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The Mahabharata

  1. Krishna Dvaip yana Vy sa, also known as Vy sa or Veda Vy sa , the one who classified the Vedas into four parts is a central and revered figure in most Hindu traditions He is traditonally regarded as the author of the Mah bh rata, although it is also widely held that he only composed the core of the epic, the Bh rata A significant portion of the epic later was only added in later centuries, which then came to be known as the Mah bh rata The date of composition of this epic is not known It was definitvely part of the traditions in Indian subcontinent at the time Gautam Buddha 500 BCE which would suggest it having been already around for atleast a few centuries It was chiefy put down in the written form only somewhere between 300 BCE to 300 CE.As the name would suggest, Vy sa is believed to have categorised the primordial single Veda into its four canonical collections He is also considered to be the scribe of Pur n s, ancient Hindu texts eulogizing various deities, primarily the divine Trimurti God in Hinduism through divine stories.

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  1. Fact FictionFrom 2010 to 2014, volumes from Bibek Debroy s grand project of translating the Mahabharata from the original Sanskrit appeared in the market A few months ago, I bought the entire box set Ever since, I ve been purporting to start my Mahabharata journey I ve often taken out a book from the set, turned it in my hands, and been teased by the back cover blurb that calls what is inside The Greatest Story Ever Told In his introduction to the first book, Debroy attempts to place the events [...]

  2. An unabridged translation of the Mahabharata is a tall order This book starts strongly and this is going to be a marathon, with a total of 10 volumes planned.Bibek Debroy, the translator, is an economist with a difference How so Well, consider this In the early 1980s, while at the Presidency College in Kolkata, the author wrote a paper where he did a statistical test on the frequency with which the five Pandavas used various weapons in the Kurukshetra war Yes Different While his interest in the [...]

  3. Mr Bibek Debroy has done an excellent job in translation of one of the greatest scriptures from India I had heard that such an unabridged text i would say encylopedia of Life existed in Sanskrit the most precise and sharp language and the root of many Indian languages It has also been said to be translated into many regional indian languages for the sake of understanding of the common man This was of course, done years back by Indian writers for the pure reason of human upliftment.It is indeed a [...]

  4. I have been waiting for a translation of the critical edition of the Mahabharat MBh Mr Bibebk Debroy deserves special appreciation from all for the mammoth task he undertook despite being a professional and occupied with making a living as an economist.The language is simple and the translator does not confuse us with lengthy explanations and back and forth referrals any confusion arising out of the translation is implicit in the text His introduction too is simple and frank I am grateful to him [...]

  5. I have seen the television series 2 3 times, read Narendra Kohli s 3500 page retelling Mahasamar , and about 10 other books some POVs and some brief retellings and analysis.Notably, recently i read Ananda Neelakantan s Ajaya and Bhyrappa s Parva which have very different takes on the Mahabharata, raising a lot of questions Decided to read the original Mahabharata for the real unadulterated thing itself Also, thought that there would be good philosophical discussions.A bit disappointed with the s [...]

  6. Parvas 1 15 It s kind of hard to believe this is just 10% of the entire Mahabharata The two long parvas, about the snake sacrifice and the story from Shantanu down to the birth and childhood of the heroes of the story, are probably the most interesting But aside from some of the framing at the beginning and a little bit of repetition in Bhima s fighting the whole 15 parvas are filled with interesting stories, and I particularly like how the text wraps around and attacks stories from different an [...]

  7. As good a translation from original sanskrit language as is possible.Great job Mr Bibek Story can be described as roughly an indian Game of thrones only better and epic just less polished,though diamond may be rough but always precious than designed polished gold.As an indian i always knew the basic story since childhood but filnally my dream of reading original epic has been fulfilled.Some of the details though seems surplus irritating need a better editor.

  8. This is posaibly the best and detail oriented books on Mahabharata Though it s still Volume 1 and it covers in greater details about all the lineages, families, references and what not Reading complete volumes of these unabridged translation works is a herculean task I wonder, how did he even wrote it My pranams to Bibek Debroy sir You re a genius I ll definitely read all the volumes.

  9. Epic tale of Mahabharata.The story doesn t need any reviews The book however is pure translation of original content from Sanskrit to English You would get the feel while reading, there is not altercation from the author Hence seems absolute authentic version if one really wants to read the as is version of the Mahabharata.

  10. Accessible and funA major effort, and a distinct success in producing a lively, unfaltering translation It reads like an unending Bollywood script, including love, valor, war, deceit and everything else that makes life full and unpredictable.

  11. Excellent work by Bibek Debroy My previous attempts at reading translations of classics have always meandered out, but not this time.

  12. This is not an easy book to categorise I can only compare it to the very few other foundational epics I ve read Like the Bible, it is full of different stories, which echo and foreshadow one another In one digression, for instance, Indra encounters Shiva playing dice on a mountaintop He rudely interrupts the supreme deity, who first freezes Indra on the spot, and then shows him a pit in the peak of the mountain, where five previous incarnations of Indra have been imprisoned The story not only pa [...]

  13. True Unabridged VersionA must read for those seeking a complete unabridged version of the great Mahabharata .

  14. Recently, I started re reading the volume 1 of the Mahabharata series There is so much you need to know before you get started on this amazing journey The author has translated this book in a lucid language and he has gone indepth to bring out the original essence of the book.The reading is bit slow because, I want the nuances to sink in So at times I read and again read the same passage.Its interesting as well as fast moving.

  15. As a big time fan of Mahabharata, I wanted to read a Complete Mahabharata After long time I found this book and it is indeed a detail book on Mahabharata I personally found it awesome Language used in the novel is also pretty rich Those who have read novels like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings might have felt that movies for the same are not up to the level of novels You will feel same for Mahabharata Series after reading this book.

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