John and Dave and the Temple of X'al'naa'thuthuthu

John and Dave and the Temple of X al naa thuthuthu The below tale of wonder and horror was written a couple of years ago as a sequel to my horror novel John Dies at the End This unfinished adventure is not included in the print edition of JDatE that i

The below tale of wonder and horror was written a couple of years ago as a sequel to my horror novel John Dies at the End This unfinished adventure is not included in the print edition of JDatE that is coming out this fall, and right now is an online exclusive.This was part of an early draft of David Wong s totally rad novel This Book Is Full Of Spiders.

  • [PDF] Read ½ John and Dave and the Temple of X'al'naa'thuthuthu : by David Wong
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John and Dave and the Temple of X'al'naa'thuthuthu

  1. David Wong is the pseudonym of Jason Pargin He is the Executive Editor of Cracked, author of John Dies at the End and the New York Times bestseller This Book is Full of Spiders His third novel, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits debuted on October 6 2015cmillan author davidwongJohn Dies at the End was adapted into a feature film and debuted at the Sundance film festival in 2012.

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  1. Gah Fucking Shadow People shivers If you ve read This Book Is Full of Spiders then you will find most of this story very familiar If you haven t read it, then you might be spoiled a bit as this is the original origin of TBIFOS, which is, of course, the sequel to the truly awesome John Dies at the End It has some scenes that aren t in TBIFOS, a couple of which are pretty spooky shadow people , and a couple others which are pretty damned funny And that s how it usually goes with this series, horro [...]

  2. I read John and Dave and the Temple of X al naa thuthuthu after finishing John Dies at the End I have not yet read This Book is Full of Spiders so I expect that it will rehash this story and add on to it.I am impressed at the way that David Wong has grown as an author This novella offers a full and complete story with foreshadowing and cyclical narration and small, cohesive details, rather than being broken up into a series of amusing anecdotes as was in John Dies at the End.For the rest of my r [...]

  3. Dave s day has taken a turn for the worse The shadowmen have returned And they re using his shower Dealing with it the only way he knows how, Dave chooses to ignore it all and go on with his life This works for awhile, but when evil bugs and dead cops start appearing in his house, he has no choice but to step up a face it head on.This story is the original draft of JDatE 2 and falls between the two official books as an unofficial prologue story For awhile it was available on the official site, b [...]

  4. 2aughlikecrazy.wordpress 2This short story starts where the first book ends and plunges the reader right back into mysteriousness and the desperate need for action.It starts to really take off by the 5th page or so and becomes immediately grotesque It swiftly throws you into a state of disgust and hilarity involving a Goliath Fucking Bird Eating Spider , amongst other creepy not of this world crawlies It s very well written and I hate how it s so terribly descriptive with its gore Molly of cours [...]

  5. I really like this early version of TBiFoS, not better than the finished product, but it answers some questions about threads otherwise left dangling in the actual release Monster Dave being a thing, explaining the invisible orb in Dave s shower kind of , and the intentions of the shadow people, specifically the one in the hospital camera footage Dave sees on the news at work Not much else to say, besides the Temple of X al naa thuthuthu tower thing at the end of this draft seemed really freakin [...]

  6. Skip it if you plan on reading the sequel It s just a draft anyway and it s entirely rehashed in Full of Spiders.

  7. Enjoyable, but I am very glad this isn t the official sequel to John Dies at the End, since the writing style is somewhat lacking.

  8. To be honest, I almost like Temple of X al naa thuthuthu even better than Dies At The End I think this story was a little tighter Very good.

  9. Yay for having this for download, because I couldn t find it anywhere It wasn t quite as good as the two actual books in the series, but it was worth reading Definitely rougher and in need of editing I do prefer the lack of Amy POV here as compared to the adaption that isThis Book is Full of Spiders, I also like how the series mythos is expanded here While TBiFoS has a cohesive plot, I think the direction taken here makes sense overall, building on events and information from the first book [...]

  10. This bizarre short story was part of the original draft of This Book is Full of Spiders, the sequel to the awesomely entertaining John Dies at the End Not quite as great as the first installment, but still a fast paced and funny little read Now that the prologue is out of the way, I m looking forward to seeing what John and Dave get up to in part 2.

  11. Was expecting this to be a book that fits between John dies at the end and this book is full of spiders, but instead it turns out that this is a short story that morphed into this book is full of.I really need to read what a book is about before I start it hahaAnyways, this book is still fun to read, it gives you an insight of how the full novel came about There are quite a few differences and I think the changes made to the full novel were all for the better.You never get to find out how to pro [...]

  12. Again David Wong strikes gold with his John and Dave adventures This is actually a prologue to THIS BOOK IS FULL OF SPIDERS which was a superb follow up to JOHN DIES AT THE END so it is actually JDATE 1.5 Great bizarro fiction with furry guns, shadow men and cannibalistic mind control spiders Read JDATE and then this one to prepare for SPIDERS Jason Pargin aka David Wong is a fantastic writer for CRACKED and his humor is outrageous You just wanna sit down for a meal and let him spin yarn after y [...]

  13. any adventure of john, dave, and Amy is welcome in my book definitely can tell it s a first draft, but different enough from the others to make it worthwhile I want to know what happens in that tower, I hope we get that story I think it s really cool that David Wong put this out as a free download, even if its not a finished book I hope people start doing it.

  14. I m fairly sure I read this a few years ago, before JDATE was published, when it was all up on his website It s since been taken down, I believe.

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