Toyer Los Angeles There are two seasons day and night Toyer He is a natural response to Los Angeles There has never been anything like Toyer but of course each time there never is Each time the newest c

Los Angeles There are two seasons, day and night Toyer He is a natural response to Los Angeles There has never been anything like Toyer, but of course, each time there never is Each time, the newest cutting edge lunatic has the same refreshing aspect he is unimaginable Maude Garance She is a doctor, thirty six years old Her face is complicated by woven scars of faLos Angeles There are two seasons, day and night Toyer He is a natural response to Los Angeles There has never been anything like Toyer, but of course, each time there never is Each time, the newest cutting edge lunatic has the same refreshing aspect he is unimaginable Maude Garance She is a doctor, thirty six years old Her face is complicated by woven scars of fatigue, she is on the brink of a breakdown caused by a disorder in her patients Toyer s victims that she cannot cure Doctor T Chief of service at Maude s hospital Married too long to the wrong wife All he can do now is to love Maude without mentioning it Sara Smith A reporter A story, any story, is sent from God and God has sent her one Maude dislikes her on sight Jim O Land Sara Smith s boss at the Herald, a man easily followed He publishes Toyer s thoughts Unprecedented in journalism, he says, a first The Uncastables Three comfortably unemployed actors Telen Gacey came to Hollywood on a whim and is ready to leave Peter Matson has star quality but cannot act Billy Waterland, a would be comic, ex gymnast, dreams of stardom Jimmy O A pale ginger cat with a direct stare, humble Maude called him a savior in cat s clothing who d come to rescue her She was right These are the players in Gardner McKay s first novel, Toyer Their lives intersect and intrude on one another with terrifying results to produce a novel that is as compelling as it is rewarding.

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  1. Born George Cadogan Gardner McKay McKay graduated from Cornell University, where he majored in art He became a Hollywood heartthrob in the 1950s and 1960s He landed the lead role in Adventures in Paradise, based loosely on the writings of James Michener His character, Adam Troy, was a Korean War veteran who purchased the twin masted 82 foot 25 m schooner Tiki, and sailed the South Pacific.McKay was under contract to MGM when he was spotted by Dominick Dunne, a television producer for Twentieth Century Fox who was searching for an actor to star in his planned Adventures in Paradise Dunne put his business card on the table and said, If you re interested in discussing a television series, call me McKay competed in screen tests with nine other candidates, and won it because of his good looks and ability to sail An accomplished sailor, he had made eight Atlantic crossings by the age of seventeen Although previously unknown to the public, McKay appeared on the July 6, 1959, cover of Life Magazine just two months before the series premiered.In the 1957 1958 season, McKay played Lieutenant Dan Kelly in the 38 episode syndicated western series, Boots and Saddles, with Jack Pickard and Patrick McVey.After acting in than 100 films for television, McKay left Hollywood to pursue his loves of photography, sculpture, and writing He turned down the opportunity to star opposite Marilyn Monroe in Something s Got to Give, a film which was never completed He exhibited his sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, besides holding individual exhibitions His lifeboat rescue photographs of the Andrea Doria were published internationally McKay wrote many plays and novels, and was a literary critic for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner between 1977 and 1982 He taught writing classes at the University of California at Los Angeles, University of Southern California, University of Alaska, University of Hawaii.McKay s awards included three National Endowment for the Arts fellowships for playwriting, the Drama Critics Circle Award Best Play, and Sidney Carrington Prize He was a winner in Canadian Regional Drama Festival, and runner up in the Hemingway Short Story Contest.McKay settled in Hawaii, where he died from prostate cancer in 2001, aged 69 He was survived by his wife Madeleine Madigan, a painter, and two children.

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  1. We just saw a production of this very passable little thriller at Adelaide s Bakehouse Theatre After an hour and half of assorted twists Is he a psycho or a method actor Did he really cut her phone line Is she going to take any of her clothes off etc the play appeared to reach a resolution, with view spoiler the female psychiatrist, who s become just as crazy as the guy who s been stalking her, performing a home made lobotomy on him in the comfort of her living room hide spoiler Someone in the [...]

  2. Toyer by Gardner McKay Little Brown Co 1998 Fiction Mystery was a book I really wanted to like Gardner McKay the author is apparently the guy cited by name in a Jimmy Buffett song e.g Hey hey Gardner McKay take me on the Leaky Tiki with you , because Jimmy Buffett is one of the named authors on the recommendations page Unfortunately, this mystery whodunit is simply not compelling I kept goingd kept goingd kept going but just finally gave up on page 393 of 437 It was that bad I simply didn t care [...]

  3. Meh.Thriller about a serial killer who doesn t quite kill but renders his female victims in a vegetative state and a doctor and a journalist who try to find him.The beginning was quite interesting, to see the doctor, Maude, run up against all kinds of walls because the people in charge don t take the crimes really seriously, but it fails to build keep suspension and is rather boring I skipped a huge chunk in the middle and read the ending just to see what s going to happen and it is kind of pred [...]

  4. LOVED this book Very clever plot Characters alternately tell the story in a chilling and compelling way Mystery fans should seek out Toyer I was intrigued by the fact that Gardner McKay was the author I and most of my female friends were madly in love with him when he was in the tv series Adventures in Paradise Curious, I read about McKay and found he was an educated, literate, creative man He hated the tv series and quit acting afterwards Wish he had written books.

  5. I think it s rather unique as far as mystery thrillers are concerned I thought the author gave life to a killer without being overly specific.

  6. Uninteresting, and the killer was obviously based off of Ted Bundy.Boring and dragged on info you didn t need to know.

  7. I didn t manage to read it completely, as the sentences were strangely constructed short, often unrelated to each other It was difficult to become engaged in the story, I fell asleep few times The overall idea of the story was really interesting, but the style made it impossible to focus on it.

  8. On m avait parl en bien de ce livre Mais, j ai t d ue Bien que le d but m avait mise sur les dents, j ai trouv qu il y avait beaucoup de longueurs, de moments qui auraient pu ne pas y tre et qui aurait acc l r le rythme La fin m a aussi laiss sur ma faim Bref, peu impressionn e.

  9. Hra i ka my lenka z prvn ch stran kdyby film byl jen par minutov trailer v bec by to nevadilo, trailer je ak n asn , ale samotn film je asto d s, Pro se neprom taj 2 hodiny trailery stejn je d la n kdo jin ne tv rci filmu Ta holka mi mluv z du e Tak to se mi hned ze startu l bilo Holka mi bude sympatick Postavy Maude Vystudovan inteligentn ena co se ut p v smutku po zesnul m man elovi, vztekl z ni eho ned l ni ad na dopadeni hra i ky , riskuje svoje m sto upiji se v depres ch Bezmoc kdy n vladn [...]

  10. Ce livre est tellement rempli de hauts et de bas qu il devient tr s difficile noter pr s d un 3,5, mais le manque de constance m emp che d y aller pour le 4 toiles Ce qui est trange c est que les hauts et les bas varient dans tout Par exemple, l intrigue par moment tr s forte et un bon suspens, tombe, dans d autres passages du livre, compl tement applat, et les nombreuses longueurs ne l aident en rien Les personnages sont de mani re g n rale assez peu attachants et int ressant, on est dans le cl [...]

  11. Toyer s name comes from the fact that he toys with his victims He seduces them then uses a trocar to pierce near the fourth vertebrae which leaves the women he seduces in a vegetative state Dr Maude Garance is the doctor responsible for the care of these women Unknowing to her, Toyer is also stalking her he watches her house, breaks in, goes through her things and steals her key He watches her through her windows and at times speaks to her , pretending to be police or someone passing by in need [...]

  12. It s very involving and believable story about a psychopath that essentially lobotomizes his victims instead of kills, as well as a psychologist and reporter that work to track him down Well, I should say that it s involving until the protracted finale with quite a few contrivances and unneeded padding Pity, because it works very well until then Forgive its ending devices and it s a thriller that s fairly graphic and packs a punch.

  13. Le premier chapitre est vraiment terrifiant et tablit l atmosph re de ce roman Cependant, l intrigue est dilu e dans un d dale de situations qui deviennent un peu lassantes Malgr tout, de par son sujet original, Toyer m rite d tre lu, non sans une certaine d ception face aux attentes g n r es par un d but, mon point de vue, particuli rement r ussi

  14. Ten years on, I just came across this title again.I remember being freaked out by this book, and it sat with me the wrong way for a while I didn t really enjoy reading it, and never felt right recommending it, but I did finish it, and it did provoke a strong reaction in me.

  15. D s qu un personnage est arriv , je me suis dit que c tait lui le coupable et j avais raison Pas vraiment de surprise, assez vulgaire manque de finesse dans l criture La fin est vraiment d cevante Je croyais que les crimes de Toyer taient abominable, mais bof.

  16. Toyer le joueur Roman fast food plusieurs voix, manquant de finesse et de go t, d coup en tranches comme un story board Du cin ma version papier Pr f rer l adapation en cours par Brian de Palma

  17. Very interestinga bit gritty, a bit off beat, different from other crime serial killer thriller books I e read in the past.Not bad

  18. Oddly, I stumbled upon this book years ago at a dollar store and bought it on a whim It was a good thriller mystery, especially for a buck

  19. I could not put this book down Well written, keeps you in suspense to the very last page, and it stays in your mind after you finish it I will look for Gardner McKay books.

  20. Freaky Deaky This book was a psychological thrillerhe he, I always wanted to say that But really, it was scary Good beach read Just don t read it alone, at night.

  21. Okay, the only reason I like this book is because I bought my copy used, and whoever read it before me had scratched out all the swear words I m serious.

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