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Turning Pro The follow up to the War of Art In the War of Art Pressfield identifies the enemy to living an authentic life resistance In Turning Pro Pressfield teaches you how to defeat it

The follow up to the War of Art In the War of Art Pressfield identifies the enemy to living an authentic life resistance In Turning Pro, Pressfield teaches you how to defeat it.

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Turning Pro

  1. I was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, in 1943 to a Navy father and mother I graduated from Duke University in 1965 In January of 1966, when I was on the bus leaving Parris Island as a freshly minted Marine, I looked back and thought there was at least one good thing about this departure No matter what happens to me for the rest of my life, no one can ever send me back to this freakin place again Forty years later, to my surprise and gratification, I am far closely bound to the young men of the Marine Corps and to all other dirt eating, ground pounding outfits than I could ever have imagined GATES OF FIRE is one reason Dog eared paperbacks of this tale of the ancient Spartans have circulated throughout platoons of U.S troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since the first days of the invasions E mails come in by hundreds GATES OF FIRE is on the Commandant of the Marine Corps Reading list It is taught at West Point and Annapolis and at the Marine Corps Basic School at Quantico TIDES OF WAR is on the curriculum of the Naval War College.From 2nd Battalion 6th Marines, which calls itself the Spartans, to ODA 316 of the Special Forces, whose forearms are tattooed with the lambda of Lakedaemon, today s young warriors find a bond to their ancient precursors in the historical narratives of these novels My struggles to earn a living as a writer it took seventeen years to get the first paycheck are detailed in my 2002 book, THE WAR OF ART I have worked as an advertising copywriter, schoolteacher, tractor trailer driver, bartender, oilfield roustabout and attendant in a mental hospital I have picked fruit in Washington state and written screenplays in Tinseltown With the publication of THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE in 1995, I became a writer of books once and for all My writing philosophy is, not surprisingly, a kind of warrior code internal rather than external in which the enemy is identified as those forms of self sabotage that I have labeled Resistance with a capital R in THE WAR OF ART and the technique for combatting these foes can be described as turning pro I believe in previous lives I believe in the Muse I believe that books and music exist before they are written and that they are propelled into material being by their own imperative to be born, via the offices of those willing servants of discipline, imagination and inspiration, whom we call artists My conception of the artist s role is a combination of reverence for the unknowable nature of where it all comes from and a no nonsense, blue collar demystification of the process by which this mystery is approached In other words, a paradox There s a recurring character in my books named Telamon, a mercenary of ancient days Telamon doesn t say much He rarely gets hurt or wounded And he never seems to age His view of the profession of arms is a lot like my conception of art and the artist It is one thing to study war, and another to live the warrior s life.

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  1. The amateur tweets The pro works.That pretty much sums up the book for me In the face of uncertainty and doubt, the amateur chooses distraction, while the pro chooses to do the work instead The pro knows doubt won t go away by itself, one has to push it, shove it, kick it By doing the work.What is distraction, if not self sabotage, sabotage of one s future self As Pressfield puts it, lives go down the tubes one hundred and forty characters at a time It s not only Twitter, but any distraction or [...]

  2. I don t remember when I first read The War of Art, but I know it changed my life Of all of the books I have read since then, there are few I have returned to often Why Because Steven Pressfield teaches you how to be an artist a professional one.And now Pressfield is back to pick up where he left of with Turning Pro The first words grabbing you by the collar and pulling you down the path I wrote in The War of Art that I could divide my life neatly into two parts before turning pro and after Afte [...]

  3. This book is a serious challenge for any creative who wants to be considered a professional in their chosen sphere Pressfield holds nothing back and this book seriously kicked my ass He takes the excuses we all wheel out sometimes and blows them to pieces while telling of his own past, giving emotional resonance to some difficult life lessons The book underscores the fact that turning pro is not for everyone, that there is considerable sacrifice I was personally convicted on my habits and how di [...]

  4. Holy Crap, Batman, this book is awesome Until I read this book, I had no idea I hung around with, and seemed to attract, amateurs At times, I drank their kool aid and listened to their whiney belly ache about how, someday we ought to _______, and in retrospect, the too many times I bought into the procrastination and justification of, Wouldn t it be great if we could _________ But Pressfield hit a nerve when he said you ll know the day you turn prod I can verify that statement when I made that b [...]

  5. Pressfield s War of Art really spoke to me, especially regarding the concept of Resistance Turning Pro seemed to be of the same, however Nothing new was in this book, and I was very disappointed The core message can be summed up thusly Wanna be a pro Get serious Turn off the Internet Stop wishing, start working That s the message Same message as in War of Art.Like War of Art, this is a book of sound bytes, some chapters no than a sentence, most no than five paragraphs The only long chapters a [...]

  6. This book literally kicked my ass OK, maybe not literally, but this book contains urgency, man It s like Pressfield is standing over every would be artist exhorting, Fight Write Create Grow Starting this book is power, and finishing it is life changing if you want it to be.

  7. Pressfield concludes his trilogy of works designed to hurtle you past your fear and into becoming the person you want to be Part one The War of Art Part two Do The Work In each successive book, Pressfield pulls the camera further out, revealing landscape The War of Art is designed to teach you how to fight what he calls Resistance aka fear, anxiety, avoidance, self sabotage and get started on your life s goals Do The Work pulls out from there, detailing specific strategies for making it through [...]

  8. 7 days and 148 pages after This book was a direct recommendation from someone who quickly became a mentor for me So I had great expectations about it.The book is about how transform yourself into a pro, because you are a amateur right now All the book I was expecting that the book explain how to be a pro, and that never happen at least not very clear The book is about habits, is about what you should do or you shouldn t.The issue with those kind of books is that wants to show you that you have t [...]

  9. Shaman, Muse, Goddesses, Gurus, Sublime, our Calling, our true purpose, our destiny, etc are all brought up in this book just to tell you to do the work and don t get distracted.Anyone who needs pump up from external motivational content to do his her work is a lost cause anyway Why bother .

  10. I don t know how long this stuff sticks with me, but every time I read one of Pressfield s books I feel like I could do anything.

  11. Turning Pro may be a quick read, but it will quickly get to the core of suppressed dreams and unfulfilled passions If you are an artist or writer who doesn t draw or write, this may be just what you need to face and own your talents and calling If you are a musician who doesn t play or sing, or an entrepreneur who will write that business plan tomorrow, this book may well give you the not necessarily gentle nudge you need to Turn Pro Now Pressfield makes clear distinctions between the amateur an [...]

  12. I didn t think Pressfield could get kick ass about making art after the WAR OF ART and DO THE WORK, but he did Like the other two, the book s premise is all about beating that insidious force of Resistance that plagues all of us, sapping our will to compose, write, play, and otherwise make art You may think at first glance that Pressfield is treading familiar water after two other books on resisting Resistance to make art He is, but each book in his making art canon can be looked at as followin [...]

  13. Turning Pro is concise, well written and well argued It came to me highly recommended by artists and professionals I respect a lot I expected to find it useful Right now as I read it, I m encountering a speed bump on my writing journey and was looking for help overcoming it Turning Pro sounded like just what I needed Instead, I found myself exasperated Despite its conciseness, Pressfield makes his point, and then repeats it six times from six slightly different angles to make sure you get it The [...]

  14. Some people have a serious dislike for this book I can understand that Some of their complaints are warranted I haven t read The War of Art yet so I don t have that as a judge to go on I have read Do the Work which seems to be greatly disliked as well , but rather enjoyed that book.This books seems to be very straight and to the point Yes, the chapters are short Yes there is a one sentence chapter But good writing is in brevity If an author can get their point across in a single sentence, they s [...]

  15. This is a great book, especially after reading the War of Art a year before The distinction between amateur and pro is very clearly made by Pressfield and in making this distinction he gives a very clear image of what it means to overcome your amateurism and what it means to turn pro.I especially liked the quotes about how the amateurs has a million plans, which all start tomorrow and how the amateurs tweets, while the pro works I especially like this as this feels how it is to me Right now I ha [...]

  16. Turning Pro is an important book for anyone who wants to be a professional writer Pressfield urges would be writers to stop living as amateurs and turn professional by overcoming resistance and practicing self discipline The part of the book that was particularly compelling for me was the notion that many of us have shadow careers, which Pressfield defines as a career that is similar to our true calling but much safer because it entails no real risk To turn pro, you have to abandon your shadow c [...]

  17. Another blog post collection parading as a book This one grew on me, though Offers the same wisdom you ll find in any book designed to motivate creators to create, but puts an original spin on the classic advice by playing with some interesting concepts and analogies art as addiction, amateur as unrealized professional, certain day jobs as shadow professions While I m not sure if I completely buy the author s amateur vs professional dichotomy, it s certainly thought provoking and contains some t [...]

  18. I can t love this book I simply had to buy it for my closest artist friends and daily I read a chapter out of it to keep the art life alive when I went to artschool I was desperately looking for a reason or a meaning for why I loved art so much and why it was useful I found no answers but the final chapter summed it up so beautifully for me I feel that question is finally answered A perfect book.

  19. Not quite as good, though a terrific follow up to THE WAR OF ART, which, just like ART, I ll be re reading and re reading for the rest of time Though I doubt I ll beat up this ebook edition as much as I beat up my paperback edition of the previous.

  20. Turning Pro The symphony that creative soul is hungry for So, so good By creative, we don t mean just the arts By creative, we mean anyone who sets out to create a life outside of the normal path, without a map or guidebook Turning Pro is about taking the amateur self, looking it in the eye, and deciding that enough is enough We are now doing this and we re doing it damn well too We are reaching the upper realms not through addiction or avoidance or distractions, but through Labor and Love.I re [...]

  21. He s the Kardashian of the writers, seeking for attention and recognition This book is a joke and inaccurate about how Artist mind are working and how to become one, I work as an Artist and I can say this man is just trying to be one but won t reach it until he give up is dream of becoming an idol next to those who he s despites in his own book For him simply overcome your resistence will make you reach you goal If he was a plumber make sure to have a good insurance and not paying him by the hou [...]

  22. The master delivers again I am a massive fan of The Art of War his other book I ve bought copies for friends and colleagues It s that good You must buy it now Pressfield delivers again in Turning Pro Start with Art of War and then graduate into Turning Pro You ll be buying copies for friends soon enough.

  23. What a book.I ve been fortunate that I ve really liked almost every book i have read I generally put down the books I don t finish With few exceptions ahem, Generation X Tales From an Accelerated Culture there seems to be no profit in really talking about a bad book I can champion good books, and this one is amazing.I m an addict No, I ve not been the kind of dude that s gone on a coke bender or had a string of DUIs, but I ve got that addictive personality I had to beat World of Warcraft with ea [...]

  24. Turning Pro was much better than the previous book I d read by Steven Pressfield, the War of Art For me, the War of Art illustrated very well the battle between inspiration and resistance, but although it had me often nodding in agreement, it never felt like it really gave enough about how to overcome it Turning Pro isn t like that This book does not promise to show you how to break through your creative blocks Instead, Turning Pro merely illustrates the change in an artist an artist of any kind [...]

  25. Oh shitTak z t hle knihy kape mu nost jako va z rare steaku Pressfield je tvrd chlap Ale je jin , ne takov ti tvrd chlapi, kter n s furt krm j sv ma kecama tohle je opak Nerovozita Star k mo Strach Dote Nejistota e v h Tak v em se teda takovej macho Proto e nejsem amat r Jsem pro.Amat r m tis c sn V echny za naj z tra Profesion l d l svoji pr ci Dokdy Dokud ji nedokon Autorsk blok, nejistota, nemoc, strach Nez jem Spr vn prof k v co d lat Pozn co chce A pozn , kdy m sto toho d l svoji st novou k [...]

  26. Turning Pro is a short book for creatives who are looking to make it, to become a professional writer, artist, musician, etc Turning Pro is essentially a followvup to Pressfield s The War of Art Break Through the Blocks Win Your Inner Creative Battles The War of Art focuses on Resistance or what stops us from pursuing our call to write In this book, he revisits the resistance theme and takes it further, listing qualities and attributes of a professional The last 1 3 of the book is worth reading [...]

  27. Ugh I don t normally read these kinds of books but after the third recommendation I decided to give this one a chance It wasn t written for me I have little patience for pop psychology and even less for self aggrandizement This book has both, exclusively Don t quote your own work Say something new or quote someone else and say something new about the quote The ideas in this book couldn t fill a leaflet and the ones that are here are completely undeveloped If you like watching infomercials or buy [...]

  28. Tremendous respect for Steven Pressfield This book gets down to the core of what we must focus on to become a Level 10 person, the best version of ourselves It takes guts, strength, stripping to your most naked self, raw, unadorned, but courageous It s not for the weak It s hard work But by God, you understand or try your damnedest that your life must serve a purpose I felt pure joy reading his book, and I was shocked how much he struck me to my core No wonder Pressfield was named honorary citiz [...]

  29. A wake up call for every person who knows that he or she is NOT bringing their true self their A game as it were to their life Luckily for me I m going to be in a mastermind group that will be using this book for context.I am not kidding Every single person particularly those of us who think that we know ourselves or have been working on ourselves ,may want to read this book ASAP I know that I will be carrying this book around,mentally,emotionally and spiritually for a long long time.

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