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Miracles Et Autres Textes

  1. Alain Fournier was the pseudonym of Henri Alban Fournier 1886 1914 , a French author and soldier He wrote a single novel, Le Grand Meaulnes 1913 , which was adapted into two feature films and is considered a classic of French literature.Alain Fournier was born in La Chapelle d Angillon, in the Cher d partement, in central France, the son of a school teacher He studied at the Lyc e Lakanal in Sceaux, Hauts de Seine, near Paris, where he prepared for the entrance examination to the cole Normale Sup rieure, but without success He then studied at the merchant marine school in Brest At the Lyc e Lakanal he met Jacques Rivi re, and the two became close friends In 1909, Rivi re married Alain Fournier s younger sister Isabelle Alain Fournier interrupted his studies in 1907 and from 1908 to 1909 he performed his military service At this time he published some essays, poems and stories which were later collected and re published under the name Miracles Throughout this period he was mulling over what would become his celebrated novel, Le Grand Meaulnes On the first of June 1905, Ascension day, while Alain Fournier was talking a stroll along banks of the Seine, he had met Yvonne de Qui vrecourt, with whom he became deeply enamoured The two spoke, but he did not manage to win her favours The following year on the same day he waited for her at the same place, but she did not appear That night he told Rivi re, She did not come And even if she had, she would not have been the same They did not meet again until eight years later, when she was married with two children Yvonne de Qui vrecourt would become Yvonne de Galais in his novel Alain Fournier returned to Paris in 1910 and became a literary critic, writing for the Paris Journal There he met Andr Gide and Paul Claudel In 1912, he quit his job to become the personal assistant of the politician Casimir Perrier Le Grand Meaulnes was finished in early 1913, and was first published in the Nouvelle Revue Fran aise from July to October 1913 , and then as a book Le Grand Meaulnes was nominated for, but did not win, the Prix Goncourt It is available in English in a widely admired 1959 translation by Frank Davison for Oxford University Press In 1914, Alain Fournier started work on a second novel, Colombe Blanchet , but this remained unfinished when he joined the army as a Lieutenant in August He died fighting near Vaux l s Palameix Meuse one month later, on the 22nd of September 1914 His body remained unidentified until 1991, at which time he was interred in the cemetery of Saint Remy la Calonne Most of the writing of Alain Fournier was published posthumously Miracles a volume of poems and essays in 1924, his correspondence with Jacques Rivi re in 1926 and his letters to his family in 1930 His notes and sketches for Colombe Blanchet have also been published From

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