

  13. Note this book is on my gruesome horror shelf Certain scene descriptions were disgusting and consequently depressing.So far, this series is not what I expected It is slightly grittier and not the least bit upbeat, but along the lines of what I expect from quality dark urban fantasy I enjoyed this book than the first, largely due to being familiar with Hamilton s world and characters, something which is typical of long running series The first books are usually the weakest I desperately want t [...]

  14. 2017 Summer Lovin Reading List How can I not adore a book that has a character bearing my name May I say that I did love Wheelchair Wanda, the prostitute with a heart of gold Even better, she lives while men die around her like flies But the book is about Anita, who is just a bit rougher and tougher that your average Urban Fantasy heroine Because she is an animator nercromancer, there are also far zombies than I m used to in the genre How is it that I can lurve the vampires and feel so ambivale [...]

  15. kitabisevda 2013 Asl nda uzun zamand r akl mda Anita n n t m kitaplar na yorum yazmak vard ama niyeyse k smet olmad Finallerin yar n olmas bende her zaman ki gibi blogla u ra ma i g d lerini tetikledi ve i te ben, kendimi Anita n n 2 kitab n yorumlarken buldum.G len ceset asl nda Anita dan okudu um ilk kitapt r Rastlant sonucu bir sahafta elime ge mi ti ve bende okumu tum Ka y l ncesinden bahsediyorum inan n bilmiyorum D n n o zamanlar daha ingilizcem iyi de il, T rk e okuyorum nsan 20 olunca 1 [...]

  16. After reading Guilty Pleasures and falling hook, line, and sinker into the Anita Blake world, I eagerly rushed forward to devour the second offering The Laughing Corpse digs deeper into Blake s world, shows off of Jean Claude, Ronnie, and the polices characters.As always, Anita is surrounded by problems with no immediate, easy solution in sight Emphasis isn t placed heavily on her vampire slaying, with her job as an animator The suspense and story is strong from the beginning action begins imm [...]

  17. The Laughing Corpse is one of my least favorite AB books and I really don t know why It s interesting, doesn t have all the sex craziness, no relationship drama but still It doesn t have Edward either.There is this one moment in the book that ruins it for me Anita is, if nothing else, supposed to be the good guy she says so herself many times but in order to get what she wants from Wanda she lets JC terrify the poor woman That s just wrong in my book.Then we have the Manny thing I mean good guys [...]

  18. Je t lep ne prvn d l Hrozn jsem se u knihy nasm la, ale nechyb li ani okam iky kdy m p lily o i od slz Naprosto geni ln kniha Ode mne dost v zaslou en pln po et hv zdi ek M pravdu Co si sakra kdo mysl , e tu chci d lat Ukr st t lo Kdybych cht la, celou tuhle budovu vypr zdn m a se v emi mrtvolami si zahraju v ichni jdeme sborem.

  19. I found I was liking this a little than the first one I liked the first one, but with the second, I started liking Anita , same with some of the other characters She was likable so that was nice Plus the plot was the main focus Only two books in, but I m liking the series So far anyway Hopefully the rest of the series is just as good.

  20. G len Ceset i, serinin ilk kitab Su lu Zevkler e g re ok daha iyi buldum A k as ilk kitab bir b l m okuyup b rak yordum Benim i in pek ak c , s r kleyici olmam t maalesef G len Ceset ise biraz daha rk t c bir kitap nk ok fazla zombilerle ve cesetlerle kar la yorsunuz Ama bence as l ba ar yazar n olaylar , sahneyi en ince ayr nt s yla anlat yor olu unda.Kan, ceset hatta ceset par alar ve tabii ki zombiler T m kitap boyunca s k s k bu 3 ey ile kar la yorsunuz Baz b l mlerde mi dem bulanmad de il, [...]

  21. As I reread this series I am aware of just how much it has changed and mutated into something completely different from the original books The Laughing Corpse is book 2 and focuses almost completely on Anita s zombie raising duties and her job helping the police on Spook Squad This book is horribly gory and disturbing I originally read it back before I had children and am relieved that I didn t attempt to read it when they were toddlers That s all I m sayin.In this book, Anita is called in to he [...]

  22. Whoever said that the Anita Blake books just get better as you go was wrong This was far worse than the first mediocre book in this series, and the only redeeming factor was the last third The beginning was so boring, in fact, that it couldn t hold my interest long enough for me to read than a few pages at a time.I only hope that this series starts looking up, because my brother bought the first eight or so books, and it feels like such a terrible waste not to read them, since he never did.Slow [...]

  23. I know a lot of people love the Anita Blake series, but I don t think I ll be one of them I really dislike the main character Why must I read over and over again that she s just so tiny and petite and yet tougher than she looks Once per book would be way too much and it s in at least every other chapter And why do I care what she s wearing Anita is not likable I understand that later on in the series she turns rather slutty, and I m thinking I might just skip ahead to those books, if I read any [...]

  24. OK, I did not enjoy the image of one blood soaked carpet, with a baby blanket or a little small hand left in the coagualting carpet ACK I do love the silly world Anita Blake inhabits, where vampires have legal rights and zombie raising is an acceptable occupation Will vampires get the vote Will Anita survive to see the answer Stay tuned, kids, same bat time, same bat channel I loved tv s Batman, too This book was so gory, which I mention because it is like the elephant in the room that isn t re [...]

  25. The Laughing Corpse is a well written and action packed read.Anita s character is fantastic, capable, practical and stubborn The other major players in this story are intricate and colorful.The mystery is better this time, though in retrospect a little unbelievable, even for this universe.I enjoyed the character growth and the plot progression.Over all a great read

  26. One of the best things about Anita is her give no fucks attitude She s all You think you can take me zombie Do you I think not And bam, down goes the zombie and off goes Anita It s all very fascinating 4 stars cause it ran a bit long in the middle.

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