Here, There, Elsewhere: Stories from the Road

Here There Elsewhere Stories from the Road From the acclaimed author of Blue Highways PrairyErth and Roads to Quoz a dazzling collection of travel tales from the road THERE ELSEWHERE draws together for the first time William Least Heat Mo

From the acclaimed author of Blue Highways, PrairyErth, and Roads to Quoz, a dazzling collection of travel tales from the road, THERE, ELSEWHERE draws together for the first time William Least Heat Moon s greatest short form travel writing Personally selected by the writer, these pieces take us from Japan, England, Italy, and Mexico to Long Island, Oregon, Arizona, fFrom the acclaimed author of Blue Highways, PrairyErth, and Roads to Quoz, a dazzling collection of travel tales from the road, THERE, ELSEWHERE draws together for the first time William Least Heat Moon s greatest short form travel writing Personally selected by the writer, these pieces take us from Japan, England, Italy, and Mexico to Long Island, Oregon, Arizona, from small towns to big cities, ocean shores and inland mysteries.Including Heat Moon s reflections on writing these pieces, HERE, THERE, ELSEWHERE is much than the usual collection of amber it is a coupled summation of craft and memory A perfect treasury of prose and provocation for readers old and new, Heat Moon s most recent work reveals his absolute mastery across pages many and few.

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Here, There, Elsewhere: Stories from the Road

  1. From William Least Heat Moon, byname of William Trogdon is an American travel writer of English, Irish and Osage Nation ancestry He is the author of a bestselling trilogy of topographical U.S travel writing.His pen name came from his father saying, I call myself Heat Moon, your elder brother is Little Heat Moon You, coming last, therefore, are Least Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Heat Moon attended the University of Missouri where he earned bachelor s, master s, and Ph.D degrees in English, as well as a bachelor s degree in photojournalism He also served as a professor of English at the university.

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  1. This is a collection of his travel writings from down through the years which reflect an assortment of destinations some familiar and some not For those places where I have traveled it is interesting to compare his insights and observations with my own For those not so familiar, they are a tantalizing invitation to further exploration He draws not explicitly but implicitly a distinction between the tourist and the traveler The tourist merely visits and observes, whereas the traveler immerses him [...]

  2. This is a collection of travel essays written by Wm Least Heat Moon, although he reworked some that the editors has edited I really learned a lot about beer in one, but he came across a bit pompous and over wordy in others My interest flagged about halfway and I admit to judicious skimming I REALLY liked his Blue Highways and The Water Horse, but this one didn t float my boat.

  3. Thanks to good reads and the publisher for my free copy Some of the pieces in this collection, but as a whole it was rather dull It also seemed as though the author was impressed with himself and expansive vocabulary or just really Attached to his thesaurus Should I really need a dictionary nearby in order to make it through an essay on walking sticks

  4. I enjoyed reading Here, There, Elsewhere Stories from the Road, by William Least Heat Moon.I found the short writings within the pages to be filled with humor and interesting tidbits of information regarding America, especially the states of Kansas and Missouri Least Heat Moon infuses his writings with quips that make the reader grin and even laugh out loud.His journey through Yoknapatawpha County in Mississippi in order to find William Faulkner was a wonderful story This particular story was fi [...]

  5. I love William Least Heat Moon s writing He s always classified as a travel writer, but he s so much than that I often think his books should also be on the spirituality shelf This most recent volume is a collection of his essays published in various magazines over the last 30 years These essays cover many locations in the US and around the world, including New Zealand, England, Scotland, and Japan His essays about the plains and prairies of America are marvelous and poetic I loved his essays o [...]

  6. To call WLHM a travel writer does not do him justice It is always a great pleasure to read his books and essays his writing is superb His topics are from different locales but they are not travel writing his are unique descriptions and viewpoints The only quibble I have with LHM is that he doesn t write

  7. This is a collection of essays Heat Moon wrote, mostly for other sources, now collected in a book for the first time It s a great intro to his writing on place for newbies, and also an indispensable addition for fans.

  8. This book is a collection of short personal travel stories I found with these stories, if I had a particular interest already in the setting the stories set in Japan, New Zealand, Cinque Terre, the Pacific Northwest USA , he could hold my interest, but for the other stories set in Kansas, Missouri, etc I was bored out of my mind.

  9. To me, a road map is the printed lyrics to a siren s song where highways and rivers are like stanzas, and the little circles indicating towns are notes some flat, some sharp, a few off key To begin a journey is to hunt for its tune pg 11

  10. This collection of travel essays inculcates wanderlust like all of his books It is a compilation of stories ranging from Americana to British literature All are beautifully written and evocative of place and time I love this writer

  11. A book composed of short chapters about diverse places the author has visited over a number of years Full of tidbits of information you didn t know that you needed to know

  12. The author of Blue Highways, Roads to Quoz, and PrairyErth, William Least Heat Moon, has written his newest book called Here, There, Elsewhere Stories From the Road This volume is a series of chapters, each one unique, about his lifetime of travels all over the world and here at home There is something for everyone in this collection of articles, many never before published Because my daughter was married in Yosemite National Park I especially loved that chapter and felt like I was right there w [...]

  13. William Least Heat Moon has not been the most prolific writer six books since his first book was published in 1982 , but his first book, Blue Highways, remains one of my all time favorite books I have read it four times His latest is a compilation of a couple dozen of his shorter pieces, a collection that spans the years 1983 2011 And like a recording artist who releases a collection of his or her out takes, Least Heat Moon s collection of writings is uneven in its quality Some of the pieces I e [...]

  14. Made it to page 250 of this book and just couldn t motivate myself to continue Of the roughly 36 stories I managed to complete, only two are worth mentioning, The Last Thanksgiving of Whispers to Hawks and Not Far Out of Tullahoma He described the latter as a sort of prelude to Blue Highways, so I may have had luck with that book I agree with other reviewers in that his tone is a bit arrogant and his writing is overly wordy I highly recommend reading his stories on an IPad or Kindle, so you are [...]

  15. A collection of articles published elsewhere by the author of Blue Highways, one of the best travel books I have ever read, and this is worth reading as well.He goes somewhere, fondles the details as Nabovkov would say , including the rocks and plants, and never forgets to eat or stop for a drink, much like Hemingway s fiction and nonfiction.Some favorite quotes From a mere vacation, one goes home older, but from true travel one returns changed by challenge A writer s assiduous examination shoul [...]

  16. A collection of writings about places or cultural signifiers The best literature increases vocabulary, causes one to think about one s opinions, and sends the reader into dreams and reminiscences Here, There, Elsewhere Stories from the Road does all that It is also interesting, entertaining, and stimulating, but reading it is enough work that completion feels like an accomplishment That feeling adds to the pleasure of reading the book Unlike many travel books, tourism is accepted in its proper p [...]

  17. I loved this book With the reservation that I loved all the parts about America, but not some of the parts about other places.I have loved Blue Highways for years, since it first came out and it guided and influenced how my family traveled So I was delighted to find this newer work which is a compilation of his travel writings from many publications over many years I use travel very loosely, because all the essays and stories all based on real experiences have so much than typical travel writin [...]

  18. These are a group of stories from the road, that Least Heat Moon revisits both in thinking about them and mostly in actuality going back They were written from 1983 2011, most of which were written at the request of various magazines I love his ability to just strike up conversations with strangers and his word play He always finds humor in small things names of towns, objects he comes across, different foods he seems to try anything, at least once I have read most of his books, and have enjoyed [...]

  19. This collection of previously published travel essays takes Heat Moon to all corners of the globe He employs beautiful use of language in describing places in such a way that we not only feel like we ve visited there, but that we we understand the people and the history and the objects and the landscape that make these places His piece, A Glass of Handmade, from 1987 bemoans the state of beer in America, and foretells the resurgence of craft beer It s one of the most interesting and applicable t [...]

  20. Although not quite as compelling as Blue Highways it was still interesting even if a little tedious in spots there are rather lengthy descriptions of nature as well as philosophical musings that tend to lose me Still, he does manage to see the remnants of ancient and not so ancient history which are still visible with the right sort of eyes In addition to his travels in the U.S notably Kansas, Minnesota and eastern Long Island , the author also travels to the British Isles, Japan, New Zealand an [...]

  21. I really enjoy the writing of William Least Heat Moon I enjoy his closeness and awareness of the prairie and Kansas The story crossing Kansas was too much The paragraph that starts Are you set Marie is so funny I reread it out loud to anyone who would listen The Chapter The Last Thanksgiving of Whispers to Hawks was wonderful I loved it I enjoyed the other short stories of places all over the world I think Mr Heat Moon knows the right way to travel, to explore, to contemplate, to actually absorb [...]

  22. Loved this book These travel essays have made me want to travel to places that I have never desired to go to The story about beer led me to my local grocery store to find this one beer that the author had enjoyed I doubted that I would find it, but it was there It s now one of my favorite beers I m glad that the essays collected here have already led me on one of the many adventures I hope to have.

  23. I m not going to read all the essays, but I did enjoy the one about crossing Kansas since my husband and I crossed it twice in 2010 when we moved to Colorado I picked up this book because a friend told me about the essay about beer, A glass of handmade Favorite line at the very end when the Venerable Tashmoo, William Least Heat Moon s traveling companion, takes a hearty swallow of a beer with no flavor and says, Did I miss my mouth

  24. I finished this gathering of Moon s short travel reflections I enjoyed the travelogue and felt some stirrings of desire to explore some of these areas, such as the trips on the Delta Queen What a history lesson of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the trip down the Mississippi The tour from New Zealand to Japan to Italy and all over this earth offered enriching insights to travel Very readable and ripe for thirsty wanderers.

  25. A wide variety of essays that feature Least Heat Moon s inimitable style The road ranges from domestic highways to out of the way scenes in New Zealand and the Cornish coast Few have the ability to weave together the eye of a naturalist with the perspective of a budding sociologist not to mention the author s culinary proclivities A delight to dip into on the night table.

  26. This is a wonderful book of essays about the author s various travels and his meditations thereon I especially liked the one about the advantages and disadvantages of the Interstate Highway System I read his book Blue Highways many years ago and enjoyed very much He really is a marvelous writer and so lucky to have been able to visit so many interesting places.

  27. Enjoyed it Read it for a book club discussion group Had to read it pretty fast, so need to go over some sections again Author has an interesting way of finding out of the way places to visit and has a way of finding out so much about these places than most people would ever think of finding, or wouldn t even think of visiting.

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