October Baby

October Baby A novelization of the acclaimed film that broke the box office top ten even in limited release October Baby tells the inspiring story of college student Hannah whose increasing anxiety and sudden col

A novelization of the acclaimed film that broke the box office top ten even in limited release, October Baby tells the inspiring story of college student Hannah whose increasing anxiety and sudden collapse point to the surprising circumstances of her birth Hannah soon learns from her parents she was adopted and is the survivor of a failed abortion attempt.Bewildered, angrA novelization of the acclaimed film that broke the box office top ten even in limited release, October Baby tells the inspiring story of college student Hannah whose increasing anxiety and sudden collapse point to the surprising circumstances of her birth Hannah soon learns from her parents she was adopted and is the survivor of a failed abortion attempt.Bewildered, angry, and confused, Hannah turns for support to her oldest friend, Jason Encouraged by his adventurous spirit, she joins his friends on a road trip, embarking on a journey to discover her hidden past and find hope for the unknown future.Along the way, Hannah finds that every life is beautiful, and that life can be so much than what we might have planned.

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October Baby

  1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Eric Wilson is a NY Times bestselling author, known for novels that explore Earth s tension between heaven and hell His novelization, SAMSON, will be available January 2018 His last suspense novels, ONE STEP AWAY and TWO SECONDS LATE, were ultramodern twists on biblical tales His novelization of the film OCTOBER BABY is also available He has also written DARK TO MORTAL EYES, EXPIRATION DATE, THE BEST OF EVIL, A SHRED OF TRUTH, and novelizations of FACING THE GIANTS, FLYWHEEL, and FIREPROOF films produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Sherwood Baptist Church He is the author of FIELD OF BLOOD, HAUNT OF JACKALS, and VALLEY OF BONES Jerusalem s Undead Trilogy.

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  1. When I began to read October Baby, I realized immediately that thiswas a unique story about life, told from the perspective of a personwho almost wasn t It s a story about life and choices Eachcharacter was given their own unique voice and purpose From the veryfirst few pages I knew that because of this book I would HAVE to seethe movie.Eric Wilson does a wonderful job in this novelization, giving us amuch deeper understanding of Hannah s struggle He showed us herheart, her struggle, her search [...]

  2. I loved the movie October Baby It made me laugh,it made me cry, and some scenes left me unable to breathe I so badly wanted to like the book too, but it was not to be First of all, this is a novelization of the movie The author took the movie and wrote a book based on it not the other way around I wish I had paid attention to that before I plunked down my money But besides that, the writing is sloppy, the characters are stiff and lack emotion, and the author chose to tell not show Stick to the [...]

  3. RESE A COMPLETA EN ESPA OLWhenever I can, I prefer to read the book before seeing the movie This is because both provide different aspects and they complement each other In the book, the story becomes longer and it helps to understand the psychology of the characters on the other hand, in the movies we can see details that enrich the story, such as body language, music composition, etc.With October baby there are no words to describe the wonderful work these two authors have done, because this i [...]

  4. It s opening night for the play starring 19 year old Hannah Lawson.Only five minutes until the show starts and Professor Watson tells her that there are scouts from New York and L.A watching her She s always wanted to be an actress and this is her big chance Hannah steps out onto the stage in the audience is Jason her friend since she was nine, her parents and hundreds of other people The bright lights shine on her it s hard to breath in the tight Victorian dress, and it s time for her to say he [...]

  5. Synopsis College student Hannah Lawson s life has been fraught with health problems After fainting during her university s fall play, her parents reveal to her a shocking truth She was not only adopted, but also the survivor of a failed abortion To find closure, Hannah takes a road trip with some friends in order to finally meet her biological mother However, doing so proves to be an arduous task Will Hannah ever find the woman who unwillingly gave birth to her Moreover, if Hannah does find her [...]

  6. October Baby is a great story full of quirky characters whom I found easy to identify with Hannah Lawson finds out she was adopted after she survived an abortion attempt, so this is basically the story of her trying to find meaning in her life and come to terms with what happened I think that many readers will relate to this coming of age tale The hurt that some of the characters experience felt very real to me, and at times I wanted to throttle some of the characters because of their unflinchin [...]

  7. October Baby is a story of feeling lost or something big is missing from your life As well, it is about finding that something amongst what you had all along Eric Wilson creates characters that we can laugh with, cry with, and learn to see through new eyes with He has created a heart felt story out of a difficult topic, and he has done it very well.Come see my review at Beyond My Bookshelf

  8. What an incredibly story and what a wonderful book to read I enjoyed every moment of this book Read it in three days and I wished it would not end.From the very beginning this book captured my attention when a young teen girl was trying to abort her child I was so interested in knowing how the story would turn about And I loved it, the way each character was portrayed and the scenery it was great A must read

  9. What a beautiful story of forgiveness This is a unique story of a college age girl finding out she was adopted after her birth mom had a failed abortion The story is great So very interesting to read that the authors had researched stories of women who are survivors of failed abortions Can t wait to see the movie.

  10. This book was disappointing The characters were flat, and the dialogue was unimaginative The main character came off as a spoiled brat The dad was a little overbearing and didn t seem caring at all Much of the action was not realistic Seemed like junior high school kids, rather than college I didn t use one tissue I wasn t moved emotionally at all.

  11. Hannah is a college student who finds out that she is adopted This book is about her finding out about her past and finding her birth mother She then realizes that her childhood bestfriend is the one she loves This is a book about love, memories, and trust IT is a well recommended book to read.

  12. Very beautiful story about forgiveness and acceptance of the past I loved the book even better than the movie because I felt like it wrapped up better with the characters and story Loved it and highly recommend it

  13. Okay To start off this review I must state, as I usually do it seems, why I picked up this book I heard of October Baby from a friend on Tumblr I was scrolling through her page and saw this movie poster and I watched the trailer and literally started crying I began watching lots of behind the scenes stuff for the film and even downloaded the soundtrack but had no means to see the film at the time so I basically had to sit and wait desperately for the film to come out on DVD To my satisfaction, I [...]

  14. October Baby is loosely based on the true story of Gianna Jessen s survival of her birth mother s botched abortion An only child, Hannah has struggled with physical problems and some feelings of not belonging all her young life She has never been told about her adoption, nor the way she was born Eventually at age 19, as her medical issues change a bit and her conflicted feelings seem to surface, the truth about the failed abortion and subsequent adoption also surfaced.Jason, a friend nearly her [...]

  15. Was this a mistake or a miracle God s creation, a living, breathing October Baby Starting out with a teenage girl visiting an abortion clinic Not knowing what the right decision is Stops and runs away in the middle of an abortion process Nurse Rutledge was working a day before that incident and she found that same girl coming back again In the middle of Owens clinic the girl collapsed upon the floor In October of 1991 a nurse and an unwed teenage mother were being rushed toward Mobile General Ho [...]

  16. A touching story at first glance, October Baby is one girl s journey of self discovery While beginning to spread her proverbial wings, health issues cause Hannah Lawson to put her dream of becoming an actress on hold In the course of the appointment, she finds out a secret her parents have been hiding since her birth and embarks on a quest to find the answers she didn t even know she was seeking until then.October Baby took a controversial topic from page one where the novel begins in an abortio [...]

  17. I read the book before I knew it was a movie first But I am glad I did The story is simple, maybe even a bit predictable, but it addresses some strong subjects that are effectively and believably communicated The strongest point for this book is that so much of it draws inspiration from real life events and true stories It made me cry which is a good thing.My Summary These abnormal, underlining emotions have been a part of Hannah Lawson ever since she can remember, not to mention that odd re occ [...]

  18. October Baby by Eric Wilson is a book about a girl named Hannah who is dealing with life struggles that start from her birth Hannah is a foster child but at first had no clue she is a college student 24 years old Hannah was on stage performing a play when she started to have trouble breathing an soon fainted Hannah doesn t remember fainting but she woke up in the hospital and asked what happened The doctor looks at the parents and tells them I think its time to tell her An she says tell me what [...]

  19. This is a book written from a movie of the same title The movie was excellent and so is the book The book and movie are basically the same The story is an a young high school girl that has some physical and emotional problems As the story progresses the reader finds out she was part of a botched abortion The story is very intense and emotional If you are pro life or if you are on the fence I highly recommend this book movie There are several abortion survivors that play a part in the pro life mo [...]

  20. This is one of those stories that even if you do not like the book, it is hard to get out of your head once you have read it I usually do not read other reviews on a book until I am done reading it and have rated it myself so I do not get influenced but this time I found myself torn between saying it was a two or a four big difference The biggest problem with everyone else s reviews are that they compared it to the movie which I have not watched I was surprised to find that this book is based on [...]

  21. Not one of the best books I ve readwhen I read the narrative of the story I thought the theme would make for an excellent tear jerker that would have lots of life lessons to teach us Instead I got a story about a girl who finds out that she and her twin brother survived an attempted abortion and was adopted by parents who could not have children of their own.Instead of reading of her journey to finding her real mother and herself, you get a story focused on her relationship with long time frien [...]

  22. Having known a number of people on one end or another of the adoption triangle, I was intrigued by this story, and after watching the movie, I wanted to know about the characters, so I picked up the book Unfortunately, this is a case where the movie was created before the book, so it is of a screenplay It does allow you a little into the head of some of the characters which made it worth reading, but I had hoped there would have been even depth I didn t think it was necessary to describe what [...]

  23. BRAINE S REVIEW should be 3.5 starsI don t read a lot of Christian fiction because sometimes the spiritual aspect of the book is overwhelming it feels like a parable than a fiction novel.OCTOBER BABY isn t like that although EWilson sure made his characters morally upright and even in times of weakness they remained rational The story revolves around a failed abortion and adoption 19 years later the survivor of he abortion attempt, Hannah, is in search of Truths that will hopefully fill the voi [...]

  24. I downloaded this to my kindle when it was featured in a special deal I had missed seeing the movie when it came out, so I was interested in knowing there was a book Normally, the book is better than the movie, but in this case, the book was written from the movie.I began to read the first few pages just to see what it was about I ended up finishing the whole thing by the end of the day Wow, what an excellent story So many heavy topics are included here abortion and survival, the emotional turmo [...]

  25. I have a friend who also survived her abortion, so this topic is very close to my heart Hannah goes through emotions we all have felt before like being an outsider and feeling like not belonging But hers run deeper and her trauma is much at the core of her being Embryos already feel if they are wanted and lived or not I am also amazed by her parents who sacrificed so much to keep this little girl alive Nevertheless, the book is also a good lesson on honesty and that your child can handle the tr [...]

  26. This is an amazing story I saw the movie first and the book follows the movie pretty closely, but we get added scenes and of course, what the characters are thinking This is the story of Hannah, a college student who feels like she doesn t fit in anywhere She finds out that not only is she adopted, but she s the survivor of a failed abortion attempt She goes on a road trip with the childhood friend she has a crush on and other friends to find any information she can on her birth mother It s a st [...]

  27. I enjoyed this than I thought I would having only picked it up after hearing so much about the movie Likes This book showed the other side of the story from Hannah s point of view ie the botched abortion baby which I think is very brave of those who wrote the film and movie in this day and age It really brings a highly controversial issue to attention in defense of unborn babies plus the psychological effects of the mother having gone through the abortion and I think the book does it well haven [...]

  28. Zgodba knjige Oktobrski otrok je napisana po resni nem dogodku e ne dvajsetletne Gianne Jessen, ki je leta 1977 pre ivela splav s solno raztopino Roman nas uvodoma popelje v bolni nico, kjer izvajajo splave Toda poskus spodleti in na svet prijoka mala Hannah, ki ji je rojstvo pustilo tevilne zdravstvene te ave Zgodba se nato premakne v Hannahina najstni ka leta, ivljenje pa se ji odlo ilno zaplete v trenutku, ko slu ajno izve, da je posvojena Zaide v notranji konflikt, ker so ji posvojitelji vse [...]

  29. This book is a fantastic Christian novel, exploring with grace the many repurcussions of abortion l loved the fact that though the heroine is an abortion survivor, the authors also offer God s forgiveness to women who have this is their past I had read that the book was written after the movie, and I did not have high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well written it is The plot is believable and deep, the characters beautifully flawed, and the theme gently treated instead of j [...]

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