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Area Matthew Reilly dazzled the world with his electrifying thrillers Ice Station and Temple And now Shane Scarecrow Schofield returns with his most harrowing and explosive adventure yet EA It is America

Matthew Reilly dazzled the world with his electrifying thrillers Ice Station and Temple And now, Shane Scarecrow Schofield returns with his most harrowing and explosive adventure yet EA 7It is America s most secret base, hidden deep in the Utah desert, an Air Force installation known only as Area 7 And today, it has a visitor the President of the United States.Matthew Reilly dazzled the world with his electrifying thrillers Ice Station and Temple And now, Shane Scarecrow Schofield returns with his most harrowing and explosive adventure yet EA 7It is America s most secret base, hidden deep in the Utah desert, an Air Force installation known only as Area 7 And today, it has a visitor the President of the United States He has come to inspect Area 7, to examine its secrets for himself But he s going to get than he bargained for on this trip Because hostile forces are waiting inside.Among the President s helicopter crew, however, is a young Marine He is quiet, enigmatic, and he hides his eyes behind a pair of silver sunglasses His name is Schofield Call sign Scarecrow Rumor has it, he s a good man in a storm Judging by what the President has just walked into, he d better be

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Area 7

  1. Matthew Reilly is a New York Times best selling author of eight novels that have been published in eighteen languages in twenty countries He has sold than 3.5 million copies worldwidecmillan author matthe

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  1. Warning Do not read this book if you cannot suspend your disbelief about the seemingly improbable events that occur during action sequences If you can t do this, you will not enjoy this book If you can, then hang on for the wild ride No one, and I do mean no one, writes action scenes like Matthew Reilly I reached for this book for precisely that reason.Reading one of his books is like watching an action movie on steroids I was laughing and cheering out loud throughout this book, and I could feel [...]

  2. This is the second book I ve read by Matthew Reilly and just like Ice Station the first book in the Scarecrow series it s an action packed read from start to finish The setting for this story is the mysterious Area 7 a secret U.S military installation hidden underground in Utah U.S Marine Shane Scarecrow Scofield is accompanying the President who is visiting Area 7 when all hell breaks loose and it s up to Scarecrow and his team to keep the President alive Whilst battling a crack Air Force Squad [...]

  3. This book SHOULD be read only if you are waiting in the airport to catch a long delayed flight, or while pursuing some other similar pursuit This book is undoubtedly rather difficult to part with while in the middle of reading, but it stretches the border of incredulity to such an extreme point that the whole thing becomes pointless at the end With multiple conspiring groups trying to prove something steal something kill something i.e someone, who is, incidentally, the President of the U.S.A etc [...]

  4. Hard to review because 1 it was a ton of fun to read, but 2 ultimately disappointing at just HOW freekin unbelievable the story was I mean if this were taking place in the year 2200 and every character had bionic abilities or something, but there is NO way the action sequences are plausible If not for feats of super ability that make it seem unreal, the timing of everything is way off where you re thinking theres no WAY they can get from point A to point B before the timer ends in 2 minutes, tha [...]

  5. Suspend belief for this military thriller Unbelievable plots and impossible escapes from impending death aplenty A rogue Air Force General supposedly executed, armed with his own Air Force Special Ops unit takes on the US President with his Marine Corp and Secret Service escort Shane Schofield Scarecrow and his team battle for control of a secret military laboratory and bioweapons facility, trying to prevent racial and political disaster Yet, there is even treachery as some of the Air Force tea [...]

  6. Had to cut my loses on this one after 138 pages Introduction was great, prologue really got my attention, nice illustrations, but after that way too much shoot em up bang bang for me Was hoping to learn behind the scenes in government installations.

  7. 4 starsOh wow what an amazing adventure I had Weeeeeeeeeeeee.I loved previous book It was uber thrilling Area 7 isn t lacking too except that I enjoyed it less, though Perhaps it might have got something to do with less gruesome Or maybe it s my brain s finally able to cope with some gruesome horrific scenes and got immune to it I don t know, so on this part it s all just me.Overall, it was nice The play chase game it was awesome Definitely suit for me because I am an adrenaline junkie As usual, [...]

  8. Yes yes YES Matt Reilly delivers, and far better than any action movie I love Matthew Reilly s writing the fast paced action, the settings, the situations and the plot twists and, yes, the characters too Even Reilly himself admitted that he s in this game to write about action and adventure, and if character development has to get axed as a result, then so be it But for me, that honestly isn t the case Getting to see Shane Schofield back in action, along with Libby Gant and Gena Mother Newman, a [...]

  9. Having recently finished the first book in the Scarecrow series, Ice Station, I have decided that Matthew Reilly is quite adept at writing a story that is essentially contained in one local In Area 7, we find Scarecrow and some of his friends from the previous novel, stuck in the middle of deadly game of cat and mouse with a maniacal supposedly dead man For much of the book, Reilly teeters on the edge of believable action but by the end of this book he literally rockets past the believable to wh [...]

  10. What if the Air Force was conducting secret biological weaponry research at a remote installation in the Utah desert What if the President was scheduled to make a visit there to see a particular breakthrough in that research What if the installation had been infiltrated by USAF commandos no longer loyal to the United States And what if Shane Scarecrow Schofield happened to be assigned to the Presidential detail for this trip The result Mayhem This is the second in the series about the action adv [...]

  11. Good solid action book Shane Scarecrow Schofield again saves the world This series is fantastic, one great read after the other If you enjoy books that read like movies, high action one chapter after the other, a small group up against insurmountable odds, this series is for you This time Scarecrow is serving on Marine One, carting the President around some secret bases out in the desert when a rouge Air Force special forces team decides to change America overnight It is up to Scarecrow and a fe [...]

  12. Loved it, plain and simple It engaged me from the very first page, just like the other Matthew Reilly books I ve read in the past Don t have much else to say except that you should read the book, this series is amazing, and I m looking forward to reading Scarecrow the next novel in the series.

  13. Personal Response Overall, I thought this was a decent book It had the right amount of action and thrill, while staying realistic throughout Since I am not in the military, and the government doesn t say if they have some of the special aircraft featured in the book, it is impossible to say if Area 7 was realistic This book wasn t really personally connected to me because I don t know anybody that has been in the Marine Corps I do know some people that have been in other branches of the military [...]

  14. Great sequel to Ice Station the characters evolved, as too did the action a definite page turner and I enjoy that no one is safe, always keeping you on your toes

  15. I have to admit that for someone who writes erotica, I don t often read it My first choice when it comes to leisurely reading is most definately THRILLERS political, medical, science, military, historical I like to read about secret weapons, killer viruses, conspiracy and classified information When I can get guns and monsters mixed in, all the better I wouldn t consider horror novels, unless they had a technical, scientific and plot heavy not necessarily character heavy story Anyway, as you mig [...]

  16. Picked this up from a Salvo s store as I d always been curious about Mr Reilly s stories I ve seen him a couple of times on The Book Club show thingy and he always seemed very buttoned down, assured person This translates in his writing too He likes to tell stories at breakneck speed, I think one could demolish this book a a couple hours sitting really Mr Reilly gives a tightly plotted adventure with all the good military technology treats for those with that fetish The story has a compulsion ab [...]

  17. As I read of Reilly s work, I am becoming truly convinced that it is really difficult to write a good, fast paced thriller Area 7 suffers from what I term as the Video Game Syndrome VGS , where action writers tend to model their storyline based on any popular video game franchise This book reminds so much of Resident Evil, with all it s evil scientists testing genetically mutated animals, professional mercs, psychopathic serial killers, cold blooded military commandos that you almost expect Mil [...]

  18. As a child I absolutely adored Reilly s way of spinning action in my mind Creating scenes straight out of Top Gun the serious version with this mysterious Shane Schofield who manages to come out alive even in the most disastrous of situations But as I read Area 7, I seemed a little disengaged although the plot was relatively interesting viral weapon of mass destruction , there were too many outlandish close calls, way too many locations from being in a top secret government facility passable to [...]

  19. If you are into non stop action this book is for you I loved every minute of it, I could not put it down The Author, Matthew Reilly is a great story teller However, if you are into extensive character development this book is not for you He elaborates just enough on the characters but since this is an action book I dont think the reader is missing a thing in terms of character development What I leardned from this book is that we do not need to go to the movies to experience great action, this b [...]

  20. Action packed, as is par for the course with Matthew Reilly I listened to this on audiobook, and while the narrator was easy to listen to, I did get a little confused at times as I lost the plot my fault, not the author s or narrator s I ve listened to Contest as an audiobook before, and found it was conducive to listening But the Shane Schofield books seem a bit complex than Contest, and I suspect that reading them the traditional way is probably a better idea There is certainly always plenty [...]

  21. The author says in his afterword the he aims to write a book as if it s an action movie Well, Mr Reilly really practices what he preaches This was the first Matthew Reilly book i ve read, and the action really is non stop, with brief stop overs for setting the scenes and fleshing out the plot.I like the book it s a full on action read, and there s so much going on that I quickly became immersed in it, but i m willing to concede that other readers may become disappointed with the Hollywood blockb [...]

  22. I love reading Matthew Reilly His books are a great way of detaching yourself from reality and taking you on a fantastic fast paced story adventure I especially like his chapter structure Ok, the story s can sometimes be completely out there and off the wall but I just find them incredibly enjoyable This book is no different Presidential kidnapping, America in danger of collapse, hero comes to save the day type story that keeps you hooked to see how it all pans out Brainless fun, and that s a ma [...]

  23. Wow, this book was full of action Variety of people, scenery, suspense, intellect, science, and violence It had everything, including a tid bit of romance Couldn t put it down I think I should have read Ice Station first, but that will be the next book I ll be looking for at the library Of course, my favorite character in the book was scarecrow what a man but loved how his buddies were just as good when teaming up to get er done.

  24. First off classic Reilly, great characters and dialogue, edge of seat action and plenty of great moments.But I found this a very hard read, it s simply too long, and too relentless, the action never lets up As will most Reilly novels however this is quite a long novel, and I simply think it s too busy for its length.

  25. I am doing a re read in the lead up to the release of Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves Has it really been ten years since Area 7 came out Even though this is a re read, the story is STILL an adrenaline rush from beginning to end Un put down able

  26. Scarecrow is back Area 7 isn t quite as good as Ice Station, but it is close In typical Matthew Reilly fashion, the action is intense and nonstop You wouldn t have to read Ice Station first, but it is well worth it.

  27. Matt Reilly does what is expected of him Lots of action, unbelievable and improbable situations, stereotypical characters and a will to destroy everything and everyone by the end of the book He again succeeds with this formula and if this sounds good to you, then read away.

  28. Reilly is a skillful writer, but he s not a good writer He showed his skill by keeping up the suspense and the non stop action And I did enjoy reading this book because of that, in spite of all the problems I saw A good writer would have at least tried to have a plot that makes sense In this case, we get a villain who could easily achieve all his goals view spoiler He could have just killed the president before revealing himself, activated the nukes immediately after and easily escape with the b [...]

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