Brie Lives Her Fantasy

Brie Lives Her Fantasy Book of the Brie SeriesBrie s fourth day of Submissive Training is upon her Auction Day Brie finds herself in the hands of a new Dom one who has quite the reputation The sexy Russian fulfills her f

Book 4 of the Brie SeriesBrie s fourth day of Submissive Training is upon her Auction Day Brie finds herself in the hands of a new Dom, one who has quite the reputation The sexy Russian fulfills her fantasy in creative ways she never expected It is a day filled with anticipation and hot steamy sex But not all the girls are as lucky as BrieThis delicious noveletteBook 4 of the Brie SeriesBrie s fourth day of Submissive Training is upon her Auction Day Brie finds herself in the hands of a new Dom, one who has quite the reputation The sexy Russian fulfills her fantasy in creative ways she never expected It is a day filled with anticipation and hot steamy sex But not all the girls are as lucky as BrieThis delicious novelette continues Brie s fourth day of sexual adventures as a student at the Submissive Training Center.Brie has eagerly anticipated Auction Day, curious how her Dom will be able to fulfill her favorite fantasy The man who wins her turns out to be a highly respected Dom from Russia which only means good things for Brie Sadly, one of the girls fails to disclose an important part of her past and suffers greatly for it It is a lesson none of the girls will forget To end the day, Brie has a brief moment alone with Sir the first time since the huge fallout Adult Reading Material 18 This book is for mature audiences only and contains sexually explicit content.

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Brie Lives Her Fantasy

  1. USA Today Bestselling AuthorRed Phoenix is an award winning romance author who gained popularity with her BDSM series, Brie s Submission.To join in the Brie experience begin with the 1st Boxed Set Books 1 3 and start your journey into a sensual world Join my Newsletter redphoenix69 newsletter signup Red s Books redphoenix69 reds books br Group group show Twitter twitter redphoenix69

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  1. Auction day at the Training Center a bit of capture kink I suggest you run Rytsar has promised to cane you if you prove an easy catch In the last episode of the Brie series, the subs were asked to write out their top sexual fantasy On auction day, their fantasy will be fulfilled by the Dom who purchases them While Brie was hoping that Tono would win her at auction, it is a stranger who claims her as his submissive for the day Brie comes face to face with the imposing Russian Dom, Rytsar Durov, w [...]

  2. Dear Brie,This week for me was a week of books that, unfortunately, made me sad That is why after finishing one such book I decided that before I return to reading another one, I should read about one of your adventures, because, let s face it, you have the best time at your school And you re a lot of fun That was a good decision Reading about the fulfillment of your fantasy really cheered me up I think this is my favorite thing you did in your training I liked your Russian Dom, too He found a v [...]

  3. Great continuation of Brie s story Very, very hot Her fantasy about a Native Warrior was delicious I want of this series

  4. Brie Lives Her Fantasy By Red Phoenix Brie 4 This is a BDSM erotica short coming in around 40 pages.Day 4 SaturdayAuction DayWhile highly disappointed by her winning bidder, she disappoints the Dom This was interesting to see Her Dom of the day, had an interesting take on her fantasy Today s scene is to act out her fantasy This is fun, exciting, and sexy The Dom has to improvise, since Brie is so long winded, and only got the fantasy partially wrote down It worked in her favor this time, hopeful [...]

  5. The best book I ve read so far in this series The way Brie s fantasy was carried out was amazing and i really liked the way her partner treated her.I was pleasantly surprised to see a bit of a comical side in this book when the police showed up and in the end of the book Mary is ordered to share some secrets of her past which probably will lead to a bonding between the 3 girls, something i would very much like to read in the next book since it will give depth in Mary s character and make her l [...]

  6. Brie 4 gives us the opportunity to really see into Brie s head and discover her true fantasies, which seem to revolve around her innocence quite a bit You also really get to see how her film making degree comes into play when she is asked to write down her favorite fantasy She fills it with so many specific details that she barely gets to the good stuff before Mr Gallant states they will be turning in their fantasy books to him Brie discovers that for their first auction, the Doms that win them [...]

  7. I regret not reading through this series earlier in the year when I was not yet so burned out on the whole BDSM erotica genre I m thankful that Red Phoenix is a talented enough writer that she can keep me interested in any of her stories, even a whole series that would otherwise have me pulling my hair out if I was facing such a challenge by any other author What it comes down to is her ability to write truly sympathetic characters and create situations that are rife with powerful emotional and [...]

  8. I hate you Ms Clark I hate you I hate you I fell in love with the Russian Dom How he played Brie s fantasy.I need Is Sir having feelings for Brie or is just a show

  9. Read of my reviews and ramblings at Ana s Attic Sexy TalesThis series keeps getting better In this installment, Brie is bid on at auction and won by a Russian Dom who speaks no English and is supposed to make Brie s Fantasy come true Though he had his own modern take on her fantasy, he did a great job And the fact that they didn t even speak the same language made it that much hotter Brie is getting a little too perfect for my tastes though, and needs to learn that it isn t all about her, and s [...]

  10. It s the weekend and extra curricular activities are required Brie has her first experience with an external Dom after she s auctioned off He is to play out her most desired fantasy, with her, playing the perfect sub.Again, you can t help yourself from reading I was rushing around to get everything I had to get done, done, so I could sit down and read some of Brie s training I haven t felt like this about reading for a while It s invigorating The storyline is great, the telling of the tale is g [...]

  11. The most secret sexual fantasy that Brie has written about becomes reality Brie and her fellow students now whittled down to three from the original group One an antagonistic character another a sympathetic fellow student are Auctioned to Doms Brie finds herself with a Russian speaking high ranking Dom and her fantasy to come true It had a beautiful as well as quite scary but exciting session.I have to say I love this series, it appeals to me in every way and Red Phoenix writes such erotic scene [...]

  12. I also loved Brie s journey, I love the fact that you started it from no experience at all for her, the idea of the training school and other beginners was a wonderful journey to go on throughout the series, I love all the characters and their paths as well, each one is a vital part to the series and for Brie on her journey The journey was intended for Brie but I found myself falling in love with Sir and his own personal journey to realizing what he wants and needs I have read and re read this s [...]

  13. I loved it of course I am devouring these books They sure pack a punch as they have such hot sex and a little storyline that keeps you wanting to read to see what is going to happen.Brie s fantasy in this installment was hot and it was really cool to see how it was played out for her Onto 5 and I m already worried that I am almost caught up to the end of the series and what will I do then

  14. I love these short stories they always leave me wanting and the book to be longer Brie Lives Her Fantasy was HOT It s auction day and Brie is auctioned off to one of Russia s highly respected Dom s, she does not know this though until afterwards Rytsar fulfilled Brie s fantasy and was very imaginative As always, Mary is a queen B, but also leaves out important information that causes her to get into trouble I cannot wait to read the next book, highly recommend these books.

  15. This book was a fun little read I m loving the characters and the story It will be interesting to she what brie s Dom says and what happened to miss Williams I m hoping that some of the trainers lighten up abit as they are annoying me but I guess we will see It s hard to rate as I m reading the whole set but the individual stories are so small I m forgetting what happens in each book and just concentrating on the overall story The final book will have the proper review.

  16. Sigh I m still on the fence with the no safe sex thing and now we have external factors too Perhaps what I should do is just read around it and make believe that a condom was inserted here As far as this episode in the story I absolutely enjoyed the role play scene the rest not so much Still hate Mrs Clark, the rest is growing on me but one should always remember this is fiction real life is much much different.

  17. Each day Brie trains to become the best submissive she can be, the story gets better and better Her fantasy was complicated and the Russian Dom, who did not speak to her in English helped make the fantasy realistic, as Brie Lives Her Fantasy The beach scene and what followed made the reader envy Brie when she found she was living her fantasy and so realistically The first four days of training have been fantastic, I am watching for the next episode.

  18. What a day and there is over 5 weeks of training left wow The girls fantasies were different and I am looking forward to hearing about Mary s For Brie s encounter I was hoping for feathers, bear skin rug, drums, face painting, chanting but I thought it was played out well I enjoy each judges personalities Looking forward to the next day and finding out how the girls did

  19. This review is for all of Brie s Sub Training Fabulously wild and crazy sex scenes Lots of variety too Not exactly what I consider good writing technique, kind of abrupt sentences weird repetition Odd for me to notice in this genre, I guess I mean I know the whole shades, eh Whatevs, it s a quickie read The ending is worth it.

  20. Auction time The Dom who buys her in the auction is amazing He sets up Brie s fantasy superbly, and has a few surprises of his own to complete the fantasy that Brie doesn t see coming Brie s rival has an issue during her outing with her Dom, which is brought on by a post issue Brie s friend, Lea, really enjoyed herself with her doctor.

  21. Brie lives out her fantasy and its a hell of fun and really intense although here the interaction between Brie and Sir are really limited Here Brie finds out that she has a weakness that may be a stone in her way for being a good submissive I have to say with every book its a learning journey into the submissive BDSM world,

  22. Oh boy This series just keeps getting better The auction day is a huge success The writing depicting brie s fantasy is spectacular This girl is finding out so many things about herself it just keeps getting and interesting The author does a superb job of putting us in brie s shoes so we feel what she is feeling I think we may all want to join the training school

  23. FSOG has nothing on Red Phoenix ohh laa laa HOT, intense a little annoyed it was so short I felt like I was paying for a chapter instead of a book but of course it was addictive so yes I have now paid for all of them and awaiting the next release.

  24. Brie is ending her first week at the school and every saturday there is a auction where a dom gets to live out her fantasy there fantasy This week is her fantasyd she has an amazing night with a Russian guy that can not even speak English but he is so in tune with her and her needs.

  25. Brie learns about what it means to be a submissive Great continuation of the series I can t wait for another installment

  26. I loved this one The fantasy just rocked I hope Brie gets to meet the Russian again I don t like Mary not at all.

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