Gentlemen and Players

Gentlemen and Players Audere agere auferre To dare to strive to conquer For generations privileged young men have attended St Oswald s Grammar School for Boys groomed for success by the likes of Roy Straitley the ec

Audere, agere, auferre To dare, to strive, to conquer For generations, privileged young men have attended St Oswald s Grammar School for Boys, groomed for success by the likes of Roy Straitley, the eccentric Classics teacher who has been a fixture there for than thirty years But this year the wind of unwelcome change is blowing Suits, paperwork, and information tAudere, agere, auferre To dare, to strive, to conquer For generations, privileged young men have attended St Oswald s Grammar School for Boys, groomed for success by the likes of Roy Straitley, the eccentric Classics teacher who has been a fixture there for than thirty years But this year the wind of unwelcome change is blowing Suits, paperwork, and information technology are beginning to overshadow St Oswald s tradition, and Straitley is finally, and reluctantly, contemplating retirement He is joined this term by five new faculty members, including one who unbeknownst to Straitley and everyone else holds intimate and dangerous knowledge of St Oswald s ways and secrets Harboring dark ties to the school s past, this young teacher has arrived with one terrible goal to destroy St Oswald s.As the new term gets under way, a number of incidents befall students and faculty alike Beginning as small annoyances a lost pen, a misplaced coffee mug they are initially overlooked But as the incidents escalate in both number and consequence, it soon becomes apparent that a darker undercurrent is stirring within the school With St Oswald s unraveling, only Straitley stands in the way of its ruin The veteran teacher faces a formidable opponent, however a master player with a bitter grudge and a strategy that has been meticulously planned to the final move, a secret game with very real, very deadly consequences.A harrowing tale of

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Gentlemen and Players

  1. Joanne Harris is an Anglo French author, whose books include fourteen novels, two cookbooks and many short stories Her work is extremely diverse, covering aspects of magic realism, suspense, historical fiction, mythology and fantasy She has also written a DR WHO novella for the BBC, has scripted guest episodes for the game ZOMBIES, RUN , and is currently engaged in a number of musical theatre projects as well as developing an original drama for television.In 2000, her 1999 novel CHOCOLAT was adapted to the screen, starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp She is an honorary Fellow of St Catharine s College, Cambridge, and in 2013 was awarded an MBE by the Queen.Her hobbies are listed in Who s Who as mooching, lounging, strutting, strumming, priest baiting and quiet subversion She also spends too much time on Twitter plays flute and bass guitar in a band first formed when she was 16 and works from a shed in her garden at her home in Yorkshire.

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  1. St Oswalds Grammar School for Boys is an exclusive British institution, a bastion of tradition and privilege Roy Straitley is an aging Classics teacher about to reach his 100th term at the school The sameness and relative serenity of St Oswalds is about to be shattered A new teacher is up to no good, determined to wreak havoc, perhaps even destroy the school and all those in it Ultimately, this will become a battle between the honorable Straitley and the wretch bent on revenge and destruction Th [...]

  2. Onvan Gentlemen and Players Nevisande Joanne Harris ISBN 60559144 ISBN13 9780060559144 Dar 422 Safhe Saal e Chap 2005

  3. Joanne Harris is best known for her award winning novel Chocolat that lead to the highly successful film of the same name and two novels featuring the main characters Her other novels include Blackberry Wine, Five Quarters of the Orange, The Lollipop Shoes and Peaches for Father Francis Born in her grandparent s sweet shop, her family has a tradition of storytelling, folklore, cookery and strong women It is no surprise then that many of her books feature food, sweets and strong women following [...]

  4. This book is an absolute delight from start to finish Joanne Harris has always been a favourite of mine and she certainly did not let me down with this one Mr Straitly is such a well drawn character I found myself cheering for him the whole time and I was desperate for him to succeed in the end The last paragraphs of the book brought tears to my eyes There is a very big mystery angle to this story and although I was able to guess the identity of the murderer fairly early on it was only because h [...]

  5. Another wonderful read by Joanne Harris I wish I had read this one before the sequel A Different Class published 11 years later but nothing was spoiled by reading in reverse order I m looking forward to a third or fourth in the series but, hopefully, sooner than 11 years Highly recommended.

  6. This is definitely the best book I have read so far this year Why Let me count the ways Where to begin The only real complaint I have is that the synopsis and teasers given tell a story nothing like what readers have At least, it reveals only a sliver, and not even a very significant one comparatively minor enough that it changes the overall perception 1 As always, Joanne Harris is an expert at characterization This is my 4th book by her I read and even if I did not like the book too much overal [...]

  7. Delightful, engaging and well written thriller, with an interesting plot and credible characters It beautifully recreates the special atmosphere of an old, privileged, traditional educational institution, and the particular set of idiosyncrasies, values, ineradicable and peculiar attitudes that characterize teachers as well as students in such a unique environment The main character, old school teacher Straitley, is just lovely and his passion for teaching and culture are contagious You can not [...]

  8. Oh is this a splendid read I almost gave it 5 stars until just 50 or 70 so pages from the end, when I think Harris jumped the shark a bit But then I read Different Class first, so having given that one the 5 star, I felt this first one just shied behind it It is 4.5 star if I could give it that rating If you have ever taught for a private institution anywhere, this book will cut to your gut with its sharp spears of recognition Not just in England is there an embodiment like St O s Be it for hund [...]

  9. Nothing but pure delight entertainment at its best, with a few life lessons thrown in, for good measure Joanne Harris novels never fail to put me in a good mood, just through the sheer delight of her writing Sometimes you just need to smile, and be entertained Sometimes you just need a good game of psychological chess to chase away the cobwebs of winter This delivers on both counts.

  10. Alright, I ll say right up front that I would have given this book five stars, except that it has profanity and school boy crudities than I m comfortable with in a book But, and this might be a bad thing , I m willing to put up with a little of that in a really great book This book is definitely PG13 than PG.That being said, it s a great story It s set in a boys prep school in England and the story centers around Roy Straitley, a latin professor who has taught there for 33 years Chapters are [...]

  11. The thing I really like about Joanne Harris Chocolat, Five Quarters of an Orange, etc is that she is not a formula writer Each of her books is unique and can stand on its own merits Gentlemen and Players is a bit of a cat and mouse thriller that effectively uses a chess analogy throughout the novel Lots of twists and turns in this mystery Many of the characters names are cleverly used to offer some insights and hints But don t read too, much about the story beforehand if you want to enjoy the fu [...]

  12. What a great book especially the end where I did NOT see any of those twists coming It s the sort of book that makes you want to turn to the beginning again to see where you might have picked up clues or see what you missed.I am a HUGE Joanne Harris fan, my favourites of hers being the foodie books and I must admit to being a tad sceptical when I picked this up thinking that maybe she wouldn t do thriller novels quite as well I was wrong this lady is no one trick pony From the first page you kno [...]

  13. I honesty think this is Harris best book I truly do.To talk to much about the plot is to give away a bit too many spoilers, and part of the joy of the book is the mystery so, let s not do that What I love, besides the mystery, is the look at class, gender, and blind love that we can t fully rationalize There are so many parallels between the central characters and this is a winning aspect of the novel.

  14. A brilliant psychological thriller where the criminal is playing a game of chess with the staff at St Oswald s, a posh all boys school, with the aim of bringing down the school by tarnishing its reputation The main target is an old fashioned teacher named Quaz AKA Quasimodo since he resides in the school tower , I loved this character The novel alternates chapters from the perpetrator and the old teacher perspective Harris does a wonderful job in creating a credible psychopath with a grudge Alth [...]

  15. May 1st, 2007 Two weeks before Ava was born Not recommended I went to Kepler s a week ago and almost came home with four new books But I instituted an emergency policy on the spot only one book purchase allowed and I picked this one It sounded so promising I love page turners and this was touted as wickedly funny , literary, and all that good stuff But my high hopes were dashed And I gave up after about 120 pages.In short, two narrators one who is supposed to be acerbically witty and the other w [...]

  16. Joanne Harris novels have consistently impressed me since first discovering her She s a great writer, and I just love the cadence of her prose and the wonderfully realistic characters that she presents in a vivid and rich setting This literary mystery of hers is no exception it s an enjoyable and entertaining read The evil narrator s real identity is not impossible to figure out before the end, but it doesn t detract from the fun in reading it, and adds that wonderful joy of being right.I also [...]

  17. 4 4.25 stars A solid, good read Fantastic, believable characters, excellent writing It loses a bit because I hated the villain TOO much The audio performance is amazing Better than the book If you re looking for a cat and mouse suspense read, this is it The older Latin teacher I will never forget him What a three dimensional, awesome man I would love to meet Any teacher I think would especially appreciate this book.

  18. I was all over the place with this book Thinking one thing, then another, then another Listening to the audio format wasn t exactly the best thing either, because I initially thought that the other parts were Straitley as a child simply because it was the same narrator throughout But I figured it out eventually But then we were intentionally misled and taken on a massive roller coaster ride Whew, I m exhausted A very interesting and unique mystery that s hidden away from the mainstream Looking f [...]

  19. How do you feel when you know you are nothing but the porter s son and will never ever be accepted by any of the boys at St Oswald s Oh the agony of being overlooked, ignored, despised when you know that you are as good maybe even better than those snoots That s when you transform yourself from Julian Snyde into Julian Pinchbeck, as Julian Pinchbeck you have the run of St Oswald s, as the porter s son you have the bunch of keys that allows you to inspect every nook and cranny of St Oswald, you k [...]

  20. Wowwhat can I say about this book but I was blown awayIts an effort and exercise in vocabulary and patience but well worth itThe surprise twist that comes around page 324 is enough to make this book unforgettable and rareThis is the story of a prestigious all boys day school St Oswalds and all the characters and secrets it holds are revealed to us by two narrators you love and hate on one hand you have the loveable old Mr Straitley a tweed jacket wearing relic of the old academic era when Latin [...]

  21. An incredibly clever book We take the premise of an all boys grammar school, add a person with a serious grudge and things start to get interesting It unfolds slowly, we know very little about the main character or what caused their hatred of the infamous St Oswalds School we follow them as they infiltrate the school and plan its ultimate downfall.I can t give away too much all I will say is the twist at the end has to be one of the greatest twists in contemporary literature It royally screws yo [...]

  22. From what started out as a neat premise quickly devolved into a tedious, meandering puddle of words I will say this much, I was hooked from the beginning The plot for revenge by an outcast antihero Going back and forth in narration between the PAWN, our schemer with trips back into the past, and present and the KING, the Classics Master, old centurion Mr Roy Straitley, we find ourselves as readers woven into the murky history of St Oswald s school for boys, and the lengths some will go to to des [...]

  23. Gentlemen and Players may not be the best known of Joanne Harris s works, Chocolat undoubtedly holds that title, but this novel is a riveting story worthy of praise for its intelligence and ingenuity Centered around the public private for those of us in the US St Oswald s grammar school for boys where things begin to go terribly wrong and we are not talking paper airplanes and spit balls disorder, like school for scandal As the school, and surrounding town, attempt to come to grips with the ins [...]

  24. Where do I start with this review I ve read a number of Joanne Harris books Almost all of them.This one blew all of those books out of the water.In my experience with her books, I ve come to learn that there is a place in the middle where the plot lags, or the characters irritate me, or something just slows down enough for me to put the book down and pick something else up before going back to it.That point didn t happen in this book It was fast paced and neat and every character was developed t [...]

  25. Excellent Harris s best Changing genres, yet keeping her mysterious twists and turns, G P will hold your interest The characters are extraordinary,the plot paced just so, the story is superb It is a clever tour de force Nothing is as it seems.One of my top 5 books for 2006

  26. I don t know exactly why I bought this book It looked nice to have a book on my shelves that was normal, with simple people, no magicians, no genius children and so Well, I have to admit that most of the books I thought they are simple, they are not And this is an example.The book is telling the story of a young student It s experiece The way the school is working And it s relationships with the people among it It s family, its friends, its teachers.The book is also telling the story of a Latin [...]

  27. Depois da desastrosa estreia com O Rapaz de Olhos Azuis, Xeque ao Rei revelou se uma agrad vel surpresa, talvez por desta vez n o ter iniciado o livro com falsas ilus es, nem altas expectativas e por j ter tido contacto com o estilo de escrita de Joanne Harris.Os problemas come am quando St Oswald, um col gio de elite, desperta sentimentos de inadapta o, humilha o, inferioridade e raiva numa crian a que se sente irresistivelmente atra da por ele e que se apercebe que nunca ser aceite naquele mun [...]

  28. A tightly plotted and difficult to put down sort of novel, I read it in a 24 hour period I think Gentleman and Players has in common with Blue Eyed Boy than it does with Harris s earlier work and I wonder if we re seeing a change of direction Blackberry Wine, Chocolate, Coastliners and others from earlier in her career were very much tales about and I think, for women Touched with magical realism and otherness, they had a warmth and hopefulness I haven t registered so much in recent books Gent [...]

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