The Twelve Children of Paris

The Twelve Children of Paris Paris August rd What do you do when your wife disappears In the middle of the bloodiest massacre in European history And you know she is about to give birth to your only child Three wars of r

Paris, August 23rd, 1572.What do you do when your wife disappears In the middle of the bloodiest massacre in European history And you know she is about to give birth to your only child Three wars of religion have turned Paris into a foetid cauldron of hatred, intrigue and corruption The Royal Wedding, intended to heal the wounds, has served only to further poison the fanaParis, August 23rd, 1572.What do you do when your wife disappears In the middle of the bloodiest massacre in European history And you know she is about to give birth to your only child Three wars of religion have turned Paris into a foetid cauldron of hatred, intrigue and corruption The Royal Wedding, intended to heal the wounds, has served only to further poison the fanatics of either creed But Carla could not have known that when she accepted an invitation to the ceremony.When Mattias Tannhauser rides into town, on Saint Bartholomew s Eve, his only intention is to find her and take her home But as the massacre of tens of thousands of Huguenots begins, and the city plunges into anarchy, Carla is abducted by Grymonde, the grotesque gang leader of the Yards, and Tannhauser finds himself imprisoned in the Louvre, at the centre of a vicious conspiracy.Wanted by the law, the assassins guild, and a militant army who call themselves the Pilgrims of Saint Jacques, Tannhauser must rise to pitiless extremes even he has never known before With no one to help him but a stable boy, he wades a river of blood without knowing what lies on the other side.As he harrows Hell in search of his belovedHis destiny is changed forever byThe Twelve Children Of Paris

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The Twelve Children of Paris

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  1. I m really conflicted about this one I loved The Religion, and this sequel has many of its good qualities a macabre sense of humor, memorable, surprising characters, and a keen sense of period values and morals The premise that Mattias becomes increasingly encumbered by brave, precocious, endangered children in his quest to navigate the labyrinth of Paris and rescue his very pregnant wife is compelling, sometimes hilarious, and touching without being overly sentimental The story is complex and f [...]

  2. ReviewWhen I first heard about this book, the first thing I did was email and ask for a review copy, by ask I mean beg Apparently after taking pity on me for my pitiful email or just to stop me emailing any Tim s publicist sent me a copy.There are two reasons I wanted to read this book so badly.1 This book while in my favourite genre, takes me well outside my comfort zone It is so much visually detailed that my usual read.2 Tim Willocks last book Religion was so good and so long ago 7 years To [...]

  3. First do as much harm as you possibly can, or, The science of butcheryThis is an overblown, overwritten, over violent, bloated mess of a novel, which despite its ghastly message manages to conceal the occasional gem beneath a rising mountain of ordure, blood and lopped off body parts.You get 750 pages of pretty much non stop slaughter, lovingly described in the most lurid of detail The author is a trained surgeon and worryingly it shows Tannhauser clove him square through the web of the neck The [...]

  4. First things first I like Willocks I went to the trouble to write a positive review of The Religion on , responding to someone who described it as a mere bodice ripper I thought it was a beautifully written action novel about a man who starts out interested mostly in profit and women, and ends up caring about family I was really looking forward to this sequel.Alas, I ve been a little let down Twelve Children has its moments, but they re matched by problems Firstly its length This is a long book [...]

  5. This book was exhausting It s unendingly gory, dark and definitely qualifies for doorstop status, but this was definitely an improvement on the promising but frustrating Religion More to come when the gelid cake of blood left on my psyche by this book flakes off.

  6. I ve waited years for this,the return of Matthias Tannhauser If I d lived in the middle ages the last thing I d want to do is upset this one man army but some people never learn What I love about Tim Willocks books is not just the violence,and believe me there s loads of it,it s the way he conjurs up the sights and smells of the world he describes This isn t your usual wham,bam historical romp It s so much than that I loved it so much,if I hadn t had a queue of people waiting to read it I d hav [...]

  7. Book Recs Extended action scenes, battle scenes, meaningful depictions of large scale violence, can be hard to depict in prose I don t tend to enjoy reading them maybe the screen is a better medium in this area But there are some masterly literary practitioners of combat on a large scale Abercrombie, McCarthy, Doctorow spring to mind Willocks is another writer who excels in this area, and not only does he excel at depicting the appalling savagery of historical warfare, he also excels at recreati [...]

  8. Tim Willocks writes with very gruesome action married to literary beauty Yet in doing so he relates to all of us on the most basic of the human condition.avity A very intense read that I had to force myself to govern the speed I could have read, to delay its ending Only one of three books that brought me to tears.

  9. Best novel of 2013 so farThis stunning sequel to the epic that was THE RELIGION continues in the same hard, bloody vein.Set in Paris in 1572 during one of Europe s bloodiest massacres never has so much blood been spilt by one man as he searches for his wife through the ravaged streets of a stinking Paris Every page drips visceral imagery the descriptions of the cesspit that was Paris at that time is a million miles from any image you may have had in your own mind prior to reading this novel.Will [...]

  10. The Religion was a great, satisfying book so it s no surprise to see a sequel TTCOP starts really well and pulled me in for the first hundred pages or so but ultimately for me the book fails for the following reasons beyond the first 100 pages, the book felt rushed, poorly thought through and although studded with great scenes and dialogue, as a whole it doesn t amount to a great book After the inital storming of the Hotel and the music scene all done really well , the Carla sections are ridicul [...]

  11. I m sorry to say I didn t enjoy The Twelve Children as much as the first book in the trilogy The Religion In my opinion, the latter reached a better balance between fighting scenes, historical background, characterization and even political theological discussions This one seems to be mostly about the fighting in the streets of Paris in the midst of the St Bartholomew s Day massacre there was only so much I could take about main character Tannhauser s fighting skills the wounds he inflicts on do [...]

  12. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a surgeon heart, brain, whatever That helps explain why I so enjoyed this 750 page anatomy lesson.We first met Mattias Tannhauser in The Religion as a slave trained in the arts of war as a Janissary and transmogrified during the Siege of Malta as a Knight Hospitaler In Twelve Children, Tannhauser has matured, but his untrammeled sense of morality is idiosyncratic than ever The story spans just two days as Tannhauser searches for his pregnant wife who had been su [...]

  13. endless gore interspersed with fascinating and wry ruminations of the great Mattias Tannhauser I enjoyed Willocks black humor and philosophy that living exactly in the moment is enough though I truly doubt anyone would agree that a moment of true knowledge of the world is enough to prepare one for death However, the historical premise of St Bartholomew s Day Massacre was slim to support a 700 page tome like this, and the unrelieved killing was not enough balanced by historical interest or sustai [...]

  14. Set in Paris in 1572, the story focuses on the quest by Mattias Tannhauser to find his wife, Carla, who has disappeared Without knowing Mattias arrives in Paris on St Bartholomew s Eve and is unwillingly drawn into one of the bloodiest massacres in European history.This book is a sequel to Tim Willcocks previous book, The Religion, and whilst some of the characters are the same, this is an entirely different story, but is no less powerful There is the same fine attention to historic detail, and [...]

  15. Showtime, HBO, Chris Hemsworth, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem.I would love to have 200 million euro and adapt this in to a movie.Tannhauser does a Taken meets Rambo 5 and with every weapon knownto mortal man goes forth and wreaks havoc in a Paris overtaken by a long forgotten genocide insearch of his wife.It s a bit like Orpheus descent into hell to find Eurydice, except in this case Orpheus, is armed to the teeth and has been through the wars, literally.If you like your men, men and you have a t [...]

  16. FacePalmThat was my reaction after finishing the book The first half of TCoP was true historical fiction The latter half was a 14th century literary version of Call of Duty The graphic detail in which the author describes the kills is too in depth However, what did it for me was the fact that the author denies us the reason for the conspiracy I hope the third book returns to the original Religion style format.

  17. Incredibly bloody and violent Tannhauser carries on a war almost single handed as he searches for Carla, his wife, throughout the terrors of the St Bartholomew s Eve Massacre in Paris All the action takes place within a day and night The violence is gruesomely portrayed, but you keep reding because you have become so involved with the characters.

  18. Most brutal book I ve ever read Absolutely unrelenting in its gore soaked bleaknessIf I have to wait 7 years for the next book in the series I will cry.

  19. An incredibly bloody book, probably not a surprise from Tim Willocks, but this one takes it to a new level of gore It carries on the story of Mattias Tannhauser from Willocks The Religion book, this time the guy happens to arrive in Paris just before the massacre of the Huguenots Protestants not something I knew a lot of before reading this.The book is thick and heavy and took some getting through, but I think it just covers something like a 24 48 hour period as Mattias slaughters his way indisc [...]

  20. As a sequel to his first book in the trilogy, The Religion, this novel was a disappointment I rather enjoyed the first instalment, but this was just too long, too convoluted, and too bloody and violent even for my tastes.The basic storyline was at times lost in the minutiae Willocks used to describe the various battle and slaughter scenes of which there were many, maybe even too many and as a result I at times felt lost among the trees instead of enjoying the forest.I am, as yet, unsure if the t [...]

  21. Imagine what it would be like if the terminator was sent back to Paris in 1572 to find and protect a woman and her baby during a bloody uprising Lacking guns, it would probably have gone a lot like this book did with Mattias slaughtering his way through the city to save his wife and the wayward children he meets along the way Very entertaining but it s too bad no one really seemed to provide Mattias with much of a challenge as he mows them all down by the score.

  22. Overall it was an entertaining book and I enjoy the way the author approaches his historical fiction The only downside to it for me was the exaggerated battle scenes While I can appreciate the capabilities of a trained and experienced warrior far surpassing those of militia, the sheer volume of slaughter is beyond belief In that way it needs to be approached like a Mathew Reilly book.

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