The Tender Bar

The Tender Bar In the grand tradition of landmark memoirs a classic American story of self invention and escape of the fierce love between a single mother and an only son it s also a moving portrait of one boy s s

In the grand tradition of landmark memoirs a classic American story of self invention and escape, of the fierce love between a single mother and an only son, it s also a moving portrait of one boy s struggle to become a man, and an unforgettable depiction of how men remain, at heart, lost boys.J.R Moehringer grew up captivated by a voice It was the voice of his father,In the grand tradition of landmark memoirs a classic American story of self invention and escape, of the fierce love between a single mother and an only son, it s also a moving portrait of one boy s struggle to become a man, and an unforgettable depiction of how men remain, at heart, lost boys.J.R Moehringer grew up captivated by a voice It was the voice of his father, a New York City disc jockey who vanished before J.R spoke his first word Sitting on the stoop, pressing an ear to the radio, J.R would strain to hear in that plummy baritone the secrets of masculinity and identity Though J.R s mother was his world, his rock, he craved something , something faintly and hauntingly audible only in The Voice At eight years old, suddenly unable to find The Voice on the radio, J.R turned in desperation to the bar on the corner, where he found a rousing chorus of new voices Cops and poets, bookies and soldiers, movie stars and stumblebums, all sorts of men gathered in the bar to tell their stories and forget their cares The alphas along the bar including J.R s Uncle Charlie, a Humphrey Bogart look alike Colt, a Yogi Bear sound alike and Joey D, a softhearted brawler took J.R to the beach, to ballgames, and ultimately into their circle They taught J.R tended him, and provided a kind of fatherhood by committee Torn between the stirring example of his mother and the lurid romance of the bar, J.R tried to forge a self

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The Tender Bar

  1. J.R Moehringer is an American journalist and author Born in New York City and raised in Manhasset, New York, he is a former national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.A 1986 graduate of Yale University, Moehringer began his journalism career as a news assistant at The New York Times.He won the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing in 2000.

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  1. What s This Book About From The Tender Bar by J R Moehringer I hate when people ask what a book is about People who read for plot, people who suck out the story like the cream filling in an Oreo, should stick to comic strips and soap operas Every book worth a damn is about emotions and love and death and pain It s about words It s about a man dealing with life Okay Okay Pulling this excerpt from page 335 of this 416 page book, I feel, allows me to use the author s own words to describe this exce [...]

  2. Onvan The Tender Bar Nevisande J.R Moehringer ISBN 786888768 ISBN13 9780786888764 Dar 432 Safhe Saal e Chap 2005

  3. Started out fairly well and held my interest until he went to Yale From that point on, I would read a few sentences from each paragraph and eventually skip pages to just finish the book Interestingly, the experience is similar to a night that starts pleasantly with a charming storyteller and a few drinks at first it is enjoyable and the story is interesting, but as the storyteller continues drinking and becomes and verbose and self absorbed, going on and on about people you do not know who are [...]

  4. Here s the thing I m a writer I m not a proofreader or an editor When I read, I read for the pleasure of a good story with memorable, honest not cardboard characters I m not hard on other writers work, unless they really disappoint me An occasional repeat of an expression, a dropped comma, a misused semicolon none of these bother me unless they stop the read cold, and only then, if I can t pick it up again It happens I m not a complete masochist, but I have noticed that most of the books in that [...]

  5. I really loved The Tender Bar Any book that can sweep you into a story and its beautifully rendered characters all the beautiful, poignant, and powerful because they are real is worthy of recognition, and I found this memoir to be fascinating and enormously moving It was also interesting from its snapshot of a slice of American and local history Manhasset, Long Island, in the 70s and 80s and into the early 21st century The author, being raised by his mother in her father s dysfunctional home, l [...]

  6. Just read for book club Its an easy read I guess I was interested in his life and the history on Long Island makes it easy to identify with I just feel like I have been down this road before with a memoir Dysfunctional family, overcoming it all and going to Yale, does he whine about it He never stops He continues to show the people in his life addicted to alcohol, drugs, and gambling in a postive light even when sometimes the outcome of such a life is horrible he still holds them up on so [...]

  7. Jeesh I picked this up for my husband s birthday and decided to read it myself I was so excited I got it from a local book store where one of the book clerks wrote an amazing review I thought it was going to be about bar culture and the magical and redemptive qualities that can be found in your local bar pub I was wrong It s mostly a memoir of Moehinger s boyhood and college days at Yale The lack of male role models is a constant and boring theme that runs throughout the book The love of his mot [...]

  8. Oh, the damage an absent father can do No show, no care dads practice a different brand of abuse than fathers who use their fists, but the distinction is lost on the little boy waiting curbside for a dad who isn t coming Given a choice, the boy might even opt for corporal punishment over icy indifference.J.R Moehringer captures the lives of many such boys in his poignant memoir, The Tender Bar Moehringer s radio personality dad was MIA so often, he came to think of his dad as The Voice, and kept [...]

  9. Two friends of mine claimed this was their favorite book, which is probably the only reason why I made myself finish this long, whining memoir JR Moehringer starts off with a nice premise He wants to write about the Long Island bar he grew up in, and the wild cast of characters at the bar who filled in for his absent, dead beat dad Moehringer s got some funny stories, and he s pretty good at capturing the moods of the bar and describing the people in his life But at the end of the book, all I co [...]

  10. This is an incredibly honest book by an incredibly good story teller JR grew up with an absent father and ended up with many fathers , and one enormously strong and dedicated mother I, too, grew up with an absent father and an enormously strong and dedicated mother so I could relate to much of his emotional upheaval at times My heart was breaking when his father didn t show up after telling him he would be there to take him to a baseball game During my reading of this book, I also saw a half hou [...]

  11. Publicans, the bar where the author found his mojo, has just been rechristened in Manhasset I guess it s pretty telling that I liked a 5 star and a 1 star review, because both made valid points about the book On the positive side, Moehringer writes well for a Yalie anyway , but his life is a mess, with a deadbeat, absentee father, and a mother barely able to keep them afloat, shuttling between living with her parents or trying to make it in their own place The other highlight is the zany charact [...]

  12. The Tender Bar Dulcele bar a lui Moehringer era una dintre c r ile acelea pe care mi doream mereu s le citesc, dar o am nam pentru un moment tihnit, n care s pot s o savurez a a cum credeam eu c se cuvenea O carte pe care toat lumea o l uda i m ndemna s o caut Un pom l udat la care m am dus cu co ul plin de speran e, mai ales dup ce citisem autobiografia lui Andre Agassi, Open, o mare revela ie pentru mine i una dintre c r ile de 5 stele de anul trecut, la care Moehringer contribuise substan ial [...]

  13. John Joseph Moehringer born 1964 grew up in Manhasset, New York He is a graduate of Yale and used to work at New York Times and won the Pulitzer Award for Feature Writing in 2000 This memoir, The Tender Bar is the recollection of his childhood up to his early adulthood Published in 2005, when Andre Agassi read this book, he asked Moehringer to collaborate with him the writing of his own memoir, Open published last year, 2009 You must be seeing that book prominently displayed in your bookstore to [...]

  14. I really enjoyed this book I found myself laughing out loud while reading it The book is basically about his coming of age and most of it takes place at a local pub on Long Island where his uncle was a bartender I really like his style and how the chapters are like short stories, yet they follow a timeline I really got to like the author he reminds me of a straight version of Sedaris or Borroughs The missing star is mainly a pet peeve I have about the epilogue, which I recommend you skip This wa [...]

  15. Empec con muchas ganas, ya en las primeras p ginas promet a, peeero seg n iba leyendo me desinflaba Puede que no haya sido el mejor momento para esta lectura o que llevaba muchas expectativas y no ha sido lo que esperaba el caso es que, s , est bien escrito, te engancha al revival que hace el autor de su vida y entretiene, pero sin m s A pesar de que podr a sacar varias lecturas de fondo, sobre todo referente a la familia su madre, su t a, su abuela, sus primas no ha conseguido calarme, de hecho [...]

  16. While reading, I wrote this Working on it Mom s book club Came in a box with Valentine s Day goodies, including A heart shaped potholder Cups with hearts on them Candy hearts A heart shaped PEZ dispenser Pink footie socks 3 or maybe 4 V Day cards, they keep turning up in odd places, like wedged intoThe Tender Bar Pink rubber duckies with hearts on them My camera battery chargerA good story A bicentennial sofa A little deliberate, but I m still going.After reading, I write this It got old fast.Ri [...]

  17. La evoluci n de un ni o y su paso de la infancia a la edad adulta Las relaciones familiares en especial con su madre, su referente En todo ello est el bar, como un Lugar ritual donde el protagonista va desvelando su vida.Aunque me ha gustado, la trama me ha parecido un poco irregular, no ha conseguido engancharme del todo,y a ratos se me ha hecho largo Sin embargo la prosa Es muy buena y la historia estar real y cotidiana como la vida misma.

  18. THE TENDER BAR is one of the first memoirs I read after jumping back on the reading band wagon in 2000 I loved this book and Moehringer s writing Still have the hardcover on my shelf.

  19. i found this to be a memoir with a lot of heart but little literary value what moehringer does very well is create a vivid atmosphere, using dialogue in particular to paint a picture that you can easily imagine as if you were in the room with him i read in a separate review that the most interesting thing about the author is the people he knows and it s true, the characters in this book are very colorful and tend to overshadow moehringer s self absorbed drama another reason to enjoy the book was [...]

  20. I found this book by reading Andre Aggasi s memoir, Open , in which he describes how taken he was by The Tender Bar and how this led to his collaboration with J.R Moehringer I was equally engrossed in the book and could hardly put it down over the course of a week or so during which I read the entire thing which, for me, is 2x 3x my normal turnover rate for a book of comparable length The book is a wonderful memoir of a tough childhood J.R Moehringer grew up without a father in his life of a boy [...]

  21. This book was required reading for a memoir class that I audited last year I must confess, I m not a fan of memoirs that are soaked in booz, but I did my usual quick read through to get the story and found that, though appalled at times, I did enjoy the story and cared very much for J R and his mother The Tender Bar title is a play on words Growing up in the bar, J R was not coddled, but he was tended to or watched out for by a series of regular bar customers and bar tenders I think of the follo [...]

  22. I initially fell in love with this memoir, and for 150 pages could not put it down This is when Moehringer describes his childhood in a dysfunctional broken down home in Long Island and his search on the radio air waves for his missing father s voice He writes hauntingly and convincingly of his childhood anxieties, much of which center on protecting his mother, and his drive to take care of her He describes his early discovery of the neighborhood bar, where his Uncle Charlie worked, and found it [...]

  23. 5 stars My friend Beth wanted me to read this for ages I still have tears in my eyes at the poignancy of this memoir I don t think I can write a review of The Tender Bar I just really liked it and am happy I read it and would tell others to read it too It is very sad though It s amazing how well he wrote, using such great descriptive words that you really could almost feel you were right there with him experiencing it all.I d recommend it

  24. One must have a place in order to be Without a place to stand, one cannot perceive the idea of belonging For many, if not most, of us spend a great deal of our growing up years sorting out just where that place is This mythical location that is real than the keys of this computer, is made up of physical location, culture, belief, what is ingested, speech, language and a multitude of other factors that are as imperceptible as the daily recommended allowance of needed vitamins and minerals in one [...]

  25. If it takes a village to raise a child, for J R Moehringer, it took Manhasset, in Long Island, NY and specifically, it took a neighborhood bar named Dickens later called Publicans.In the 1970s and 80s, the young boy was first captivated by The Voice, the unseen presence of his absent father When the radio presence mysteriously disappeared, he inadvertently stumbled upon a host of other mentors in the bar on the corner in his village.Two themes guided the young boy growing up to take care of his [...]

  26. I used to say I d found in Steve s bar the fathers I needed, but this wasn t quite right At some point the bar itself became my father, its dozens of men melding me into one enormous male eye looking over my shoulder, providing that needed alternative to my mother, that Y chromosome to her X JR Moehringer, pg 9 of prologueI keep saying this memoir reminded me of an American version of Frank McCourt s Angela s Ashes However, it s the essence than the actual details that brings me to say that It [...]

  27. Not a bad memoir not particularly gripping, but very vivid in its way of person description by storytelling Probably the least woe is me, I m a drunk and most interesting look how I became a reporter for Times book out there And still, it became rambly About two thirds of the way through, I wondered why so many pages remained and what Moehringer could possibly have left to tell me that was so darned important I hate when the story seems over and the book keeps going Of course, I claim to hate wh [...]

  28. Casi nunca leo los pr logos Me incomodan, no s bien por qu ste pr logo lo le porque era corto y era en voz del propio autor Ha sido uno de los pr logos m s prometedores y que m s ganas me han dado de leer un libro en a os Y el resto no me ha defraudado La autobiograf a de JR Moehringer es tierna, entra able, miserable y triste todo a un tiempo Se lee con nostalgia, aunque no hayamos estado nunca en el Dickens Publicans, y ni siquiera al final se nos van las ganas de tomarnos una copa en ese loca [...]

  29. Am nceput s urlu la Jimbo Ur sc ntrebarea asta, i am spus Ur sc c nd oamenii m ntreab despre ce e o carte Oamenii care citesc pentru intrig , oamenii care nghit povestea ca pe umplutura dintr un biscuit Oreo ar trebui s r m n la benzi desenate i telenovele Despre ce e Orice carte care valoreaz c t negru sub unghie e despre emo ii, i dragoste, i moarte, i durere E despre cuvinte Despre om fa n fa cu via a Da

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