The First 2,000 Years:From Adam To Abraham

The First Years From Adam To Abraham The classic by Skousen reissued in with a new design with updated figures to the text small new preface by author detailing the work and few changes pages with index charts

The classic by Skousen reissued in 1997 with a new design with updated figures to the text, small new preface by author detailing the work and few changes 329 pages with index, charts.

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The First 2,000 Years:From Adam To Abraham

  1. W Cleon Skousen 1913 2006 was a popular teacher, lecturer and author in the United States for over 40 years Born in Raymond, Alberta, Canada on January 20, 1913, Dr Skousen s growing up years were spent in Canada, Mexico, and California.At age 17 he was called to serve a two year, LDS mission to Great Britain for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints He later attended college at the San Bernardino Junior College where he was elected Student Body President.With scholarships and encouragements, he left California in 1934 to work as a government aid in Washington DC Later Dr Skousen applied and was hired as an FBI agent.Dr Skousen married his sweetheart, Jewel Pitcher of San Bernardino, California, August 1936 During the past 69 years, they have raised 8 children and are the grandparents of 50 grandchildren and over 69 great grandchildren He resided in Salt Lake City, Utah, the remainder of his life.Dr Skousen served the FBI for 16 years 1935 1951 , and worked closely with J Edgar Hoover In 1951 he was asked to join the faculty of Brigham Young University Here he headed up the Student Alumni organization In 1956 he was asked to serve as Chief of Police of Salt Lake City During his 4 year service, he also wrote his national best seller, The Naked Communist He also was the editor of the nations leading police magazine, Law And Order In 1960 he left the police force and began speaking tours around the country on the political crisis during that time period He also ran for the governors office in Utah, but narrowly missed the primaries.In 1967, Dr Skousen returned to BYU as a professor in the Religion Department He taught classes on The Book of Mormon, The Old Testament, and early LDS Church History He continued that assignment until his retirement in 1978.In 1972 Dr Skousen organized a non profit educational foundation, named The Freemen Institute Later changed to The National Center for Constitutional Studies NCCS , Dr Skousen and his staff became the nation s leading organization in teaching seminars on the Founding Fathers and the U.S Constitution His book, The Making of America has been used nation wide to educate students on the original intent of the Founders.His many books and recordings include subjects from raising boys to principles of good government, to prophetic history Listed in this web site are all the books and tapes which are still available today Dr Skousen shares a wealth of knowledge and optimism a diamond dust of exciting history and eternal principles of hope, that calms the sea in today s stormy world of seemingly chaos and uncertainty.Dr Skousen passed away peacefully in his home on January 9, 2006, of natural causes incident to age, just 11 days shy of his ninety third birthday He was lovingly surrounded by his family and wife Jewel, with whom he was anticipating their 70th wedding anniversary in August He will truly be missed by many.

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  1. This book was interesting to read, but if a person wants to read this book, they need to do so with the idea in mind that Skousen writes from his point of view and not necessarily writes facts Nevertheless, much of what Skousen writes in this book makes a person ponder and search the scriptures for themselves.

  2. Written by a raving lunatic, from the text Back when I was an LDS adherent, I read it, understood the origin of it and the logic of it but looking back, it s apparent that the man had zero critical thinking skills whatsoever and made up the majority of the trip out of his own head as opposed to actually sourcing any legitimate information.It s a clear study on the extreme lengths people can go in order to support or rationalize their arbitrarily nutty beliefs.If you pick it up to read, skip to t [...]

  3. Such a great way to bring the Old Testament to life I am pretty weaksauce when it comes to reading things like the Old Testament from cover to cover, but Skousen s interpretations make the Bible digestable, real He doesn t have an answer for everything, but he has at the very least plausible explanations for most things found in the Bible.

  4. In every cultural group there are household names W Cleon Skousen is one of those names among Latter day Saints In fact, like Hugh Nibley, Skousen is a Latter day Saint academic that achieved enough prominence and visibility that some members of the Church incorrectly referred to him as Elder Skousen, inadvertently suggesting he was a Apostle, which he was not Skousen achieved this level of visibility by writing books like The First 2,000 Years and its subsequent follow ups, as well as other tre [...]

  5. I have to admit I enjoyed reading this book by Skousen I do believe he is an authority on the scriptures I enjoyed reading about the events in the Old Testament due to the fact that the Old Testament has some of my most favorite scripture stories.BUT Although I enjoy Skousen, and he does site references, I still feel that his books are filled with opinion I do take to heart that what he writes may be personal opinion, but for me, it is still fun to readeping that in mind This book has brought on [...]

  6. I m sure there are some good insights and thoughts in here, but I just felt like most of it was purely his own speculation and theory and it bothered me that he was presenting it as fact one of my pet peeves, when authors are misleading with opinions vs facts So that just made me feel too uncomfortable with it to finish reading it I think for religious purposes I d rather stick to accepted doctrines.

  7. This book is crazy But the old testament is crazy too I love the book but I do keep in mind it s purpose which I believe is to help get you thinking about the o.t In a new way That new way is not necessarily the only way or the correct way just one mans thoughts on a text that is no matter what going to be tough to swallow.

  8. Good commentary on the Old Testament A bit of a stretch in places HOWEVER, in the appendix there is an article about why we need the Atonement which ought to be required yearly reading for everyone on the earth EXCELLENT

  9. This book gave me a whole different feeling about the bible It brought it to life so I felt I really knew the characters in the first 2000 years of this earth s history.

  10. Skousen s books are always informative, but he does have a tendency to interject his views and present them as factual and authoritative when they may not actually be so He has given me a lot to think about, however There was an interesting article in the appendix about the atonement and why it is necessary it gives information about intelligences above and beyond what is presented to us in the sparse scriptures that are available currently on that topic This is just one example where I believe [...]

  11. I loved reading this book Amazing insight and history on Adam and Eve, Cain, Noah, Enoch, and Abraham Seems like it would be an intense read, but was actually very enjoyable.I love bible stories and the amazing things we can learn from them, but I often get lost when it comes to the history of the bible This book helped combine many stories in to one so they made better sense historically for me I don t agree with all of the conclusions that Skausen draws, but still loved ready his insights This [...]

  12. I m not a fan of non fiction books, but this book was really captivating to me It offers intelligent and in depth explanations of the Bible from Adam to 2000 years after It talks about things like why Adam was given charge to rule over Eve, why we can trust Moses account of Genesis, and how many people were probably on the earth at the time of NoahI wouldn t have thought there would be very many people, because it would take a long time for two people to fill the earthbut when you take into acco [...]

  13. The Old Testament is so much interesting when you have some background and delve into the personality of the people Skousen s books are an easy read, even though they are very detailed He references his sources frequently, which is helpful, and lets the reader know if an idea is only speculation on his part He also frequently quotes the scripture directly instead of making the reader stop and pick up the scripture to read the reference, which can be cumbersome, especially if the reference is to [...]

  14. This is a really great book VERY deep for my small mind This book is definately a slow read due to the complexity of the subjects Made for lots of thinking, pondering, wondering Lots of new information for me I would definately need to read it again, as I m sure this is one of those books you can t read just one time and really get everything out of it that is there I have some impatience with books that require me to think too much, so sometimes it was hard for me to stick to it , but was defin [...]

  15. I emjoyed this book The author had a way of blending disparate hints and clues from the text of the scriptures and blending it into a cohesive narrative picture of what things were like in that time There are many excellent thoughts and insights, but this book needs to be read with caution because there are some areas where the author imposes his own interpretation or imaginative filler detail of the narrative in a way that adds to the pathos of the story, but is not necessarily how things reall [...]

  16. There are 3 books in this series I read them awhile ago and have now inherited copies from my Grandfather I could lend out They really help me while reading the Old Testament Skousen took all the material and placed it in chronological order so you can easily see how things fit together in time Throught the narritive there are many quotes and clarification from modern prophets My favorite was this book becuase I find that time period the most interesting personally The next two books were also g [...]

  17. I learned A LOT from reading this book It is very dense and not a quick read, but it was worth the effort I appreciated being able to put everything into a proper perspective and see how beautifully the Old Testament flows from one generation to the next There were quite a few times when Skousen told the reader what these great men and women were thinking and put words into their mouths I get that it brings the story to life, but he took too much liberty here A great resource for gaining under [...]

  18. I recently reread this and found myself responding as negatively as I did the first time I hasten to add that all those years reading texts as a historian, I read supposition and opinion with a very heightened sense of wariness.There were several insights in the book which stimulated my thinking, and for that I ll give it three stars, but the suppositions with which I disagree and which a quick return to my scriptures fuels added eyebrow raising would probably bring it down to about a 1.Props to [...]

  19. P 75 The gift of the Holy Ghost quickens the spirit or the inner man and gives us the motivation to dominate our physical environment and mold it to conform to our spiritual needs as well as our temporal It makes us alive spiritually After being thus quickened through the gift of the Holy Ghost the human personality is often noticeably changed so that personal refinement, the comprehension of deep gospel themes and the manifestation of tenacious loyalty to ideals and principles become prominent [...]

  20. This book sat on my bookshelf gathering dust for two years before I finally got around to opening the cover It will really open your eyes to a lot of things about the creation and the great flood that I thought I knew and realized I really didn t It will also add to your appreciation and understanding of the Pearl of Great Price It was a little hard for me starting but then I really found it amazing.

  21. This book is amazing This is the second time I ve read this one and I love reading anything and everything written by Skousen It is really informative and is a quick read I like that it gives you enough details and insights without getting bogged down I had a hard time putting it down even the second time and I can t wait to start on the next book I would reccommend this book to anyone who wants to delve a little deeper into the Bible and the first 2,000 of mankind.

  22. I read this in the early 1990 s and found it very fascinating at the time as Skousen seemed to explain the workings of the cosmos with such certainty and detail that I was converted and thus I took his opinion as doctrine That was in my youth As a philosophical work this remains interesting as a sort of unintentional expos on LDS cognitive dissonance at work For that, I give it three stars.

  23. re reading This is the first of 3 books, considered classics detailing biblical history The books use material from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Largely Supposition, the author has an entertaining writing style, and thought provoking insight Scripture footnotes document the authors positions throughout the text.

  24. A great and comprehensive compilation of the beginnings of man Skousen uses all known text to give a complete story He fills in the blanks, from revelation to obscure text to the bible In my opinion he helps make sense of the overall picture.I loved reading it and will go back to it again and again A classic in my opinion

  25. The late Brother Skousen was truly a gifted man This volume contains an appendix of great importance entitled Why was the atonement necessary It took him several years to develop these ideas and was told by Elder John Widstoe to put them in his next book Therefore the appendix has little to do with the content of this book which, by itself, is a great book.

  26. I thought this was a pretty good book I m not much of a fan of Skousen as I think that he tends to make some assumptions that are a bit too off the wall and some of his conclusions are highly questionable Overall though I thought he did a good job of explaining the history of the World as revealed through the scriptures.

  27. Okay, I never actually finished this book Although I love reading books like these because it makes me feel smarter, I also have a hard time reading them because it s not a story What I read, I really liked, but it was hard for me to motivate myself to read I m not sure if that makes any sense, but that s how it went.

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