Cinderella This story of Cinderella is based on the version collected and published by the seventeenth century author Charles Perrault Perrault s Cinderella echoes the elegance and luxury of the French court of

This story of Cinderella is based on the version collected and published by the seventeenth century author Charles Perrault Perrault s Cinderella echoes the elegance and luxury of the French court of King Louis XIV, and it s from his version that we get the famous glass slippers Sarah L Thomson s beautiful retelling of the classic fairy tale is matched with the uniquelyThis story of Cinderella is based on the version collected and published by the seventeenth century author Charles Perrault Perrault s Cinderella echoes the elegance and luxury of the French court of King Louis XIV, and it s from his version that we get the famous glass slippers Sarah L Thomson s beautiful retelling of the classic fairy tale is matched with the uniquely stunning artwork of Nicoletta Ceccoli This is a picture book to treasure.

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  1. Sarah L. Thomson Charles Perrault Nicoletta Ceccoli says:
    Sarah L. Thomson Charles Perrault Nicoletta Ceccoli Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Cinderella book, this is one of the most wanted Sarah L. Thomson Charles Perrault Nicoletta Ceccoli author readers around the world.

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  1. Lovely and lush pictures Nicoletta Ceccoli is a wonderful illustrator and I am on the look out for of her work The story has been drastically toned down for younger audiences The step sisters do not chop off their heel toes to fit in the shoes It is a very short and abridged version and does not try to emphasize Cinderella s inherent goodness and kindness Alas My only qualm is how very young the characters are Cinderella and her prince look anywhere from eight to eleven years old Some parents m [...]

  2. The first thing that brought my attention to this book was the lovely cover and childlike face of Cinderella portrayed here This is a beautiful book and I m enchanted by it and continually being impressed with the quality of books from Children s Publishing This is a lovely retelling of the fairy tale appropriate for all ages with no scary or really mean parts outside of sleeping on a hearth with no bed to call her own but there is just enough moral lessons to go around As a mother of a three ye [...]

  3. This is my second favourite illustrated Cinderella Ceccoli has wonderful, soft delicate illustrations Her Cinderella looks like a perfect porcelain doll, with such a classic sweet princess face The muted tones gave a dreamy quality that always works with fairy tales.

  4. Beautiful illustrations grace this sweet retelling of the classic story, appropriate for very little girls who enjoy princesses.

  5. This book deserves five stars just for the pictures, they are beautiful The story itself is not so good It seems like so much is left out of the story, like what happened to Cinder s father The book just mentions that he married a cruel woman Forget the story just give me the pictures, I love this artist.

  6. The illustrations are beautiful, but they made Cinderella look no older than ten I know this is the illustrator s style, but perhaps it is better suited for a different story, where the main character doesn t end up getting married at the end I also felt the retelling was overly simplistic, but maybe that was just me I m sure a very young child would enjoy this book.

  7. I love a good fairytale and this was visually stunning but I felt left out a few key moments like her father dies So for me if I didn t know the story I had to infer some things elementary or one on one

  8. SweetVery cute and sweet introduction into this story The Cinderella story is known all around the world and there are so many different versions The artwork in this is simple and very cute Perfect for a very young child

  9. OPENINGWe will be reading several versions of the same story Cinderella We will be looking at two of the oldest versions and two newer versions of the fairytale to compare and contrast the styles, the content of the story to determine if there is one version a person may like than another This version of the tale was originally published in 1697 by a man named Charles Perrault Keep in mind this version of the fairytale is older before likely having been told to children in the oral tradition Th [...]

  10. I very much like this retelling It is from Charles Perrault s seventeenth century version of the original collection of Grimm Fairy Tales Perrault introduced the glass slipper into the tale and left out the darker original ending.Thomson though chose to add back the stepsisters not being able to dance at the wedding ball because their feet were sore from trying on the slipper, because she felt they deserved just a little bit of punishment for being so terrible to poor Cinderella Perrault believe [...]

  11. The fairytale Cinderella is a classic fairy tale where dreams really do come true This version is reminiscent of the elegance of French during the times of King Louis XIV The illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli does fantastic illustrations that are rich and full of whimsical pastel colors eerily reminiscent of that time period The facial expressions of the story s characters convey many emotions such as a snarl and twist of the mouth of the wicked step mother and step sisters, Cinderella s vibrant smi [...]

  12. This is the classic non Disney fairytale about a poor girl who is forced to serve her evil stepmother and stepsisters She lives in rags, does chores, and sleeps by the fireplace, while they live the lives of debutantes Still, she remains upbeat, and when the prince holds a dance to find his princess her luck changes when her fairy godmother appears and grants her magical assistance The beautiful illustrations are very contemporary, pastel colored with shimmering people sweeping landscapes throug [...]

  13. Stunningly beautiful retelling of Cinderella I picked this up because of the cover, and have fallen head over heels with Nicoletta Ceccoli s artwork The illustrations are hauntingly gorgeous I feel a bit squidgy about how young Cinderella appears here in both body and face she appears to be no older than nine years old While this may be relatable to child readers, it casts the romantic plot in a vaguely surreal, vaguely creepy light.Setting this aside if we can set this aside , the book is just [...]

  14. I m bored of retellings of Cinderella that change nothing This book is based off the French and nicer version of the classic story, with no deviations or particular creativity The illustrations, on the other hand, are new and stunning They seem to be accurately set in the French era that birthed the fairy tale, with lots of powdery white women with big hair, tiny waists, and heart shaped lips always pursed into a pout In the whole book, I only counted six small smiles even when Cinderella marrie [...]

  15. This retelling of Cinderella was an interesting one A lot was the same as the traditional story, however, there was a second time that Cinderella went to a ball and danced with the Prince I don t ever remember reading about her going to a ball a second time The writing was good and descriptive and the illustrations were colorful and also very descriptive I really liked how the pictures were showing a little girl, to relate better with the audience rather than the movie that shows an older girl I [...]

  16. Cinderella is a good story Even though this story is meant to be a fairytale there is a lot of truth to this story Children can relate Every little boy wants to be the prince and every little girl wants to be Cinderella but in the same token children are expected to do choirs and even have mean parents or step parents I think it s important for children to imagine their very own fairytale but still realize the real life aspect Cinderella would give us a chance to explore dramatic play by dressin [...]

  17. This was convenient to read via Kindle, and one of the first things you will notice are the lovely illustrations throughout the book This is a re telling of the Cinderella story with a few different twists, but basically it is the story we know and love It isn t as creepy as some of the realistic versions of Cinderella out there, and young children will enjoy it before bedtime This version did not have a major sway on me one way or the other it gets the job done so I gave it an average score of [...]

  18. This version of Cinderella has a lovely eye catching front cover with metallic writing to draw in the reader I would recommend that this book would be good for children in Year 2 to use both the book corner and in independent reading The book is colourful and the pictures tell the story along with a short paragraph on each page The book contains lots of speech as well as some exciting adjectives and verbs The book would also be good to use in comprehension lessons or lessons on fairy tales.

  19. It is nice that the author makes the stepsisters feet hurt from trying on the shoes, even if he doesn t mention their toes or heels being sliced off to fit in them I wish it would have mentioned how kind and polite Cinderella was, or showed it better This book is a shorter version of the story whimsical pictures.

  20. Short and not too sweetThis is like every Cinderella story But shortened and a lot less creative in its telling There are also too many words per page compared to the average picture book.

  21. The pictures in this book are gorgeous and I like the simple telling of the story This is a great first time Cinderella story for young children and an enjoyable read for all.

  22. Good readGood read good read2 good read3 good read4 good read5 good read6 good read7 good read8 good read9 good read10

  23. This book was my favorite when I was a little.Still interesting to read, and teach.It has many themes that could serve teaching moral lessons.

  24. My six year old is quite obsessed with the tale of Cinderella so I got this for her Kindle.This book was tastefully done with gorgeous art It is based on Perrault, not Grimm so it is not bloody.

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