Shadow Roll

Shadow Roll How many gumshoes are dogs It s Sam Russo self named and self styled would follow in the hard boiled footsteps of Sam Spade if he was hard boiled Up to his hocks in the murders of three young

How many gumshoes are dogs It s 1948 Sam Russo, self named and self styled, would follow in the hard boiled footsteps of Sam Spade, if he was hard boiled Up to his hocks in the murders of three young jockeys with both local cops and the track turning a blind eye, Sam is a closer He s coming home if it kills him Race horses, a gorgeous sassy dame, the Season at SaratogHow many gumshoes are dogs It s 1948 Sam Russo, self named and self styled, would follow in the hard boiled footsteps of Sam Spade, if he was hard boiled Up to his hocks in the murders of three young jockeys with both local cops and the track turning a blind eye, Sam is a closer He s coming home if it kills him Race horses, a gorgeous sassy dame, the Season at Saratoga, what could a PI want To become the owner of a dog named Jane who is smarter than he is Sam is Jane s partner Sam is the human half who gets the jobs that Jane solves.

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Shadow Roll

  1. Ki Longfellow, born on Staten Island, New York, to a French Irish mother and an Iroquois father, grew up in Hawaii and Marin County, California, but ended up living in France and England for many years She is the widow of a British national treasure, the complete artist Vivian Stanshall.In England, she created and sailed the Thekla, a 180 foot Baltic Trader, to the port of Bristol where it became the Old Profanity Showboat It remains there today as a Bristol landmark On it, she and Vivian wrote and staged a unique musical for the sheer joy of it Stinkfoot, a Comic Opera, garnered a host of delighted, if slightly puzzled, national reviews The Old Profanity is on its way to becoming The Last Showboat, film.Her first book, China Blues, was the subject of a bidding war China Blues, and her second novel, Chasing Women, introduced Longfellow to Hollywood a long hard but ultimately fascinating trip China Blues was reissued by Eio Books in 2012 When Vivian died in 1995, Ki stopped writing, living on Standing Room Only Farm in Vermont Time may not heal, but it tempers Eventually Ki began writing again, but her subject became the moment at age 19 that informed her life a direct experience with the Divine She chose the figure of Mary Magdalene to tell that tale in her novel The Secret Magdalene Nancy Savoca, a brilliant independent film maker winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize with her first film, True Love traveled all the way to Vermont to option the book as her next film.Ki s second book on the Divine Feminine is Flow Down Like Silver, a novel about the numinous and gifted Hypatia of Alexandria, a tragically ignored historical figure of towering intellect who searched through intellect for what the Magdalene knew in her heart.Recently, a huge departure from her all she d written before, Longfellow found herself writing a tale of supernatural horror called Houdini Heart This book was selected by the Horror Writers of America as one of a handful of books to be considered for their 2011 Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Novel.In the Spring of 2013 the first three titles of her Sam Russo noir murder mystery series was published by Eio Books Shadow Roll, Good Dog, Bad Dog, and The Girl in the Next Room In December, 2013, she released a tale of one woman s attempt to survive lost in the Sonoran Desert Walks Away Woman She s at work on the third and last book in her Divine Feminine series Meant to be one thing, it s become quite another thing Writers may think they know what they re going to write, but they can be very wrong.She lives wherever she finds herself Currently that s a sailboat in Puget Sound.

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  1. I haunt the book racks looking for new mystery series They re coming at me from all directions I think there s even a zombie detective, or maybe that s a vampire detective Gag me with a stake But here is the real deal Real period New York in the late 40s Mean streets Murder Mayhem And a detective to love and walk with wherever he goes I LOVE Sam Russo In the orphanage from hell, no one gave him a name so he named himself His parents are the people he sees at the movies He s in love with dead Car [...]

  2. I ve found a new detective noir hero Sam is slick and witty Stuck on Staten Island, longing for Manhattan He can see the lights from his one room without bath He wants to be Bogart when Bogart s up on the screen playing Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe But he s not Under his hardboil is a soft center I love the drinking and the smoking without thinking twice about it I love wearing a hat and a trenchcoat I love walking the unique streets with the unique Sam Russo, Private Eye I m reading the second b [...]

  3. I ve just run through the first three Sam Russo noir novels this one, then Good Dog, Bad Dog and then The Girl in the Next Room A Sam Russo Mystery Case 3 and now I drum my fingers for Noir 1940s New York, Staten Island, Saratoga Springs A quirky lead, two fabulous sidekicks I want Lots Waiting, Ms Longfellow.

  4. For me, this book does it I am now convinced Longfellow write anything in any style and do it brilliantly Now devouring the other two Good Dog, Bad Dog A Sam Russo Mystery Case 2 and The Girl in the Next Room Fabulous noir set in late 40s New York City.

  5. Mix Bogart on the screen playing Spade or Marlowe, add some Marx Brothers and a lot of Carole Lombard, make Asta smart, fierce, funny and prone to humming, and then ask a soft hearted gumshoe who s named himself Sam Russo to make sense of some great mysteries, and you have a new noir series to die for.

  6. This is the first in a new series of noir Private Eye cases centered on Sam Russo, a kid from a horror of a Staten Island orphanage right after the Second World War The mysteries are mysterious I didn t figure out one of them so far , the lead is funny and whimsical and self deprecating whose hero is Bogie up there on the Silver Screen Over the course of his first mystery he acquires two sidekicks, both of whom could star in books of their own A TV series of Sam ought be in the making If nothing [...]

  7. I ve found my latest favorite mystery series It has all I ask of noir and Noir isn t usually funny The guy is always dark and troubled and plays things close to his chest Not Sam Sam is funny and not always sure of himself and gets all his best ideas from the movies or his dog Love him More

  8. My latest greatest fave rave detective crave All the stuff I like in a murder mystery Really mysterious I never saw the solutions coming Great lead characters In this case, there are two besides Sam Russo himself Both of them have the goods for their own series Great atmosphere Staten Island and Manhattan in the late 40s Sharp sassy dialogue I eat this stuff up.

  9. This one did it I am now a fan of Ki Longfellow This woman can write anything Deeply profound spiritual fiction Fantasy horror Historical noir Her Sam Russo series is a total delight I am in love with Sam and Jane and Mrs Willingford Oh, and Holly.

  10. An absolute delight to read, all three of the new Sam Russos May there be On top of being terrific noir and puzzling whodunnits, Sam is funny.

  11. I read the first book because I admire this writer and wanted to see what she d do with mystery Got through it in one long exciting night So I began the next one the very next day Good Dog, Bad Dog A Sam Russo Mystery, 2 And then the next The Girl in the Next Room Basically I read all three in three days I d be reading one now if I could Great stuff As for Jane, I want her

  12. I m eating up this new series Love everything about it Man, dog, Mrs Willingford, time, place, talk, cases the best.

  13. I m hooked on this series I want that dog Jane is something special All three books are something special.

  14. This writer can write in any genre If you like noir mysteries, dogs, a charming disarming Private Eye, and lots of mystery, this is for you.

  15. This is a new series of witty noir which I devoured in a few sittings Can t wait for It s the time which is fascinating late 1940s, and the place, New York City, but it s the characters who get under your skin I don t care what they re up to, just being with Sam and his dog Jane if she s a dog and Mrs Willingford If I could I d move next door to Sam and hope he liked me I d take Jane for walkies anytime he asked And boy would I like to get close to Mrs W This goes for Good Dog, Bad Dog A Sam Ru [...]

  16. I love books for all sorts of reasons One of the best reasons is because I fall in love with the people in them I don t care what they re doing, I just want to be in their world with them I ve just finished the third book in this new series and am jone sing for the next one I love wandering around in boring 1940s Stapleton, Staten Island with Sam Russo I love his every movie filled thought I love his dog If I ever met a real dog like Jane, I d move out of this apartment immediately to provide a [...]

  17. I now know whatever genre Longfellow decides to write is going to be terrific Now she s doing noir murder mysteries I read them all and they re getting better and better.

  18. This is right up my dark alley Everything is just right I feel like I m reading a book, a really good book, written in the 40s I ve read all three now Good Dog, Bad Dog A Sam Russo Mystery, 2 The Girl in the Next Room and this one, Shadow Roll A Sam Russo Mystery, 1 and each one is a gem Keep em coming, Mrs Willingford.

  19. Sam Russo, wannabe Private Eye, noir movie buff, pulp fiction reader, lover of horse flesh and horse racing, falls into a case of not one, but three murdered jockeys at his favorite race track in his very first real hard boiled case He s much too soft to be hard boiled but he s trying I love everything about him It s 1948 He s still young, been through the war on the Pacific Front, seen a lot of terrible things in his life, but he ll never be bitter or hard bitten He s a funny sincere guy with a [...]

  20. Wow A new and snazzy detective series just when I was in despair A great private eye wry funny, not so sure of himself, not gloomy, hardboiled only when he really needs to be , a great time and setting late 1940s in New York , a gorgeous dame who s probably smarter than he is, and his dog who is smarter than both of them LOVE IT Waiting for the next one.

  21. Very enjoyable take on the pulp noir detective fiction The story is humorous and yet keeps the story flowing with enough of the classic elements of a Chandler or Hammett novel to make the journey as much of the experience as the final outcome.Well done, I will definitely read the others in the series.

  22. It didn t take long to fall in love with Sam Russo It took even less time to want to take Jane home This is modern noir, dark and funny and light and sad I hope Longfellow writes a lot of Sam Russo They re terrific.

  23. I love this writer The Secret Magdalene and Flow Down Like Silver Hypatia of Alexandria are two of the best books I ve ever read When Longfellow crossed over into horror fantasy I read Houdini Heart and loved it than I ever thought I would So when she wrote murder mysteries I went there too I can tell these are terrific books They re different and funny and sad and I never saw any of the solutions coming But mysteries aren t my thing so even though I ll bet Sam Russo is a great series and deser [...]

  24. Joy A classy new series of noir to read Witty, wry, puzzling, great times, great atmosphere Longfellow is making Staten Island a place to savor.

  25. I can only speak for myself, but it isn t usually the plot or the venue of a novel that hooks me It is whether the author has established an authentic voice for the main character If I can believe in that character if I can feel what that character feels then, I can climb aboard and enjoy the ride.This is the first of the Sam Russo, private eye, mysteries I say it s a mystery, not a noir See Penzler huffingtonpost otto peSam s backstory is a tough one of being orphaned raised in a bizarre and da [...]

  26. This is probably heresy, but I think Sam Russo is as good as Philip Marlowe Don t hit me Read this, the opening paragraph of the 3rd Sam Russo book, THE GIRL IN THE NEXT ROOM I was calling on my new neighbor, the goober in room 4 C 4 C was old Nate s room before old Nate curled up his toes and died When the new guy answered my knock, it was like watching a rock roll away from a hole The rat inside was enormous He had a glass of something brownin one hairy paw and a glass of something less brown [...]

  27. This is a terrific series Glad there were three of them so I could get thoroughly engrossed in the world of Sam Russo In other hands, Sam s world would be seedy, a dead end, full of creepy low lives But through Sam s almost innocent eyes though he thinks he s cynical , his world is alive and full of wit and color He s one of those people who can just walk up and say what he thinks This is good and this is, for a Private Eye, often not so good It s the late 1940s on Staten Island where Sam was bo [...]

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