The Shadow Cats

The Shadow Cats Once a century one person is chosen for greatness And it was not Alodia Alodia is the crown princess of the realm The sister who knows how to rule and the one who is constantly reminded that she has

Once a century, one person is chosen for greatness And it was not Alodia.Alodia is the crown princess of the realm The sister who knows how to rule, and the one who is constantly reminded that she has not been marked for a grand destiny But Alodia has plans, and she will be the greatest queen her people have ever known So she travels with her hopeless, na ve, chosen sOnce a century, one person is chosen for greatness And it was not Alodia.Alodia is the crown princess of the realm The sister who knows how to rule, and the one who is constantly reminded that she has not been marked for a grand destiny But Alodia has plans, and she will be the greatest queen her people have ever known So she travels with her hopeless, na ve, chosen sister to a distant part of their land, to begin to secure her supporters This region needs its princesses, for it is plagued with a curse The crops don t grow, the spring doesn t arrive, and a fierce jaguar stalks the shadows, leaving only empty homes splashed with blood behind If Alodia can save them, no one will be able to deny her strength and her sovereignty.But what she discovers could change the fate of her kingdom, if not her world And it will most certainly change her opinion of her younger sister The Shadow Cats is a prequel to the riveting Fire and Thorns trilogy Book One, The Girl of Fire and Thorns Book Two, The Crown of Embers and Book Three, The Bitter Kingdom.

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The Shadow Cats

  1. I write books about teens who must do brave things I m originally from California, but I now live in Arizona with my husband, who is the smartest and therefore sexiest man I know My books tend to contain lots of adventure, a little magic and romance, and smart girls who make mostly smart choices I especially love to write about questions I don t know the answers to.

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  1. 5 out of 10 review in russianI dislike Alodia and this bonus didn t change my mind She may be brave and clever and so on, but I can t stand her presence and attitude In this bonus she continues to be ashamed of her sister, to feel love hate toward her and to be Miss Ideal Boring Her story became something interesting only next to the ending thanks to the guy she doesn t deserve to have as her friend That s what I think about Elisa s sibling PS Maybe glory for saving people, on which Alodia let t [...]

  2. A bit of a pointless novella, it didn t really add anything to the series Also, I hated Alodia, I was expecting her POV to flesh out her character and portray her in better light but if anything she came across even worse She was needlessly mean to her younger sister, Elisa, no wonder Elisa was insecure and down on herself in the main novels, she d had to put up with her bitchy sister s non stop snide remarks and looks whilst growing up It was hardly Elisa s fault she d been coddled and sheltere [...]

  3. This was great additional short story of Fire and Thorns series While it s definitely my least favourite of the three novellas, I still enjoyed being in this world and meeting few of the characters once again I was never the biggest fan of Alodia in the trilogy especially the impersonal, quite cold way she acted toward her sister , so I m glad that I was able to read from her POV and understand her a litte bit Short stories recommended for fans of the trilogy.

  4. This novella was so good I ve been dying to read this series and I m beyond happy that I started with the novellas I think this whole world that this book is set in is pretty freaking interesting I loved all of the characters so much I kind of feel like Alodia has a crush on Zito but that could just be me I feel like my review for this book will be way different from anyone elses because I don t know anything about these characters I haven t read The Girl of Fire and Thorns yet so my opinions ca [...]

  5. This was a cute addition to the series and explained why Alodia, who Elisa thinks hates her, would push her sister to marriage with a king It didn t add anything to the over all storyline but it was a fun read all the same.

  6. This is the first prequel to The Girl of Fire and Thorns, it is from Juana Alodia s POV, Elisa s older sister gahhhh dreaded first person present tense AGAIN It is short, obviously, so not a lot happens, there is no character development, and not a lot of insight is gained The year before Elisa was traded in marriage to King Alejandro, she accompanies her sister on a trip to an outlying province for a wedding A jaguar seems to be stalking the castle and out lying regions also, the ground has bec [...]

  7. 7 18 12 I had to laugh when I read that this is Fire Thorns 0.5 I thoroughly enjoyed this glimpse into Alodia s head, though I had to keep reminding myself that this was 1 before the first book, AND 2 not from Elisa s perspective.My take away We can t assume that we know what others think about us It was so interesting to understand that both sisters had so much respect for the other, but each often assumed the worst of the other.Thanks Rae Carson for giving us this alternative perspective.

  8. Even though it s technically a prequel to The Girl Of Fire And Thorns, it s better to read it after Seeing Elisa from her older sister Alodia s POV adds layers and dimensions to the original book, and the adventure expands the boundaries of the world while standing well enough on its own Yes, it s true, I m married to the author but you don t think I would have married her if she wasn t an amazing writer, do you She s an amazing writer And this is an excellent addition to the GFT series.

  9. From Alodia s POV It takes place before Elisa marries Alejandro, and offers insight into the sisters relationship, which I particularlly appreciated, being an elder sister myself I d had a hard time with how cold and indifferent Alodia came across in the full installments of this series It s just a really good novella.

  10. Style and LanguageA nice and well written short story, that is the first of three that plays ahead of the actual novel The Girl of Fire and Thorns.With The Shadow Cats we ll get a closer look at Alodia, Elisa s elder sister and crown princess of the realm This story gives the reader a little glimpse about how she thinks and feels about her sister the chosen one.The two sisters are on their way to a wedding, but nothing seems to be as expected The land is dry, looks somehow dead and the people ar [...]

  11. This story had an interesting plot, surprisingly packed with mystery and tension despite its brevity And as always, Carson s world building is impeccable.However, my problems with the story were that Alodia s narrative voice sounds just like Elisa s that the relationship between Alodia and Elisa is told instead of shown and that I do not for a second buy that Alodia as a crown princess would either be so reckless, or so well trained, as to go out into the mountains like that.But oh well What mak [...]

  12. This novella, for me, is a 3.5 stars, very nearly 4 I really enjoyed this little story, and it confirmed to me that I want to read this series Although, I really want to read about Alodia Zito, rather than her sister Elisa I grew to really like the both of them tough as nails Alodia, and loyal brave Zito He doesn t ever hesitate to server his kingdom, and his princess, even when it costs him even than he s already given in that service And Alodia holding him in the highest esteem, refusing to [...]

  13. So, I m pretty much coming into this series blind I had heard of The Girl of Fire and Thorns and it had been on my to read list for a few years now, but I just never got around to reading it Now that I m starting it, I wanted to read the novellas first since they are the prequels I can already say that I love this world that Carson has created From the religions to the landscape to the magic, it sucked me in and made me excited to know I m not sure how any of these characters fit into the actua [...]

  14. I finished the Fire and Thorns series one or two years ago highly recommend , and I was excited to see there was to it, despite only being novellas The Shadow Cats centres around Alodia, Elisa s the protagonist of the Fire and Thorn series sister, and how she deals with the troubles brewing in unprivileged areas of the kingdom It was fascinating to see her relationship with Elisa from her point of view since Alodia was portrayed as the mean, jealous sister in the series I look forward to readin [...]

  15. I really enjoyed this short story The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is that I kept forgetting what I had read right before I went to read of it Overall, it was a really nice story and I am looking forward to reading the next one.

  16. Check out this review on our blog The Girl of Fire and Thorns ended on such an exciting note, so when I heard The Shadow Cats was to be released, I instantly made this a must read Rae Carson has done a splendid job of world building in The Girl of Fire and Thorns, incorporating Spanish and Catholic influences into a fantasy world and she has continued the expansion in the prequel as well.The Shadow Cats expands on the strained relationship between Elisa and Alodia that is brushed on The Girl of [...]

  17. 5 stars for such a short book YES It s awesome also on thedailyprophecyI don t think I have ever rated any short book with 5 flowers before, but this book totally deserves it Rae Carson knows how to write After reading part one, I fell in love with her writing style and she managed to create another fantastic story in only 54 pages It made me extra excited for her second book which I hope to get soon Alodia is Crown Princess of Orovalle and she is the older sister from Elisa, the girl we met in [...]

  18. Originally posted on The Authoress Book Review and More.I m a big fan of Rae Carson s debut, The Girl of Fire and Thorns When I saw this one, I immediately rushed to buy it, even though I ve never bought anything on my Kindle before This historic buy was not disappointed Rae Carson packs a lot of plot and character development into the equivalent of 54 printed pages This time, we see Elisa through the eyes of her sister, Alodia as they encounter a problem in a remote part of their kingdom.I was [...]

  19. I really enjoyed this little story.I wasn t sure how I was going to take a story about Alodia biased by Elisa s biases I think but I really enjoyed this glimpse into her character.In The Girl of Fire and Thorns, Elisa slowly realises that what she saw as animosity on Alodia s part wasn t it was just two very different personalities who didn t really know how to communicate Here, we see Alodia, older and experienced, coming to realise this first It s only a short story, so we don t get to know h [...]

  20. My Rating Good ReadThis review will be short, sweet, and to the point With no spoilers The Shadow Cats is a 54 page prequel to Carson s The Girl of Fire and Thorns, which debuted last year I wish I could find the specific word count though, because the story, despite the electronic page count, feels shorter than 54 pages No matter It s not a tale that s absolutely necessary to the understanding of The Girl of Fire and Thorns rather, it s an icing story You know, as in icing on the cake If you ve [...]

  21. I think such a short story requires a short review Hehe.Anyway, I have mad respect for Ms Carson She took YA fantasy and gave it a spicy, old Spanish theme that I ve never seen any other author do This novella is a prequel story to Ms Carson s debut book, The Girl of Fire and Thorns READ IT And then read Shadow Cats, because until the next book in the series is published, this will have to hold you over Wish it had been longer because of course, I got sucked back into Ms Carson s world right as [...]

  22. This was a nice short story that told readers about Alodia, who was so proper that it made her snobby and condescending towards Elise I think I may have a newfound respect for Alodia because she proves to be a strong heir who makes decisions that are best for her people And it doesn t hurt that she actually knows how to fight and isn t the damsel in distress that needs constant protection I did find some of it reminding me of Kristin Cashore s Graceling though, but either way, I m really lookin [...]

  23. I am desperately waiting for the library to get the Bitter Kingdom, so reading this prequel about Alodia was a way to pass the time But it was actually pretty good I ve never liked Alodia, because I really love Elisa, so I wasn t sure I d appreciate her POV, but she was an interesting narrator I m hoping we learn about her in The Bitter Kingdom.

  24. I loved getting to know Alodia She came across as aloof and dismissive of Elise in The Girl of Fire Thorns, but this novella really gives you a better understanding of the reasons behind her actions I look forward to Alodia s reaction to the new Elise and I hope she makes an appearance in the next two books.

  25. I ve read Fire and Thorns books one and two and so far I m not a fan of Alodia This brief prequel is in her point of view and offers some interesting back story to the sibling dynamic between Alodia and Elisa and Alodia s duties.

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