Echo Francesca Lia Block has charmed and amazed young audiences with tales of the mystical and ethereal This outstanding story is no different Following the life of Echo an L A baby born to an artistic da

Francesca Lia Block has charmed and amazed young audiences with tales of the mystical and ethereal This outstanding story is no different Following the life of Echo, an L.A baby born to an artistic dad and a mom who s an angel, this enthralling story offers than fairy dust and the supernatural It tells the tale of a girl who feels doomed to be less than angelic, aFrancesca Lia Block has charmed and amazed young audiences with tales of the mystical and ethereal This outstanding story is no different Following the life of Echo, an L.A baby born to an artistic dad and a mom who s an angel, this enthralling story offers than fairy dust and the supernatural It tells the tale of a girl who feels doomed to be less than angelic, at least in comparison with her mother Mom s startling beauty and aura enchant all who meet her, and Echo can never keep up Desperate to be loved as much, and maybe find her own identity, she escapes to the boys in her life Ultimately, she must rely on herself for the strength to survive.Simple text ands story lines do not appeal to Block, who weaves a tale with amazing grace and the flowing energy of a true genius Images of vampires, ghosts, and fairies fill these pages, daring the reader to believe Told from the point of view of Echo and the key players in her life, the story imparts a dreamlike quality to Echo s life This a novel layered with pain beauty, and triumph, all which will appeal to young readers.

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  1. Francesca Lia Block was born in Los Angeles to a poet and a painter, their creativity an obvious influence on her writing Another influence was her childhood love of Greek mythology and fairy tales She has lived in the city all her life, and still resides there with her daughter, Jasmine Angelina about whom she wrote her book Guarding the Moon , her son Samuel Alexander, and her two dogs a springer spaniel named Vincent Van Go Go Boots and a beagle mix named Thumper She left only to attend the University of California, Berkeley She has often professed her love of Los Angeles, calling it a Jasmine scented, jacaranda purple, neon sparked city, which she has nicknamed in her books Shangri LA.

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  1. I didn t like this book too much The back of the book made it seem like the book was all about the supernatural and this girl wanting to become a mermaid It was really about a girl who smoked and went to clubs and slept with a million guys.

  2. I didn t even finish it.While the prose was absolutely beautiful, I couldn t stand the glamorization of, well, everything from drug abuse to eating disorders, to feeling fragile and hopeless.I didn t like that all the characters felt that their doom and salvation was in finding a boyfriend girlfriend That to feel whole and human and yourself you need someone to love you desperately.I didn t like how being fragile and soft and breakable is made to sound like it s the prettiest state a girl can be [...]

  3. The book started in confusion and ended in confusion I m not sure what it was about Was it symbolic or meaningful If so the symbolism was completely lost on me Unicorns and vampires exited and entered the book on a whim and I m not sure if this was a realistic fiction about a girl who had serious mental issues or a sci fi or what The book was peppered with sex, drugs, and melodrama and though the writing was beautiful the story line was definitely lacking a lot

  4. I loved this book This author has such a way with words It s like your listening to a song rather than reading a book I hope to one day read every little thing out there she has ever written SHe is definately my kind of storyteller.In ECHO, you meet a girl named well ECHO You go through her life and every chapter somehow either revolves around ECHO or is a story that will someday effect her.It s really brilliant the way it is done and the ending actually brought a tear to my eye not because I wa [...]

  5. I like the Weetzie Bat books and I Was a Teenage Fairy I like the manner in which Block folds faerie into contemporary America, especially southern California As for Echo, I am less certain because the book departs from my memory quickly It is an ambitious book with its shift of perspective and time throughout I think what works less for me is the prose Here it has less of the quirky Valleyisms and cloying description of foods, of flowers, of painting, and so on This novel aspires to the condit [...]

  6. When Grace lent this to me, she told me that it read like poetry And she wasn t joking The best word I can think of is ethereal Gorgeous and dreamlike, and over and done with as quickly as a favorite song I read it in less than two hours I can t remember the last book I read in one night Just the thing for a night when I was feeling mopey and lonesome.

  7. If you particularly enjoy lyrical prose and magical realism, at some point you must read a book by Francesca Lia Block I am probably in the minority because I would recommend Echo before the far famous Weetzie Bat the book of that name or the entire series, Dangerous Angels, of which Miss Weetzie is the title character Here s why Block is a perfect example of a writer who begins a charmed career with raw talent and a distinctive voice and who eventually ends up trying hard to mimic her own best [...]

  8. This book is about a girl named Echo Echo has a mother who is the most beautiful thing to grace the planet She is perfect in every way Since she was little, Echo couldn t help but compare herself to her She was a perfect cook, a fantastic gardener, and she had healing powers On top of all of that, she was naturally beautiful Since Echo knew she could never be anything like her mother, she began drinking and smoking at a young age At the age of sixteen, she was going to night clubs One night, whe [...]

  9. Sadly I missed the hype on this book The author was very much all over the place The author truly beautifully described everything, however the actual storyline was somewhat hard to follow I think the author had really high hopes but I m not sure she completely pulled it off She would spend long chapters telling the backstory on one character, then jump to a seemingly unrelated character She did this with about 5 characters until you could finally see how they started to know each other However, [...]

  10. Amazing is too small a word for what I feel for this book I love Block s way of writing It is full of passion and music and magic It s like the whole world is a glittery, shiny, wonderful and terrible place Echo is a girl with issues, just like everyone else, but in a unique kind of way She falls in and out of love, meets and looses people and wants to be loved and to be beautiful This novel is about love not just the romantic kind of love, but the accepting and respecting yourself kind of love [...]

  11. This book hits on all of the usual F L Block themes, but is a little less grimy ethereal wonderful than some of her other works At 14 I would have loved this book just as much as Weetzie or Girl Goddess 9 However it doesn t stand up on its own merits to someone a little haha, a lot older with literary experience under her belt.

  12. Hands down one of the worst books I ve read There is virtually no plot, character development is non existent, and the jumps in point of view are awkward and difficult to follow.I disliked that their was no dialogue It was a master class in telling not showing The characters are flat and unlikable the whole way through Plus, their names are Thorn, Smoke, Echo, Valentine, etcIt s supposed to be magical realism, but I m not buying it.

  13. Echo is a different kind of book, its very vague but clear at the same time if that makes any sense From what I ve read so far, this book seems like a combination of short stories that are about people, from all different age groups who have magic powers, healing powers or are considered angels After reading one short story I find that this book will really have you thinking and wondering about what the story is really trying to state, rather than what its literally mentioning The first short st [...]

  14. Please help save Francesca s home so she does not lose it sign this petition change petitions save This novel was beautiful but terrifying It is the story of people living a wonderfully idyllic life that I long for, but their happiness is destroyed by cancer Perhaps Echo always felt invisible next to her beautiful mother, but their house was filled with love and light, her mother s amazing cooking and her father s gorgeous paintings When her father becomes ill she loses her way, and, while away [...]

  15. Echo wasn t a long book, and it wasn t hard to read either, but I thought it was hard to understand On the surface, Echo was just a teenage girl with troubles She lives in her beautiful mother s shadow and feels as if even her own father sees her as a disgrace She will never be as great as her graceful mother who can heal and make flowers bloom just with her touch Echo with all her frustration sits at the beach one night, and meets an fallen angel They quickly fall in love, but he never spoke Sh [...]

  16. I have been a longtime Block fan since my youth, and I recently revisited her work with this book It s in her signature style alright, lovely and highly visual language, often surreal But I also noticed flaws I don t know whether to attribute them to this particular book, or to simply being older This book was disjointed, switching between characters, narrative mode, and place with every chapter, often without giving any information to the reader about whose head they re in now Many characters a [...]

  17. I finished this book on the day I started it From the summary, it seems like an otherworldly adventure book Upon reading it, it is discovered to be reality seen as an otherworldly, adventurous perspective It has many underlying themes that truly bring the book to life The otherworldly perspective of mermaids and angels and vampires is just how Echo herself sees life.Since the book is told from many different perspectives, remembering who the characters are and how they are related to each other [...]

  18. I probably would ve enjoyed this book much if I hadn t read Moral Disorder and Other Stories by Margaret Atwood not long before it.Both have the same flavor, many short stories lumped into one volume that somehow weave in and out of another but in a very disjointed way Whereas Atwood presents the ordinary in an extra ordinary way in Moral Disorder and a almost creepily quiet way that resonates for reasons that I, the reader, cannot quite place , Block presents a gritty underbelly of the world a [...]

  19. It s the same thing as her other books, characters indicated by their clothes, their art, where they go, what they eat cook drink Which raises the question what do I want that I m not getting here Some depth, some good dialogue, some complexity Oh, and a plot or story of some kind.This book is a connected series of stories that are deliberately obscure as to the main character in each one Seriously, it is hard to figure out who is in each one and how that story is connected to the others Often y [...]

  20. And then I cried a flood of tears as if I really were a mermaid who had absorbed too much sea into herself The tears spilled like a balm, like a potion, like a charm In them swam a little girl whose father was dying without ever having seen herEcho, cannot be read like a typical YA novel It reads like poetry or a dream It s mystical and silly and heartwrending all at once Mrs Block writes lucious, beautiful prose This book is one to savor Page by page Breathing in the beautiful words and letting [...]

  21. This book was really weird it was like a giant poem, even though it s not poetry it s a bunch of kind of disjointed stories about a girl named echo, and people she meets in her life some are from her point of view, some are from others points of view the printing is quite large, and the book is short, so it was a fast read, but most of the time reading it, i was bored, or confused id call this a magical realism book, and ive never liked that particular genre much but if you do, you should read [...]

  22. Yes Francesca Lia Block s entirely predictable, but for me, entirely comforting outlook on the world as full of spirits and beauty and haunting and bones and gauze and glitter Where love is hard to come by but when you find it it is magical And where pain is worth something It is just a thing that makes me feel okay Plus individually a lot of these stories were good No Tying the stories together It was pretty unnecessary, and when I realized halfway through that that s what was happening, it too [...]

  23. This was a bad book It was one of those books that you read because you re stuck on a plane for six hours with nothing else to do It was wayyy to artsy I feel like Francseca Lia Block was either trying too hard to be artsy and as i ve said before and will say again , if you TRY to be artsy, it s not going to be artsy, just weird or maybe she was just stuck in the convoluted inner workings of her mind that nobody wants to see Whatever it was, this book just made me uncomfortable I can t fathom wh [...]

  24. I like this book, but there were times when things didn t seem to make sense It would go from Echo being the narrator, to someone else telling a story about someone else s life It all ended up falling together, but it just annoyed me how it did that The story itself was good though, even though it was really about nothing except for her life There s really no sense of time in the novel If you like the supernatural, this book is for you It has a heavy emphasis on art and death All in all, it s pr [...]

  25. Each chapter was similiar to short story to me I found this book a little boring because usually I would read a book with a straight plot line but each chapter seems to jump into a new topic and or place Also, almost each chapter introduced new characters and some didn t pop up again throughout the book The first chapter was about her mother She related her mother to an angel that she saw as perfect All the while, she didn t see herself as anything like her mother Throughout the book, she meets [...]

  26. Another YA novel that was recommended to me here on.I m not sure what to say about this one It seemed overly melodramatic and trite at points and much of the sex drug use anorexia seemed there for shock value which it didn t provide rather than a realistic part of the character Many of the surreal twists, also, seem thrown in for the sake of creating a false sort of magic On the other hand, some of the prose was beautifully written melodic and haunting.I would be willing to read another book by [...]

  27. Reading Francesca Lia Block is so spacily weirdly weird I feel like an xenobiologist spying on an alien culture Reading this is like viewing a kaleidoscopic slide show than reading a novel It would probably help if I were closer to the target demographic in age and NOT completely opposite in personality to her characters.

  28. A captivating storyline, this books seems almost bewitching, each line read seemingly converting plain, simple words into pure magick Although some of the contained texts are clearly not intended for audiences beneath the age of 8, this author has still managed to capture the spirit of youth, fantasy, and innocence and project it through dynamic characters gracefully within this book.

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