The Raw Shark Texts

The Raw Shark Texts Eric Sanderson wakes up in a house one day with no idea who or where he is A note instructs him to see a Dr Randle immediately who informs him that he is undergoing yet another episode of acute memor

Eric Sanderson wakes up in a house one day with no idea who or where he is A note instructs him to see a Dr Randle immediately, who informs him that he is undergoing yet another episode of acute memory loss that is a symptom of his severe dissociative disorder Eric s been in Dr Randle s care for two years since the tragic death of his great love, Clio, while the twoEric Sanderson wakes up in a house one day with no idea who or where he is A note instructs him to see a Dr Randle immediately, who informs him that he is undergoing yet another episode of acute memory loss that is a symptom of his severe dissociative disorder Eric s been in Dr Randle s care for two years since the tragic death of his great love, Clio, while the two vacationed in the Greek islands.But there may be to the story, or it may be a different story altogether As Eric begins to examine letters and papers left in the house by the first Eric Sanderson, a staggeringly different explanation for what is happening to Eric emerges, and he and the reader embark on a quest to recover the truth and escape the remorseless predatory forces that threatens to devour him.The Raw Shark Texts is a kaleidoscopic novel about the magnitude of love and the devastating effect of losing that love It will dazzle you, it will move you, and will leave an indelible imprint like nothing you have read in a long time.

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The Raw Shark Texts

  1. Steven Hall is the author of The Raw Shark Texts and one of Granta s Best of Young British Novelists.

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  1. 10.You are a book, The Raw Shark Texts You are an unstable narrative You are a story of loss and love and memory, of a broken heart and a broken mind You are a mystery you are a postmodern text you are equal parts Burroughs and Palahniuk and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind You are a first novel, complete with a first novel s typical weaknesses a certain stridency and repetitiousness that is occasionally tedious, a tendency towards wanting to amaze the audience with your brilliance, charact [...]

  2. You know what I like This whole genre of stuffy British dudes who find themselves unwillingly going on adventures and discovering that there s to them than just being pasty and flustered.And, yeah, it s a genre There s TONS of books with that same damn plot Thing is, they re often very entertaining.They re also usually played for laughs Which is not the case in The Raw Shark Texts Yes, the protagonist eventually finds himself drawn into a world where the old rules don t apply Yes, he has an adv [...]

  3. A brief behind the scenes recap of The Raw Shark Texts Steven Hall is inspired Writes a brilliant one hundred pages of an unfinished novel The first hundred pages of The Raw Shark Texts are truly a great read, hinting at something avant garde, something page turning in the finest sense of the term We re all clicking off the rusty old disbelief mechanisms because The Raw Shark Texts is putting it all together OK, sure, it is yet another piece my life back together after what would seem to be amne [...]

  4. There might be very minor spoilers here but I doubt they will make any sense to you if you haven t read the book, so read on, unles you are uber paranoid about spoilers The Raw Shark Texts It s supposed to be a literary psychological thriller where Jorge Luis Borges meets Danielewski meets Matrix meets Fight Club meets Jaws I thought Oh dear Steve, I hope you know what you are running up against and I hope your game is tight.The book starts with the main character waking up on the floor not know [...]

  5. For sheer ballsy creativity The Raw Shark Texts is an incendiary word bomb of conceptual fish, mad world hungry pseudo immortals, movie geekdom, Greek tragedy and cats with mundane names.To say there is something lacking in Steven Hall s first novel seems unfair and trite, but I can t shake the feeling that something in Eric Sanderson s relationship with Clio Scout felt too forced and way too indoctrinated by current gender attitudes If that was by design I can t imagine what the design was if i [...]

  6. Duh Dum.Duh Dum.Dum dum dum dum dum dum DUM Ok that was a poor attempt to mimic the Jaws theme tune in text format, but hey, it s not that easy.On Animosity Island, everyone is looking forward to the summer season The picket fences are suitably white, the sky is picture postcard blue and the beaches of fine yellow sand are ready to receive the beach towels and inflatable toys of hundreds of British holiday makers For Chief Brady, head of the Animosity Island police department, there is one fly i [...]

  7. A bit oversold, but certainly creative at times with a sprinkling of novel ideas which for me, almost worked but not quite.At heart this is a simple love story, which I didn t mind as I quite like simple love stories, being an old romantic at heart That the love story was between a man whose memories had been eaten by a conceptual shark see later and a woman who he may have loved in his pre memory loss existence who is now dead but not a ghost nothing supernatural here matters not a jot There ar [...]

  8. Bir Slipstream T r Olan Romana G zellemeler,K pek Bal Metinleri , orjinal ismiyle The Raw Shark Text, ismini Rorschach Testinin fonetik yapas n romana yans tan zekice bir kitap Geleneksel kal plar thriller heyecanl kitap formunu tamamen de i tirdi ine inan lan roman, okuyucuya bir ok farkl okuma deneyimi sunmaktad r Steven Hall, K pekbal Metinleriyle ilgili olarak, okuyucuyu da romana katan aktif okur fikriyle bu roman n olu turdu unu kitap ilk yay nland nda kritklerin vg s yle duymu tum Ki yaza [...]

  9. The Raw Shark Texts was released back in 2007 by first time U.K author, Steven Hall In some circles, it s been referred to as some bizarre cross between Jaws and The Matrix with perhaps a little Da Vinci Code thrown in there for good measure It follows the story of Eric Saunderson who awakes on his bedroom floor without any memories While the man retains his basic motor functions, he remembers nothing resembling emotions or sense of identity Shortly upon awaking, Eric finds a note left by the fi [...]

  10. Completely overhyped, of course, like most books draped with gushing quotes of unanimous adoration from THE CRITICS Nevertheless, Hall s conceptual sharks are clever, baffling and terribly original throughout His typographical quirks are deployed to interesting and, in one instance, hilariously terrifying effect.The writing suffers from an overuse of dramatic verbs, the stylised relationship between the hero heroine regardless of any ironic intentions , moments of prolonged confusion and plot du [...]

  11. Ugh I struck out with this one.This was something I d been wanting to read for awhile It s looked super enticing on my bookshelf and when I finally had it in my hands I was brimming with excitement I had read the first couple pages awhile back and knew that this was the kind of book that grabbed you from the get go.And welp That s about the only time it grabbed me, it grabbed me then and let me go about 75 pages in Maybe I m just not smart enoughbut the whole concept of conceptual sharks and pre [...]

  12. I give up I m nearly halfway through the book and I m putting it down Maybe, at another time, I ll pick it up again and feel differently but the action adventure vibe just isn t sitting with me at all It s like reading The Celestine Prophecy which I did many, many moons ago only without the big morality question leading you through to the end Or, it s like reading Haruki Murakami without his talent for subtle storytelling Or sorry to go overboard on this it s like reading House of Leaves without [...]

  13. Mix _A Clockwork Orange_, _VALIS_, and _House of Leaves_ in a blender, and you would get something like this book It combines a number of my favorite things, not the least of which is the unreliable narrator and as an aside to some reviewers, if you think Memento did it first, you really ought to read and do some research I was a little wary of the kind of fontplay such as in Danielewski s book, but when Hall used it, he used it purposefully and to good effect.Note to self fontplay sounds kinky [...]

  14. K pekbal Metinleri ile ilgili uzun uzad ya bir eyler s ylemek i in fazla kar k kafam, kitab tam olarak nereye oturttum, neler hissettim tan mlayam yorum K saca birka bir ey s ylemem gerekirse, zekice yaz lm , ok ilgin , zg n bir roman ancak baz noksanl klar da bar nd rm yor de il Yazar n tamamen kurgunun g c n arkas na ald ve yan lsamal bir ak kullanarak, anlatmak istedi ini ok daha giriftli, zengin bir anlat al mas na d n t rd roman, bir a dan edebiyat n sinemasal ak a yaslad s ralarda g ten d [...]

  15. Garip tarz , bolca sayfas ama h zla akmas , bir kolaj al mas n and rmas , daha ok bir sinema filmi tad vermesi san r m senaryosu yaz lm ile de i ik bir ilk kitap, de i ik bir okuma deneyimi.

  16. Holy Crap.I picked up The Raw Shark Texts this past weekend not sure if I wanted to tackle something this long since I m still trying to catch up to a good 38 in 08 pace and I swear it was like disappearing off the face of the earth for two days I can t remember the last time I was so absorbed in a book that I opted to postpone plans to stay home and do nothing but read, and despite my copy s 448 pages, I devoured the book in less than 24 hours pun intended.Without giving away than what you wou [...]

  17. Hmm Well It certainly wasn t bad One problem with reading advanced reader s editions is that they lay out the marketing plans for you right on the inside cover, so I knew before I even started that this book has a 150,000 initial print run, that the movie rights have already been auctioned, that a website and a viral marketing campaign puke are in the works, etc Soooo, hype hype hype, which always makes me worried All the same, like everyone says, cross House of Leaves with Memento and you start [...]

  18. San r m ayn zamanda bir DW yazar olan Hall hakk nda beklentim fazlaca y ksekti, yle ki 50 y ld r evrenin t m hal lar n n m ze sermeye al an dinamik bir ekibin par as yd yazar En k t s n en ba ta s ylemeliyim, ekrana yak acak anlat mlar yaz yla yapmak irkin Un space koridorunda sa a d nm t , o t nele t rman nca kamp kurmu lard , yan yat p amura batm lard diye s ren s nd r lm 100 sayfa bana yaln zca bilek a r s olarak d n p ritmimi d rd.Daha nce bir kitapta kullan lmam bu derece geni geek altyap l [...]

  19. Peki bakal m bir ka kel m etmeye al ay m ncelikle, kitap hacmine g re ok ak c yd lak rd s yapmayaca m nk bu s ylem kendi i erisinde hi bir olumlu durum bar nd rm yor Bu ve hi bir kitap i in de bu safsatay yapmam Kitaba gelecek olursak ben iki bak a s yla de erlendirmek istiyorum lk olarak aralara serpi tirilmi Bilimsel tan lar Anagram sarmallar , nsan h crelerinden d nya d ng s ne ba lanan saptamalar , Psikolojik anlat lar z lmeli Rahats zl k, F g hastal ve edebi k k ayr nt lar ciddiye de alsan [...]

  20. Would you look at that, on the inside title page, a yellow post it note sayingThe bastard love childof The Matrix, Jaws andThe Da Vinci Code MARK HADDONDescription Eric Sanderson wakes up in a house one day with no idea who or where he is A note instructs him to see a Dr Randle immediately, who informs him that he is undergoing yet another episode of acute memory loss that is a symptom of his severe dissociative disorder Eric s been in Dr Randle s care for two years since the tragic death of his [...]

  21. I m in the middle, wanted to like this book a lot the start was fantastic, an intriguing look at madness and memory but once we got to the meta physical self indulgence and then in my words celestine prophecy adventure proving the crazy are really really deep blahStill reading but blah blah Here s a poem I wrote about this bookLashing out at people who try to justify their craziness as actually mattering to the rest of us.So, you show me the madness, the loss, the lack, the furtive brain changes [...]

  22. 3.5 swimmingly entertained stars.This is the first or the only one I can remember ironically book I ve liked that someone told me to read from school Maybe a Ludovician will wipe me memory and I ll forget it, maybe not But I like it so far A unique, entertaining, wild ride that needed a little relationship development, but I liked it overall.

  23. 3 29 11 update I want to read it again I also want Hall to write another book Come on Steve 8 19 09 Update I found a copy of the UK version of this book in a used book store the other day and it prompted me to re read it This book is so brilliant it s unbelievable Reading it a second time brought out, in my mind anyway, what is really going on with this book I m truly amazed at Hall s performance here i was walking through barnes and noble, i have no idea what i was doing there HA , and i saw th [...]

  24. Writing this review feels bad I m sure Steven Hall worked lovingly on his first book Judging by his chirpy author picture, he looks like a cool guy, and I hope he lives a long happy life and writes many great bestsellers and gets to buy a flying yacht full of hookers.That being said, The Raw Shark Texts is terrible It feels like a badly mixed porridge of everything the author thought was AWESOME Let s see the movie Jaws AWESOME Memento AWESOME House of Leaves AWESOME Abandoned underground places [...]

  25. I read this mainly because it s discussed in N Katherine Hayles s How We Think which I m greatly enjoying It probably doesn t deserve four stars the ending is kind of crappy, and at times it feels a bit self satisfied, a bit like a Charlie Kaufman movie but it is a very readerly book This is a concept Kerri Pierce shared with me not too long ago For anyone who reads tons of difficult or heady books for their job or career or whatever, you re probably already familiar with this concept Readerly b [...]

  26. Dear Book,You re critically acclaimed and a national best seller You re apparently the bastard child of all the great writers and movies.You think you re clever.The fact of the matter is, if you weren t a required text for my class, I would have dropped your paperback ass in the recycling bin ages ago.I m so glad we re done now and I never have to see you again.Sincerely,Sans

  27. First, I d like to say that the only thing tying this to House of Leaves is that they can be termed concept novels, books that use words to further the texture of the story Steven Hall has a great ability to tell a story and didn t need the high concept texturizing, but it was a cool deal anyway.I noticed the similarity of Raw Shark to Rorschach right away I m not sure if that was intentional or not, it probably was And like the relatively famous ink blot tests I m not sure what happened It come [...]

  28. I couldn t resist picking up this book, with a lurking shark made completely out of text on the first page I m a big believer of judging books by covers, and once again I am proven right The Raw Shark Texts is like several books you ve read, and yet is completely different It plays with the concept of words like The Phantom Tollbooth, and its underground is vaguely similar to that of Gaiman s Neverwhere The plot starts out as Memento, morphs into The Matrix and ends with Jaws Confused Don t worr [...]

  29. I d pair this withRemainder byTom McCarthy debut novels from the UK by men taking on conceptual literary frameworks Their work isn t influenced by film so much as engaged by the medium itself It s certainly not for everyone In fact, I hated Remainder for the first few months after reading But I recognize the book and by extension this one as well for what is an avant garde novel in the 21st century This book isn t as finely balanced as it could be, and many of the romantic scenes are so cheesy t [...]

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