Princess of the Damned

Princess of the Damned Nala the object of affection of the fallen angels had been tormented by thousands of years of unrequited love for her other half Exhausted and mentally drained from her pursuit she was determined t

Nala, the object of affection of the fallen angels, had been tormented by thousands of years of unrequited love for her other half Exhausted and mentally drained from her pursuit, she was determined to exact revenge by finding another man who could reciprocate her love.

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Princess of the Damned

  1. Also writes under the name Dahlia L Summers

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  1. nice start but it keeps jumping off and really confusing never had the heart to finish it when I m the type that never care to blink until I finish the story okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit but it was a paperback it would leave my hands until I finish the last page P

  2. I WILL SPOIL THIS BOOK TO YOU SO IF YOU HONESTLY DO WANT TO BE SPOILER ED, THEN GO AHEAD AND READ THIS.OHMYFUCKINGGOD NO WONDER SHE SEEMED LIKE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON The hero I m against it but he s an okay hero I m against it but I like him He has faults though Sometimes it is very all about him You know that saying, something along the lines of If you really love her him, then let them go Their happiness is the thing that matters the most Well When she left him and he believed it was b [...]

  3. This was one of the worse books I have ever read I was so excited because I wanted to see the relationship between Nala and Trent It was just so odd to have a soul mate but choose to be with another.Crappy book

  4. I got kind of confused in the book, I think Dahlia Lu likes messy emotions, cos I totally got that here I wasn t sure if she loved Sayan or Trent or actually loved either of them and it put me on edge, but the personality change when she got back her memory was really well written , like a whole new character The only BAD thing I would have to say is that sometimes I wasn t what time period this is set in, because it had swords and kingdoms one minute and then you get the mention of cups of cof [...]

  5. 2.5 starsGood concept with lots of potential Unfortunately I thought the plot jumped around a bit too much and was hard to follow I liked the characters but their personalities kept on changing reasons that weren t explained well enough I wanted this book to be amazing but it just didn t live up to my expectations.With a hell of a lot editing to clean up the holes in character and plot as well as the quite numerous spelling mistakes this book could be really good.

  6. I enjoyed this book because it gave me a different side of Nala and I think this is important for anyone who wants to understand her character better For the first time I felt I could relate to her feelings and understand her actions better and not only think she is a possessive crazy demon over Trent.

  7. 3.5 starsI m very torn on this book In many ways it was brilliant and entertaining Unfortunately, I found it hard to follow at times Scenes would change abruptly and I often found myself going back and rereading to make sense of it I enjoyed the storyline, the foundation and characters very much though I only wish it flowed smoothly for me.

  8. ooh myis is not turn as i expectedhappy ending with a twistill a very book though, i will recommend people to read this But pls Dahlia, you ll need to a closing book on Amara s child, Trent Nala, Kali LuciferA lot of things still hang in the airi am so agitated

  9. The story is rich and great It has so many elements in it The only reason I am not giving it a five star is the writing style The writer still needs practice.

  10. If you didn t read The Dark God s Bride then this story would be too confusing I read this book thinking this was Trent and Nala s HEA but wth it wasnt Anyhoo still good.

  11. About time she move on, I have a feeling if she had done that before becoming human he would ve sought her out.

  12. I liked the way the author created a new world with complex characters She brings new ideas to a world filled with predictable stories.

  13. I m wondering if Nala would end up with Trent forever and ever With all the angst and emotions on their story from the previous books, it all ended up here and I am confused.

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