Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony

Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony Avery Doyle loves vampires he s read every novel seen all the movies and researched the folklore When his first one night stand Caroline turns out to be a true vampire on the run he jumps at the

Avery Doyle loves vampires he s read every novel, seen all the movies, and researched the folklore When his first one night stand, Caroline, turns out to be a true vampire on the run, he jumps at the chance to leave his ordinary life and join her as a child of the night The honeymoon ends, however, when Caroline s brutal Creator Sebastian enslaves them on his island eAvery Doyle loves vampires he s read every novel, seen all the movies, and researched the folklore When his first one night stand, Caroline, turns out to be a true vampire on the run, he jumps at the chance to leave his ordinary life and join her as a child of the night The honeymoon ends, however, when Caroline s brutal Creator Sebastian enslaves them on his island estate and Avery must confront the dehumanizing reality behind his dreams In order to survive, Caroline and Avery take their place as servants in Sebastian s household during a gathering of the most powerful vampires on Earth, the Hegemony, and soon find themselves involved in the myriad schemes, plots, and revenges that form the night to night existence of The Order A society of wealth, power, and inhuman decadence whose existence is protected by human complicity and disbelief, The Order is the immortal aristocracy hidden behind the giant corporations and political leaders of the world Sebastian, however, has a plan that will change The Order forever and shatter human civilization A fast paced thriller that both re imagines and pays tribute to the traditional vampire, Ancient Blood is a story of love, ambition, sacrifice, and betrayal that is frighteningly human.

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Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony

  1. Brian McKinley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ancient Blood: A Novel of the Hegemony book, this is one of the most wanted Brian McKinley author readers around the world.

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  1. I received this from the author in return for an honest review and I am so excited I got the chance to read this wonderful novel A book that only intensifies the reasoning why so many believe in the supernatural, this novel fascinated me beyond belief Written as an untitled manuscript, with journal entries from his love, Caroline Ludlow, it felt as if I was seeing inside Avery Doyle s life, walking each step and learning each hard taught lesson he had to endure through this trial.Avery Doyle is [...]

  2. McKinley reminds us of the true nature of blood suckers in this horror thriller.Avery Doyle is a vampire enthusiast He can t believe his luck when he encounters Caroline, a real vampyr, and falls head over heels in love But this is only the beginning Caroline s former lover and creator, Sebastian, has plans for her Avery a fledgling vampyr who can t escape his lingering humanity is simply in the way The pair are taken captive at Sebastian s lair a vile and horrific place of torture and cruelty A [...]

  3. Author Brian McKinley presents a well written story where the world is ruled by vampires and the action and drama are non stop I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it if you want a refreshingly new look into the world of vampires.

  4. Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony The Order Saga, 1 by Brian Patrick McKinley was a pure joy to read The writing flowed like blood wine, seamless, suitably aged and with a timeless quality that left this reader gasping with awe Every character is so lovingly described, action sequences are perfectly timed and paced to keep the reader begging for and the design of the Hegemons extravagant lifestyles surpasses even my fave TV show Stargate SG 1.Avery is a vampire groupie He loves all things v [...]

  5. Honestly, when I read the description of this book on , it seemed pretty straight forward I wasn t expecting a book that would scare the socks off me I wasn t expecting a book that would make me feel like I ve stepped into an alternate reality I wasn t expecting some serious depth and detail Boy, was I wrong.The plot in this book is really interesting Fast paced and full of surprises, it captures not only the best kind of thrilling mystery, but also suspenseful action and vampire secrets Full of [...]

  6. The first book in The Order Saga called Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony , handling the traditional vampire archetype with a new and realistic view, as a novel written in such an absorbing, seductive and enjoyable style As a vampire fan for so many years, Brian Patrick McKinley began his writing career by writing short stories and finally created an imaginary world which he named as The Order for his own series of vampire novels This world order can be considered as a vampire version of th [...]

  7. Avery Doyle is a huge vampire fanboy whose interests lead him to discover a real vampire, Caroline a prim and proper young lady who defies all the clich s of the vampire fiction he loves.When the two fall in love, she creates him as a vampire But the reality of being a vampire is far less empowering than Avery had thought, especially when Caroline s own master takes them prisoner.In a shadowy east coast mansion, the fate of vampire and human kind will be decided during a perverse convention and [...]

  8. Overall rating 3 stars.Breakdown of my rating Narrative 3 stars Ancient Blood is many things vampire novel, satire, cautionary tale, and at its heart, a romance At times witty, sometimes biting, it succeeds on many levels it is a fresh, richly crafted vampire world it s a caustic send up of today s political landscape a mecca of sci fi and pop culture references and finally, an homage not only to vampire lore, new and old, but also to Joseph Campbell s monomyth or hero s journey Brian McKinley a [...]

  9. Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony By Brian Patrick McKinleyThe story begins with Caroline Ludlow and Avery Doyle, lovers, running from an unknown threat That threat is Sebastian a feral Vampyr whose primitive traits have smothered those of his human characteristics He is Caroline s Creator, the man she once loved with all her heart and the person she lived with for many generations Sebastian introduced Caroline to The Order.After a brief struggle, Caroline and Avery are captured by Sebasti [...]

  10. Can I just say WOW i loved the plotting, scheming, and backstabbing of this book What made it even better was it was all that but, VAMPIRE STYLE While reading this I found myself going back and re reading what had just happened but, not due to anything the author did wrong but because I found myself needing to confirm what I just read It was that astonishing The lying, the blood thirstyness is this a word all of it was FABULOUS Just when you thought Caroline and Avery made some headway BAM a new [...]

  11. This book is a different take on Vampire legend and lore.The inner workings of the aristocracy are examinded,allies are formed and battle lines are drawn.The center of the story is told through Caroline and her lover Avery.Caroline has been dealing with all the inner workings for a very long time,she loves Avery and together they fight for power and allies.There are many references to Pop Culture I enjoyed this story but at times found it a little confusing.Fans of vampires will enjoy this book. [...]

  12. This was given to me by the author for an honest review.This was well written and different from the majority of today s vamp stories The action was intense, the characters intricate I loved the fact that it was written from Avery s POV as a fledgling vampyr It was a bit long, but I have always enjoyed long reads One reason I found it enjoyable is because it is so different from all the vamp stories that you see everywhere today, including the vampyr politics These aren t your glittering, all yo [...]

  13. Before I give my honest critique, I feel I should provide some basic information, in the interest of full disclosure I first met Mr McKinley last year at a table top role playing game meetup in our local area While we all spent time getting to know each other and becoming good friends, rather than working on our actual characters, he mentioned he was a horror writer I was intrigued, but also skeptical as I know quite a few writers I m sure some of you can understand why Eventually, my curiosity [...]

  14. I love tales of the paranormal they allow one to imagine a world so different from the one we live in However, this is not a world I would enjoy living in Full review at tbbmaniacs.wixsite reviews

  15. The Chermasu The Order Saga, Book 1 by Brian McKinley 5 5 starsPublisher Digital Services Length 29 pages Format Kindle When the strange old man came to Alia Cheveyo s home on Third Mesa, she had no idea that her life was about to change forever Taking her to his Canyon de Chelly hogan, he guides her through a spirit journey that will introduce her to a lineage she never knew existed Now, she will have to make a choice will she accept this strange new knowledge and go where it leads her or cling [...]

  16. Avery Doyle is a longtime aficionado of vampire novels, movies and the legends that gave rise to them When he meets a mysterious beautiful woman named Caroline, he finally gets his wish and becomes a vampire himself But the old saying, Be careful what you wish for, you may get it holds true, and Avery plunges head first into the Hegemony, a diverse group of powerful vampire lords whose shaky alliances are threatened by their own hidden agendas It s impressive how well established Brian McKinley [...]

  17. Ancient Blood A Novel of the Hegemony by Brian Patrick McKinleyHegemony comes from the Greek word hegemon or leader It is defined as the dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others In this book, the hegemons in question are powerful, sadistic vampires and they control everything and everyone It didn t take Avery long after his one night with Caroline to know that she was different and that he would do anything or become anyone to be at her side forever As a fledgling vampir [...]

  18. I liked this book The writing flowed perfectly and the descriptions used were precise I was never left wondering what a character looked like, what their surroundings were like, or for that matter, what their food looked tasted like The author did a wonderful job in his descriptions There was one scene in particular that actually brought tears to my eyes The characters were fleshed out, whether you loved them, or loved to hate them There were times I wanted to strangle Avery, the main character, [...]

  19. Avery knows all about vampires through books, movies and television shows, he meets Caroline one night and figures out she s a vampire He tracks her down and asks her to turn him, to him being vampire would be the perfect life What he doesn t realize is that there was a lot to the vampire world than he could have ever imagined They are captured by Caroline s creator and Avery starts to see the intrigue, the double dealings and the power and greed of the Hegemony He starts to see some of the sta [...]

  20. This book was different from what I have read in the past Most of the vampire books I have read were from a femaleprospective This was from a guys Avery loved everything about vampires He has read everything he can get his hands on and he would love to be a vampire.He meets Catherine and loves everything about her The they spend time together the he falls in love with her.Especially when he finds out she is a vampire His dreams have came true The author describes the scenes so well Made me fee [...]

  21. I was given this book by the publisher for an honest review.Avery loves everything Vampire He has read all the books, seen all the movies and really wants to write his own book on the subject Catherine enters his shop seeking info and he knows he is in heaven This lovely person is not put off by his size and loves what he loves When he finds she is a vampire he is on cloud nine It turns out the head vampires are having a disagreement about how they should be treating humans food or children need [...]

  22. I liked this book, the author describe the vampires are deceiving, dark and dangerous The main character, Avery Doyle is fan of vampire meets with a real vampire Caroline The lovers are captive of Sebastian Caroline s maker and Avery starts to see the intrigue, the double dealings and the power and greed of the Hegemony vampire Society, they have to fight against Sebastian but he has a plan to alter the vampire world.Avery and Caroline take afford to pay huge costs in order to prevent it I recom [...]

  23. Somewhere between Laurel K Hamilton and Bram Stroker lies Ancient Blood Vampires who are perhaps too stuck in the old ways for the modern world, yet delightfully forward thinking The story of Avery and Caroline draws you in and leaves you wondering what next These vamps are not only sexy, dangerous, and bloodthirsty, they are also decidedly human Kudos to Mr McKinley on creating a believable world full of characters you wish you knew and are glad that you don t.

  24. This book jumps right into action from the start It is very entertaining if you are a lover of vampire novels Though this is written from mostly the dark side Avery, a new w vampire,is a ray of light I love the places the author brings you Like a wild ride This is not your usual vampire read I would highly recommend this book.

  25. After being kidnapped by a scorned ex lover Caroline and her new boyfriend Avery are left to try to escape his house compound I enjoyed the characters in this story, but couldn t lose myself in this book For some reason it never grabbed me and my mind kept wandering off WaAR

  26. Yes the chapters are long but totally worth reading I can t recommend this novel highly enough This story will have all your emotions on edge This novel will grab you right from the start and never let you go

  27. I received a free copy of this book for an honest review from the author, Brian McKinley, through the Modern Good Reads group on.

  28. Brian McKinley s Ancient Blood is an interesting concept for a vampire series However, the cast of characters and their human degrading activities did not capture this reader s interest.

  29. As I had long since given up on vampire novels as too same ol , same ol , it was almost a year before I remembered having one on my E reader Needing something to read, and out of range for any local WiFi connections, I opened up Ancient Blood by Brian Patrick McKinley, and I m certainly glad I did This was a different kind of vampire tale that became apparent the minute that vampire fan Avery meets real vampire Caroline though she is among a unique species among vampires, known as vampyr From th [...]

  30. Action Packed Vampire StoryI enjoyed the characters right from the beginning The characters are multifaceted and the storyline hooked me right in Very action packed Spoilers I think this book easily deserves five star, if not for the rape scene approximately 3 4 of the way through the book It wasn t as graphic or as violent as it could have been, but it did shock me to read it The violence took place against a strong, female character As a female reader, I look for strong, intelligent, female ch [...]

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