Der Schrecksenmeister

Der Schrecksenmeister In Sledwaya der Stadt in der das Gesunde krank und das Kranke gesund ist spielt der neue Roman des zamonischen Gro schriftstellers Hildegunst von Mythenmetz Er handelt von der Auseinandersetzung zw

In Sledwaya, der Stadt, in der das Gesunde krank und das Kranke gesund ist, spielt der neue Roman des zamonischen Gro schriftstellers Hildegunst von Mythenmetz Er handelt von der Auseinandersetzung zwischen Echo, dem hochbegabten Kr tzchen, und Succubius Ei pin, dem furchtbaren Schrecksenmeister Sledwayas, der Faust und Mephisto in einer Person zu verk rpern scheint DiIn Sledwaya, der Stadt, in der das Gesunde krank und das Kranke gesund ist, spielt der neue Roman des zamonischen Gro schriftstellers Hildegunst von Mythenmetz Er handelt von der Auseinandersetzung zwischen Echo, dem hochbegabten Kr tzchen, und Succubius Ei pin, dem furchtbaren Schrecksenmeister Sledwayas, der Faust und Mephisto in einer Person zu verk rpern scheint Dieser l sst nichts unversucht, um sich mittels der Alchimie zum Herrn ber Leben und Tod aufzuschwingen und dazu braucht er nichts notwendiger als das Fett von Echo, der gezwungen ist, einen teuflischen Vertrag mit Ei pin abzuschlie en

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Der Schrecksenmeister

  1. Walter Moers was born in 1957 and is a writer, cartoonist, painter and sculptor He has refused to be photographed ever since his comic strips The Little Asshole and Adolf were published, the latter leading him to be declared persona non grata by the political right in Germany Walter Moers lives in Hamburg.

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  1. Postponing everything bar work can only mean one thing, another Walter Moers book needs a reading Nobody does comic fantasy better, and this is something that is cemented again in what is the fourth book set in the Zamonia world.This series has always been about adventure, as different memorable characters take in the length and breadth of this amazing island continent However, in this installment, we break the mold in the sickest city in the land, Malaisea Here resident live in fear of the Alch [...]

  2. The back of this book has a review by the New York Times Book Review with the words Cheerfully insane When I started this story I just didn t know if I could get into it Walter Moers imagination is off the charts it felt like I was being sat down and told a fairy tale with names being made up left and right But then I was introduced to Anguish Candles.Not normal candles, mind you these candles suffer when they burn and they inch along.d they moan And they are never put out of their torment I was [...]

  3. I was walking slowly through the Fantasy stacks at my favorite library, caressing the spines of the Walter Moers as I came to them, when I stopped in surprise and nearly fell over myself trying to snatch this book off the shelf before anyone else could You see, not enough of Moers books have been translated, in my opinion, and I have been bemoaning that fact since the last of his that I read SO Joy Joy This was a bonus I hadn t expected.And I was not disappointed I loved the Crat Moers imaginati [...]

  4. Another winner by Walter Moers This book follows Echo the Crat a cat that can speak all creature s languages as he is saved from starvation by the Alchemaster, Ghoolion Ghoolion s proposal is to treat Echo to the most amazing culinary treats in order to fatten him up to then, well end his life to take his fat.Not only does Echo find out a lot about Ghoolion and his love s but also about the inhabitants of Ghoolion s castle and the secrets of the house itself His one month life s mission becomes [...]

  5. Giving this a pre emptive 5 stars, though I am not done yet Reviews call this a children s book for adults, and I don t think that s too far from the truth What makes it adult is not large scale political troubles or the horrors of the human condition a la The Guy Who Wrote Wicked and Other Stuff I Don t Particularly Care For, but a willingness to go to places the Brothers Grimm might go, and the modern fortitude to make fun of their absurdity It s the sort of thing I d love to read out loud to [...]

  6. Es ist nicht mein liebster Zamonienroman, aber er war trotzdem nat rlich mal wieder super Vor allen Dingen war das Ende mal wieder super spektakul r und einfach nur sch n Vor allem auch die intertexutellen Bez ge machen den Reiz dieses Buches aus und auch die Nachw rter des Autors und des bersetzers sind zum Schreien komisch und absolut lesenswert

  7. Every new to me Walter Moers book I pick up immediately becomes my new favorite Walter Moers book, and thus one of my favorite books, full stop This has happened ever since I first stumbled across a somewhat battered copy of Rumo and his Miraculous Adventures several years ago at my local public library and wondered what the hell was going on with that One is always going on with the mix of over the top imaginative fantasy, adorable illustrations, sophisticated plotting and outrageous wordplay t [...]

  8. Since Rumo His Miraculous Adventures featured a protagonist that was essentially a sentient dog, it feels entirely appropriate that Moers wrote a book that stars essentially a sentient cat as well.Technically, Echo is a Crat, not a cat, which basically means a cat that has the ability to understand and speak languages But make no mistake this is the first novel I ve read where the protagonist was a cat, and it was everything I could have wished for in that respect This was helped along by Moers [...]

  9. Another entertaining yarn from Walter Moers.This time, it is interesting to see Moers take his creativity into the realm of cooking I am a picky eater who doesn t want to try much of anything, but his vivid imagery couldn t help but make me drool a little.Further, the lead character a Crat is a fun, protagonist You are on his side right from the beginning, but there are moments where Moers wants you to think about why exactly you like this characterould you As always, I love whenever one of Moer [...]

  10. Se non avete mai letto Moers, non sapete cosa sia un libro geniale e fantasioso Arrivo al punto di dire che, per me, Moers ha pi fantasia della Rowling stessa Non prendetemi per eretica, la Rowling la mia dea e colleziono edizioni di HP in tutte le lingue Ma Moers Diamine, Moers non umano L accalappiastreghe un libro complesso e complicato, non fatevi ingannare dalla copertina n dalla dicitura libro per bambini Qui come non mai considero assurda la catalogazione non credo lo farei leggere ad un [...]

  11. Walter Moers is one of the most imaginative people I have ever read His novels are full of quests and goals that take the reader along for an unmistakable ride that just does not stop till the book is over, and it is so addicting that you want to go back to the beginning and start all over again The Alchemaster is his latest novel, and though this time around we do not get to explore much of the world of Zamonia, the ride is nerve wrecking just the same The main character in this book is a Crat [...]

  12. The forth translated, we ve yet to see Hansel und Gretal in english book in Walter Moers Zamonia sequence This is different from the previous books as, following just one month in the life of Echo the Crat exactly like a cat, except it talks it avoids the pattern of the whimsical, if somewhat dark, travelogue.After the death of his mistress and on the point of starvation, Echo signs a contract with the evil alchemaster to be fed magnificent meals for a month, before giving his life so that the a [...]

  13. This was my second Walter Moers book, the first being The City of Dreaming Books He s the MOST imaginative writer I ve come across in a while, and I ll definitely be reading the rest of his books But not only am I amazed at the creativity of Moers, I m stunned by the translation into English Wish I had the translator s name here, but I don t The original German prose is filled with made up words, and the English translation SOMEHOW manages to retain the author s intended impressions at least I p [...]

  14. This book was full of surprises It s the best kind of story, where you think you know exactly what s going on, and then there s a zig or zag in the road that catches you off guard I ve read 3 of Mr Moers Zamonia novels now, and it fascinates me how each of the novels has had such a distinctive flavor to it This book truly had the flair of an undiluted Grimm s fairy tale It had all the horrific elements that you would want to have in a scary story, and it had a protagonist with an indomitable wil [...]

  15. Auch das vierte Buch aus der Zamonien Serie ist einfach berw ltigend Neben H henfl gen der Phantasie bietet Moers auch sprachlich einfach Unvergleichbares Die kulinarisch alchimistischen Abenteuer Echos, eines Kr tzchens vergleichbar einem K tzchen, nur kann es sprechen und hat zwei Lebern im kranksten Ort von Zamonien sind unwiderstehlich Man f hlt sich nachher jedenfalls, als ob man Erkenntn sse vom Baum der Erkenntnuss gegessen h tte Oder vielleicht Kaviar vom Tarnkappenst r, die die Zunge zu [...]

  16. 4.5 but so deserved one of my favourites of walter moers work tbh actually writing my thesis on this one and feel so glad that i did like it and wont have to write 12 pages about a book i cant stand review coming up soon, im just a bit too busy to keep up with all the reviews i want have to write.

  17. UN libro maravilloso, lleno de imaginaci n y giros inesperados Un terror infantil hermosamente narrado sin ahorrarse detalles macabros y sin endulzar una historia para todas las edades Muy entretenido y original.

  18. The Alchemaster s Apprentice is chronologically the fifth of Walter Moers or should that be Optimus Yarnspinner s fantastical Zamonia novels although it is only the fourth to be translated into English there still being no publication date for an English version of Ensel und Krete.Malaisea, the least healthy place in Zamonia, is a city dominated by the Alchemaster Ghoolion, a sort of wizard of all trades whose main passions in life are alchemy, taxidermy, controlling the Ugglies Malaisea s home [...]

  19. What a delightfully odd story Nothing less I would expect of Walter M rs and his Zamonia books As always you find characters you love to hate and those strange creatures you find yourself compassionate for without warning.Still, it s not a complete 5 star for me as were The City of Dring Books or Rumo I give it a sold 4.78947261889 stars

  20. Easily one of my favorite books I read it in one day when I was about 13 years old, I just couldn t put it down Really entertaining, fun, weird, fantastic, and incredibly charming The world is just so odd and magical that you can enjoy even the smaller chapters that don t really add to the plot Like every other book by Walter Moers it s definitely a wild ride, but I highly recommend it.

  21. Another perfect fantasy novel from Walter Moers I continue to be amazed by this author s imagination and genuine originality The characters are interesting, the story full of unexpected twists and turns Although his novel, Captain Bluebear, remains my personal favourite from all of Moers works, but this is a close second.

  22. I love this book It was just as good the second time as it was the first I ll be adding it to my christmas list it was so fun

  23. This is seriously the goofiest book I ve ever read But I absolutely loved it, even if half of it was ridiculous plot twists and made no sense until it suddenly did.What Loved it.

  24. The Alchemaster s Apprentice I always love Walter Moers books, and this one was no exception It was disturbingly dark in a few places, but over all a very fun and engrossing read.

  25. Malfrosto venne sempre pi vicino, si ferm infine davanti al cratto, si chin su di lui e l osserv , a lungo e spietatamente Il vento gli faceva fremere l ossuto collare e gli occhi scintillarono di scoperta e maligna soddisfazione di fronte alle evidenti sofferenze d una creatura in procinto di tirare il calzino Il puzzo di ammoniaca e etere, di zolfo e petrolio, di acido prussico e essenza cadaverica penetr come un fascio d aghi affilati nel sensibile nasino di Eco, ma lui non si spost d un dito [...]

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