Silverthorn A poisoned bolt has struck down the Princess Anita on the day of her wedding to Prince Arutha of Krondor To save his beloved Arutha sets out in search of the mystic herb called Silverthorn that only

A poisoned bolt has struck down the Princess Anita on the day of her wedding to Prince Arutha of Krondor.To save his beloved, Arutha sets out in search of the mystic herb called Silverthorn that only grows in the dark and forbidding land of the Spellweavers.Accompanied by a mercenary, a minstrel, and a clever young thief, he will confront an ancient evil and do battle withA poisoned bolt has struck down the Princess Anita on the day of her wedding to Prince Arutha of Krondor.To save his beloved, Arutha sets out in search of the mystic herb called Silverthorn that only grows in the dark and forbidding land of the Spellweavers.Accompanied by a mercenary, a minstrel, and a clever young thief, he will confront an ancient evil and do battle with the dark powers that threaten the enchanted realm of Midkemia.

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  1. Raymond E Feist was born Raymond E Gonzales III, but took his adoptive step father s surname when his mother remarried Felix E Feist He graduated with a B.A in Communication Arts with Honors in 1977 from the University of California at San Diego During that year Feist had some ideas for a novel about a boy who would be a magician He wrote the novel two years later, and it was published in 1982 by Doubleday Feist currently lives in San Diego with his children, where he collects fine wine, DVDs, and books on a variety of topics of personal interest wine, biographies, history, and, especially, the history of American Professional Football.

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  1. I loved this book soooooooo much I loved the story of Jimmy and Arutha in the beginning Well, all through the book but it tells about them in the beginning I love Jimmy so much He s so good I mean he s a thief and all but still he soon becomes someone important in Arutha s crew Lyam is the King and Arutha and Martin are his brothers This is about Arutha for the most part though I love Martin too but I digress Anyway, someone or thing is out to kill Arutha and it s not good at all Arutha just wa [...]

  2. I loved this book I find this book quite intrigued as Magician but I think Magician is better than this book My favourite character are Jimmy the Hand, Arutha, Pug, Martin and Tomas.

  3. The next step in the Riftwar series If you enjoyed Magician, continue the adventure here with a quest led by Arutha my autocorrect does not like Arutha If you have not read Magician Apprentice and Magician Master, stop, slowly step away from this review, and then quickly get those and start reading As you may have seen, I challenged my fantasy loving friends to read this series If you made it this far, you re welcone

  4. This is the one and only book of this series which my public library possesses Go figure Why have only the 3rd volume of a 4 volume series Another one of the mysteries of library acquisition.I found this the most engaging book of the series that I ve read, perhaps because it deals less with Pug Tomas and with Prince Arutha and his new squire, Jimmy the Hand There is a certain amount of comedy to be devised by making a thief into a squire and his shenanigans lighten the mood of some otherwise ra [...]

  5. I found this book quite different to Magician It spanned a far shorter period of time and concentrated on a smaller band of characters I adore Jimmy the Hand and really enjoyed his role in the story He made me laugh a lot The story was fun and well paced and kept my interest all the way through.I took issue with the fact that the description gave away plot points that were only revealed one and two thirds of the way into the book, respectively I m not a fan of spoilers.On to A Darkness At Sethan [...]

  6. I was introduced to high fantasy, way back, by three very notable works The Lord of the Rings, The Earthsea Quartet and, of course, Magician The latter was such a complete work that I abstained from reading the sequels In hindsight, it was rather odd and out of character for me, since I really enjoyed Raymond E Feist s writing and rank Magician as one of the finest works I ve ever read So, Silverthorn This is the immediate sequel to Magician, and a finely crafted novel indeed I should have read [...]

  7. view spoiler With the closing of the rift at the end of Magician, hide spoiler I wondered where Raymond Feist would take me in Silverthorn, the next novel in the Riftwar Saga series The three brothers Arutha, Lyam and Martin spent a year touring the Kingdom and returned to Krondor to plan Arutha and Anita s wedding Jimmy the Hand, a young full of himself thief and rising star in the Mockers, foiled an assassination attempt upon Prince Arutha Because Jimmy aided both Anita and Arutha in escaping [...]

  8. An excellent book in the series, although like the first two which were originally one book then published in the US as 2 paperbacks this book reads as half of one There is far too much left hanging, so plan on having A Darkness at Sethanon at hand when you finish.The main characters shift a new star is introduced, but story is better for it, IMO The heroes of the previous books are around, but they re wrapped up in other matters This allows the world to expand in a believable fashion gives it [...]

  9. A very interesting follow on from the first book with a lot drama and a lot less world setting which is cool but also slightly bafflingSuch a different style of book though, very odd I like it in it s own right but it s a very weird continuation

  10. I m not sure I can properly review this book So I ll boil it down to this if you like classic fantasy with all it s trappings you should read it It s fast paced and entertaining and it makes you crave More of this world, of these characters, just plain .

  11. Pronti a viaggiare in capo al mondo per salvare la principessa Alcune ricerche scientifiche stanno ancora cercando di comprendere l attinenza della copertina ma che quella bocca di leone grifone dragone con il contenuto dell opera.Accantonati questi amletici dubbi, va detto che il secondo volume mantiene inalterato lo stile narrativo semplice e scevro di fronzoli, condito saggiamente da un vivace ritmo.Assodato che l introspezione dei personaggi sia volontariamente sacrificata in virt delle esig [...]

  12. lots of good ideas and lots of cliches with this one one thing that bothered me was that everyone used the same speech the royalty, the highborns, the elves, the aliens, the thieves, the assassins all spoke the same way, with the same words.

  13. Welcome back to Midkemia in Feist s second instalment in the Riftwar Saga After having read Magician and thoroughly enjoyed it I went onto Silverthorn fairly soon after This one was somewhat different to book 1 in that it revolves around a traditional fantasy quest and doesn t contain the same depth of plot as Magician it was still a fun read though.The quest itself was entertaining but just a little bit too predictable and I think that was largely due to it being in the shadow of Magician Also [...]

  14. For some strange reason i have really struggled to get going on this one, maybe because it s so long ago I read volume 1 or 1 and 2 but recently I found this brilliant audio version and of it went.This is classic fantasy at its best, I was a little reminded of Wheel of Time at places, this one is just better written and edited.Even though it s been years since I read the previous volume, the main characters comes quickly back in memory and Feist does a good job reintroducing them.The actual stor [...]

  15. This was a good third volume in the series It s an on the road adventure with some good banter and some good fights Most of the book kept my attention pretty fully I just wish the chapters were a little shorter.

  16. Silverthorn is Raymond E Feist s second novel set in Midkemia and in the Riftwar Saga not to be confused with the Riftwar Cycle, which is the name for the entire 30 books spanning series While I love Magician, Silverthorn is where I really lost my heart to this series, largely due to the focus on my favourite characters, Arutha and Jimmy the Hand Of course, the cast of characters we met in Magician mostly returns as well, but for the main part this is Arutha s and Jimmy s story.On the face of it [...]

  17. 8.5 10Since the beginning of the rebirth of Fantasy in the early 80s, the genre has managed to evolve and be loved over the years as, perhaps, no other and this book, the third part of the Riftwar Saga s chronicles, is a perfect example of that era.A book from a series that has managed to stand out on its own unique way and to mark the Fantasy genre, and making it thus even lovable, but that also proves Feist s skills as an author as, after his successful debut, manages to bring a much better a [...]

  18. 4,4 Stars A very strong continuation to Magician, a must read for any fan of the Riftwar Saga, and one step closer to the epilogue of this great story Oh, and there s a lot magic in this one Following on directly from the events of Magician , Arutha and Jimmy are the protagonists of this book, in their quest to find the famed Silverthorn Jimmy the thief is a brilliant character, an extremely resourceful youngster, a mysterious background, and an uncanny ability, luck he says, to sense danger an [...]

  19. Silverthorn is the second book of the authors preferred version of the rift war saga, it immediately enticed me and shocked me for I was expecting another adventure from Pug Uncommon for most sequels it does not follow the previous main character Instead it follows that of a Prince rather than an orphaned boy who became a Magician s Apprentice.The book is immediately filled with changes and mystery The plot develops quickly as you are reminded of where things were heading from the previous story [...]

  20. Arutha has become prince of krondor and thinks he has found his soulmate princess anita Meanwhile little jimmy has grown from a theif to now a squire and has left his clan of theifs to help prince against the assasians.The black hawks.When the prince is about to merry anita a attended for arutha strikes here bolt would not have been fatal but it was poisoned and they find out that the only cure for it was a plant that grew rarely by lin The dark elves forest Pug the master magician put a spell o [...]

  21. Este 3 livro da saga revelou se para mim o melhor at ao momento do Feist, pois a hist ria fica mais interessante e sempre misteriosa sem saber que esperar com o desenvolvimento Neste livro confirmo o que vi em mts criticas sobre este 3 livro se destacar mais Jimmy M ozinhas e a sua influencia na hist ria e o desenvolvimento de sua personagem que cresceu e muito e de Arutha que se destaca mais com sua demanda por amor princesa e sua jornada para salv la seja foi para mim as personagesn principais [...]

  22. This was a re read for me Overall, I liked it But not nearly as much as Magician Where as Magician started out feeling like a very traditional coming of age story, and then sort of morphed into something different, Silverthorn started out traditional and tame and finished traditional and tame That s not to say it wasn t an enjoyable read, just not my favorite of the series I love Jimmy, so I liked to see him take an up front role in the story Story wise like I said, it was very traditional and s [...]

  23. Silverthorn continues where Magician left off and follows many of Magician s characters plus a few new ones on their highly perilous quest to find a cure for a lethally wounded princess The book is a little light on Pug stuff, which is a pity, but the other characters are a likeable enough bunch whose fast paced adventures are a joy to follow The fact that they re up against zombies only serves to make the story that much exciting Nice characters quest zombies good read

  24. Well the princess gets poisoned, Arutha races to find a cure and Pug has gone back to sort out an ancient enemy Not a lot else to say becomes the story carries on into A Darkness at Sethanon I ll get back to you with a full report.

  25. Wow, this author feels like he has a thing for men older than women by than ten years It might not be a large age difference, but by my standards, it is.This has a relatively simple plot Arutha seeks Silverthorn to rescue Anita In the meantime, forces of evil are massing against Arutha there is a prophecy about him , and Pug returns to Kelawan to seek help in fighting the Enemy There are also evil zombies.Again, people are kind to the protagonists the Upright Man, for example, is surprisingly h [...]

  26. After the improvement and the greater scope of Magician Master, Silverthorn marks a rather brutal return to immaturity in pretty much every aspect and, for the most part, a simple heroic fantasy adventure It s quite forced as a sequel at first, but eventually it finds its way and elements start to connect, albeit not necessarily in a smooth or, at times, even reasonable fashion, so it eventually grows and opens the way to another bigger story, but it does not contain it.Expectations are very dif [...]

  27. Lo suyo ser a 3.5 estrellas, al final lo dejo en tres porque otras obras similares les he puesto 4 estrellas y me gustaron m s.Si hab is seguido la saga esta tercera parte es m s de lo mismo, fantas a cl sica con buenos muy buenos y malos muy malvados La trama global va ganando complejidad, aunque es cierto que la historia de esta tercera entrega esta m s que manida.Destacar a la prosa y el estilo de narraci n del autor como puntos fuertes y la falta de originalidad y de un mayor grado de matice [...]

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