Famous, A Short Story

Famous A Short Story A daughter comes to terms with her father s Alzheimer s disease Short story and part of the Love Family Collection

A daughter comes to terms with her father s Alzheimer s disease.Short story, and part of the Love Family Collection.

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Famous, A Short Story

  1. Ashley Barron loves books, Washington, D.C her family, and all things small business In addition to writing novels, short stories, and how to guides, she is an active blogger and can often be found on Twitter as dcPriya.

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  1. This is a short story about a woman seeing her father in his final stages of life He is no longer the strong, loving man that helped raise her He is now physically helpless and almost completely mentally detached from the present world.The story line is beyond touching, or heartwarming, or any of those inadequate descriptions Powerful may be too strong a word, but it is certainly potent I know that it hit me hard.To say that it is well written just doesn t cover it The way she wove the fond memo [...]

  2. Quick read A daughter comes to reasses her relationship with her aging father The author shows that sometimes doing the right thing while hard can have unexpected benefits I look forward to reading by this author.

  3. This short story is about a woman whose father has either dementia or Alzheimer s, it s never really said in the story but both dementia and Alzheimer s is mentioned at the end of the story My grandmother has Alzheimer s right now at a pretty late stage I felt like I knew exactly what the main character was going through by not wanting to visit because it is too hard to face I know my grandmother still loves me even though half the time she mixes me or my kids up with someone else I like the way [...]

  4. This short story hits a little home for me because my grandfather, whom I barely knew but always had a huge impression on me as a little girl, died of Alzheimer s disease So while reading this short story, I could see myself as the main character, the daughter of a alzheimer patient, and I see my grandfather in his place I felt deeply touched by this story, and I only wished it would have been longer But as short as it was, it still hit right at home for me I still feel hope that I will see my g [...]

  5. A short, poignant work on the threads of memories that make up a life, realized by the daughter of a father with Alzheimer s Masterfully delivered.

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