Vanishing Acts

Vanishing Acts Delia Hopkins has led a charmed life Raised in rural New Hampshire by her widowed father Andrew she now has a young daughter a handsome fiance and her own search and rescue bloodhound which she u

Delia Hopkins has led a charmed life Raised in rural New Hampshire by her widowed father, Andrew, she now has a young daughter, a handsome fiance, and her own search and rescue bloodhound, which she uses to find missing persons But as Delia plans her wedding, she is plagued by flashbacks of a life she can t recall And then a policeman knocks on her door, revealing a secDelia Hopkins has led a charmed life Raised in rural New Hampshire by her widowed father, Andrew, she now has a young daughter, a handsome fiance, and her own search and rescue bloodhound, which she uses to find missing persons But as Delia plans her wedding, she is plagued by flashbacks of a life she can t recall And then a policeman knocks on her door, revealing a secret that changes the world as she knows it In shock and confusion, Delia must sift through the truth even when it jeopardizes her life and the lives of those she loves What happens when you learn you are not who you thought you were When the people you ve loved and trusted suddenly change before your eyes When getting your deepest wish means giving up what you ve always taken for granted Vanishing Acts explores how life as we know it might not turn out the way we imagined how doing the right thing could mean doing the wrong thing how the memory we thought had vanished could return as a threat.

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Vanishing Acts

  1. Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty three novels, including the 1 New York Times bestsellers Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister s Keeper She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.Her new novel, SMALL GREAT THINGS, is available in hardcover, ebook, and audio on October 11th.Website jodipicoult Facebook facebook jodipicoult Twitter twitter jodipicoult

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  1. Onvan Vanishing Acts Nevisande Jodi Picoult ISBN 743454553 ISBN13 9780743454551 Dar 426 Safhe Saal e Chap 2005

  2. I d never read any Jodi Picoult before I read the first 100 or so pages of this one and didn t want to read any I found it very uneven, and the character of Delia just ran around being shrill, unreasonable, and oblivious, while there are three men in her life who seem to live only to please her Jeez Also, I could tell the answer to the mystery of why the father did what he did was going to be a long time coming there seemed to be a lot of secrets conveniently being kept, which I think really ju [...]

  3. Okay, I got to disk 10 and could not listen to this nonsense any There s so much to this book that coulda been left out I m annoyed w all the Hopi Indian stuff and the gruesome prison scenes and the skirting around the truth crap I liked this book in the beginning and the way it was set up switching perspectives but then when it got to Fitz charachter and everytime thereafter I felt ill what man is really like this I thought I was listening to a female w all this unrequited love b.s So I looked [...]

  4. Never reading Jodi Picoult again If there were just one thing wrong with this book I d give her another try, but read on The number one thing I hated about this book was the Hopi character who has breast cancer and kills herself, without bothering to get any treatment, just jumps off a cliff in front of Delia, who doesn t stop her because if she had to look forward to losing her hair and a breast, she d probably do it too Well good god, hair grows back They can give you new, bigger boobs But no [...]

  5. I have sort of a love hate relationship with Jodi Picoult books I really enjoyed Plain Truth and My Sister s Keeper, but there are definitely things about her writing that irritate me It seems they were apparent in this one I personally think metaphors would be effective and part of a beautiful written piece if they are few and really well woven into the book In Vanishing Acts, Picoult tended to bash the reader over the head with meaningfulness and metaphorical irony So basically, if you ve re [...]

  6. I have been working my way throughJodi Picoult s books for the last couple of weeks and was really disappointed by this book I had previously readMy Sister s Keeper andThe Pact and although I didn t love them I thought they were very well written and the multiple character angle worked in them My main problem with this book was that there was too much going on, from start to finish there were just too many story lines I felt the relationship between Delia, Erik and Fitz was pointless and was rea [...]

  7. The Only Way Someone Can Leave You Is If You Let Them Vanishing Acts is yet another well told tale by Jodi Picoult, who is a master at character development Once again telling the story through first person accounts of the main characters, she weaves together a family drama centered on a kidnapping that had occurred 28 years earlier.Thirty one year old Delia Hopkins, aka Bethany Matthews, discovers her loving and devoted father, took her away from her alcoholic mother and her childhood in Scotts [...]

  8. I have a slight love hate relationship with Jodi Picoult novels There have been a couple which I absolutely adored and several that I didn t enjoy at all This latest read falls firmly somewhere in the middle I enjoyed the initial plot outline, it was something different and I felt empathy for the lead characters By midway, I was beginning to feel a little bored as I knew where the story was heading The writing felt dated By the time the grand court case that Picoult is famous for came to be, I [...]

  9. Page 70, review I ve just barely cracked into this book but I already needed to comment on something I really dislike Picoult s use of different fonts for each character she does the same in My Sister s Keeper If you cannot write a character well enough that it can t stand alone in generic fontyou ought to start writing from one perspective only Barbara Kingsolver writes almost all her novels from the view of 3 4 different people per story and keeps the same font She gives them such depth and vo [...]

  10. I m in a Piccoult zone THis is the second book of hers that I ve read and I ve just started a new one I appreciate the depth of the topics she writes about, this one, the ethics of a father s decision to kidnap his daughter from a staggering, alcoholic mother Was the daughter better off never knowing her mother Was losing her daughter what the mother needed to get clean, the ultimate tough love test Did the father have the right to make that decision for everyone based on his fears and discomfor [...]

  11. I don t know why Jodi copied her first book s concept about having a 5 different person s point of view But it only differs to the topic that Jodi wanted to be enjoyed by the reader, unfortunately I never enjoyed it The positive side, it was an easy read and it doesn t takes your whole day scourging your eyes from leaping undesirable pages Compared to her first book, this one is better but I m not really into comparing her works and she really improves in her past few books.The thing is, at firs [...]

  12. I either liked this one four stars or two, depending on the part I m thinking of As always, Jodi Picoult handles astonishing emotional situations and provides plenty to care and think about when a grown woman learns she was abducted as a child by her kind and nurturing father.The rest of the story centers around the characters and the ensuing legal drama It is heavily a story about motherhood and expectations, with a realistic angle on alcholism thrown in for good measure.Two things that really [...]

  13. 4.5 The whole finding out you were kidnapped as a child premise interests me every time It really doesn t even have to be a great plot for me to love a book like that, but this book did have a pretty great plot so was extra awesome in my opinion I love how once again Picoult weaves in multiple tough themes into a story For this one it showcased alcoholism, previous court prejudices against fathers having custody in the seventies, sexual abuse, prison violence and life, cognition and memories, et [...]

  14. I ve read better from her It wasn t terrible and I enjoyed parts of it, but all in all there were too many issues that bothered me and left me with an odd feeling Partly, and I ve had the same issue with some of her other books, especially my sister s keeper, where I feel like my idea of poetic justice or how people feel and react are just SLIGHTLY off hers Which is worse than completely off, somehow.Mostly I feel like she crammed a few too many side plots and characters into this I really could [...]

  15. This was the first Jodi Picoult novel I ever read and it got me hooked on her books I started this book and write away I was completely engrossed in the story and the characters I thought this was an amazing, thought provoking story, which stayed with me long after I finished reading As soon as I finished it I went out and brought another novel, My Sister s Keeper, by Picoult I would definitely recommend Vanishing Acts, although it s not one of her best novels, it is still a pretty good read Fou [...]

  16. This is a pretty formulaic Picoult book She tackles many issues in this book including kidnapping, alcoholism, memory, being a parent, etc The novel is told from multiple perspectives Delia, who finds out her father kidnapped her as a four year old Eric, Delia s alcoholic fianc who happens to be a lawyer and defends her father Andrew, Delia s father who spends a majority of the novel in jail Fitz, Eric and Delia s best friend and Elise, Delia s mother who has not seen her daughter in twenty eigh [...]

  17. this was my 2nd jodi picoult i hadn t been so thoroughly engrossed in a book in quite some time its a quick and enjoyable read that will make you laugh, cry, and keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time i love the way picoult questions morally complicated situations the plot was one of the most interesting ideas i have every read and i found myself emotionally, intellectually, and morally challenged throughout my reading i have heard complaints about the way jodi picoult does not make cl [...]

  18. I m in two minds about Vanishing Acts When I first started it, I was immediately excited by how the story drew me in, and pleased with Picoult s command of writing, and I thought to myself, this is going to be a good book For a good portion of the story, JP s writing riveted me, but the story took a detour down a long winding trail that got a bit lumpy along the way For me, the problem was Picoult seemed to have thrown everything and the kitchen sink into this book Subplots popped up like dandel [...]

  19. I have decided to create a new genre of fiction Missing Child Fiction This category will include such titles as The Lovely Bones by Alice Seybold, The Little Friend by Donna Tartt, How to Be Lost by Amanda Eyre Ward, The Bright Forever by Lee Martin, and this book, Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult.Having recently read so many books with plots that revolve around a missing child I began to consider what about this topic inspires so much powerful fiction and compels so many of us to read these books [...]

  20. I could have read this book straight if I had nothing else to do, I liked it that much after I was done reading it I went online and found out a lot of people hated it I think that those people are haters 1ople did not like that she switched characters and fonts,I say why not like they have never read a book that has done that 2 people did not like that she had unnessasary characters and sub plots, don t all large novels have those I would be shocked if I read one that did not have those SERIOUS [...]

  21. It s been quite a while since I read anything by this author I love her writing style in this case, chapters were told in the voice of Delia, Andrew, Fitz and Eric I have never read any of her books which haven t been thought provoking, emotional, and often than not based on something which can and usually does happen somewhere in the world I d forgotten how emotionally draining I feel after reading her works This is a story which will stick with readers for a long time and have you asking your [...]

  22. Mysterious terrifying until the very endWho was your favorite character and why I loved the father He lied, cheated stole for what was in the best interest of his daughter, the mark of a true parent in my opinion He was willing to go to any length to ensure that his daughter was safe from her mother and her boyfriend.Did you have an extreme reaction to this book Did it make you laugh or cry I must say, this book did cause me to shed a few tears, mainly because for me it hits very close to home I [...]

  23. When I reached the halfway point of this 418 page book, I found myself wishing that I could just put it down and be done with it but since I d made it that far, I made the commitment to trudge on through to the end Was it worth it Only in the sense that, having completed it, I can now add it to my Read in 2012 list My 3 star rating means that it was just average for me it wasn t horrible, but it wasn t any better than okay , either It even bordered on being annoying By that description, I should [...]

  24. Jodi Picoult is one of the most popular contemporary authors I have read and enjoyed to varying degrees three of her other novels For one of my classes at Pitt, we read My Sister s Keeper, or were supposed to I had read the book prior to taking the course and did not reread it That one was my favorite of the Picoult books I had read Imagine my surprise when all of my friends hated it They said the writing was absolutely atrocious.In my reading of Vanishing Acts, I paid way attention to the cons [...]

  25. Gosh I don t really know what to say I read this book a year ago, and while I found it having moments of profound ideas, the storyline was Meh Don t get me wrong, it was interesting, and I haven t read a book like it before, but it was just kind of too much Like she tried to have everything in here Kidnapping, pregnancy, finding long lost mom, death due to suicide cancer, alcoholism, Jail raping type stuff It was kind of too much I like multiple perspectives in books, if I like all of the perspe [...]

  26. This book relates the circumstances leading to and resulting from a father kidnapping his 4 year old daughter and being caught and tried for it 28 years later The story is told through the eyes of each character as events unfold A section may contain the first person account of any combination of the father, the daughter, her fianc e, their childhood friend, the mother or a few other minor characters The author throws in alcoholism, adultery, child abuse, loss, suppressed memory, deception, unre [...]

  27. Anyone who has read Jodi Picoult will know that you can finish one of her books in less than 2 days It s not because her books are so easy to read, but because they are so compelling you can t place them down.Vanishing Acts is about Delia Hopkins who had a great childhood, a wonderful little girl, and was engaged to one of her best friends, Eric However, 28 years later, her father is arrested for kidnapping Delia when she was 4 years and moving across country Delia now uncovers the truth about h [...]

  28. I usually really like Jodi Picoult books She has a great, easy readable style that still leaves you really pondering the circumstances and her character s choices However, this was not one of her best.One of the characters really bugged me, it was the boyfriend Eric He did too many things that didn t make sense, and left me thinking nobody would ve done that , and that can really ruin a book Why did he agree to defend the dad He shouldn t have done it It didn t make any sense Also, all those pri [...]

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