Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station

Mrs Pollifax on the China Station Once again Mrs Pollifax the cheerful little woman with the flyaway white hair and a penchant for old hats is plunged headfirst into another hair raising CIA mission Posing as a tourist in China Emi

Once again, Mrs Pollifax, the cheerful little woman with the flyaway white hair and a penchant for old hats is plunged headfirst into another hair raising CIA mission Posing as a tourist in China, Emily Pollifax meets the sinister challenges of the Orient to safeguard a treasure for the CIAd all but loses her life in the bargain.

Emily Pollifax Mrs Emily Pollifax is the heroine of a series of spy mystery novels by Dorothy Gilman.Mrs Pollifax is a widow and senior citizen who decides one day to leave her comfortable apartment in New Brunswick, New Jersey and join the CIA.Through an initial misunderstanding, Mrs Pollifax is given what is supposed to be a simple courier assignment by Operations Chief, Mr Carstairs, and her ensuing Mrs Pollifax Book Series In Order The Mrs Pollifax series is a series of popular spy fiction books and mystery novels written by one of the most noteworthy American novelists named Dorothy Gilman It is comprised of books in total, which were released between the years and Each and every novel of this well known series features the lead character in the role of Mrs Pollifax Spy Feb , Mrs Pollifax Spy Directed by Leslie H Martinson With Rosalind Russell, Darren McGavin, Nehemiah Persoff, Harold Gould A widowed New Jerseyan woman volunteers for spy duty at the CIA, being in her own opinion, expendable now that the children are grown, and is assigned to pick up a book in Mexico City, while finding out that it is easier said than done. Mrs Pollifax Series by Dorothy Gilman Mrs Emily Pollifax is a practical yet imaginative white haired NJ widow with unusual hats and a brown belt in karate who volunteers for the CIA, answering to agents Carstairs and Bishop, around the world Simple always becomes dangerous and hilarious Book The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax. The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax Mrs Pollifax Series Book The delightful Mrs Pollifax, widow and accidental spy Lighthearted, fun and engaging Mrs Pollifax, both unlikely and hugely likeable, is a disaster waiting to happen This is the very first of the adventures of Mrs Pollifax and this excellent series goes on to recount many A fully relaxing read providing some much needed escapism Mrs Pollifax Spy Mrs Pollifax Spy is a American comedy film directed by Leslie H Martinson.It starred Rosalind Russell as well as Darren McGavin and Nehemiah Persoff, and was released by United Artists.Russell herself, who was credited using the pen name C A McKnight, a pen name she had drawn from the maiden name of her own mother, adapted the novel The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax, which had been The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax YouTube The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax TV Movie May , The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax Directed by Anthony Pullen Shaw With Angela Lansbury, Thomas Ian Griffith, Ed Bishop, Paul Birchard When her doctor recommends that a widow pursue her unfulfilled life ambitions, he doesn t realize that she has always wanted to be a spy Sending a letter to her Representative gets her an interview with the C.I.A and accidentally gets her an assignment to Mrs Pollifax Spy Rotten Tomatoes Previously unadventurous empty nester Mrs Pollifax Rosalind Russell decides she d like to try a bit of international intrigue She asks the CIA if there s a place for her in the spy trade, and Mrs Pollifax Movies Dorothy Gilman Fan Site Mrs Pollifax Movies The first Mrs Pollifax movie was produced in and starred Rosalind Russell and Darrin McGavin The screenplay was also written by Rosalind Russell under the name C.A McKnight The movie followed the first book in the Mrs Pollifax very closely and even though it never got the acclaim it deserves it was a cute little

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Mrs. Pollifax on the China Station

  1. Dorothy Gilman started writing when she was 9 At 11, she competed against 10 to 16 year olds in a story contest and won first place Dorothy worked as an art teacher and telephone operator before becoming an author She wrote children s stories for than ten years under the name Dorothy Gilman Butters and then began writing adult novels about Mrs Pollifax a retired grandmother who becomes a CIA agent The Mrs Pollifax series made Dorothy famous While her stories nourish people s thirst for adventure and mystery, Dorothy knew about nourishing the body as well She used to live on a farm in Nova Scotia, where she grew medicinal herbs Her knowledge of herbs comes through in many of her stories, including A Nun in the Closet, in which a nun treats a man s wounds with the herbs growing nearby Many of Dorothy s books, including Caravan, feature strong women having adventures around the world Dorothy spent much of her life in Connecticut and Maine She died at age 88 of complications of Alzheimer s disease.Series Mrs Pollifax

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  1. karate is deadly this time, hi yah p173 up they went at a 90 degree angle, the crazed horse slowing a little but not, felt mrs pollifax, from any change in his determination to destroy her, and certainly not from repentance, but due entirely to the steepness of the hillsideminded me of the first batman filmp200 i found some and saoked them for a few hours in my bathroom sink and you wouldn t believe the hay and dung that floated off them.

  2. All of the books in the Mrs Pollifax series are good, but Mrs Pollifax on the China Station is one of the best.Mrs Pollifax is off to China, this time a country which has fascinated her ever since she was young That strikes a chord with me, and it is the first chord of many that this book strikes Mrs P is to join a tour group for Americans, seeing many of the sights of China, as cover for her meeting with an informant who can supposedly pinpoint the location of a secret labor camp deep in the wi [...]

  3. I haven t read a Mrs Pollifax since I was a teenager I vaguely remember liking the series and that she reminded me of my grandmother My grandmother was the woman I admire most and if I had found out she was a CIA agent and had a brown belt in karate, I would not be surprised The woman was a rip snorter that had energy in her 70 s than I had at 5 I was privileged to have adventures with her up until I was 29, so even though we were grandmother granddaughter, we also had a friendship and I spent [...]

  4. Eccentric How else would you describe an older grandmotherly woman who wears lovely hats, knows all about flowers and works for the CIA And don t forget to add the fact that she s a brown belt too.As with the other books in the series, the lovable Mrs Pollifax had me eager to see how she was going to complete her assignment and wonder who the bad guys were This story wasn t as nerve wracking as some of the other books and my heart didn t pound with excitement as I read at top speed, frantically [...]

  5. These stories are basically espionage tourism They re usually fairly respectful of the culture being visited, but I ll add a warning of highly unlikely native dress for this one.I really liked Iris.

  6. The sixth book in this cozy mystery series was written while the Cold War was ongoing and China was emerging from isolation I liked the characters, the mystery behind the operation, and the descriptions One situation was quite jarring for me, but then the series does have some dependence on Mrs Pollifax s good luck You ll need to have read the earlier books in the series to fully enjoy this one I knocked it down a half star for the jarring situation I m rounding it down because of an unlikely co [...]

  7. Yes, five stars I love all these books It s my second time reading them and I love them just as much the second time around.Here she is at the tomb of China s first emperor The sheer impact of what she saw stunned her hundreds of life sized men standing below her in the broad trenches that honeycombed the earth floor, men like gray ghosts waiting patiently at attention, hundreds of them in battle formation lined up in rows as far as the eye could see, each face different and individual with here [...]

  8. Full marks for only fulfillment of life wish holiday on China Silk Road protected by wonderful irreplaceable Emily Pollifax, despite outlandish CIA inferior planning by superiors, worried Bishop and far off Carstairs Recent friend s photos show same vast land as on the pages here Being away from her boyfriend Cyrus decides Emily s feelings like a trip did for me I like the cheerful, cozy little woman with fly away white hair and a penchant for odd hats and growing geraniums Her karate brown belt [...]

  9. Following Mrs Pollifax through her adventures around the world takes me to China in this book 6 I like her Dorothy Gilman has created a character that I d like to know as a real person There are several things that appeal to me about this series the wide eyed interest in people and culture that Emily Pollifax has, her optimism, her analytical mind that helps her work through difficult situations, and the experience of traveling to places I ve never visited while experiencing a time when world po [...]

  10. This was a re read for me That s kind of unusual, but after having read a few of the books quite out of sequence, and loving this series as much as I do, I decided to read them all from the beginning The first time I read China Station I thought it was OK but this time I thoroughly enjoyed it The difference is likely the context of understanding everything that came before.Mrs Pollifax is one of those endearing characters in situations that might not otherwise be believable, I m drawn in becau [...]

  11. This is the 2nd Mrs Polifax novel that I have read I enjoy these because the heroine is a sweet, mature lady who has been recruited by the CIA to work undercover for them She is given work that they think she can handle that is not too terribly dangerous that she can easily blend into the background so no one would ever suspect her of anything In this novel, she poses as a tourist in China in order to find and help extract a Chinese seeking asylum Of course, to make the novels exciting, her adv [...]

  12. This book has beautiful descriptions of remote parts of China that left me wanting to travel somewhere off the beaten path The travel components both the descriptions of lanscapes and the insights into other ways of life are a big part of the appeal of this series for me.I spent too much of the book trying to figure out who was the person from across the boundary I over analyzed every interpersonal interaction Also, because I misremembered something from book 13, I was expecting a plot twist tha [...]

  13. Mrs Pollifax heads off to China for a four week tour with only two tasks for Carstairs meet an unknown man at a barbershop for information, and if anything goes wrong, get everyone out of the country In most Pollifax books, the story is told from her perspective in this, there is another agent unknown at first who helps move the plot along Mrs Pollifax loves life and adventure and people, and so its an enjoyable adventure.

  14. Another fun adventure with the adventurous Mrs Pollifax this time in China Sent to the Orient by the CIA to help set free a dissident from a labor camp, Mrs Pollifax poses as a tourist and once again must sort out who to trust and who not Her adventures always have an element of the outlandish but this is part of what makes this series so appealing

  15. I didn t enjoy this quite as much as the previous 5 but still enough to rate it as a 3 star The characters and setup are rather less realistic in this offering so that provided a bit of a jarring note Still, it was an enjoyable listen.

  16. I like this series because it is light reading but still a who done it Mrs Pollifax reminds me of Miss Marple , American style Mrs Pollifax has a lot zip Hope eternal for the young at heart Could not wait to see what she would get into and out of next.

  17. Mrs Pollifax is an older middle aged woman who became a CIA operative She is such an unlikely operative that she is never suspected This is my first of her books, but won t be my last It s a quick read and fun In this book she is sent to the People s Republic of China with a tour group Her operation is to help support another tour group participant in finding and freeing a Chinese engineer who has been put into a labor camp, without raising suspicions of the Chinese government There are some fun [...]

  18. I was disappointed in this It gave a view of China in the 80 s which isn t that interesting to me I would rather see it now, or during a culturally significant event Then, the author introduced such a large cast of characters at once right near the beginning that I had trouble keeping them straight for the first half of the book Mrs Pollifax herself was fun, and I did get invested before the end.

  19. China has changed in the years since Dorothy Gilman wrote Mrs Pollifax on the China Station, but my love of Mrs Pollifax will never change If anything, I love her now that she and I are both gray haired grandmothers Listening to this book was a delightful escape The writing is nothing spectacular, the plot is weak in places, but Mrs Pollifax s courage and cleverness prevails.

  20. This series keeps getting better Mrs Pollifax is a likable character, and though the stories are good, what drives the series is her personality, her observations and the relationships she forms I found this one was incredibly easy to get into and hard to put down.

  21. Mrs Pollifax rescues a Chinese dissident from an internment camp, uses Karate to escape death and charms her interrogator with wit and humor I am always sad when these stories end There is just something special about Mrs Pollifax.

  22. I decided to read this because I enjoyed the series so much as a child This series about an elderly and disarming CIA agent wasn t nearly as good as I remembered but was still enjoyable Though, I doubt I will read another in the series I guess you can t go home again

  23. another wonderful installment in the Mrs Pollifax series These are written in the 70 and are timelessis time She is off to China to help Mr X escapeis one was one of the best in the series.

  24. Started off slow, but really enjoyed it The ending really made the book for me Characters are great especially Iris Storyline was excellent and heartwarming Favorite so far.

  25. An interesting story I liked it I found this book at the little free library near our house I googled all the locations in the book So, this book was educational too.

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