Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country's Most Controversial Cover-Ups

Dead Wrong Straight Facts on the Country s Most Controversial Cover Ups Dead Wrong is a study of the scientific and forensic facts of four assassinations of the s President John F Kennedy Senator Robert F Kennedy Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Black Panther leader Fr

Dead Wrong is a study of the scientific and forensic facts of four assassinations of the 1960s President John F Kennedy, Senator Robert F Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and Black Panther leader Fred Hampton , as well as an examination of new and incriminating evidence indicative of murder, not suicide, in the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, White House Counsel Vincent FDead Wrong is a study of the scientific and forensic facts of four assassinations of the 1960s President John F Kennedy, Senator Robert F Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King, Jr and Black Panther leader Fred Hampton , as well as an examination of new and incriminating evidence indicative of murder, not suicide, in the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, White House Counsel Vincent Foster, U.N Weapons Inspector Dr David C Kelly and bioweapons expert Frank Olson It also examines the cases of two murders directly linked to Lyndon B Johnson, 36th President of the United States.For information, please go to BelzerBook100 black white illustrations

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Dead Wrong: Straight Facts on the Country's Most Controversial Cover-Ups

  1. Belzer is the author of four books, the last two of which were a crime fiction series co written with Michael Black that featured Belzer as the mystery solving protagonist I m Not a Cop, the first of the two, was published in 2008, followed by the sequel, I m Not a Psychic, in 2009 Belzer penned UFOs, JFK and Elvis Conspiracies You Don t Have to Be Crazy to Believe in 2000, and co authored How to Be a Standup Comic in 1988 with Borat director and writer, Larry Charles, and Catch a Rising Star owner Rick Newman.

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  1. MOST INTERESTING BOOK I EVER READThis is literally the most interesting book that I have ever seen I got to see an advance copy of it There are many charts that contain fascinating information on why these so called suicides appear to be murders and also on why the official versions of the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King are definitely incorrect There is a great Timeline that details almost every minute of the last day of Marilyn Monroe There is another totally fascinating [...]

  2. I don t have any theories All I have are the facts.The above quote is from the book and it tells you a lot about how serious their research was for this book It is a quote by a former FBI special agent who was one of the sources for their research and it describes this book very well because they really just lay out all of the evidence and follow it no matter where it leads.I got to read a pre release draft of this book and it is a very cool compilation of actual evidence The cases are fascinati [...]

  3. This book looks at the mysterious deaths of 10 subjects by laying out how the official rulings contradict the ballistics, eye witness accounts, laws of physics, and reason.Marilyn Monroe had so many drugs in her system that there was enough to kill 15 people even though she had no access to that amount of pills She also had no traces of pills in her stomach, leading to the conclusion that she was killed with an enema, possibly by the Mob in order to create scandal for the Kennedys Read the chain [...]

  4. 3.5 starsI generally take the claims these kinds of books posit with a grain a salt But I am actually quite sympathetic to some of this stuff The Marylin Monroe story, for instance, that s one I need to know about All of it s a fun read, though It s like ghost stories for me they can be quite fun if you can suspend disbelief and read them in the middle of the night.

  5. Ugh, that was one of the most tedious books to get through Some of the cases were direct, to the point and enjoyable to read Some seemed incomplete they were so short But the ones that really got me like JFK, MLK and Marilyn Monroe were way too long The repetition of the same facts over and over was rediculous Ok, we get it after the second, maybe third time reading it, the pill bottles on the table next to Marilyn s bed were placed there to make it look like a suicide That was just one of many [...]

  6. I m counting the days until I receive this from Belz has advised people this is NOT a conspiracy book, but a FACT book Check out belzerbook, as it s not your average website The music chosen for each murder victim is amazing The book is also on Facebook, as is Belz If you want to see Belz s site, it s iBelz and his Twitter is MRbelzer You can always tell him Glock35Gal sent you Belz s co author is David Wayne You ll want to subscribe to him on Facebook If memory serves, he s DaveWayne on Twitter [...]

  7. American main stream media is now recognized as a huge propaganda machine, subservient to the ruling corporate class and the Federal government, which itself is subservient to the oligarchy But there was a time when media outlets were trustworthy, certainly trusted.This book provides a necessary counter narrative to the official stories Whether you agree with the analysis or not, it s important __ no, absolutely vital __ to look at each of the covered incidents from a different perspective Had [...]

  8. It is said that facts speak louder than words, and with this book they are certainly screaming louder than you ve ever heard them before The one thing I ve learned from this book, which I ll take with me for the rest of my life, is this Should I ever find myself in the situation that I need to cover up a political assassination, I should remember 3 things 1 When setting up a patsy to take the fall, make sure and give them a weapon that could reasonably be expected to carry out the task i.e range [...]

  9. Completely captivating Makes me ask the question, Why aren t people in authority investigating these Oh, right they could be the ones who staged the cover ups and suppressed the investigations in the first place It is hard to believe that corruption murder can be traced to the highest offices of the land but then that is where there is the most at stake, isn t it If power is the sole objective, then ruthless power will be used to obtain of it The authors do not tell who the murderers are that w [...]

  10. Enjoyed reading facts testimonies of those who were involved in these controversial cover ups Very interesting and well worth the read Vince Fosters suicide The facts lead you to believe otherwise Also Oswald acted alone as our govt wants us to believe, or did he Great facts listed, you decide.

  11. I ll start off by saying I am a huge conspiracy buff Be it the sinking of the USS Maine to JFK, RFK, MLK, Roswell, John Lennon, Pearl Harbor, 9 11, etc and watching X Files for 9 years I love a good conspiracy When I saw this book on the shelf, I nearly threw my arm out of my socket reaching for it.However, this was a HUGE disappointment.The material, in some cases, were interesting However, it appears that the book was never formatted or proof read There are numerous typos and for some reason, [...]

  12. To those who complain that this book is too repetitious, and on that basis, give it a bad review, I say thus you are fools, carrying on like a bunch of Victorian aristocrats arguing about petticoats when you should be discussing matters of substance You would throw away a diamond because it has a speck of dirt on it So caught up are you in the method of delivery that is not to your liking, that you miss the point entirely this book actually provides details about the cases Do the official storie [...]

  13. I think it s safe to say that a vast majority of conspiracy books are full of nothing than tinfoil hat nutjob stories and things that look like they came straight from the TV screens of The X Files reruns Dead Wrong is one of few that is different Written by Richard Belzer Detective John Munch of Law Order S.V.U this book uses modern forensic science to try to solve some of America s most mysterious and captivating cases, from Marilyn Monroe s suicide to the JFK assassination.

  14. I ll start off with the positives I noticed in reading this First of all, it does seem to be well researched, pulling from as many different resources as it can to tell each story It was also very interesting in it s common sense approach to some of the cases Now, it did tend to repeat itself quite often Which made it a little hard to read at times There was also times when I felt like the authors strayed from the evidence and interjected their own opinions, which just made them seem desperate f [...]

  15. I love conspiracy theories, and even so, I love true crime cover ups This book really presents the latter, and the evidence presented within the pages proves why However, I rated this book low because of the constant repetition that made it feel like the authors were 1 padding the book because they didn t have many cases to include, 2 desperate to prove their cases a desperation that undermined the credibility the facts they compiled gave them, and 3 somewhat condescending to the audience, assu [...]

  16. As incredible as it may sound, politics and power corrupt everyone involved.Very encouraging to hear that there are still people that they do not relent to change their statements for the sake of the corrupts, whatever the power they have, and whatever the threats they receive.

  17. Very InformativeAlthough some redundancy gets in the way from time to time, the facts showed me a new look at the events within Very informative and clearly an eye opening read.

  18. Interesting analysis of facts surrounding suspicious deaths Entertaining speculations on the real events behind massive cover ups A little tedious and repetitive with the examination of evidence.

  19. While the content was interesting, the book was poorly written and repetitive Had repetition been removed it might have been less than half its 306 pages Nonetheless I found some things to say good about I ve always been a skeptic about the JFK assassination, and this book provides once you wade through the repetition the best explanation of who might have been responsible for it In the Vincent Foster examination the book presents information of which I was unaware, although I did not at the tim [...]

  20. Coming to this audio book from Oh look, half the cast of Law Order SVU is reading this, let s give it a try even though I m not that into conspiracy theories and am also pretty clueless about US political history was probably not the best idea I guess some previous knowledge is helpful I had only heard of JFK, Monroe, Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy before and only knew that JFK s and Monroe s death were a popular target for conspiracies without ever having bothered to look into the detail [...]

  21. Dead Wrong Straight Facts on the Country s Most Controversial Cover ups by Richard Beltzer and David Wayne contains an Afterword by Jesse Ventura Jesse ends the book saying I want my country back The ten controversies cover years from 1953 until 2003 I have to wonder how much a two year old knew about the United States and why he thinks the country belonged or belongs to him And who took it True, I was taught in elementary school, that our country was of, for and by the people, but even at its c [...]

  22. Interesting synopses of contrary evidence to the official explanations of 10 famous political killings The presentation is impressive though sometimes sloppy The recitation of facts is mindful of a lawyer s brief for a trial rather than a staff paper that weighs the pros and cons of each case Occasionally, contrary opinions are mentioned but quickly rejected.Definitely food for thought Best observations o Those leading a cover up are not necessarily responsible for the event.o A conspiracy only [...]

  23. I love conspiracy theories I m not saying I buy into them all and I m certainly not one of those listening for the black copters the UN is sending to round us all up I m just fascinated by them and have been for years I don t believe everything is being controlled by the Illuminati or the Freemasons, but I have never believed that Lee Harvey Oswald was that lone gunman sitting up in his nest.Richard Belzer s DEAD WRONG is a great place for those folks who, like me, are fascinated by conspiracies [...]

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