Don't You Forget About Me

Don t You Forget About Me After a bad break up doesn t every girl want the same things For her ex boyfriend to stay single forever Or maybe emigrate to a remote uninhabited island Better still that she d never met him in t

After a bad break up, doesn t every girl want the same things For her ex boyfriend to stay single forever Or maybe emigrate, to a remote, uninhabited island Better still, that she d never met him in the first place But what if one of those wishes came true Tess is heartbroken when Seb breaks up with her and can t help blaming herself If only she d done things diffAfter a bad break up, doesn t every girl want the same things For her ex boyfriend to stay single forever Or maybe emigrate, to a remote, uninhabited island Better still, that she d never met him in the first place But what if one of those wishes came true Tess is heartbroken when Seb breaks up with her and can t help blaming herself If only she d done things differently If only she could make right all her regrets But she can t It s over She has to forget about him Drunk and upset on New Year s Eve she wishes she d never met him.But when she wakes up to discover this dream has come true, she realises she has a chance To do it all over again And to get it right this time

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Don't You Forget About Me

  1. Alexandra Potter is the best selling author of ELEVEN novels that can be described as romantic comedies with a magical twist Born in England, she has lived in London, Sydney, Australia and New York and LA, and can currently be found clocking up too many air miles travelling the globe researching ideas for her new bookitter AlexPotterBooksinstagram alexpotterbooks facebook Alexandra.Poelovedetective

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  1. A new Alexandra Potter book is always something to celebrate She s only of the only Chick Lit authors who puts a magical spin on her novels, and she s always successful at it She manages to make it plausible when any other author would make it sound silly and unbelievable I suppose it s the simplicity of her ideas From Heather wishing on heather in Be Careful What You Wish For, to Lucy, Nate and The Bridge of Sighs in You re The One That I Don t Want, her ideas are simply explained and simply an [...]

  2. I liked it I wasn t sure at the start and got a bit lost with the mechanics of the wish fulfillment but by the end I was hooked and couldn t wait to see how it all came together.It s the story of Tess who has recently been dumped by her boyfriend and she s heartbroken She makes a wish on New Year s Eve that she d never met him so that she doesn t have to suffer the pain of losing him and her wish comes true It s as if they didn t meet However, it s everyone else who forgets she ever met him, Tes [...]

  3. For me the best book of Alexandra Potter.There is as always in her books a little magic, but this time it is not so unbelievable Tess gets a second chance to make a better first impression on her ex boyfriend, and however I didn t like the idea at the beginning, it worked to be funny and easy read Why didn t I like the idea Well, because Tess was really trying to pretend to be totally other person, and I just didn t like it Either you are who you are and people accept you, or they don t, but it [...]

  4. Volim ovakve knjige, ma tovite, bajkovite, arobne a ovovjekovne U trenutku kad sam je uzela itati bila je jedina knjiga na polici u kojoj se pominje Nova godina Mo da ih je bilo jo I ba sam je zavoljela Pitka je Malo po humoru i stilu pisanja podsje a na knjige Sofi Kinsele Dugo sam je itala jer sam sad u periodu renoviranja stana.

  5. I feel like there is something wrong with me Alexandra Potter is one of my favorite chick lit authors, but when I finally finished this book last night after a struggle, I didn t like it one bit.I guess it s because I can t relate to Tess, the main character, at all I won t say I m an extremely responsible person, but doesn t it make sense to TRY to be responsible doing your own work And I m sure falling in love is super awesome and makes us want to do crazy things but surely everyone knows a re [...]

  6. This book AMAZING perfect for every girl who had their hearts broken and on the mend.It s inspiring, motivating in ways each simple lines could make There are just so many optimism in each page and Tess and Fergus for me were hits and alot of them.It s a kind I ve always wanted for myself Love isn t measured by time FionaMy favorite quote of all Because it s the bad memories that makes you appreciate the good ones Don t ever wish them away Grampsand of course the Marriage talk I do believe in ma [...]

  7. I laughed so hard I cried as I read this book DThis is freaking crazy amazing Perfect romantic comedy image error Simply,every book of Alexander Potter is a real jewel Love,love,love books from Alexandra Potter

  8. Guys, I remember when I used to read pretty much nothing but chicklit And while I appreciate the range of genres I ve gotten to know since then, I still love to revisit my old friends every now and then And Alexandra Potter has never disappointed me before There s just something about Alexandra Potter s writing that makes me get sucked into the story I think it s mostly that she writes about things I can wholeheartedly relate to and she just gets it right I mean, haven t we all at one point thou [...]

  9. I have to admit that I was sceptical about Potter s books but I enjoyed this one so much that I just had to give it 5 stars.This is a phenomenal chick lit with a little bit of fantasy what can I ask for The main character Tess is very relatable because I think that there are many people who always think that the problem is in them and that they should change to please the others,but there are also many people,including me,who are just not able to accept their talent in something and themselves [...]

  10. What I love about Alexandra Potter s books is the way they deal with magic and mystery It s like she has taken fairytale qualities such as wishes coming true, wicked witches and fairy godmothers and applied them to modern romantic fiction She has not failed to impress in her latest offering Don t You Forget About Me centres around Tess and a wish she makes at New Year which appears to have come true Tess is a great character because she is entirely relatable She s not entirely happy in her work [...]

  11. Having read and enjoyed other books by this author I was really looking forward to this one I loved the whole idea of Tess changing her actions to try to eradicate her regrets, I knew it would make for interesting reading.The book began on New Years Eve so the fact that I started reading it on that date was perfect Tess was apparently still upset over her break up from sexy American Seb and when it came to midnight she made a wish that she had never met him This was the part that I was most look [...]

  12. I really, really liked this book Not only because it was fun to read, but because of the ultimate message of it.A girl, left by her boyfriend, gets the chance to met him all over again With all her knowledge of the things that went wrong the first time, she has now the great opportunity to make everything right But is that really the way things should go It s a really touching topic for me and this book came at the perfect time of life Relationships should be fun, you should be happy and it shou [...]

  13. 3.5 stars I ve read a couple of Alexandra Potter s books now and while they are a little on the unrealistic side, they are fun and upbeat She writes in such a way that you could believe in the little sprinkle of magic The characters are easy to relate to, just every day people with every day problems In this book, Tess has broken up with her boyfriend and wishes that she d never met him It soon becomes apparent that her wish has come true She meets him again for the first time and embarks on a r [...]

  14. This was a normal chick lit Not so exciting but of course entertaining To be honest I could guess the ending by the time I was halfway through the book Well okay not all the parts of the ending but the most important part At times it got boring a bit but passing through those parts, it was delightful.Hmmm, it was alright But took me too much time Anyway that was a Christmas themed book so reading it in hot summer wouldn t be the greatest idea.

  15. By the end of this book I was all giggly and girly This book may have been a bit predictable but I still liked it It was sweet and I was in the mood for a light read and this was perfect It s like as soon as I started I easily melted into the book It was truly a light read and was relaxing By the end of the book I was like Come on Fergus Tell her you love her already And then I was like

  16. I love a good romagic comedy this one was great Imagine you had a chance to do things over with the guy you lost I loved the plot.Only negative note, why authors have to write main characters that start doing crazy fitness training wthout being fit If you never woked out it s not believable that you would chose the advance group at military fitness, it s just not No one is that dumb.

  17. My first time reading anything by this author and I really like it The main character gets a do over in a relationship that she messed up Something most people wish for However, during the second time around it s not what she thought it would be A great lesson about staying true to yourself.

  18. One of the best book I ve read in that genre Its funny, cute and just lovable Tess is great and Furgus is just too cute Its predictable but not in a bad way You re gonna like it.

  19. So BORING And such a shame because some of her other books are fab Just found this silly, annoying and predictable to the last page Sorry

  20. Inhalt Schon zwei Monate ist es her, dass Tess Freund mit ihr Schluss gemacht hat, doch noch immer leidet sie darunter Wenn sie nie gesagt h tte, dass sie von der Ehe tr umt und Star Wars nicht mag, dann h tte er mit ihr doch sicher eine Zukunft gesehen An Silvester wagt sie sich schlie lich spontan und unter Alkoholeinfluss an einen alten Brauch Schlag Mitternacht soll man etwas verbrennen, von dem man sich l sen will, und den Funken des Feuers einen Wunsch mitgeben, den diese ins neue Jahr tra [...]

  21. Don t you forget about me is actually a reminder to myself Don t lose yourself while finding love, instead love yourself and get to know who you are.In the story, it tells you about the main character who tries hard to win a guy by changing herself She ended up being unhappy The story tells us that we should never change who we are to impress a person because in the end we will be unhappy and how can a person be happy when you are an actor in a relationship The book started a bit boring but as I [...]

  22. I really enjoyed reading this I loved how funny and relatable the lead character was I also really liked the premise of having a complete do over, mostly because I ve found myself wishing that one too many times Additionally, this book showcases Alexandra Potter s wonderful ability to seamlessly add a dash of magic into a modern love story If you re looking for a light, heartwarming read, this book is for you.

  23. This was my first Alexandra Potter book despite having a couple of her others on my chick lit shelf for a little while now and I must say that I was delighted I didn t go in knowing what to expect from her, and I honestly didn t have a clue what I was going to get short of girl makes wish, wish comes true, zany things happen Of course it has the usual chick lit formula but personally, I think this is what I love most about chick lit The plot is safe It s like a warm snuggly blanket and you know [...]

  24. The original review is posted here chicklibrarycat 2Well, I must say that this is my sixth Alexandra Potter book and I loved them all All of her books are so optimistic, so full of laughter, I can t get enough of them So here s the plot Tess is so sad after the break up with long term boyfriend Seb He doesn t even like her He doesn t see them together in future How cruel is that Spending the New Year s Eve all by herself, Tess hears on TV about very strange tradition If you want to get rid of yo [...]

  25. This review was originally published on helenesworldofbooks When I heard Alexandra Potter was writing a new book I did a little dance I was so happy After reading the synopsis I was thrilled Her last book was such a disappointment, but this sounded good A friend of mine was so nice to let me borrow her copy So I dove into the book first thing And the beginning was really good But in the end I didn t love it that much any.Tess is heart broken when her boyfriend dumps her The story starts on New Y [...]

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