The Borrowers Afield

The Borrowers Afield Driven out of their cozy house by the rat catcher the Borrowers find themselves homeless Worse they are lost and alone in a frightening new world the outdoors Nearly everything outside cows moths

Driven out of their cozy house by the rat catcher, the Borrowers find themselves homeless Worse, they are lost and alone in a frightening new world the outdoors Nearly everything outside cows, moths, field mice, cold weather is a life threatening danger for the Borrowers But as they bravely journey across country in search of a new home and learn how to survive iDriven out of their cozy house by the rat catcher, the Borrowers find themselves homeless Worse, they are lost and alone in a frightening new world the outdoors Nearly everything outside cows, moths, field mice, cold weather is a life threatening danger for the Borrowers But as they bravely journey across country in search of a new home and learn how to survive in the wild, Pod, Homily, and their daughter, Arrietty, discover that the world beyond their old home has joy, drama, and people than they d ever imagined.

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The Borrowers Afield

  1. Mary Norton n e Pearson was an English children s author She was the daughter of a physician, and was raised in a Georgian house at the end of the High Street in Leighton Buzzard The house now consists of part of Leighton Middle School, known within the school as The Old House, and was reportedly the setting of her novel The Borrowers She married Robert C Norton in 1927 and had four children, 2 boys and 2 girls Her second husband was Lionel Boncey, who she married in 1970 She began working for the War Office in 1940 before the family moved temporarily to the United States.She began writing while working for the British Purchasing Commission in New York during the Second World War Her first book was The Magic Bed Knob or, How to Become a Witch in Ten Easy Lessons published in 1943, which, together with the sequel Bonfires and Broomsticks, became the basis for the Disney film Bedknobs and Broomsticks.Mary Norton died of a stroke in Devon, England in 1992.

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  1. It s too bad that this series of books about little people is in such danger of being dismissed as a cute or trite children s fairy story They certainly shouldn t be described in that way Once you can suspend your disbelief in the existence of small people living in and amongst normal humans, the books becomes adventure stories in the best sense kind of a Robinson Crusoe story but with much likable and subtly depicted characters.

  2. In the second book of The Borrowers series, Pod, Homily and Arrietty are on the run after escaping from the terrible Mrs Driver and the ferret No long able to live snugly beneath the kitchen in the big house, they are forced to run, hide from field mice and insects, and sleep in ditches.Finally they take up residence in an abandoned boot and adopt a vegetarian diet Homily tries to be brave but is miserably out of her element Pod is his usual resourceful self Arrietty however is thrilled to be in [...]

  3. I love the way these books have such an awareness of unreliable narrators, and of oral stories, for all that they re written down First of all The Boy through Mrs May through Kate, and then Arriety through Tom Goodenough through Kate There s so much uncertainty about whether it is or isn t a story I imagine that frustrates some people, but I do like it.I remember, all of a sudden, as a child, carefully leaving things on the lower shelves, for Borrowers They never did take it, but maybe I was ove [...]

  4. Every bit as charming as the first installment I found on rereading this one decades later that I hadn t remembered the story at all, nor the fantastically described new character, Spiller I suspect this is due to my imagination being engaged at the idea of borrowers living indoors without humans suspecting their presence I was never very outdoorsy, so Arrietty s fearless embrace of her new circumstances and her precocious willingness to wander off exploring is drenched, for me, in a feeling of [...]

  5. I liked the first book better but this was also very good Living outside poses many problems but also many wonders The Borrowers face dangers and difficulties How to stay alive without humans to borrow from What will happen as winter approaches There is a lot description and the action is saved for the very frightening end Now I have to read the next book but I may take a detour into Mary Norton s other books Bed Knob and Broomstick is next

  6. I am enthralled by this series Fans of Arriety will find themselves drawn into another delightful adventure I am now in danger of abandoning all other books I am currently reading and delve solely into the world of Pod and Homily and all the other characters who stay in my mind long after the swiping of the last page.

  7. Sweet humor makes fun of lovable imperfect humans playful, down to earth, needs must, and all tiny Danger looms large night owl, grass snake, lightning storm flood, snow hibernation The 6 small Clock family reside in a lost boot while searching for relatives, until fierce gypsy Mild Eye takes the footwear back I like spending hours with them, amazed at their inventiveness re using lost junk Delightful line drawings full of life and delicacy bring back times of tin teakettles on wood fires, pinaf [...]

  8. The fantasy novel, The Borrowers Afield, by Mary Norton, is about an adventure taken by Pod, Homily, and their daughter Arrietty, to find a new home with their loving relatives in a badger set Their adventure begins when they are driven out of their cozy home by a rat catcher because they were seen by the little boy who lived there Now they are homeless, lost, and alone in a new world the outdoors Pod, Homily, and Arrietty need to find their relatives and quick They fear the worst and that is th [...]

  9. Setelah sekian lama ngga terseret masuk ke dalam cerita ketika membaca sebuah buku, gua menemukannya kembali di buku yang satu ini, oohh kebayang khan betapa mengasyikannya kalo kita bisa turut jadi bagian dalam cerita yang dituturkan Perkenalkan The Borrowers , manusia mini yang besarnya paling cuman sejempol aja.Dan sesuai dengan namanya, keluarga yang terdiri dari bapak, ibu dan seorang anak perempuan ini deman meminjam barang dari tempat yang mereka tinggali.Walau dibilang meminjam yaa merek [...]

  10. The Borrowers Afield by Mary Norton is about how these tiny creatures who are like humans, just fifty times smaller run for their lives When Kate is interested in the towns legends, she looks in to it by asking the elderly the true tales of the borrowers She finds out a lot about them, and she even gets her hands on one of their diaries The book is made up of the diary of Arietty So, the borrowers were chased out of their cozy home by the rat catcher, and since they lived in the suburbs, there w [...]

  11. I started reading this aloud with my four year old after we enjoyed the first installment Unfortunately, this book takes too long to pick up to enough action to keep his interest For the first half of the book, the whole story is background about living outside, getting set up in an old boot, worrying about wildlife, etc I ll tell him the parts about discovering other Borrowers and eventually moving back indoors Maybe we ll try the third installment Still, I enjoyed reading about these sweet li [...]

  12. This is the only Borrowers book that I have read When I read this in 6th grade, I couldn t find the first book, so I just read this one, and I never got around to reading the others Anyway, if you have NOT read the previous book, I suggest you do, because things will make sense So, the borrowers Pod, Homily and Arrietty used to live inside, but they move into the outdoors for some reason I forgot why Overall, this is an ok book It was pretty decent, but it didn t motivate me to read the other B [...]

  13. Although the story really doesn t get interesting until over half way through the second half is a rather brilliant bright spot You truly get a sense of how terrifying it must be to be so small in a world full of giants The characterization of Homily is pretty hilarious when allowed to shine, in particular when she finally is in contact with her arch nemesis Lumpy I ll probably check out the sequels if only to find out what happens with Spiller and what would make them leave the new comforts the [...]

  14. This book is quite nice It can be enjoyable for young and old It tells about very small people that have very big adevntures

  15. Things get exciting living in the wild And also Spiller I didn t remember how badass he was How young the characters seem to me now.

  16. After reading the first Borrowers book and really enjoying it with my kids, I was looking forward to the sequel This was an utter disappointment in boredom This took place after the borrower family fled from the big house and they are struggling to survive outside The first book had a focus on Arrietty, the young girl, but this had of a focus on Pod and Homily, the parents It made it less of a kid s book and of a slog about survival and fending for themselves in the wilderness It removed the f [...]

  17. loved reading one of my favourite children s series as an adult I recommend everyone does this It is interesting what you get from it looking through adult eyes Although my favourite is still the original book 1 The Borrowers this still didn t disappoint what I noticed from this re read is the beautiful descriptive writing of Mary Norton As the family are forced to flee into the open countryside, the world as Arriety sees it, is beautifully narrated.Something I didn t notice as a child as I was [...]

  18. I had never read a Borrowers book before, but my child has, and she asked me to read this one to her at bed time I was surprised by the sophistication of the writing, which is really lovely and also contains many words that she and I will be looking up It s a great adventure odyssey story, and it s really pretty emotionally fulfilling I m glad I read it I kind of want to read the others There s a bunch of stuff referencing gypsies , which is bothersome least we had a good reason to discuss how t [...]

  19. It was a good book in general, I give it 3.5 stars Since the borrowers were basically my childhood I decided to give this a go I found out that this is really of a read aloud book, at least for me There were some boring parts where I just had to put the book down and start again another day I did this quite a lot which resulted in not finishing this book a month after I started it The ending was great though I really liked the ending, it closed everything up and just made me understand everythi [...]

  20. This is the story of how the borrowers leave their original house They are forced to deal with the outside world for the first time My children did not enjoy the beginning of the book, which is a story framing tale of the borrowers It is about a little girl who has been told about the Borrowers by her aunt, who saw them as a child As the Borrowers spend most of their time in a field, the real action is not until the last third of the book, which made the middle seem long to my children.

  21. Mary Norton is a wonderful writer The Borrowers series is a much beloved classic I am glad that the movies stayed pretty true to the storyline A family circle, filled with love, adventure, trust As we continue to follow the storyline, the borrowers leave their sanctuary in the house, for the wild, unknown outdoors The story is delightful and entertaining This is what so many strive for today, but life is not simple any, and the innocence is mostly gone.

  22. I liked it a lot than I thought I did I thought it would be slow moving but it moved steadily along in a way that was rather appropriate The ending was great and leads an awesome intro into book three.

  23. This was enjoyable reading, not as wonderful as the first, and consider that it s of the same for the rest of the series I recommend reading the first and second, and move on to another series.

  24. I think this book is very good It is about 3 borrowers who have been chased out of their home They go to seek their cousins in a badger s set They encounter many adventures I recommend this book for people who love adventure James age 7

  25. This is the second book in the borrowers series The family has had to leave the home they lived in because they were seen by humans They go in search of a new home and hope to find their family members who had left before them This book is as good as the first one.

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