The Borrowers Avenged

The Borrowers Avenged Hidden people borrow from human beans to survive Guided by silent Spiller the Clocks Pod Homily and Arrietty accept a new home from lame Peregrine Peagreen Overmantel in a rectory library and re

Hidden 6 people borrow from human beans to survive Guided by silent Spiller, the Clocks Pod, Homily, and Arrietty accept a new home from lame Peregrine Peagreen Overmantel in a rectory library, and reconnect with uncle Hendreary, aunt Lupy, and energetic cousin Timmujs s family But weaselly Sydney Platter and florid wife Mabel pursue.

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The Borrowers Avenged

  1. Mary Norton n e Pearson was an English children s author She was the daughter of a physician, and was raised in a Georgian house at the end of the High Street in Leighton Buzzard The house now consists of part of Leighton Middle School, known within the school as The Old House, and was reportedly the setting of her novel The Borrowers She married Robert C Norton in 1927 and had four children, 2 boys and 2 girls Her second husband was Lionel Boncey, who she married in 1970 She began working for the War Office in 1940 before the family moved temporarily to the United States.She began writing while working for the British Purchasing Commission in New York during the Second World War Her first book was The Magic Bed Knob or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons published in 1943, which, together with the sequel Bonfires and Broomsticks, became the basis for the Disney film Bedknobs and Broomsticks.Mary Norton died of a stroke in Devon, England in 1992.

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  1. The Borrowers Avenged is the perfect conclusion to the Borrowers series It isn t the picture perfect ending where everyone gets exactly what they want it s even better The book ends with a question of whether anyone is every really safe It s applicable to so many aspects of life and readers of all ages If you re a young reader you ll be questioning if the borrowers will be able to stay living in the church and rectory without being found by reckless and curious human beings Older readers can rea [...]

  2. After the lovely Borrowers Aloft, this book feels superfluous, and worse, out of continuity Why add another ending book when Aloft had such an end of series feel Why does Spiller get so little page time in this book when Arrietty declared her commitment to him in the previous book I did enjoy the scenes with Peagreen, but overall this book was a disappointment.

  3. I think that Mary Norton just lost it by this point Great borrower hijinks, fun descriptions and imagery, and then a seriously bonkers literary structure Ghosts are set up quite deliberately and then never actually enter the plot Why are there the horrifying ghosts of a murder suicide in the middle of a nominally children s book Spiller and Peagreen are set up as romantic rivals for Arietty, and then aluded tension never even arrives, let alone resolves by the end of the series We spend the firs [...]

  4. This is the last of the Borrower books and wasn t published till 20 years later You can kind of tell in the writing that Mary Norton took long break because the writing was a little longer and different from the other books I still liked this though even though she added a new character that was kind of like Arrietty s love interest.I still think the Borrowers is a great series for people to check out One of the few kids books that has the main kid stay with her parents It s most about survival, [...]

  5. I can t think, offhand, of another series in which I wish the author had stopped before writing one sequel.This story disappointed me in so many ways I read it and recommended that my daughter NOT read it, lest this one story spoil the whole series for her Not only is it dull and rambling, but the classic characters I loved in the first four books have changed, in themselves and in their relationships to each other The take away feeling is depressing and rather dark.Definitely not worth the tim [...]

  6. I loves me a good book about tiny people who live in big peoples houses I pick up a Borrowers book every couple of years just to remind myself how much I LOVED them when I was youngerd how cool it is that the little people find different uses for every day items the dad s walking stick is a sewing needle, which comes in handy for any numbers of sticky situations.

  7. Every few pages, delicate line drawings detail a wisp loose from Victorian hair bun, dangling pinafore ribbon, wrinkle, even transparent ghosts Miss Menzies reports the three Clock residents careful born climber p 61 Pod, fretful Homily, and fearless p13 Arrietty missing from Mr Pott s miniature village to skeptical constable thin, very soft brown eyes p1 Pomfret Yet she fails to confide in Irish born Kitty Lovelace, who hears little people after weekly church flower arranging with Lady Mullings [...]

  8. El menor del libro de los Borrowers Por un lado, se toma mucho en construir la intriga, la cual resuelve en 20 p ginas, lo cual es insultante considerando que es el libro m s grueso de la saga Por otro, deja el tri ngulo Spiller, Arriety y Peagreen en el aire aunque en el libro 4, y es canon, se establece que al final escoger a Spiller Ser un libro para ni os, pero a la m , todos vimos lo que pasaba ah Sin embargo, lo m s importante es que el personaje de Arriety no se acaba de desarrollar En el [...]

  9. Thank god we ve finally got through all five books, there were times when I thought I was going to have seek psychiatric help for the two of us i was reading it to my son but through sheer force of will we got there in the end Sooooo slow, painfully so.

  10. To me, this Borrowers book is one of the best in the series I think The Borrowers Aloft leaves the reader will a sense of the story being unfinished and this last book fills that gap After all, when Pod, Homily, and Arrietty escape from the Platters attic and get back to the model village, it s obvious that they can t stay there safely So you are left wondering what happened to them and where they finally did find a place to live Also, you wonder whatever happened to the Hendrearys, left inside [...]

  11. Mary Norton wrote the first 4 Borrower books before I was 11 and I read them all soon after Then, 20 years later she wrote this one I didn t learn of its existence until last month So I read a young teens book at 65, 25 years after it was published Also over a century after its setting Still enjoyed it, though it didn t give the sort of closure to the series I hoped for The villains of the 4th book get a sort of comeuppance and the Clocks Pod, Homily, and Arietty find a new home No promise of a [...]

  12. It has been years since I read the others in this series, I had never seen this one before, so I latched on to it.The Clocks Pod, Homily and Arriety have been held captive by the evil Platters, however, the Clocks have finally managed to escape from their prison and have decided against returning to their miniature village that was so wonderfully provided by Miss Menzies and her friend.The Clocks have found a home in the old village rectory, and reunited with their former friends thinking all ar [...]

  13. By this time there is nothing new, no plot movement, just keeping safe and hidden and setting up house in a new location among humans Thoroughly boring.

  14. Brittany Perez Oh My Bookness _May 23,2014A author famously known for classics such as Bed Knob and Broomsticks, Poor Stainless brings another long loving classic tales _The Borrowers The first book The Borrowers 1952 _follows with four other books in the series, as follows, The Borrowers Afield 1954 , The Borrowers Afloat 1959 , The Borrowers Aloft 1961 , _and lastly The Borrowers Avenged 1982 The Borrowers would later become adapted to screen in a 1997 in a British American live action comedy [...]

  15. In the final at last episode of the Borrowers saga, the strangest thing is the chronology of events I suppose it s understandable, since the first volume was published in 1952, Vol 4 Aloft in 1961, and Vol 5 didn t come out until 1982 a gap of 19 real time years But within the context of the story, from the time the Clocks were forced out of Firbank s under kitchen to the time they were kidnapped by the Platters was about a year They were then held hostage in the attic over the winter,convenient [...]

  16. This is the fifth and final book in the series Firstly, after the disappointment of the previous book, I started this one with low expectations However, it turned out to be much better than I thought it would be and I enjoyed it.The story picks up where the previous one left off as do all the books and we follow the family to their new life at the rectory Arrietty s aunt and uncle have moved into the church next door and we meet a new character, Pea Green, who is already living in the rectory an [...]

  17. Mary Norton writes so well that, for me, no Borrowers book could ever be worth fewer than three stars The characterisation is brilliantly realised, the stories engaging and the dialogue pitch perfect This instalment was no exception I was a little disappointed with it as a conclusion to the series, as it lacked the pace and excitement of books three and four, where I felt the series picked up after the first two books One thing that particularly interested me was Arriety s planning and hoping fo [...]

  18. I think I understand now why this one always seemed a little darker to me as a child It s something that I m positive I never noticed in those days, and that would be the not really subtle allusion to Lady Mullings psychic abilities Add three ghosts that dwell in the building where the Clocks live, and you have a duly creepy spiritualistic angle that could just as well have been left out, it seems At least the ghost part would have had no direct effect on the plot were it missing Anyway.I ve alw [...]

  19. This is the final installment of The Borrowers series and i have to say this one here has really brought the series round for me in a good way.In this book Arrietty and her family are finally able to borrow again in a house They meet another Borrower along the way, Peagren, which if my memory serves correctly in the movie version Peagren is actually Arriettys brother and played by Tom Felton.There is also the ending of the long running story between the humans, the Potters especially and i reall [...]

  20. I did like this book but,I wold only recomend this ook to children.The Borrowers is about the clock family geting caught by Mr and Mrs.Platter.And they have to set out and find a new home so they get on a boat and end up finding a new home in a rectory of a local church.They go down a river barely missing the Platter family who are looking for them.Once they get back to the recory church they end up finding that there is relaives next door.Arietty finds another borrower called Peagreen Overmante [...]

  21. Not a very satisfying end to the series, somehow It s nice to end with the Borrowers all set up in a new home, but the Platters aren t really satisfactorily got rid of, and Miss Menzies doesn t yet have closure about the Borrowers, and we don t know if Arriety and Spiller ever get togetherAll the setting up home stuff reads a bit like a happily ever after, and yet it s unsatisfying, because so little happens And again, like the fourth book, it s not a story being told any, but is presented fact [...]

  22. This last book has ghosts in it Not entirely sure why It talks about how the humans don t like to live in the house because of the ghosts so that makes it a safe place to live, so it sort of makes sense But then there is one chapter out of the 23 or something chapters where they talk about the 3 ghosts that live in the house Short little snippets that I guess are supposed to help young readers to see that the ghosts don t interfere with the borrowers but it still leaves things kind of creepy The [...]

  23. This final adventure of the borrowers is full of the ingenuity and industry it takes to create a comfortable home, secure and essentially invisible to their human hosts They find a valuable asset in Peagreen, a young borrower whose creativity rivals both Pod s in engineering, and Arriety s in the arts The Clock family also has to renew their standards of sociability with the neighboring borrowers, now that they are no long living in isolation The human factor continues to pose a threat, as it al [...]

  24. The Borrowers are weird for me Like I love the concept and all their inventions and the Clock family, but there s just something that keeps me from all out loving them I honestly chose this book because I vaguely remember the whole parish house thing from when I read this many, many summers ago I did not realize that it was the end of the series though Someday, I want to go back and read all of these in order.I loved Arrietty and Peagreen and Timnus and Pod and basically everyone except for Lupy [...]

  25. Truth be told, the entire series is trying to match the original s wonder and although this final installment is a lovely read, it fell just short once again The writing is wonderful and again, the inventiveness of Mary Norton in this magical minuscule world is a delight You get to see Timmus again, which was a highlight from past installments but in the end, the main thing is that it adds another soft ending to the series You get to loathe the Platters a bit , though that s an easy feat Still, [...]

  26. This is the last book in the Borrowers saga There was a lot of good things that happened in the book the little family we ve been following since book 1 has finally gotten resettled, and borrowers are around But for the last book in the series, I wanted closure for the characters even implied closure would have been good My kids did love having this read to them, and have vowed to read it again for themselves when they are older I loved this because it wasn t dark or magical like so many other [...]

  27. I love the borrowers series I m sad that the series is finished, but Mary Norton had to stop somewhere I looked to see if she had written a 6th book in the series but she did not Book 5 came out in 1982 she started the series in the 60 s I love how they finally settle down and they are near to Aunt Luppy and Tidmos not sure how to spell his name, sorry The room under the window sill sounds wonderful, I can see why Arritety liked it Anyway Mary Norton did a wonderful job with the series and I kno [...]

  28. The was a lot to offer in this whole series Admittedly, yes, the books are a bit sexist and a definite bigotry toward gypsies that should make you cringe But if you ignore those flaws bit and maybe attribute them to the era in which the original book was written, sigh , you ll find a lot of fun in the whole series following the adventures of these little people as they try to make a life living just out of sight of human beans Norton does a good job imagining how the world would appear if you we [...]

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