The Red and the Black

The Red and the Black Handsome ambitious Julien Sorel is determined to rise above his humble provincial origins Soon realizing that success can only be achieved by adopting the subtle code of hypocrisy by which society op

Handsome, ambitious Julien Sorel is determined to rise above his humble provincial origins Soon realizing that success can only be achieved by adopting the subtle code of hypocrisy by which society operates, he begins to achieve advancement through deceit and self interest His triumphant career takes him into the heart of glamorous Parisian society, along the way conquerHandsome, ambitious Julien Sorel is determined to rise above his humble provincial origins Soon realizing that success can only be achieved by adopting the subtle code of hypocrisy by which society operates, he begins to achieve advancement through deceit and self interest His triumphant career takes him into the heart of glamorous Parisian society, along the way conquering the gentle, married Madame de R nal, and the haughty Mathilde But then Julien commits an unexpected, devastating crime and brings about his own downfall The Red and the Black is a lively, satirical portrayal of French society after Waterloo, riddled with corruption, greed and ennui, and Julien the cold exploiter whose Machiavellian campaign is undercut by his own emotions is one of the most intriguing characters in European literature.

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The Red and the Black

  1. Henri Marie Beyle, better known by his pen name Stendhal , was a 19th century French writer Known for his acute analysis of his characters psychology, he is considered one of the earliest and foremost practitioners of realism in his two novels Le Rouge et le Noir The Red and the Black, 1830 and La Chartreuse de Parme The Charterhouse of Parma, 1839.

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  1. I was taking the train from Geneva to Grenoble, one of the most beautiful routes in the world, and I was reading Le Rouge et le Noir for the second time I hadn t picked the book because I was visiting Grenoble, it just worked out that way I was alone in the compartment it was one of those old fashioned carriages which still had compartments.At the fifth or sixth stop, the door opened, and a young woman entered carrying a lot of heavy luggage She asked me, in French, if I d mind helping her put i [...]

  2. Nothing can distinguish a man as a death sentence, thought Mathilde It s the only thing one can t buy Julien Sorel was a young man with an audacious intellect Such a gift can be a great resource that can be exploited for financial gain or it can be a burden that keeps a person in perpetual misery Sorel, the hero of our story, experiences both the wonders and the loneliness that sometimes goes hand in hand with being too aware to accept fate without attempting to manipulate a better future He is [...]

  3. The Red and the Black draws a colorful mosaic about the required hypocrisy to climb the ladder of social status in the France of the July Revolution Chronicled by an omniscient narrator, who meets every requisite to be Stendhal himself, the reader follows the story of Julien Sorel, a young man of humble origins whose only ambition is to ascend in the social hierarchy in a world still dominated by the Machiavellian politicking of the clergy and the nobility after the downfall of the Emperor Despi [...]

  4. It s a book about the dangers of reading The novel s characters are seduced by ideas, poetic gestures, tragic endings, narratives they might inhabit and soon find themselves enslaved to them, marching lockstep in the footprints of characters whose stories they ve read Stendhal obviously takes pleasure in his position as most recent seducer of the book s reader and he sugar coats his narrative pills just enough that it s only later, with the feeling of slight corrosion in your stomach, that you w [...]

  5. 923 Le Rouge et le Noir The Red and The Black, StendhalLe Rouge et le Noir The Red and the Black is a historical psychological novel in two volumes by Stendhal, published in 1830 It chronicles the attempts of a provincial young man to rise socially beyond his modest upbringing through a combination of talent, hard work, deception, and hypocrisy He ultimately allows his passions to betray him.Book I Book I presents Julien Sorel, the ambitious son of a carpenter in the fictional village of Verri r [...]

  6. Julien Sorel n o uma personagem para se gostar ou admirar mais um anti her i inteligente mas dissimulado, constantemente desconfiado, ressentido e manipulador Mas Julien tamb m nos comove e conquista pela ingenuidade, por aquele permanente complexo de inferioridade que faz dele um ser indefeso e humilhado, ou quando v tima de maus tratos.Na Fran a vive se o per odo da Restaura o ap s a queda de Napole o O pa s encontra se dividido entre Realistas, defensores da monarquia absoluta, e Liberais, pa [...]

  7. I just finished watching the latest movie adaptation of Les Miserables and there is a song there about Red and Black I got excited because both Les Miserables and this book Scarlet and Black also known as Red and Black were both written by French novelists and set in the 19th century France So, when I heard the song being sung by those young actors in Les Miz I said so that s the other meaning of those colors Red the blood of angry men Black the dark of ages past Red a world about to dawn Black [...]

  8. It s fairly easy to see why this book isn t well known as it was ahead of its time in 1830 and overshadowed by Flaubert, Balzac, and Hugo And despite the fact that some consider it among the first modern novels it is probably a bit too dated to appeal to a modern focused crowd I think I ve come to a perfect period in my reading where this makes perfect sense After Proust, Banffy and Zilahy another read about courtly high society was a tough sell but I persevered a bit exhausted but wiser for m [...]

  9. Ultimately, Stendhal s The Red and the Black almost pissed me off If I see this book again I m tempted to say to it, I m not rationally sure why you kinda pissed me off I just know you did It really would have if I had cared enough about any of the people in it to be pissed off I hate that feeling of self persuasion as inevitable, as people being trapped in mind games It sucks but I cannot swallow the idea that there is no other outcome I know it s satire I kinda hate satire I don t want to read [...]

  10. , , 19 1814 1830 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .506 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .584 , , , , , , , , , , 397 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 427 Update 4 Antoine Berthet, , Michoud , la Gazette des tribunaux 1828 Harold Bloom, Stendhal Bloom s Major Novelists Comprehensive Research and Study Guide , Chelsea House Pub, Langhorne, Pennsylvania, U.S.A 2001 D L Gobert, Cliffs Notes on The Red and The Black, 1967 , , , , 1830 [...]

  11. I read this for two reasons First, now, when I die, I can say Why yes, I ve read Stendhal Right, I don t know who at my deathbed is going to be asking me about Stendhal, but it s one thing to cross off my worry list Maybe there s some sort of deathbed reckoning for book snobs that involves a Ghost of Literature Past Then our conversation could go like this Ghost of Literature Past And you ve read Stendhal Me Yes, indeedy GLP Hmmm Yes Hmmm and it was in translation, I believe Me Oh Er YesP Hmmmm [...]

  12. If nothing else, read Moncrieff s translation to seep yourself in the highly latinate, generally overeducated and comfortably contorted prose But the adroitness with the want of which we are reproaching him would have debarred the sublime impulse of seizing the sword which, at that moment, made him appear so handsome in the eyes of Mademoiselle de La Mole it will do wonders for the style of your work emails Trust me on this one.What to say about Stendhal I think he exists halfway between Austen [...]

  13. Oh, nineteenth century Not counting the subtitle A Chronicle of the 19th Century which I didn t know of until just now it s not on the cover or the title page of either copy of the book I have on hand I count eight mentions of the phrase nineteenth century by the omniscient narrator, of which two are apostrophes, including the quote above, which is from one of the later chapters Revolution and the turmoil of change in the world has led to this lamentation, in much the same way our generation has [...]

  14. Clube dos Cl ssicos Vivos Outrora dizia lhe Julien quando eu podia ter sido t o feliz durante os nossos passeios pelos bosques de Vergy, uma ambi o fogosa atra a a minha alma para regi es imagin rias Em vez de estreitar contra o cora o esse bra o encantador que estava t o perto dos meus l bios, o futuro afastava me de ti eu pertencia aos in meros combates que teria de travar para edificar uma fortuna colossal N o, eu teria morrido sem conhecer a felicidade se n o tivesses vindo ter comigo p 476

  15. review in English below Gostei muito, e estou de certo modo surpreendida por isso.Ao in cio irritei me com a personalidade de Julien, interesseiro e calculista, e na verdade nunca me senti realmente envolvida emocionalmente na hist ria Mas, de alguma forma, o autor conseguiu manter me sempre interessada, nunca me aborrecendo mesmo quando se discutiam aspectos da Hist ria francesa que me s o completamente desconhecidos As poucas notas de rodap s o interessantes, mas souberam me a pouco A verdade [...]

  16. When I was at university my best friend and I would regularly write to each other as, for the first time, we were at different ends of the country These letters yes, letters we were not being pretentious neither of us could afford a computer as kids and so didn t know how to use email until later would usually contain details of any, uh, girl related activity, music recommendations and book recommendations Parts of these letters have stayed with me certain relationships one in particular with a [...]

  17. What makes this novel a masterpiece is our friend Julien Not a very likable fellow, I must admit, but a fantastically written one He s incredibly flawed and that s what makes him so utterly human He constantly makes horrible mistakes, trips over himself, is mostly always way in over his head, but all of that just makes him complex, and thus interesting.

  18. Se Julien tivesse conta no twitter seria o t pico usu rio obsessivo da hashtag odeiopessoas.Stendhal sabia escrever sobre os sentimentos Com requinte e alguma ironia construiu um dos melhores e complexos personagens de todos os tempos Ainda tem a capacidade de conversar com o leitor de forma despretensiosa e muito cativante Esta a considerada a sua obra prima, um romance hist rico psicol gico Uma leitura indiscutivelmente inesquec vel CONTINUA AQUI amulherqueamalivrosspo

  19. I don t normally give up books Yet, Stendhal s The Red and The Black somehow failed to make me want to finish it if only out of curiosity about what happens in the end I get why it s considered a classic and the author s irony is certainly smart and well used, but the characters are too absurd for my taste and the prose too shallow I could neither relate to any character in the book, nor justify their thoughts and actions which were constantly contradicting one another I know that was part of th [...]

  20. First published in 1830, The Red and the Blackis the bildungsroman of Julien Sorel, an intelligent and ambitious young man from a working class family in a rural area of France Highly romantic, Julien admires Napoleon Bonaparte and has dreamed of a military career the Black in the title represents the colour of the military uniform However, a distinguished military career is not something a young man of his class can aspire to and Julien turns his attention to the Church the uniform of which is [...]

  21. Li este livro h quase quarenta anos Mais precisamente em 1978 Como sei simples Pela data de edi o do meu exemplar Na altura, tinha uma bolsa pequenita onde cabia pouco mais do que um ou dois livros por m s Isto nos meses bons nos maus tinha de apertar muito o cinto para conseguir, pelo menos, um Assim, nunca tinha livros espera de ser lidos hoje tenho quase novecentos E, n o sei se era pela raridade, ou por pensar que o Tempo era infinito, todos os livros que li na juventude eram bons e nunca de [...]

  22. I promised myself I wouldn t spend too long clacking out a review of this one usually, after a frenzied Sunday of reading I like to mellow out for the last few hours, and not dissertate apparently that s a word on a lofty French classic Plus there are a few tip top reviews already, like this one and this one and this one, so who cares what the anaemic Scot has to say Really In short loved the epigrams, didn t mind the frequent blurring of narrator with interior narration and dialogue, and though [...]

  23. Juli n Sorel es junto a Dorian Gray, Rask lnikov, Ana Karenina o Madame Bovary, uno de esos personajes inolvidables de las novelas decimon nicas.Juli n Sorel es el perfecto arribista Nada significan para l el amor, la amistad, la camarader a o la honestidad As , la estrategia, la mentira y la hipocres a constituyen su modus vivendi aplicando la m xima maquiav lica de que el fin justifica los medios La maestr a de Stendhal reside en mostrarnos al personaje desde todas sus caras sin ocultarnos nad [...]

  24. A word I came across while reading about The Red and The Black was irony It came upon me like a word written maybe on Arial 10 that grew gradually into a signboard as I read forward for I think it describes perfectly Stendhal s style and perhaps what made me think of this oeuvre as great Irony came presented to me as a matter of perspective as means to present something in many ways Such is the way with Stendhal s characters in The Red and The Black the author plays with them and maybe even with [...]

  25. Nh m i cu n s ch c g i l Kinh i n, v en th c s em l i s th a m n cho ng i c, v n u ch u ki n nh n v t qua 700 trang kh l n, b n s c n p x ng ng.Kh ng c n m t c ng i v o t m t t cu n s ch n y, v ng i c c n f i c, m ng i vi t th l i review nhi u, ch a k ph n t m t t c tr n m ng, ch xin n i qua, l cu n s ch c r t nhi u th th a m n m t ng i c kh t nh 1 B n c n tri t l , c tri t l Xuy n su t cu n s ch l nh ng o n tr ch d n u ch ng t nh ng t c gia kh c, k m theo nh ng o n i tho i th ng minh, h i h c v [...]

  26. O Vermelho e o Negro 1830 surge algumas d cadas antes de Madame Bovary 1857 , oferecendo lhe toda uma nova abordagem do romance, marcando aquilo que ficaria conhecido como, a ascen o do realismo e queda do romantismo, e que Flaubert aproveitaria tendo em conta toda a sua for a Apesar da proximidade, a extens o e intensidade da obra de Stendhal leva a que facilmente a sua leitura permane a dentro de n s, debatendo se com aquilo que somos, algo que dificilmente ocorre com o trabalho de Flaubert.Fl [...]

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